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Ghada B. Khalifeh

As a wellness entrepreneur working from home, with kids and a household to care for life can be overwhelming and stressful.

You may think that being on this journey of awakening that the word stress does not belong to my dictionary . You see just because I am an advocate for Self-leadership , Freedom and Peace , I absolutely still have my Stress, low and anxiety moments,  and they definitely surfaced today. 

No, I do not live the life of Guru. 

I am a just human being still experiencing all kind of moments , but have become more resilient . I learned to  snap out of my low victim moments faster and get back to showing up , serving my family and my clients in no time . I have trained this muscle for good time now and no longer (feed) the stress or un-manage for that matter ( Yeah it is not about managing stress or timetable …will elaborate below)

You see, I used to feed on that stress and had the belief that when I was stressed it was a good sign because it meant that I was “busy” , "efficient", "productive " and I would perform better with the added pressure. I also believed the more busy-ness the bigger is my self-worthiness.(little I knew that I was feeding my ego with my BUSY-NESS-MESS ...)

There was this myth of doing-doing more and more and then having this power to manage ways to do more with less time . 

There was the myth of utilizing every second , multi-task and cross everything on the list that declares me at the end of the day a ”super woman”.

The truth is while stretching beyond comfort zone is beneficial, stressing  about it and forcing  it can be extremely detrimental to your health.

Did you know that studies have linked stress to:

increased appetite

higher chance of picking up unhealthy habits (binge eating, ect.)

risk of heart disease

higher chance of fat around the abdomen

weakened immune system


Pretty crazy, right?




The reason you're not losing that belly fat... The reason you're not happy and can't sleep..

The reason you're constipated, lack energy, and are sick often… The reason you just can’t seem to reach your health and wellness goals may all be linked to….

S T R E S S .

Now, of course, there could be some other factors at play, but if you can get to the bottom of your stress levels better then you will have more energy to focus on other areas of your health and wellness.

So sharing this with you today brought more awareness to the stressful moments that I sometimes (today ) get trapped in. It reminded me of the following steps that helped me along the way to release my stress.

 I have come to a conclusion that for now they are my ways of releasing stress :




COURAGE, ahhhh My favorite word in the whole world...

Slow down and ask yourself: What is my motivation ?  Where is this Piling more tasks coming from ?  What is my intention, where is it coming from ? Is it from a place of fear of not doing or being enough? What Am I trying to prove? Who Am I trying to please? 

Sometimes our  fear that people would judge us , or say something to us or about us is the reason behind overwhelming ourselves and carrying the weight of the world on our shoulders. 

What if the overwhelming stressful thoughts that you are experiencing is just an indicator  that your energy /heart is not in the right place?

 What is the cost of your well-being if you keep pressuring yourself with more in order to get praise ?

What if this swamped overwhelmed feeling is a sign that you need to bring more courage ? What if you can bring 5% more courage , what do you need to  release or negotiate ?





Start Your Day Off Right Wake up a little before your kids, have a large glass of water with lemon and just have 5 min silence or read few pages from a book but stay away from media . Do a little morning yoga. It doesn’t have to be long, but when you start the day off feeling good and like you’ve taken care of yourself then you will have so much more energy to show up for your day.

Meditate: It only takes 5 minutes (or more if you choose). Sit quietly, listen to music or a guided meditation and relax your mind. This could be a part of your morning or nighttime routine. It doesn’t matter when you do it as long as you do it consistently.

Practice Gratitude Be thankful. Think of 5 things you are grateful for. Journal it or write a thank you card to someone. I love to do this in the morning and right before bed.

Create Rhythms I used to feel like they would restrict me (yeah me the nomad free spirited , and its boring ) or feel suffocating and I fought it for a long time. I’ve learned that having rhythms or routines really sets a foundation for more grounding , and calm in my environment. A few of my favorite rhythms are having a morning journaling and scheduling , sunday grocery shopping,  gym in the morning, cooking at least twice  a week so we always have healthy food options available. What rhythms could you create for you and your family?

Focus on Your Big 1  Pick only 1 task that will be your priority for the day , and have another list on important tasks. Focus on getting priority done. By setting only 1 main priority, it is more likely that you can move on to your important tasks with flow and less stress, and then you will feel satisfied and accomplished at the end of the day. 

Move Your Body You don't need an intense exercise regimen to release endorphins and increase your energy and happiness, you just simply need to move your body in a way that you enjoy. Dance in the kitchen, walk your dog, or ride a bike.I love to walk outside whether permitting, go to the gym and have variety of workout regimens. 

Breathe Deeply When you're feeling overwhelmed, stressed or anxious, simply focus on slowing down your breath and change your breathing by taking tummy deep, long breaths. This can truly help you relax.

Eat Mindfully  It’s so important to sit down without distractions and eat mindfully. Ask yourself  "Am I hungry?” before eating. Tune into your bodies fullness cues. Take your time eating and chew your food thoroughly. This is a great way to just take a break from the day and nourish your body with healthy, delicious food.

Sleep Well I’m sure you’ve heard it a million times, but sleep really is SO important for your overall health and wellness. Try to get 7-9 hours of sleep as often as possible, but also don’t stress if this current phase of life doesn’t allow for it.


Finally, Remember NOT to stress because you are still stressing!

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Ghada B. Khalifeh
When I was overeating, I ate for many reason. I ate because I was sad, I ate because I was angry, I ate because I was happy. I ate because I was bored. I ate Because I was fat. I ate because I was skinny. I ate because I was terrified of being fat again. I ate in reaction to the pressures put on me by the society that had objectified me and reduced me to only a body, without feelings, wants, and desires. I ate because I couldn’t feel my own feelings other than to eat over them. I had spent most of my life running from them and I did not know how to stop running
— Laurelee excerpt from "It's not about food".

Do  you relate ?

We live in society where emotions are dangerous, and everyone is always supposed to be fine. It is considered terribly weak not to be fine. I remember while growing up, my aunt shushing her daughter whenever she has an urge to feel something, my aunt would go 'what would the neighbors say '? In my family, it is was not accepted to be sad, 'show me your smile Ghada'.

How many times do we hear from our family members and friends words of advice 'don't feel bad', 'don't cry', 'it will be okay'. How many times we try to sooth our children's feelings by rushing to make them feel better, without actually listening and acknowledging their feelings?

It took me some 20 years to understand that Feelings aren't something to fear, to be ashamed of, embarrassed about, or simply denied. Feelings are a sign that we are alive and we trying to figure it out . Feelings are messages if we do not express them, they go underneath and pop out in different ways and we act out in different forms of numbness and addiction: illness, alcoholism, rape, war, gambling, theft and of course eating disorders, overearting, undereating.

