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And then there were 2

Win a one month subscription to Oscar & Jemima's!b.gif?host=andthentherewere2.com&blog=11

A couple of days ago I shared with you my 5 favorite services in the UAE that help cut down on the things that eat away at your time as a mom. One of those (and a definite life saver during the holidays when I’m even lazier) is @oscarandjemimas They offer subscription meal plans for dinner, breakfast, parties (yes you read right) AND kids’ lunch boxes!

I’ve signed up and we’re getting a week’s worth of dinner recipes mailed to me every Thursday with a super simple shopping list to boot. With the “thinking” part out of the way, I have more time (and am therefore more inclined) to prepare healthy meals and actually enjoy doing it!

The team at Oscar & Jemima’s are offering one lucky reader a one-month subscription or you to try out and to fall in love with cooking. This is an Instagram based competition, that is open everyone, regardless of postal code!

All you have to is…

Follow @oscarandjemimas
2. Follow @and_then_there_were_2_
3. Tag a friend! Each tag gets you an entry into the lucky draw on the 2nd August 2017

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And then there were 2

5 Must-try services in the UAE that make Mom-ing far more fun!b.gif?host=andthentherewere2.com&blog=11

I hate being a Mom…

I hate being a Wife…

I hate being a Grown-up…

Ok, maybe that’s a bit dramatic but I really hate all the chores and routine rubbish that seems to fill up my day leaving me with precious little time for the fun parts. Menu planning, laundry, dishes, school runs, grocery shopping and car washes are probably my worst nightmare. I’m sure the same holds true for most people but I reckon that being a Mom with your free-time already at an absolute low why not look for the short cut and clever hacks for dealing with the mundane (without breaking the bank, because seriously, what help is having no chores if you’re also too broke to do anything in your ample spare time)!

These are my 5 favourite ways to Mom smarter  in the UAE:

1.Urban Energy Gym

I shared my love for Urban Energy Gym classes at Kids HQ a while ago as a way to survive the long Dubai summer holidays with the kids at home and at the moment this is a true life saver for me! The classes are so reasonably priced, AED60 per class which includes your kiddies running amok in Kids HQ and to me it’s the epitome of two birds with one stone; mums get to vent out the stress and boost those endorphins and the kids do too!


2. Oscar & Jemima’s

This website I only recently discovered and I’m so happy that I have! Oscar & Jemima’s is the brain child of Georgie and Karl who have set out to get us all back in the kitchen cooking healthy meals for our families and falling in love with cooking. They take away the stress of figuring out what’s for dinner, by sending you a weekly meal plan of easy recipes for your family. Seriously, it is dead simple. You sign-up for a meal plan and every Thursday like clockwork, you receive your 5 meal inspirations for the following week. We’ve been using it for a couple of weeks now and even Mr Fussy Eater Joshua is licking his plate. Have a look at their website below, if you sign-up for their newsletter you’ll get 3 sample recipes to try out or have a look at this delicious meal the boys cooked on their own!


3. Instashop

This goes hand-in-hand with the one above because it really is so easy to just order your recipe ingredients through Instashop however, this is my saving grace for all those times when a quick trip to the store is not an option because let’s be honest, is there such a thing as a quick trip to the store when you have kids? Unlike other online grocery delivery services, these guys deliver in under an hour which is perfect when you suddenly realise there is nothing in the cupboard for tomorrow’s lunchboxes….or dinner…or it’s been a really long day and chocolate is required in large quantities!


4. Washmen

Living in the UAE means that when it comes to laundry, you’re either using the tumble drier the entire day or trying to drape sheets throughout your house to get them dry because you know dust…apartments…community rules…howling winds…and did I mention dust? There are a couple of laundry services available but of those I’ve tried, I am happiest with Washmen simply because not only do they fit in my budget but the app is incredibly user-friendly, completely cash-free and their customer service is impeccable. They’ve now also introduced two great new features which make life even easier. Firstly, they have an all you can wash bag for AED79 they will wash, dry and fold everything you can fit in their bag, and trust me you can get a lot in. We fit all our towels and bath sheets in one bag and they come back so fluffy and smelling amazing. Their second new feature is the Insta-Order option where you pre-select all your settings and can place future orders with one button! They collect within an hour and a half and deliver 2 days later. There is currently a 30% discount on the Insta-Order feature so go try it out!


5. Fun City 100 Days of Play

The Fun City Membership card still remains one of my favourite smart mum moves especially now that the boys are a bit older and able to enter the soft play on their own and will happily entertain each other for at least an hour. That means I have an hour for me, just me or to actually have an uninterrupted adult conversation! The branches are located throughout the UAE and your membership card is valid at all of them so it is incredibly easy to align your errands with a Fun City location and get them done in peace, without having to suffer through bribery and threats to get the kids to behave!


Have you discovered any amazing service or app that make your life as a mom more fun? Let me know in the comments, I’d love to check them out!


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And then there were 2

A smile is happiness you will find right under your nose – Unknown. I will not lie, it has been a trying couple of weeks and a time when I could probably have done with some extra reflection on the very many positives in our everyday life and yet, ironically this is when I am… Continue reading High Fives & Happiness: A smile is happiness you’ll find right under your nose.b.gif?host=andthentherewere2.com&blog=11

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And then there were 2

Some beautiful paths cannot be found without getting lost – Erol Ozan. We don’t normally plan our holidays to death. The last few have been last-minute, spur of the moment decisions and while we have a general idea of options to explore and activities, we don’t really make firm plans until we are there and… Continue reading High Fives & Happiness: Some beautiful paths cannot be found without getting lost.b.gif?host=andthentherewere2.com&blog=11

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And then there were 2

As moms we are über critical of everything we do and say relating to our offspring. I think it’s in our genes or perhaps it is something in the slimy gel they slather on your belly just before your ultrasound. Where ever it comes from and whatever the reason, the fact remains that we spend… Continue reading Today is a #RockingMotherhood kind of day.b.gif?host=andthentherewere2.com&blog=11

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And then there were 2

You must do the thing you think you cannot do – Eleanor Roosevelt. Earlier today, at one of the many Spring Break play dates that have been organised to keep the monsters semi-civilised, one of the moms shared that she was starting art classes. There was polite interest and the immediate assumption that she had… Continue reading High Fives & Happiness: You must do the thing you think you cannot do.b.gif?host=andthentherewere2.com&blog=11

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And then there were 2

The heart has no wrinkles – unknown. I am still very much on the nostalgia train after my recent getaway to celebrate a dear old friend’s nuptials. One of the discoveries was that one of our friends has the most amazing stash of photos from about 10 years ago, a period in my life that… Continue reading High Fives & Happiness: The heart has no wrinklesb.gif?host=andthentherewere2.com&blog=11

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