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  • Maya.dxb

    Cervical Cancer IS Preventable

    By Maya.dxb

    , I would like to take this opportunity to give you some background on cervical cancer and its primary cause the Human PapillomaVirus. It is really important to know that "Cervical Cancer IS Preventable!" Cervical cancer is one of around 200 different types of cancer, a disease caused by the abnormal growth and division of cells that make up the cervix. Cervical cancer develops when abnormal cells in the lining of the cervix begin to multiply out of control in response to HPV infection. Abnormal cervical cells can gather to form a lump called a tumor. Benign (non-cancerous) tumors do not spread and usually are not harmful, malignant (cancerous) tumors, however, spread from their sources and grow into life-threatening cancer. Virtually all cervical cancers are caused by some type of human papillomavirus (HPV), a common virus that infects half of all people at some point in their lives. More than two-thirds of cervical cancer cases are attributed to high-risk HPV types 16 and 18. Worldwide, cervical cancer is the second most common life-threatening cancer among women after breast cancer, with an incidence rate of 4.8 per 100,000 women per year in the Middle East and 9.9 per 100,000 women in UAE. It is also the second-leading cause of cancer death in women. The UAE

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  1. Taxes – I like to think that our weekly blog is a tongue in cheek view of the everyday life in the UAE, and in the main we’re happy with our lot. We live in a nice villa on a compound with decent facilities, we can go swimming every day of the year, never have to wear a jumper in daylight hours and have met some lovely people and made some great friends. OK, the roads are, in general, a nightmare and friendships are more transient than at home, but these things are character building. One of the big perceived advantages of living in the Middle East is that income is tax free at source. But that’s not to say that your income is all ‘yours’. Housing in Abu Dhabi is still outrageously expensive (in the region of £800 a week to rent a villa or apartment for a family of four), electricity and water prices, though still subsidised, are creeping up and the latest tax is on cigarettes and sugary drinks. Cigarettes are ridiculously cheap here, I was behind someone in the supermarket last week who paid 10AED for 20 cigarettes. Can anyone remember when cigarettes on the UK were 10p each? I think I was still at school! But as of last weekend ‘The United Arab Emirates has instituted a hefty tax on sugary drinks and cigarettes: 50% on soda and 100% on energy drinks and tobacco products.’ But no one was quite sure what 50 (or 100)% will look like. Is it half the selling price? Half the manufacturer’s costs? Half the current level of tax (whatever that may be)? One article I read said that the cost of a can of Coke, an item on the Government’s set price list, will rise from 1.5AED to 2.25AED so it looks like it’s 50% of the selling price, or for cigarettes the cost to the consumer will double. How it’s going to affect prices in hotels and restaurants is anyone’s guess. Last week I paid 16AED for a can of Coke (with a glass and a straw) at the Golf Club. I’m not sure I’ll be buying it if the price goes up to 24AED, or a whopping £5!!!

    Driving – great news last week that Saudi Arabia has lifted the ban on women drivers and by this time next year woman will be allowed to drive on the roads.

    1316 b.gif?host=wheretheresawilltheresawayad.

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  2. Indonesian Cooking with Marina and Dewi Marina and I met back when we lived in Pau, France; but even though we both lived there for four years, we didn’t cross paths until just before she was moving to Congo. Yikes!…

    The post Indonesian Cooking in Africa appeared first on Canadian Expat Mom.

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  3. iherb12ab.jpg.6eed3332dc007a52450081c6466bc89f.jpg

    I place around two orders on Iherb every month: supplements, cosmetics, organic foods and hygienic products. There are so many products available that are either hard to get in Abu Dhabi and Dubai or extremely overpriced. I also enjoy being able to compare similar products instead of just buying what is available. By purchasing iHerb shipping savers I only pay around 7 dirhams for shipping.


  4. Ghada B. Khalifeh
    Latest Entry

    As a wellness entrepreneur working from home, with kids and a household to care for life can be overwhelming and stressful.

    You may think that being on this journey of awakening that the word stress does not belong to my dictionary . You see just because I am an advocate for Self-leadership , Freedom and Peace , I absolutely still have my Stress, low and anxiety moments,  and they definitely surfaced today. 

    No, I do not live the life of Guru. 

    I am a just human being still experiencing all kind of moments , but have become more resilient . I learned to  snap out of my low victim moments faster and get back to showing up , serving my family and my clients in no time . I have trained this muscle for good time now and no longer (feed) the stress or un-manage for that matter ( Yeah it is not about managing stress or timetable …will elaborate below)

    You see, I used to feed on that stress and had the belief that when I was stressed it was a good sign because it meant that I was “busy” , "efficient", "productive " and I would perform better with the added pressure. I also believed the more busy-ness the bigger is my self-worthiness.(little I knew that I was feeding my ego with my BUSY-NESS-MESS ...)

    There was this myth of doing-doing more and more and then having this power to manage ways to do more with less time . 

    There was the myth of utilizing every second , multi-task and cross everything on the list that declares me at the end of the day a ”super woman”.

    The truth is while stretching beyond comfort zone is beneficial, stressing  about it and forcing  it can be extremely detrimental to your health.

    Did you know that studies have linked stress to:

    increased appetite

    higher chance of picking up unhealthy habits (binge eating, ect.)

    risk of heart disease

    higher chance of fat around the abdomen

    weakened immune system


    Pretty crazy, right?




    The reason you're not losing that belly fat... The reason you're not happy and can't sleep..

    The reason you're constipated, lack energy, and are sick often… The reason you just can’t seem to reach your health and wellness goals may all be linked to….

    S T R E S S .

    Now, of course, there could be some other factors at play, but if you can get to the bottom of your stress levels better then you will have more energy to focus on other areas of your health and wellness.

    So sharing this with you today brought more awareness to the stressful moments that I sometimes (today ) get trapped in. It reminded me of the following steps that helped me along the way to release my stress.