What do you think would happen If children were taught how their anger and sadness sometimes signaled that their boundaries were being violated ? If children were taught to stand up for their themselves in healthy ways, would many of them would have learned that they have to stuff down anger with food ?

Emotional Eating is often triggered by some underlying and unexpressed emotions. Emotional triggers could be something as simple as " I am bored at work", "I am procrastinating " or something really traumatic. Identifying these emotional triggers may certainly address your hidden deep 'needs' (I call them true hungers) and certainly the process of decoding emotional triggers and feeding your true hungers would alleviate emotional eating. In this case, You may need to stop and ask the following steps when decoding your emotional eating:

  1. What am I feeling right now? Am I Angry? Sad, Uncomfortable, Anxious, Frustrated, Joyful, Disgusted, Shocked, Ashamed, Lonely?

  2. What do I need right now? Distraction, Fun, Hugs, Support, Connection, Journaling Water, workout, Meditation, Relaxation, Sleep, Alone time, A walk, New perspective, Music

This type of emotional Eating "eating over feelings" is certainly harmful and require our attentive inquiry and support from others and professionals.

Howeverthere is a whole other side of the spectrum of Emotional Eating. Eating for comfort and eating for sensory pleasure. Food is biologically designed for pleasure, and we are conditioned since infancy to use food to connect to our emotions (enjoyment, self-soothing, celebrations, anniversaries…).

Most people tend to think of emotional eating as a bad thing, but there are times when it is completely normal and even okay. Finding comfort and pleasure in certain food is absolutely a part of healthier way of eating, actually satisfaction and pleasure are the driving forces that keep us eating intuitively and healthier only- when we make emotional eating "wrong", feel guilty about it, and when not turing to food as your primary or sole coping mechanism. When we make emotional eating wrong and fear potential weight gain, we often turn it into a full-blown binge. When we "make it wrong" research shows we get into restrictive mindset and behavior which triggers a full cycle of binge eating.

So where do you fall on this emotional eating spectrum?


Do you have a positive emotional relationship with food?


What are your dominant emotional triggers that sets off on an emotional Eating cycle ?


You can absolutely find ways to cope with the emotional triggers other than food, and really discover a new world of what you are truly hungry for , but you have to be able to take pleasure and satisfaction in food you choose without guilt in order to stop another cycle of binge eating; and to have a truly healthy relationship with food.

If you would like more support, I 'd love to invite you to sign up at bottom of page for weekly free coaching emails, and for bonus breakthrough chat to learn more about 'from dieter to intuitive eater' program  and see if it's a good fit for you.

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Ghada is an Eating Transformation Coach and anti-diet Nutritionist who helps purpose -driven people to transform their relationship with food without dieting, and fulfill their true hungers to feast on their life.

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Ghada B. Khalifeh
image unknown source 

image unknown source 

The phenomena of "in control” is applauded and considered the “norm” in our society. 

We want to feel in control, feel like we are enough, look perfect and portray ourselves as "having it all together..."

But the truth is, control is an illusion and it keeps you from expanding and feeling true joy in our lives. 

Control is a defense-mechanism that gives us the illusion of safety .

Are you afraid of losing control that you have stopped listening to yourself?

Have you stopped trusting yourself, especially when it comes to food and weight loss?

You control your food and weight by restricting, depriving and Dieting , but the truth is , you are out of control when you are controlled by food, when you obsess about everything you eat. The whole idea of “in control “ is rooted in fear, and convey the message that you aren’t safe and you can’t trust your own decisions and your inner hunger cues . You think control will give you strength, discipline, safety and happiness but it does the opposite. It creates self-doubt, cuts off the stream of creativity and inner wisdom, and disconnect you from your true nature and source of joy. It’s a viscous circle and it doesn't yield any freedom or nurture self-trust. 

Until you are able to cultivate and build self-trust , to let go of the cycle of diets (yes it is scary right? ), you won’t be able to transform your relationship with food, and yourself. You build self-trust by accepting your appetite, by trusting your body signals, by making "mistakes" and learning from them. You build self-trust by feeding your hungers so you won’t binge at end of the day or at some point. When you learn to trust yourself, you cultivate a relationship of love, and learn to nourish yourself from a place of love and balance, instead of fear ( a place of control by restricting, depriving and dieting). What makes the difference is how you feel about what you’re eating , and not what you’re eating.

When you can let go of the emotional weight of being in control, you will begin to let go of the physical weight too.

When you let go of the dieter mindset, you will begin to intuitively nourish, feed , and balance your body and all your life areas.


If you would like more support, I 'd love to invite you to sign up at bottom of page for weekly free coaching emails, and for bonus breakthrough chat to learn more about 'from dieter to intuitive eater' program  and see if it's a good fit for you.

Schedule a Breakthrough chat here
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Ghada B. Khalifeh

Stay with your body.

Stay present.

Stay Here. 

I did not like here. Here was not a place to trust. Here was not enough. Here was not a place that I thought I can handle with my eyes open; I believed that my salvation is not here - it is outside my body - and the faster I run away, the higher are my chances to find myself. I abandoned my body, myself, and my true hungers .

The body is a powerful resource, and has a natural intelligence that can offer a new depth of learning about yourself. Some expressions that are used to talk about the body language are " inner knowing", "small voice" "gut feeling ".

Have you heard people say? I trusted my gut and just went for it- I knew in my heart it was the right thing- my stomach knotted up with fear- my heart began racing- I had a feeling you’d be calling me; Yet we do not always pay attention to our bodies. We completely disconnect from the information it’s offering us , and abandon and mistreat — Do you ever use your body purely as a vehicle to move you around ? attempt to whip your body into shape? mistreat your body by being judgmental? forget to ask your body what it wants for nourishment ? turn a deaf ear to “ I need to have a rest now”.

Ken Wilber in No boundary, states that “few of us have lost our minds , but most of us have long ago lost our bodies “. He suggests that we ride our body much like someone rides a horse.

Body symptoms present information of which we’re unconscious. They are one of the languages the soul uses to get across to us something about itself.We can trust the body to bring us into alignment, and we can trust the soul to speak to us through the body.
— Callings:finding following an authentic life ~Gregg Levoy


There is no way of winning - Coming home is the only way- Here - Your Body- is your home. What if you Stay in your body with your sadness? with your shakiness, with this deep feeling in the pit of your stomach, with trembling legs - stay in with feeling heavy, stay in with your emotions. Staying in is our redemption, It is in this moment , where we transcend . 