     I have come to a conclusion that for now they are my ways of releasing stress :




    COURAGE, ahhhh My favorite word in the whole world...

    Slow down and ask yourself: What is my motivation ?  Where is this Piling more tasks coming from ?  What is my intention, where is it coming from ? Is it from a place of fear of not doing or being enough? What Am I trying to prove? Who Am I trying to please? 

    Sometimes our  fear that people would judge us , or say something to us or about us is the reason behind overwhelming ourselves and carrying the weight of the world on our shoulders. 

    What if the overwhelming stressful thoughts that you are experiencing is just an indicator  that your energy /heart is not in the right place?

     What is the cost of your well-being if you keep pressuring yourself with more in order to get praise ?

    What if this swamped overwhelmed feeling is a sign that you need to bring more courage ? What if you can bring 5% more courage , what do you need to  release or negotiate ?





    Start Your Day Off Right Wake up a little before your kids, have a large glass of water with lemon and just have 5 min silence or read few pages from a book but stay away from media . Do a little morning yoga. It doesn’t have to be long, but when you start the day off feeling good and like you’ve taken care of yourself then you will have so much more energy to show up for your day.

    Meditate: It only takes 5 minutes (or more if you choose). Sit quietly, listen to music or a guided meditation and relax your mind. This could be a part of your morning or nighttime routine. It doesn’t matter when you do it as long as you do it consistently.

    Practice Gratitude Be thankful. Think of 5 things you are grateful for. Journal it or write a thank you card to someone. I love to do this in the morning and right before bed.

    Create Rhythms I used to feel like they would restrict me (yeah me the nomad free spirited , and its boring ) or feel suffocating and I fought it for a long time. I’ve learned that having rhythms or routines really sets a foundation for more grounding , and calm in my environment. A few of my favorite rhythms are having a morning journaling and scheduling , sunday grocery shopping,  gym in the morning, cooking at least twice  a week so we always have healthy food options available. What rhythms could you create for you and your family?

    Focus on Your Big 1  Pick only 1 task that will be your priority for the day , and have another list on important tasks. Focus on getting priority done. By setting only 1 main priority, it is more likely that you can move on to your important tasks with flow and less stress, and then you will feel satisfied and accomplished at the end of the day. 

    Move Your Body You don't need an intense exercise regimen to release endorphins and increase your energy and happiness, you just simply need to move your body in a way that you enjoy. Dance in the kitchen, walk your dog, or ride a bike.I love to walk outside whether permitting, go to the gym and have variety of workout regimens. 

    Breathe Deeply When you're feeling overwhelmed, stressed or anxious, simply focus on slowing down your breath and change your breathing by taking tummy deep, long breaths. This can truly help you relax.

    Eat Mindfully  It’s so important to sit down without distractions and eat mindfully. Ask yourself  "Am I hungry?” before eating. Tune into your bodies fullness cues. Take your time eating and chew your food thoroughly. This is a great way to just take a break from the day and nourish your body with healthy, delicious food.

    Sleep Well I’m sure you’ve heard it a million times, but sleep really is SO important for your overall health and wellness. Try to get 7-9 hours of sleep as often as possible, but also don’t stress if this current phase of life doesn’t allow for it.


    Finally, Remember NOT to stress because you are still stressing!

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  5. bc9.jpg.25959686d10252a27c4ecad25619358c.jpg

    Breast Cancer can be sufficiently terrifying without thinking about whether it will prevent you from having babies. An ever-increasing number of American women are determined to have breast cancer in their childbearing years, and many need to know how the disease will affect their fertility. An unforeseen event, like breast cancer can jeopardize women’s fertility because of the chemotherapy or radiation. Due to this, women end up having an early menopause and ovarian failure.

    Women suffering from Breast Cancer now should not be worried about their chances of getting pregnant as they have an option of preserving their fertility so they can enjoy their parenthood in future. A study has found that freezing embryos created from eggs extracted before treatment allowed women diagnosed with early-stage breast cancer treated with chemotherapy to become pregnant at rates similar to women not diagnosed with breast cancer who underwent in vitro fertilization.


    Treatment generally starts on the second or third day of menstruation and comprises of a regimen of fertility medications to stimulate a woman's ovaries to create eggs. The eggs are recovered from the patient in an indistinguishable way from is performed for in vitro preparation (IVF). The procedure takes around 15 minutes and is done under sedation. The collected eggs are then analyzed and frozen using the most recent flash - freeze method called "Vitrification", which is the best freezing technique until date. This procedure does next to no harm to the eggs and can keep the eggs in storage for a long time until the woman chooses to utilize them for conception. Once the woman is prepared to get pregnant, the eggs are defrosted and then fertilized with her husband's sperm and afterward moved into her uterus in order to achieve a pregnancy.

    Some women with breast cancer may risk some growth of their tumors during IVF cycles because of the high levels of estrogen that result from the hormone shots. In such cases, it is recommended to opt for "Natural Cycle IVF" in which ultrasound tests are used to follow the progress of normal ovulation, and one or sometimes two eggs can be collected. It is good to know that with the wonders of modern medicine, a positive attitude, and some divine intervention, women stricken with breast cancer now have a chance to shape their future.


    Let your Faith be Bigger than your Fear!!

  6. Yield: 1 8-inch round cake Ingredients: Chocolate Cake 1 1/2 cup all purpose flour 1 1/2 cup granulated sugar 1/3 cup unsweetened cocoa powder 3/4 teaspoon baking soda 2 teaspoon baking powder 1 1/2 cup mayonnaise 1 1/2 cup warm… Continue Reading →

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  7. Ever since our first dining experience at Catch, we can’t seem to get enough of this seafood restaurant perched on the edge of the Arabian Gulf. Catch in itself is a rarity and represents one the few restaurants in the capital that offers exceptional food and atmosphere while understanding the needs of the customer at a […]b.gif?host=outandaboutuae.net&blog=86391

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  8. Is Licorice Vegan?