Notice your breaths, Notice your body sensations, are you are cold ?are you feeling hungry? Scan your body; Where are you holding tightness? Where are you feeling loose ? Where is it easy to breath? Where does it feel I don't want to feel that ?

Notice this moment when "I don't want to stop last bite " because I can't deal with the emptiness, What is it that that I can’t handle? Is it this belief that feelings will never end and I will get destroyed in the grief? stay in- and ask am I willing to hangout in this emptiness ?

Staying in the body (body embodiment ) is a painful truth we all want to escape it , numb it, become addicted to all kinds of external guilt pleasures just not to deal with it, use brain to manipulate it, but what if I told you it is our universal wisdom that is pointing us to the bright center of our life? Our Body knows how to process trauma and can heal if we just allow ourselves to stay in body - if we just trust ourselves.

What if you Stay here with What’s on your plate _ pay attention to how the food tastes _ how it feels in your mouth _ what part of your body feels most satisfaction _ what's on your hand_ your book _ pay attention to your friend, take time with what you love _ trust that here is enough _ trust that your body wisdom holds what you really want 

Here is where your freedom prevails, it is right here in this moment, when you surrender to your hungers, to your enough, to your pain, to your struggles, that you transcend to a new world, to your own truth, to what you really want. 

Will you honor your body and stay ?



Ghada helps professionals and women transform their relationship with food without dieting, discover true hungers and feast on their life. #emotional eating#diet#mindfulness# intuitive eating# abundance#awareness#present#body language#body wisdom#bodymindsoul#integratedcoaching#bodycoaching





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Ghada B. Khalifeh


We crave the extraordinary, yet don’t know how to get past the ordinary.

Ghada you are so boring", "this can't be it", and "oh that's it", these are familiar voices that live in my head for the last two decades -these voices were and sometimes are very loud and harsh, especially- in my younger days. I had spent my life loyal to these voices and always looked for something outside me, something that happens to be bigger than just the ordinary things. I was always afraid to be ordinary, to even have what the others have. I wanted big success, big career, big love, big adventures and thrills. I secretly believed that I had a dull life and will end up settling and die as a dull boring person. I was constantly looking for - this exhilaration of being alive.

What I came to realize that running hard after an extraordinary life turns out to be chasing a lie. What no one tells you about how to live an extraordinary life is that the realest extraordinary is always found in the-ordinary. Yes! The extra everyone's looking for is found in the -ordinary.


Into Thin Air, Jon Kraukauer writes that when he reached the top of Mt. Everest he realized (this is a paraphrase) it was just a square piece of earth with colored flags flapping in the wind. He stopped there for a few minutes and then, exhausted and depleted from climbing 57 hours, he immediately began the descent. After he returned home, he said that what he most appreciated was “being able to get up in the middle of the night, barefoot, and walk to the bathroom.”

On my path chasing the extraordinary, I crossed many ordinary and unordinary scenes and trails all derailed to this truth -By "trying" to have, and then keep up the life I dreamed about, I was missing the life I already had. This extra big thing I was looking for, you know, it's found in the ordinary. The ordinary becomes the extraordinary, when the eyes see the extra magic right here.

The extraordinary exists in this moment-writing a blog -a sip of hot tea- walking barefoot-a bite of delicious swirl cinnamon bread -feeling morning mist and sun rays through the trees-gazing at the full moon- watching stars in the desert- biking and feeling the wind on your skin. It is extraordinary moment when you meet eyes with a stranger, when you are soothed by the sound of rain while you are falling asleep.


Do We Need More Things, Or Do We Need To Find More Meaning?

The extraordinary kept bewildering me, kept being one step ahead of me. If I had worked hard enough, lived big enough, my life would be worth and I would finally be allowed to stop , to be. I had this belief that if I stopped pushing, success would escape me and I will fall back. I even had this imaginary "witch self" that haunts me with a stick whenever I slacked or slowed down.

Despite the power of the harsh voices and thoughts that are still strong and compelling;  the need, love and awareness to surrender to the magic of this moment, to find the extra in the ordinary has become stronger. 

Here are some steps that has guided me  glorify and embrace the ordinary:

  • Pay attention. Become aware of the loveliness in your life right now.
  • Slow down
  • Be Astonished Notice the abundance, the little things in your world, and what you already have. Notice every moment of awe and gratitude
  • Be-aware of Language Our language shapes us.Trade in those worn out phrases with “Yeah, I’m wowed… Yeah, I'm grateful" — so that the eyes hear what they could look for right here.
  • Act like a tourist Be amazed, surprised and wowed .
  • Make a journal Write down all the things you already have ,love and appreciate.
  • Living as if. Be extraordinary, Love and Be the person you are.

What if instead of looking FOR extraordinary, you start looking AT it ?

What if your extraordinary is something that is already yours?


Ghada_4491_toned copy.jpg

Ghada is  Eating Transformation and Wellness Coach. She helps  women and professionals  to unravel and transform their relationship with food __   without dieting , discover their true hungers and begin to feast on their life. CPCC,RD.

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Ghada B. Khalifeh

Are you constantly beating yourself up that you should be more, do more, or have something else ?

Do you find yourself pressured to be what others need you to be and in the process you lose all you are?

Do you wonder where your internalized voice “ I am not good enough" comes from ?

Every day, we’re bombarded by expectations that make us feel we aren’t thin or beautiful enough, or that our jobs aren’t good enough, that we aren’t even happy enough. Also, it seems like "accepting oneself " comes so naturally for other people who "appear" to have it all—they have that killer body, a big house, a perfect husband, and a career that you can only dream of. If you had all of that, you’d finally accept yourself, right?


Why? Okay Let me take you back in time when we were children- and what I have learned about how I internalized this message of "not good enough". Since the beginning, as children we define our world by the love and care we receive from our caregivers. The main goal is to be loved. We internalize our environment and believe that to be happy and get more love is to have and make sure Mommy and Daddy are happy. "When Mommy is happy, she will play with me and spend time with me_When Daddy is not busy, he will be nicer to all of us.” Kids want peace, love and harmony in their lives and need it to thrive emotionally. So, if it is not there, guess what they do? They try to build their conditional loving world and learn to fix it by trying to be "a better and better kid”, or they may also try the opposite and act out to get their parents to focus on them. A child knows no different. They take this on as "It must be me". Their inner chatter would sound something like :

“It must be my fault if my parent is busy or angry, or can’t love me. I must be unlovable. I will clean my room tonight and then my parents won’t fight.  But, wait they do fight and they don’t even notice . It didn’t work.  I am not Good enough, or Powerful enough, or Worthy.” So the child ends up carrying parents issues and struggles and takes on their emotional weight as “If only I could do more.”

Makes sense?

If you are reading this and it resonates, I wish you start looking at this emotional weight and realize it doesn't belong to you. What you have perceived as a child , is not your fault. You do not have to "do more" to be loved, or to to fix situation ". It is not your weight, and its time to release the burden of carrying your family's baggage. While it seems easy to comprehend intellectually, I know that understanding this emotionally is an ongoing journey which takes some serious work of recovery. It starts by realizing that this heavy weight belong to someone else “This is not my stuff, I am carrying my mother’s sadness, or my father’s insecurities.” You can begin to release trauma by getting rid of the burden and weight, one Kg at a time, Until You realize you are you; and it is good enough!

If you feel you have just started to understand this and need to revisit the past and uncover the message of unworthiness, then perhaps a therapist can be helpful. If you have been walking this journey of self-love and healing for a while now and know that it is ongoing process of learning and unlearning then here are some daily reminders/mantras that I continue to practice, which may help you connect and believe in your worthiness, and empower inner voice of “I am enough”



Stop comparing yourself to others We all compare ourselves to other people, and I can assure you that the people who seem to have it all do not. It is this conditioned belief that what we need is always outside us and Sometimes the reason we struggle with insecurity is because we compare our “behind-the-scenes circumstances' with everyone else’s public highlight social media. When you look at other people through a lens of compassion and understanding rather than judgment and jealousy, you are better able to see them for what they are—human beings. They are beautifully imperfect human beings going through the same universal challenges that we all go through.  Your life is about breaking your own limits and outgrowing yourself to live YOUR best life.

Thoughts are not personal. “Life is simple, It's not our thoughts, but our attachment to our thoughts, that causes suffering.” one of my favorite quotes by Byron Katie. Thoughts are just thoughts, and it’s our choice to either be prisoners to disempowering ones or give power to the ones that serve and support us.

Make peace with the "Now". It is your resistance to “what is” that causes your suffering. Remember, happiness is allowing yourself to be perfectly OK with “what is,” rather than wishing for and worrying about “what is not.” Right now is an inevitable step and the truth is it's exactly where you need to be, to get to where you want to go tomorrow. Eckhart Tolle explains the power of now as “most humans are never present in the moment, because unconsciously they believe that the next moment must be more important than this one, but then you miss your whole life, which is never not now". One thing I’ve learned about making changes is that you cannot fully relax and immerse into where you’re going; until you can accept, acknowledge, and appreciate where you are.

Honor and acknowledge yourself . Get in touch with the qualities about yourself that you like and appreciate. Connect daily with at least three things that you are proud of accomplishing, and encourage yourself. Think of all the qualities it takes to achieve those things. “Until you stop breathing, there’s more right with you than wrong with you.” a powerful reminder quote inspired from Jon Kabat-Zinn. Yes and Yes, there is more right with you than wrong with you. As someone who always tends to zoom in all my perceived flaws, it helps to remember and celebrate the qualities that I like about myself most—and feast on.

Baby yourself when you feel you deserve it the least.This can be a powerful exercise. Get one of your baby pictures and revitalize your sense of lovability and self-acceptance. Look at the baby in the photo, Would you scornfully tell that baby “you are disgusting, you have no willpower , you are not worthy or “stop being a baby”? I find that it is most difficult to accept love and understanding from others when I’m in a state of anger, anxiety and shame, but adopting this exercise really helps in connecting to my child and give myself what I needed at that time -some kind of support and love. Love is the greatest gift you can give to yourself during such times.  

Focus on progress. Focus on how far you’ve come rather than on how far you have left to go. Keep your eyes on the prize but stay unattached. One of the biggest causes of self-loathing is this fixation to “get there, or need to get it right.” We strive for perfection(which no one really comprehend what perfection is) , and when we fall short, we feel less worthless.  

You can’t hate your way into loving yourself. Telling yourself what a failure you are, won’t make you any more successful. Shaming yourself for not having the body you dream of, won’t help you get the body you like. Telling yourself you’re worthless and unlovable won’t make you feel any more worthy or lovable. The only simple way to achieve self-love is to love yourself—regardless of who you are and where you stand and even if you know you want to change.


Each and every one of us is unique . You were born to be the best version of you and no one else. Michelle Bauman quotes "your worthiness cannot be put on a dimmer switch". Neither you, nor anyone else can increase or decrease it.So how can you start the journey of truly embracing your enough-ness , your worthiness and loving yourself, right here, right now?



Ghada is an life nourishment and Eating Transformation Coach. She guides women and men to unravel and transform their relationship with food _ without dieting , discover their true hungers and begin to feast on their life. CPCC,RD.

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Ghada B. Khalifeh

Have you wondered if you allow yourself to savor and {enjoy More} then you would {Eat Less}?

Have you thought of how you hurry through a meal is symbolic of how you hurry in life?

We are part of the culture that celebrates it’s overachievers and pushy high flyers, the culture in which goals, growth and progress are expected to “happen yesterday”, the culture that religiously follows “time is money” dogma. We are conditioned to celebrate the grandiosity of multitasking , and our future-focused mentality and need to get there quickly, have become embedded into our culture. I am a recovered "multi-tasker” and just in this moment, I feel the restless voice in me whispering and want me to rush my words as I am writing this , the pressure of having to finish my bi-monthly blog so I can cross it off-my list and declare my productivity. 

I will get deeper into what controls this rush-ness epidemic but I want to take the time now to tie it to our eating habits. Our distinct eating habits mirror the way we carry ourselves and act every day. If you are a Slow Eater , you are the type of person who truly takes time enjoying a meal, If you are a Fast Eater, you are the type of person who gets through a meal as quickly as possible, oftentimes not even taking time to chew the food completely. There are also different types of eaters such as organizers, explorers and many more, but today I want to talk about you the fast eater (myself too ) and how your tendency to overeat reflect the way you hurry in life. Food is there but because you’re busy doing other things, they miss it. You chew, You swallow, but You don’t fully experience and savor the taste of the food, the pleasure of it. And then, because you missed the best parts, you go back for more and more.

The less you like food, the more likely it is that you’ll overeat
— Women, Food and god author Geneen Roth

Think of all the ways you miss immersing yourself in the pleasure of this exact moment, Think about all the ways you miss the pleasures of food because multitasking or distracting yourself;eating while pretending to do something else); eating while you are reading, watching TV , driving , or standing at the refrigerator door deciding what you want to have;  finishing the kids’ leftovers. How many times you want to have a piece of this cake but you never really decide to cut yourself a piece of cake. You hesitate to take the piece of cake and put on your plate so you cut and munch a piece of edge of of cake only before long, half of the cake is gone while you were absent to the whole experience of loving very bite of this tasty cake. yes I am guilty too !!