    ANSWER: Most of the time, licorice is indeed vegan, but there are some exceptions. There are so many different types of licorice out there from the commonly known Twizzlers and Red Vines to more handcrafted candies meant to closely resemble the original flavors of the root of the liquorice plant. When checking for yourself, be on the look out for gelatin as some recipes use it as a base for the candy.

    Luckily, we've saved you the hassle and hand picked a bunch of vegan licorice brands below which contain absolutely zero gelatin!

    Vegan Licorice Brands

    If you've got a hankering for some vegan licorice, we've selected a bunch of brands and products for you to try out.

    We picked a variety of different styles of licorice because as we mentioned above, there are just so many different kinds.​

    As always, the potential exists for companies to change their formulation so be sure to double check before buying!​

    Ice Chips Licorice Candy

    ICE CHIPS Licorice Xylitol Mints 6 Single Tins

    Let's be clear about something, original licorice is flavored with the licorice root itself, but for a very long time, companies have been using very similar flavorings such as anise as a replacement/alternative. Nothing wrong with this, it's probably just a bit cheaper/easier to source.

    Anyway, Ice Chips became a popular candy after they were on Shark Tank. They don't use any actual sugar, but rather xylitol as a sweetener. Xylitol in candies is known for not promoting tooth decay, but NEVER give it to your pets.

    And don't worry, the trace amounts of "cream of tartar" ​isn't made from actual cream, it's typically a byproduct from wine making.

    ​This licorice candy is labeled vegan and only has 5 calories for every two pieces. 

    Panda All Natural Soft Licorice

    Panda All Natural Soft Licorice, 7 Oz.

    As per their tagline, the Panda brand has made it their mission to capture "the real taste of licorice". It actually only has five ingredients according to their website - four since they double count the molasses: 

    Table molasses, wheat flour, cooking molasses, licorice extract, aniseed oil.

    They use both real licorice extract and aniseed oil as they have very similar flavor profiles. As you can see by the ingredient statement its free of animal products and even gluten.

    The holes within the candy itself​ make for an interesting bite as it creates a bit more give than if it were completely solid.

    Expect a soft bite with authentic flavor from this Finnish candy.

    Simply Gum Fennel Licorice

    Simply Gum, Fennel Licorice Natural Chewing Gum - Non GMO, Vegan, 6 Packs (90 Pieces)

    OK, we realize that this isn't what you might consider traditional licorice candy, but we still felt it was worth including. Even though many licorice candies are vegan, they aren't something that you'd want to eat all the time.

    With all their processed sugar, and artificial stuff, it's a far cry from a whole plant food.

    However, if you have a licorice craving that you simply cannot quench , Simply Gum makes this gum which is great to have in a pinch with much less sugar and fewer calories. Plus, the flavor will last a lot longer than eating the actual candy!

    The company intentionally uses 100% vegan ingredients including vegetable glycerin (which is usually plant-based anyway - but nice that they specified it). We always like to be extra supportive of brands and companies that do this and also talked about them on our vegan gum article.

    Yum Earth Organic Licorice

    YumEarth Organic Gluten Free Licorice, Strawberry, 5 Ounce (Pack of 12)

    As we mentioned in our article on sugar, there exists the potential for non-organic cane sugar to be processed with bone char. While we don't think its worth worrying about too much when picking up a candy, its nice to see when brands use specifically labeled vegan sugar like Yum Earth.

    This strawberry licorice from Yum Earth is probably going to be closer to the licorice candy you're used to than something like ice chips.​ It's a bit closer to Twizzlers or Red Vines, but obviously not exactly that either. More like smaller chews rather than twisted up strands.

    If you've got allergies, Yum Earth makes their licorice in a peanut-free facility as well. Probably a safe bet to keep on hand if you've got kids as you never know what types of allergies their friends may have!​

    Darrell Lea Original Black Liquorice

    Darrell Lea Original Black Licorice - 7 oz

    If you're looking for a candy that is actually flavored with real licorice extract, this is the one to go for. Darrell and Lea is actually an Austrialian brand, but a big favorite among hardcore licorice fans in the Western world. 

    It's got no labeled animal products, but one weird ingredient on the label named "treacle". We didn't know what that was, but upon looking it up it turns out that its simply a British term for molasses. Strange that they would separate it out on the label like that from the other molasses.

    This is truly a good pick up if you love black licorice. Expect a candy that's chewy, soft, and quite unique compared to some of the more conventional brands you've had in the past. Worth checking out for those who like experimenting with new flavors.

    The post Is Licorice Vegan? Plus 5 Vegan Licorice Brands to Check Out! appeared first on Thrive Cuisine.

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  9. 59ca16db73332_pregnantwomanheadache.thumb.jpg.8d493d5c222678a4dd2706e246b3c2f7.jpg

    Migraine is a medical condition and is normally a serious throbbing on one or both sides of the head. They are a type of vascular headache that results from blood vessels expanding from the brain and is different from stress or tension headaches. If you were already prone to Migraine before getting pregnant, you may encounter more grounded migraines, or you may find that they lessen during pregnancy. Women experience migraine differently than men. Women report episodic pain (often for a longer duration) and chronic pain more frequently than men do.

    More than 25% of women encounter a headache during their lifetime in pregnancy, and hormone vacillations, particularly changes in estrogen levels, can highly affect the recurrence and force of a migraine attack. That is particularly valid for the hormonal changes that go with pregnancy. If you are pregnant or plan to wind up noticeably pregnant soon, what do you have to know?

    Symptoms of Migraine Attack:

    Migraine generally starts with a dull headache and sometimes followed by nausea and vomiting. Few women can also experience Aura as well. Aura is a wavy lines or dots of flashing lights. Some may likewise experience encounter limited focus or blind spots.

    What causes Migraine?

    • Most often, migraine affects people between the ages of 15 and 55.

    • Most people have a family history of migraine or of disabling headache.