 Have you asked why do you rob yourself of all the delight that food brings, by not paying attention to how it tastes and feels? 

Why do you forbid yourself to want more of something when you could have been pleased with less, if only you’d been present for it?

Do you eat for reasons other than hunger?

Think about it for a moment. 

Geneen Roth says in her book "women, food and God “ When you love something, you spend time with it. You pay attention to it. You enjoy it. And although most of us emotional eaters think incessantly about food, we consume meals as if they are stolen pleasures.

Only when you give it to yourself completely, you will give it up . Not that you need to give up on food but perhaps give up on the idea that food is the enemy? If you learn to surrender to the experience and declare food as the source of :nourishment, pleasure and joy. Rather than seeing food as danger that threats your slim figure , or as a drug to numb or distract yourself from feeling certain feeling, What if there is another way to live with food ? What if we stop rushing and distracting ourselves for a minute and invite some space in, to fully experience the food on our plate ? Have you ever noticed how rushing implies a feeling of lack? A lack of time, a lack of permission, even a lack of space within ourselves.


For so long, I defined myself by my speed and my only passion was about the race. I am still challenged to revert to my old mindset of multi-tasking and rushing. It is constant work in progress, a choice to bring mindfulness, curiosity and inquiry to the table. It requires willingness, focus and practice and more practice to extract every ounce of joy and pleasure. Here are some points that might help you pause, get curious and reflect:

1-What’s the rush? Knowing what is causing us to push alleviates the pressure that comes from rushing. Stop and take a breath. Invite some space in. Acknowledge to yourself, “I know I am rushing right now,” and invite yourself back to the present moment.

 2-Why the rush?

  • Avoidance: We don’t want to feel our real feelings, or deal with our “stuff”. 
  • Self-importance of Busyness:  We often fear other people’s judgments and when we constantly exhibit a sense of urgency and busy-ness (how many times have you bragged about your busy day ), we feel valuable in the eyes of others.
  • Habit: Rushing is our Mojo and we get a rush from rushing. It is so unconscious and addictive.
  • Worthiness/not enough: We attach our inherent self-worth to achievement, doing and productivity. We feel constant pressure to perform, please and prove ourselves due to perceived parental and societal beliefs. We feel guilty when we slow down. We feel unworthy if we are not doing something. We feel the need to hurry and cram everything in, in order to feel worthy of love.
  • Fear of missing out /Competition: We feel that if we slow down, we will run down and everyone will move ahead of us and we will miss the chance of our life.
  • Comfort zone: It takes energy and intention to slow down and make a conscious effort to be present. It is easier to rush through life and be on auto mode . Rushing allows us to live on the surface , it provides a safe placeso we won't go deeper.
  • False perception: The idea that the grass is greener somewhere else. The future is better than now. 

Which one of the above reasons limits you to stop and declare your time, your space,and your experience with food?( I have to say I score 100% on almost all of the above). What happens if you finally allow to pause and stop rushing and love RIGHT NOW, THIS PRESENT MOMENT, THIS FOOD on your plate?

Imagine what your life would be like if you let yourself eat with passion. We really don’t overeat because we take everything in, or because we take too much pleasure from food, but because we deprive ourselves from taking enough. What If you gain total freedom no matter what you weighed, to eat and relish with gusto (love this word) and pleasure. Why not be astonished by the juicy crispy taste of an apple? Why not celebrate the texture of a Pomelo? why let one moment of joy {even one} pass you by?

 When pleasure kicks in, overeating stops.

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Ghada B. Khalifeh

If you are still in the lookout for this “perfect “ diet to get you the body you’ve always dreamed of (that is if you ever accept what you think is perfect), chances are you are still stuck in the roller coaster of deprivation and self-loathing. Diets are not sustainable. Diets are not the solution. The reason for your attempt to over-eat and feed your emotions will still be there_ if you don’t attend to the source of the issue.

 “If diet’s won’t get you the body you love, what will?”

Overeating is an unwanted symptom that has an internal wisdom to awaken you to a world bigger than diet and ideal perfect body( this requires another post ).  Dieting to achieve a perfect body (that is if you can have a barometer for perfect) is a form of self punishment technique that urges you to hate yourself, so you will love yourself. If you torture yourself enough then, you will become a happy healthy and relaxed being. Seriously?

What if the body you  are gifted with, is the place where you reclaim and find your  wholeness ?

What if every challenge you have with your body and weight is an attempt to embrace and love your body more ?



It is important to remind yourself that no one is perfect. You are the only "you" that you have. And you can not love yourself if you start from a place of self hate, shame, guilt, and blame. Until you love yourself, you will not be able to expand to be the best you can be .

What if the answer is to just drop the resistance, and accept your body right now ?   If love would speak to your body,  what would it say ?

I challenge you to start right now in this moment,  and practice the art of acceptance and in the following love languages :

Respect your body.   It means accepting your here and now body.  When you respect your body, treat it with dignity and nurture your body with what it needs, then you’ll make room for loving every part of your body and what it does for you.

Internal language. Do you speak kindly to your body? What was the last generous and sweet thing you said to your body ? Our internal language shapes how we see and create our world. Be-aware of negative self talks and practice standing in front of the mirrorand tell your body what you love about it, focus on a physical trait or something your body has done for you.

Trust your body.  Do you leave a space in your life for your body to be heard and cared for? Start listening to your body’s inner wisdom , hunger cues and feed them.  Your body has the ability to tell you when it’s hungry, when it’s full and what it wants to eat.

Gift your body. Do you find yourself making some kind purchases with your body’s care in mind? What was the last gift you gave your body? How you treat your body, your body will treat you back.

Physical touch. Do you lay your hands on your own flesh? Do you do so with Love? Do practice  treating your body with acts of caring and loving from others too. It is a fact that every human being has skin hunger and needs hugs for survival, maintenance and growth. When was the last time your body felt that it had been touched enough to the point of fullness? (Yum)

The curious paradox is when I accept myself just as I am , then I can change.
— Carl Rogers

When you love and respect your body, something magical happens.  You no longer obsess over it and see weight release happen without all the worry. You will be surprised what your body is capable of when you show it Love!


If you’d like to explore more and learn ways to love your body again, contact me ghada@ghadabkhalifeh.com

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Ghada B. Khalifeh

"The pain will never stop.”

"I am doomed to stay in this cycle"

“There isn’t ever enough love.”