    • They are more common in women.

    • Migraine often becomes less severe and less frequent with age.

    Common Head Triggers Include:

    • Chocolates, Caffeine, Processed Foods

    • No proper sleeps

    • Dehydration: Especially when you are pregnant, your body needs more water

    • Stress

    • Hormones

    • Weather



    Is medication for Migraine safe during your pregnancy?

    Some Migraine medicine should not be used, as there are possibilities of birth defects or other problems, which includes aspirin and ibuprofen. You should always consult your doctor if you are having migraine problem so that the medicine recommended by your doctor will help you and is safe during pregnancy. Home remedies can be also beneficial which is discussed below and the good news is that for most women migraines improves or stop from about the third month of pregnancy.

    Self-Care of Migraines:

    • Avoid your known triggers, such as specific foods, as much as possible.

    • Keep a predictable schedule of meals and snacks.

    • Drink plenty of water.

    • Get plenty of rest.

    • Consider taking a class in biofeedback or other relaxation techniques.

    • When pain strikes, try ice packs, massage, and resting in a quiet, darkened room.


    Note: Mostly, everybody treats migraine as not a serious problem and takes general painkillers to get instant relief but it is always important to let your health care provider know when you are experiencing any headaches and the details about them.

  10. 59bef60dd7bdf_Fluvaccine.thumb.jpg.a75cbc3f7f7377b638dc928966a8b50c.jpg

    It's time to get flu shots for your family before your house is full of fevers and dripping noses. 

    Here are 10 things you need to know about the 2017-2018 influenza vaccine:

    1.  The flu vaccine is essential for children.

    The flu virus is common and unpredictable, and it can cause serious complications and death, even in healthy children. Immunization each year is the best way to protect children. 

    Each year, on average, 5% to 20% of the U.S. population gets the flu and more than 200,000 people are hospitalized from complications. At least 101 children died from the flu in the 2016-2017 season, If you choose not to vaccinate your child, you not only endanger your own child but also others.

    Although influenza can be treated with antiviral medications, these drugs are less effective if not started early, can be expensive, and may have bothersome side effects. 

    The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) and the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) strongly recommends annual influenza immunization for all people ages 6 months and older, including children and adolescents. In addition, household contacts and out-of-home caregivers of children with high risk conditions and all children under the age of 5 especially should be vaccinated.

    Young children, people with asthma, heart disease, diabetes, weakened immune systems, and pregnant women are at high risk for complications of influenza, such as pneumonia

    About half of all Americans get vaccinated against the flu each year, including 50% of pregnant women. This number needs to get better. Ask your child's school, child care center, or sports coach, "How are we promoting the flu vaccine for these children?"

    2.  Now is the time to get vaccinated.

    Influenza vaccine shipments have already begun, and will continue through the fall and winter. Call your pediatrician to ask when the vaccine will be available. 

    Infants and children up to 8 years of age receiving the flu shot for the first time may need two doses of the vaccine, administered four weeks apart. It is important that these children get their first dose as soon as possible to be sure they can complete both doses before the flu season begins. 

    3.  This year's flu vaccine is only available as a shot. 

    The inactivated influenza vaccine (IIV) is given by intramuscular injection and is approved for children 6 months of age and older. Depending on the number of flu strains it contains, it is available in both trivalent (IIV3 – two A and one B virus) and quadrivalent (IIV4 – two A and two B viruses) forms. The intranasal influenza vaccine is not recommended in any setting in the US.

    4.  It doesn't matter which form of the vaccine you get.

    The quadrivalent influenza vaccines for the 2017-2018 season contain the same three strains as the trivalent vaccine, plus an additional B strain. Although this may offer improved protection, the AAP does not give preference for one type of flu vaccine over another. 

    Please don't delay vaccination in order to wait for a specific vaccine. Influenza virus is unpredictable. What's most important is that people receive the vaccine as soon as possible. 

    5.  You can't get the flu from the flu vaccine.

    Flu vaccines are made from killed viruses. Mild symptoms, such as nausea, sleepiness, headache, muscle aches, and chills, can occur.

    The side effects of the flu vaccine are mild (and nothing compared to having the flu). The most common side effects are pain and tenderness at the site of injection. Fever is also seen within 24 hours after immunization in approximately 10% to 35% of children younger than 2 years of age but rarely in older children and adults. These symptoms are usually mild and resolve on their own in a couple of days.

    6.  If you catch the flu and are vaccinated, you will get a milder form of the disease.

    We know that flu vaccines are about 60% effective--yes, we all wish that number were higher. The good news is that vaccinated people who get the flu usually get a mild form of the disease, just the sniffles, according to a study. People who are not vaccinated will likely be in bed with fever and miserable and even develop a complication. 

    7.  There should be plenty of vaccine for everyone this year.

    For the 2017-2018 season, manufacturers have projected that they will produce between up to 166 million doses of flu vaccine. 


    8.  The influenza vaccine doesn't cause autism.

    A robust body of research continues to show that the influenza vaccine is safe and is not associated with autism.

    9.  The flu vaccine can be given at the same time as other vaccines.

    The flu vaccine may be given at the same time as other vaccines, but at a different place on the body. It is also important to note that children 6 months through 8 years of age may need two doses spaced one month apart to be fully protected. These children should receive their first dose as soon as the vaccine is available in their community. Live vaccines (like the MMR and chickenpox vaccines) may be given together or at least 4 weeks apart.

    10.  Children with egg allergy can get the flu vaccine.

    Children with an egg allergy can safely get the flu shot from their pediatrician without going to an allergy specialist. Even those with a history of severe egg allergy don't have to treat getting the flu vaccine differently than getting any other vaccine. 


    By Dr. Jessy Mouhayar

    Specialist Pediatrics and Neonatology

    Bareen Hospital


    Samsung Note 8: How it is going to dominate the market, note 7 debacle and how its website will play a key role in its inevitable success.

    Innovation in technology is a norm now as a gadget or smartphone touted as a pioneer today will be dethroned the next year and after 2 years no one will even remember the product’s name. Such is the speed of the new technology replacing old one. Smartphones are looking to dominate the market in the years to come as hand-held devices and other gadgets in the category are losing the battle. The two front-runners in the race for the supremacy are Samsung and Apple. The latest flagship from the South Korean tech giant is its much coveted Galaxy Note 8.

    The device has been launched in a 23rd August, 2017 event at New York, USA. It is one of the biggest devices, according to screen size, to be launched by Samsung in recent months and looks to dominate the market as its predecessors. But I will not get into the specs detail or it’s USPs like telling you in detail why it’s infinity screen is going to be a rage. Instead, my focus in this post will be about how Samsung use its website to the optimal use and woo the audiences all over the world.

    While Samsung and other tech giants spend millions of dollars on marketing, through a brilliant website they make sure half the battle is won. Let me offer you some insights about how the related website designs make such a huge difference in the success of their products.

    The Website Design Aspect

    The debacle of Note 7 was one of the biggest setbacks for Samsung in its entire history. The company, however, settled back to winning ways by launching S8 and S8+, two of the most selling smartphones in recent memory. The apt marketing is of course a reason for their insane success but there are other reasons too which makes these phones a success story. A brilliant website assisting customers in finalizing their decision is also a critical reason.

    An interactive website is the basis of how potential customers look at the product and make their choice of either buying it or not. The web design of Samsung’s portal is mesmerizing to say the least. Of course there is a lots of information about the product and its accessories, the manner in which it is displayed is awe-inspiring to say the least. The ability to present the smartphone in such an impeccable way is really commendable.

    How do they Achieve Such Perfection in the Design Aspect?

    I am sure that you are not thinking that Samsung hire an professional web design agency each year or for every new product. The creative team at Samsung is really capable of pulling up immaculate web designs for their products. Just within 2-3 clicks on their website will notice that it is a very extensive website which is a part of the Samsung network. The mobile section is also divided into further sections and the very first is about the galaxy series.

    Just a glance and you will notice why they are the preferred choice of millions of satisfied customers worldwide. The infinity screen is surely a marketing ploy that has worked big time but to present it in all its glory and give the visitors a perfect experience is exactly the work of an expert craftsman. The designers and developers of the website have done truly a laudable job that must be appreciated. Use of latest graphic designing tools is another plus point but the one aspect that tops all of the rest is the creativity of the designer.

    Final Word

    There are hundreds of companies worldwide which were making cell phones way before Samsung but once it entered into the cell phone and later on the smartphone market, it made sure to follow a distinct path. Use of a stellar website which make sure that all the best qualities of a smartphone, like the Galaxy S8 or Note 8 are highlighted aptly. To apply a deft touch in making a product stand tall amidst tough competition is no mean achievement and that’s why Samsung rules with the highest share of the smartphone market worldwide.

    That’s why I am have emphasized on the design aspect as products are glorified in such a way that visitors are compelled to buy them.


  12. 59b54218e678c_weightPCOS.thumb.jpg.3d26ba0319ef07071251a42e54321345.jpg

    Women with PCOS (Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome) are more likely to be overweight or obese because the hormonal imbalances associated with PCOS can cause unexplained weight gain.

    With PCOS, the body has difficulty using the hormone insulin, which normally helps convert sugars and starches from foods into energy so body gets into the condition called insulin resistance which causes glucose to build up in the bloodstream. High insulin levels increase the production of male hormones called androgen and increased androgen levels lead to symptoms such as body hair growth, acne, irregular periods and weight gain. Because the weight gain is triggered by male hormones, it is typically around the abdomen.

    Women with PCOS are more likely to develop many of the problems associated with weight gain which can be detrimental to their health. problems like, Insulin resistance, Type 2 diabetes, high cholesterol, high blood pressure ,sleep apnoea and all of these conditions can lead to heart disease. In fact, women with PCOS are four to seven times more likely to have a heart attack.

    So, the best solution for all these problems are to lose some weight :) Losing weight will make you look better and feel better. If you have PCOS, shedding just 5-10% of your body weight can restore ovulation, regulates menstrual cycle, improve fertility, improves health during pregnancy and a child health during pregnancy and  reduce risk factors for diabetes and heart disease . Weight loss can restore the normal function of the ovaries and result in normal hormone production which may in turn lead to improvements in symptoms of PCOS, such as excess hair growth, acne or scalp hair loss.


    The best way to lose weight with PCOS is to- Eat right which means small frequent healthy diet with high fiber and protein and low sugar . Exercise for at least 30 minutes a day ,in any form ,like yoga, cardio, strength or weight training . Take proper sleep of 7-8 hrs a day .  Try and keep yourself stress free, take supplements like vitamins, minerals ,antioxidants . Metformin is a medication that helps lower insulin resistance. Supplements like inositol, which is similar to a B vitamin can help lower testosterone levels as well as insulin resistance, resulting in weight loss. Stop smoking, and regular intake of alcohol. If you have BMI over 40 then take help of the surgery like gastric bypass or banding to lose weight.

    Whether PCOS is a direct cause of weight gain or not, losing weight and keeping a healthy lifestyle is definitely helpful in PCOS.


    By Dr. Varsha Anand

    Specialist OB/GYN

    Fakih IVF

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    Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome is a syndrome that is more prevalent in this part of the region than others. We do not know the reason, it could be the environment or the lifestyle or a combination of both. Having PCOS has both advantages and disadvantages. The main advantage is that people with PCOS have a very high ovarian reserve. The disadvantage is that some people with PCOS do not ovulate regularly and will probably need help in conceiving. Other disadvantages are some people could have oily skin and acne while others can have excess hair. 