“I am a failure “

“I have to be in control”

The  harsh voices following  an emotional eating episode can be very destructive and lead us back into  the vicious diet cycle of  (deprivation,binging ) which results in begetting  more blame and shame. 



Many of us carry this heaviness and walk the earth feeling as though they have reach a bottomless hole but, 

What if the bottomless hole is an illusion that is created by an old story that no longer serving us ?

What if this particular episode is another change to redirect is to our inner wisdom?

What if this moment is our chance to learning, finding meaning and letting go?

What if our eating challenge is an opportunity to self reflect and look into places where we need to grow?

Our relationship with food mirrors our beliefs about ourselves, those can be old beliefs that protected us at some point in our lives, but no longer serve us now. I invite you to reflect on the following guidelines  that I have gathered. It is a chance to get curious  and inquire, a chance to choose yourself again and again by bringing understanding and self compassion.


Before  Episode

  • What were the emerging disempowering thoughts?
  • Was I feeling Vulnerable, and what were the emotional triggers ?                              
  •  a) too hungry   b) too stressed   c) overwhelmed   d) too tired and sluggish   c) bored
  •  Did I have some projected expectations from a situation/person?
  • What was the need that I was unable to give myself?                                                          
  •  a) set boundaries at work/friends    b) say No     c) address my needs  d)  pause and  rest


During  Episode  

  • Was I mindful and present to the eating experience?
  • Did I taste and savor the food with each bite?
  • Was I rushing , standing or watching Tv?
  • Was there a point where I realized that  I wasn't eating with pleasure? What was I feeling ?


After  Episode  

  • What could I do differently ?                                                                     
  • a)Identify and respect my vulnerability     b) say No    c) Get enough sleep     c) change my environment    
  •  d) drink water       e) make sure I eat when hungry and do not deprive myself and eat consistently  
  • What are my unmet needs?
  • What am I really hungry for?



Ready to end emotional episode? contact me for a conversation at ghada@ghadabkhalifeh.com .                     



Ghada is life nourishment coach, and a holistic nutritionist. She guides women and men   to  identify,   understand and feed their true hungers and-begin to make shifts towards a heart-nourished  and  joy-filled life. CPCC,R

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Ghada B. Khalifeh

When it comes to food, nutrition and weight loss, the equation is not as simple as nutritional numbers. Yes, we have daily recommended allowances of nutrients, calories, vitamins, cholesterol levels,  ideal body weight , just to name a few. But, It is time to put numbers in its right place and reassess our loyalty to numbers.

So many of us are trying to find our right weight, but what exactly is that?

You might have been told that you shouldn’t have too much carbs in your diet, but how many grams are we talking about? Maybe you’re trying to limit your number of calories to lose weight, but exactly how many calories is a dieter supposed to eat?  Nutritional numbers can be a good starting point, but unfortunately they can take control over our life, and distract us to tune in to our own body’s wisdom, intuition, heart knowing and what it really needs to be well- nourished and balanced.

Let me explain. There are group of people ( I am one of them) who are unable to lose weight despite their efforts to do everything right on paper. They eat much less. They experiment different types of diets. They exercise much more. But they don’t find lasting results. If you have you tried to lose weight by changing your diet, and added more exercise, but still you are weight- loss resistant, you may have begun to conclude that there’s more to the weight loss story than just mathematical equation “calories in, calories out.” You need to look deeper for the reason.

Weight is a super complex topic . I have struggled for so many years with weight loss and had numerous attempts to keep the weight off. It has always been a roller coaster ride until I started to dig deeper and listen to my body’s wisdom and embraced  my own individuality. The approach starts from a place of love and a non- judgmental place .The old method of demeaning ourselves(" if only I have more will power’, shame that you have certain body type , blame for not trying hard, etc) into change never works and the only place to start looking for transformation is Love. So I invite you to follow the light , as I highlight some hidden complexities that might reveal a new perspective for your transformation .

Have you wondered about what might be other ‘reasons’ that hinder the weight loss , and cause the body to hang on to excess weight even if you’d like it to let go? 

Do you know that in addition to our digestive system, we also have an emotional metabolism? 

Our emotional nutrients are our thoughts, feelings, beliefs, reactions, attitudes, personal story, history and cultural imprints. All contribute to play a part that affects our metabolism. There is constant flow of experiences around us , and our body cannot be indifferent to what we experience.  Our body needs to process and digest the emotions of those experiences, absorb and nourish what we need, and then let go of whatever is toxic to move on with our lives.  If our emotional metabolism isn’t functioning as it should, our chemistry can become unbalanced, and the body can respond by storing energy as fat (according to eating psychology school founder).      This describes what emotional constipation is and why giving some awareness to your emotional metabolism can help your body to find its perfect aligned weight.

Have you ever suffered from emotional constipation?

Do you ever run from feelings fast to the fridge ?

Would you rather grab your cellphone than deal with a moment of silence?

If so, you may be unconsciously using self-protection as a way to stay in your comfort zone and limit yourself and your chance of feeling better and expanding to  your higher self. 

I get it , sometimes feelings feel shitty. Like most of you, I tend to avoid the least pleasant ones. There are times when I’d rather not feel bored( or can't be with myself ), so I instantly scroll through my facebook newsfeed, or find a movie to distract me. That’s Okay if you are consciously making a choice and aware of deep feelings behind this,  but if the intention is to avoid the full range of human emotion and park into a state of denial, then you are denying yourself to live in its fullest range.

Here’s the thing we often forget:

The things we feel are messages. They tell us things. Whether it’s physical or emotional, it's a valuable piece of information. 


There’s a big difference between saying  “I 'm sad” and going into self-pity mode and saying  “I’m resentful toward her. I feel anger, shame and guilt.”   Why does decoding our emotions matter?  It allows us to move away from seeing the world in black and white, from sheltering ourselves to live life to the fullest, from  entering a “flight or fight state” (victim mode) and the joy it steals.  It allows us to experience all shades of life , and see that emotions can coexist . Here I quote Khalil Gibran “The deeper the sorrow carves into your being, the more joy you can contain”. Feelings are signals to decode our happiness and improve our self-concept and well-being.



Unless we deal and process our emotions, it would end up clogged and constipated in our system . When that happens the body enters a “stress state” and declare danger. The symptoms results in increased cortisol, increased insulin, and other stress hormones which when stay elevated over the time , stimulate the body to store weight, store fat , bloat the body , and cause us to retain weight in addition. 

Our  body deals  with emotions the same way it deals with Food.

We take in food. We digest. We assimilate. We excrete what we don’t need. 