    The importance of knowing about PCOS is for the long term. People with PCOS usually have higher risk of developing diabetes and dyslipidemia in the future. This is the importance of awareness and early diagnosis of PCOS. This way patients can modify their diet and lifestyle early on in their lives to decrease their risk of developing these diseases. To diagnose PCOS you need to have two of the following:

    1.  Anovulation (someone who does not get their period once a month)

    2.  Acne/oily skin or excessive hair

    3.  Ultrasound finding of more than 12 follicles on each ovary measuring 5-9 mm

    If you have two of the above visit a reproductive endocrinologist even if you are not attempting conception to learn how this will affect your life and to possibly treat the symptoms (oily skin, acne and hirsutism) if they are bothersome. Also to learn how to modify your diet and lifestyle for the future to decrease your risk of diabetes and heart disease. You will also have to have some laboratory tests for diabetes, dyslipidemia, and some hormones.

    By Dr. Ahmad Fakih 

    Specialist OB/GYN, Reproductive Endocrinology and Infertility

    Fakih IVF

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  13. Most people only write when they are in their student life, but writing is more than that and will always help the person throughout his life. When a person steps into his professional life, he should be able to write expertly. He will design proposals for his clients, send emails and do much other related work. Some people do not know about the style of business writing and want to learn it.

    These are the six ways of improving business-writing skills:

    Always plan before write

    The writer should follow the policy of “first think then write” because this is not the casual chat with the friends or any family member. The writer should be careful in using the words and always use formal language in his writing so that it gives an appealing effect to its reader.

    Be direct

    Always be precise and short while writing in the offices because the clients and the seniors do not have much time to read anything in detail. They are only concern about delivering the message to the reader so that the purpose of writing a draft or email is achieved.

    Always read before sending

    The writer should read business writing before submitting or sending it to anyone. Most of the time, the sequence of the words is not correct or has many blunders in it. To avoid any mistake, a writer should read before sending it.

    Avoid using big and complicated words

    It is important to be alert while writing anything for the company; you should try to use the simple words and sentences. The company is not judging the proficiency level or your expertise on the language.

    Analyze your reader

    It is important to know the mentality, the requirement of the readers, and interest of the readers. The readers prefer to read a clear and a simple content. Most of the readers want to know about the opinion of the writer and his reflection on certain things.

    Make your content scan able

    Always prepare a content, which will quickly be understood. Try to add some bullet points or headings in the content so that it makes easier for the writer to convey his message through this way. Never write long paragraphs of more than five lines because the reader will get bored reading it for too long. Similarly, sentences should also be not so long that it looks like a paragraph to the readers. Highlight and make the keyword bold that would be easier for the reader to read.


    In conclusion, style of writing is almost same in every field of work, but there are only a few tricks and techniques, which make it look different from others. When essay writing help for the business purpose, the writer should be cautious about the language and style that will be the biggest issue for the writer if he is not focused on it.


  14. In my first pregnancy I suffered hugely from sciatica kind of pain in my right hip radiating all the way to my sacrum. At the end of pregnancy I could barely step on my leg.

    This time around I have 0 pain and I want to believe it it not a coincidence.

    Sciatica pain in pregnancy is very common and here are my tips how to avoid it.

    1.Pay a visit to a chiropractor

    I can’t be more positive about my few visits at the chiropractor during this pregnancy. There is never too late to pay a first visit but I would recommend to book yourself maybe around week 20 and then according to the need. Besides any sort of back related pain relieve there are studies available proving that chiropractors can hugely help also with the outcome of the natural birth.

    2. Maintain a lower body strength training

    I do believe that adding on some hamstring and glut strength before I got pregnant second time really helped to keep my hip more stable. With Emilia I didn’t do any strength training but during this pregnancy I did minimum 2 sessions a week. If I didn’t have time for full 60 min work out I would stick to 10 min lower + 10 min upper body work out.

     3. Spinning babies balancing exercises

    Emilia was also on my right side of my uterus and I had a back labour at the end which wasn’t a fun at all. I think her not beeing in an optimal position had a contribution to the hip pain.

    This time around I can feel the baby is already in a very different position. a) I think it is that I am better aligned thanks to the chiropractor work b) I did loads of balancing exercise that you can

    check on https://spinningbabies.com/

    View the full article

  15. 5999bc4718e64_heartpain.thumb.jpg.424056cb94f1c1e21d39b4cecc2823bf.jpg

    It is not just how much fat you have, or your weight, but rather, the distribution of fat in your body that plays an important role in the development of certain diseases.

    Latest scientific evidence has reported that waist-to-hip ratio may be another valuable marker, if not a greater indicator of some cardiovascular illnesses (ex. coronary heart disease, stroke) than the commonly-used measure of BMI. Elevated central or abdominal body fat (measured by waist-to-hip ratio), is significantly associated with higher risks of coronary heart disease and type 2 diabetes. It was also shown that abdominal obesity has a stronger effect on stroke risk than BMI.

    While it is difficult to disentangle the two measures, they should both be taken into account when estimating the impact of fat distribution on health and identifying patients at risk of cardiovascular diseases.

    By Ms. Ayla Coussa

    Clinical Dietitian

    Fakih IVF

  16. immne1.thumb.jpg.3f9a9ff2f02a1392fac227782b4817eb.jpg

    Unexplained and intermittent loss of pregnancies is a sad and baffling condition. There are various non-embryologic components that can be in charge of fizzled IVF. Your immune system secures you against irresistible organisms and different things that could trigger sickness.

    The main protector of your body is the white platelets that target the attacking creatures and demolish them. When a foreign substance is discovered, a portion of the white platelets creates a neutralizer, which bolts on to the gatecrasher. Other white platelets, called T cells, destroy the intruders that are labeled with antibodies.

    Once that happens, your body produces antibodies, so if a similar intruder restores sometime in the future, the antibodies which are within you now are ready to fight back. This is the main reason you do not get infectious diseases such as chicken pox, more than once.

    Immune testing is a diagnostic test that may help uncover the cause of your infertility or recurring pregnancy loss and increase your chance of a successful pregnancy. You may hear about two types of immune tests:


    The Anti-sperm Antibody Test:

    Sometimes the female immune system sees sperm as a foreign substance and produces antibodies against it and this rarely causes infertility in women. However, if a man's immune system reacts to his semen as a foreign substance, his antibodies can harm or kill the sperm and make it troublesome for them to fertilize an egg. These anti-sperm antibodies are usually caused by contamination, damage, or surgery. About 35% of infertility cases are attributed to male fertility problems, usually because the man cannot produce or deliver fully-functioning sperm. If no other cause for infertility can be found, the male partner may be asked to take an anti-sperm antibody test. The greater the quantity of sperm found with antibodies in the semen, the less likely the chances of the female becoming pregnant.

    Killer Cells:

    Sometimes when individuals have an organ transplant, similar to another kidney or heart, their immune system sees the transplant as a foreign body and rejects it. A similar thing can happen when you are pregnant. If your immune system does not legitimately modify for pregnancy, some T cells called killer cells may see the fetus as a foreign invader and attack it.

    A biopsy of the endometrial covering of your uterus can decide whether you have a higher than normal level of killer cells. Large amounts of these cells may lead to pregnancy loss.




    There are various biological factors contributing to autoimmune infertility. These include a multitude of cellular and inflammatory changes, some of the most common factors are discussed below.


    Endometriosis is a condition where the uterine lining (endometrium) grows on pelvic structures outside the uterine cavity. In early-stage endometriosis there is usually little, if any, visible evidence of anatomical distortion sufficient to compromise the release of an egg (ovulation) or its transportation from the ovary to the fallopian tube. In contrast, advanced endometriosis is characterized by the presence of pelvic adhesions sufficient to distort normal pelvic anatomy and interfere with fertilization as well as egg/embryo transportation mechanisms. Women who have this condition are much more likely to experience infertility.

    Autoimmune thyroid disease and infertility:

    Thyroid diseases involving anti-thyroid antibodies have been correlated to infertility and increased pregnancy loss. Autoimmune thyroid disease, even in the absence of hypothyroidism has been associated with infertility and reduced response to fertility treatment. It has also been associated with gluten related autoimmunity. Autoimmune thyroid disease can lead to hypo or hyperthyroidism which can impact fertility and cause miscarriage.

    Who is in Need of Fertility Testing?

    People with the following indications may want to consider getting testing by a Reproductive Immunologist. A Reproductive Immunologist differs from a Reproductive Endocrinologist, which most couples are referred to when facing infertility issues. Reproductive Immunologists have the training and skills to determine if there is in fact an immunological response gone awry that is causing difficulty in getting pregnant or carrying to full term.

    • 2 or more miscarriages after the age of 35

    • 2 IVF failures after the age of 35

    • 3 miscarriages before the age of 35

    • 1 failed IVF before the age of 35

    • Poor egg production from a stimulated cycle (6 eggs or less)

    • Blighted ovum

    • Pre-existing immune problems (Lupus, Rheumatoid Arthritis, MS)

    • Unexplained Infertility diagnosis

    • Previous pregnancies showing retarded fetal growth

    • 1 healthy pregnancy with all subsequent pregnancies ending in miscarriage

    • Endometriosis, especially stage 1 & 2

    • Cold and flu-like symptoms, sore throat noted regularly after ovulation, IUI, or IVF transfer

    • Family history of immune disorders, on either side of the family



    The immune system is vital for the human body, it safeguards it against diseases and cancer. In pregnancy, immune cells help the uterus tolerate and nurture the embryo in spite of it carrying foreign genes from the father. Immune cells likewise support vein changes that stimulate advancement of the placenta.


    We must support our bodies not only nutritionally, but with daily exercise as well so that if our body faces problems in functioning, the rest of the body is ready to handle the stress.

  17. My kids cannot get enough of these strawberry fruit roll-ups! I've made this recipe so many times since I've seen it on @weelicious . My kids can eat the whole batch in few minutes and they always ask for more!

    There are only 2 ingredients in it; lots of strawberries and a little bit of honey.

    I blend about 6 cups  of strawberries with 2 tablespoons of honey. This will result in about 800-900 ml of strawberry juice. I use 2 round pizza oven trays (13 inches) and line them with baking paper. I divide the juice in half (about 400-450 ml in each tray) and spread it evenly with the back of a spatula.

    I use the lowest temperature in the #oven, mine is a gas oven so the lowest is 1. I leave the 2 trays between 2-3 hours until it's not sticky anymore (it's different every time because it depends on the juiciness of the strawberries). I prefer to leave it outside the oven overnight then cut it into strips using scissors in the morning. I roll them up and put them in my kids lunchboxes. They really enjoy peeling the paper off and chewing them!

    since strawberries are in season now I like to blend lots of strawberries and freeze each 450 ml in a zip bag. This way I can have strawberry juice ready whenever I need to make roll-ups! 

    #fruitleather #fruitrollup #healthykids #healthyeating #healthysnack #fruitsinseason #nutrition #abudhabi #فراوله #فواكه #يارا_رضوان #أبوظبي #تغذية #صحة


  18. fertility-IVF.thumb.jpg.c1725f931520f7b861b012c26de0f1fc.jpg

    Fasting during pregnancy is a delicate balance. Some research has shown that abstaining from eating for any length of time when you're expecting can cause the production of ketone bodies, molecules produced by the liver during periods of low food intake that may have a negative impact on the fetus.

    Before considering whether or not it’s safe for you and your baby-to-be if you fast. It may depend on certain factors:

    1. Trimester the best time is between 14 and 28 weeks 

    2. Any underlying medical conditions you and your baby might have.

    Staying hydrated is key. Water plays an important role in the development of your baby-to-be, so at no point should you stop drinking water. 