Same with emotions.  We are conditioned to reject emotions and have a little bit of a difficult time handling certain emotional experiences in life. For some, It can be difficult to embrace celebrations and accept happy and joyful emotions. It is difficult to take in some experiences so called as  life traumas. It could be a breakup or emotional /physical abuse, failure,  divorce, or abandonment. It’s no different from eating a bad meal,  something you don’t like, or something you’re allergic to. If we can't digest or handle such an emotional meal, the body gets alarmed and declare a sense of ongoing danger or survival. If we don’t give an attention to our inner  world, and make peace with all emotions and experiences , we block our emotional metabolism and become emotionally constipated. 

I truly wish more people realize that weight loss is not about willpower, it is not solely the problem about what you're eating, but what is eating at you . It is often more than just eat less , avoid some food, and exercise more.

We need to become aware of our emotional system and learn how to be an emotional digester, an emotional  metabolizer (as Dr.Marc from eating psychology put it nicely). When we start to take in all the challenging experiences and all the beautiful experiences, you enter a state of awareness and face the world “Yeah, I’m going to handle this. I’m going to be present to this,” then your body and metabolism would stop resisting. The E-motion becomes Energy  so the body  recognize its rightful job and place. Your metabolism, your actual nutritional metabolism, your calorie burning metabolism takes its normal course !

So here is my invitation to you, the more skillful you become at decoding your emotions, the more self awareness you develop and your body would stop resisting:

Get over your need to be comfortable all the time.

When you feel something come up, feel it, decode it, and then let it go. Or you can hold onto it and implode like a black hole of sorrow, filling your intestines with mold, agony and toxins .

The choice is yours!


with Joy,



Ghada is life nourishment coach, and a holistic nutritionist. She guides heart-centered sensitive(HSC) people to  identify,   understand and feed their true hungers and-begin to make shifts towards a heart-nourished  and  joy-filled life. CPCC,RD.

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Ghada B. Khalifeh


"Everything changes when you start to emit your own frequency rather than absorbing the frequencies around you, when you start imprinting your INTENT in the universe rather than receiving an imprint from existence." 


The words "intention" and "goals" maybe used interchangeably in every day life, but in fact, they're quite  different.

For so long, I have been a goal-driven and action-oriented person, running  from one goal to another, Having this energy is all good,  except it was not channeled to serve my own truth. Most of my goals were driven by conditioned mind imprint , and what I was expected to achieve, I also had the impression that the more goals the merrier, and living is about being always in action. My energy was not aligned with what I truly long to be or accomplish. The manifestation did not spring from the essence of what really aligns with what I really want.

What is a Goal?

A goal can be simply described as a desired outcome. It is a built up desire and end result that you don't have yet. It is manifested as a result of conditioned mind about a problem needs solving, or about a belief that force you to accomplish. Emotional responses that are triggered by those thoughts then often govern your decision in setting your goal.

Let's take an example. You may think that your gym workout need a lot of work, so you set a goal to increase the number of your weight training , perhaps add acrobat yoga classes? or push yourself to do more cardio classes. while this is great and might sound as aspiring goals to have, it's not really an intention. 





So What is an intention?

Intention work is powerful, and an integral part of any form of energy and healing. Setting an intention is what sparks a dream to life, and puts in a motion a co-creative process between you and the Universe to move forward in your own evolution. You can think of intention as  your energetic source in it's purest form for your goal. It's that powerfully authentic vow that comes from your deep core. It goes deeper than the mind and comes from a state of pure consciousness.

Usually the best way to tune in to your truest intention is to meditate, or go on solitude.

An intention maybe disclosed to you in the simplest ways as ' I will breathe fully', or ' I want to feel light'. It may also be more emotional than physical like ' I release all my fears', 'I embrace my vulnerability' . In the case above about gym workout, I believe your intention would be "to be fit and healthy'. 

Here are some examples of intentions

Be Encouraging              Just be kind                 Act silly             Celebrate more 

Be patient                         Try something new                                  Surrender to Yes  

Listen more                     Let go                                                              Just Be at Peace          

Unplug                              Play more                      Do less                Notice the beauty

What is the difference ?

What  really sets an intention apart from a goal is how an intention soars from a  place of presence, a place of love not fear. Whereas a goal is a future projection of the mind.

With an intention, you embody your authenticity in the current moment and keep it with you for as long as you need it,  With a goal, on the other hand, you have to use your min and relies on reasoning and logic. It create images of what you want your future state of being to look like, which may or may not be a reflection of your authentic truth.

Goals has a certain time frame, while intention springs and flows with the process while you may work hard to achieve certain goals that you decide to set for yourself, achieving them won't necessarily keep you satisfied and  fulfilled for very long afterward if you didn't set your intention first. Ideally,  when you bring yourself to practice and set your intentions(a daily ritual would help this )  the goals would eventually flow in a supported and reinforced  by the energy that comes from embodying your intentions. When you are clear on your intentions, your action becomes in alignment with your truth and words. You also quickly manifest what are you are clearly putting out.  

 Manifesting the intention

I had put together the following steps which perfectly capture the process of manifestation:

 Set an intention by being clear on what you want, and detached from the result (not focusing on lack ) 

Embody  Visualize the end result. Meditate on it, Write it down. Feel it. 

Observe the signs The universe is listening. You will notice signs everywhere that relate to your intention. those signs will call you effortlessly  and you will see how you start acting upon. 

Hold your intention. Default to similar happy thoughts Act as though your intention has already come true.Keep imagining the outcome.

Trust the Process and realize your manifestation Feel the gratitude and reinforce your trust in the process.

Daily intention Create a daily ritual intention  to set your intention as follows:  

   Daily intention

TO BE _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

TO FEEL______________________________________________________________________________________________________________

TO APPRECIATE _________________________________________________________________________________________________

TO LET GO__________________________________________________________________________________________________________

TO ATTRACT ______________________________________________________________________________________________________


With Joy,


Ghada is life nourishment coach, and a holistic nutritionist. She guides heart-centered sensitive(HSC) people to  identify,   understand and feed their true hungers and-begin to make shifts towards a heart-nourished  and  joy-filled life. CPCC,RD.

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Ghada B. Khalifeh
Feelings, emotions, self acceptance ,self worth

Here is a story to share that I read  when I was  taking  mindfulness course last month. It is about two toddlers - a little girl and a little boy at a birthday party,  playing in the sandbox, digging, eating and having a good time.  All of sudden, the boy takes off and runs back inside the house, leaving the girl  alone. She bursts into tears. She's angry that her friend decided not to play anymore . And here comes the Mom, rushing to her girl "Don't cry!  Don't cry ! "

We have all been there right? You are hanging out with someone, thinking all is great, and then suddenly they're gone. So here's the mom, comes running to her girl looking for something to comfort her child saying "stop crying baby, here is a cookie"

So what do you think the girl learn to internalize ? she learns that feelings cause people to be upset and she should not cry , and the way to stop herself from feeling is to have a cookie.