    Dehydration can lead to low amniotic fluid, preterm labor and birth defects. If you and your doctor decide that fasting is safe for a short period of time, make sure you drink at least 8 glasses of water a day and avoid any strenuous activity that may cause a loss of fluids.


    Eat at least two meals the second should have a lot of proteins also eating fruit high in potassium like bananas help to decrease dehydration

    By Dr. Samer Cheaib

    Specialist Obstetrics and Gynecology

    Fakih IVF Fertility Center


  19. SK3.thumb.JPG.e3ecfb2db3fe57ba6809b45e01892f40.JPG

    Dr. Sandesh Kade, Specialist OB/GYN at Bareen Hospital, Abu Dhabi was part of a team which performed successful Laparoscopic Uterus transplant surgeries in India on 18 & 19, May 2017. These surgeries took place in Pune, India and were the first of its kind. Dr. Kade along with his peers Dr. Shailesh Puntambekar and Dr. Neeta Warty have been preparing for these surgeries for the past 2 years, regular discussions, planning and cadaveric dissection were key in this preparation.

    The team consisted of 12 doctors, the Uterus retrievers, the uterus receivers, vascular surgeons, anesthesia experts, post operation team and infertility experts. The main aim was to successfully complete the surgery in minimal time to reduce any threat imposed on the patient. Yes, Uterus transplant surgery has been done before, a total of 30 attempts but never by laparoscopy. It would normally take 12 hours to remove the Uterus whereas in this case, it took Dr. Kade and his team only 4 hours and a total of 9 hours and 30 minutes for the entire surgery.

    Edwin H. Chapin said it best “No language can express the power and beauty and heroism of a mother’s Love” and in this case, you will understand the quote. A rather astonishing story of a mother and daughter bond. Mrs. Swati is a 22-year-old newlywed bride from India, for 22 years Mrs. Swati never went through a mensuration cycle and it was assumed to be a case of delayed mensuration. Shortly after getting married, she noticed that something is not right given that she and her husband were trying to conceive but with no luck. Soon after they made a visit to the doctor and realized that Mrs. Swati was born without a Uterus. Her mother, a 45-year-old woman who has had her share of motherhood comes to the rescue and decides to donate her uterus to her baby girl so that her daughter can experience childbirth one day. How amazing is it? The same uterus that gave her life is now about to give life to her children.

    The retrieval of the Uterus took 4 hours in total and was successfully transplanted to Mrs. Swati. The surgeries for both mother and daughter were completed with great success and Mrs. Swati will finally experience mensuration. She would then have to wait for a year before trying to get pregnant, so that her body has enough time to heal and adjust to the new uterus.

    There is more, just 24 hours after Swati’s surgery another surgery of the same kind was conducted by Dr. Sandesh Kade, Dr. Shailesh Puntambekar and his team. Also, in this case, the donor was the patient’s mother, having a relative donate their Uterus reduces the risks of the body rejecting the organ. Mrs. Rupal, the 26-year-old has had several miscarriages and lost 2 of her babies after full-term pregnancies. Mrs. Rupal’s Uterus was extremely damaged, absent of periods and was completely an irreparable Uterus which therefore led to a Uterus transplant from her 44-year-old mother. Once again this was a successful surgery and both mother and daughter are recovering well.

    We are really proud that one of Bareen’s finest doctor, Dr. Sandesh Kade was part of these historical surgeries and we hope to continue to bring you the best in medical care.


  20. fertility-drugs.thumb.jpg.c04c88b820c3ffacc6be2de0bddf2c9b.jpg

    Infertility is defined as the inability to conceive a pregnancy after one year of unprotected intercourse (for couples over age 35, the time is reduced to 6 months).   Dealing with the challenges of infertility can be very difficult for couples to face.  Infertility can cause significant stress and anxiety in a relationship.  The cause of infertility in a couple can be due to either the male partner, the female partner or it may never be identified.   Regardless of the underlying cause, it is an issue that the couple faces together.    Fortunately, with surgery, medications and assisted reproductive technologies many couples are able to overcome this obstacle and are able to become pregnant and realize their dreams of becoming parents.

    Often while couples go thru the journey of fertility treatments they are plagued with the concern that the fertility drugs with all of the benefits will also cause cancer.  Fertility drugs are often used in three ways:  To suppress ovulation, to stimulate the ovaries to produce many eggs and to mature the eggs.  The class of drug used to perform these actions are hormones.  These hormones also have an effect on tissues in the breast and other tissues in the female genital tract.  These effects may be noted clinically by the patient in many ways including breast tenderness, pelvic pain, and vaginal discharge.  It is important to note that these systemic effects do not mean that these drugs are causing long-term negative effects or cancers.

    A large body of research has been conducted to identify whether there is a causative relationship between fertility medications and breast/gynecologic cancers.  In 2016, after reviewing all of the current data, The American Society for Reproductive Medicine issued a statement providing a guideline for patients.  They reiterated that infertility is a known risk factor for developing breast, invasive ovarian and endometrial cancer.  However, based on current data, there is no indication that the baseline risk of cancer with infertility is increased in those who undergo fertility treatment.  There is some data to indicate that there may be an association with borderline tumors of the ovary and fertility drugs, but to date, there has been no specific drug identified. 


    Based on these findings patients can feel less anxious and proceed with their treatments without worrying about developing cancer.  Due to their history of infertility, they should be counseled prior to undergoing fertility treatment that they should undergo cancer screenings.  These evaluations should take into account all risk factors including age, family and personal history. The goal would be to identify any existing cancers prior to hormonal stimulation, which would possibly worsen undiagnosed cancer. In addition, diagnose disease prior to pregnancy to avoid having to undergo cancer treatment while pregnancy.   After completing fertility treatment and childbearing, due to their increased risk of developing cancer, they should continue to undergo age-specific cancer screenings for a lifetime.

    By Dr. Marcia Schmidt

    Specialist OB/GYN

    Fakih IVF Fertility Center