So you could imagine how this incident had produced a limiting belief and caused disorder in her eating pattern in the future . Feelings=cookies

We have been conditioned to be scared of emotions and it affected our emotional/mental health. You're considered weak if you feel your emotions and strong if you don't. Don't you think it takes a lot of courage and strength to deal with painful emotions? Here is the truth cookies don't take away feelings. Yes they can numb the feelings for a short time but you can't :

- stuff them down

- starve them away

- cleanse them 

-drink them away

-gamble them away or even use positive thinking to get rid of them .

There is only one way to get rid of feelings . Any ideas? The little girl at the party, if the mother had just said "yes honey, it hurts, it is  hard, I know how you feel when friends leave you and take your things, if she'd said that , then the girl would have a had a good cry and felt better.

The only way to get rid of the feelings is to actually feel them.

We need to accept that feelings are just reactions, messengers of the soul. Feelings are not personality flaws and that something is wrong with you. If you get angry, you are not an angry person, you're a person who is just angry now.

We need to accept our emotions and acknowledge  them and not reprimand them.

We must accept tears, and accept fears.

Nothing destroys your mental health i.e self worth, self-acceptance faster than denying what you feel. Honor your feelings, allow your feelings and welcome them as teachers . Every emotion bring good news even the painful ones. 

Stuffing your feelings often means that the way to happiness is stuffed away, too.


Accept  everything you feel today, because emotions are a sign that you are human. Accept that you are alive and not only living but experiencing life  and allowing yourself to expand and grow. Anything that you resist persists, and if feelings stuffed away they will always surface again and again until you become aware of the message then it won't affect you.  And that's the healthy perspective , don't you think?

What are you going to do today to accept yourself ? 

with Joy,



Ghada is life nourishment coach, and a holistic nutritionist. She guides heart-centered sensitive(HSC) people to  identify,   understand and feed their true hungers and-begin to make shifts towards a heart-nourished  and  joy-filled life. CPCC,RD.

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Ghada B. Khalifeh
Mindfulness , Gratitude #iamgrateful ,photo, moments , joy,


Where do you want to put your focus on this month?

What thoughts and feelings do you want to attract?

What do you want to create more of?

At the end of the day , you can either focus on what is tearing you apart, or on what is already beautiful and beating alive within and around you, and what's strong inside and holding you together.

I welcome every day  with a morning mantra "whatever you focus on grows", and today I want to bring my intention and attention to celebrate and focus this month of June on the wholesomeness of my daughter and life blessings. She graduates next week and  shortly after will be rolling to college on her new adventure. I want to cherish,celebrate and treasure the moments and create more of it. I want to wake up in the morning and look at the world that takes nothing for granted. 

In the spirt of celebration and gratitude, I am pursuing to create and practice gratitude relentlessly  as a  photo challenge. Starting June1st,  I invite you to participate in this challenge. As you practice gratitude, you will attract more thoughts and feelings of gratitude.

  •  Be astonished every day and savor in the beauty around.
  • Get amazed in what you already have.
  • Take a moment of awe, gratitude and celebrate the beauty and the little things around.

In a short time your entire being will be saturated with it, and you will experience unconditional happiness that is beyond what you can imagine.


I've collected from different sites (meplus today, fizzle out ) a list of words , one for each day during the month of June. I'll snap a picture of something I am grateful for that is related to the word of the day. I want you to come along and take this photo challenge with me.

I invite you and (your friends and kids) to participate in this challenge and post your pictures either on Facebook or Instagram (ghadabkh #iamgrateful )and the winner (s) who collect 30 pictures would win a personal coaching package.

I am grateful,gratitude, words, life, world

Ghada is life nourishment coach, and a holistic nutritionist. She guides heart-centered sensitive(HSC) people to identify, understand and feed their true hungers and-begin to make shifts towards a heart-nourished  and  joy-filled life.  CPCC,RD.


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Ghada B. Khalifeh

"Okay so you’re saying it’s okay to eat butter, but I need to avoid grains for a while. But what about oatmeal? I thought it was good for my cholesterol levels?”

"Go Paleo ! Do a Juice Cleanse every month to get rid of your body toxins! Low Carb, High Fat?

“I heard that it’s not a good idea to eat protein  at night because I won’t digest it as well, but then I’ve also heard I’m supposed to eat protein at every meal. Which should I do?”

“I’ve been putting spinach into my morning smoothie for months, and now I hear it’s got oxalic acid and I shouldn’t be eating it. I thought spinach was good for you!?”

Have you ever felt confused about what to eat ? What do you think are the causes of confusion? Marketing deception? Overwhelming diets? Lack of proper education?

Alas, It is not black or white, right or wrong.

 So what's the deal? How come the so-called nutrition experts contradict so much? And more importantly, what on earth should I be eating? Despite all the conflicting information out there, the reason for this confusion is simple: Lack of Context, and that Context is You. The answer lies within..it is Bio-individuality .

Each one of us is beautifully unique.   What I need is different from you because we have different metabolisms, live different lifestyles, and have different activity levels, blood type, ancestry, climate , strong and weak constitutional points, and stress levels. Let's look at an example. If you live in a hot climate, and don't have blood sugar fluctuation issues, and thrive on a lower-protein diet, then good amount of fresh fruit and raw cooling foods are appropriate. If you live in a cold climate, have been diagnosed as pre-diabetic , and you're cold all the time, then that same diet doesn't make sense and could be harmful to your health.

I have my clients come to me with handful knowledge and research about nutrition and health These people are conscious, health-minded and trying to do the right thing, but they end up  forgetting the most important perspective: the context of what’s going on in their body, what’s right for them. It’s not the food itself that’s “good” or “bad”, “healthy” or “unhealthy”. It’s the context in which you’re eating it,  and that context is YOU. So that leaves us with a question ,  what diet works for me ? what should I eat ? 

The word “diet” doesn’t work, and there is no one formula fits all for so many individual reasons mentioned above, in addition diets  teach you not to trust yourself, and takes away your power and build fear, shame and deprivation


I invite you here to look into the following Key points for lasting and sustainable success for what works for you:

1-Experiment: What works for you? What have you tried in the past? Is there something you would like to try  but haven’t ?

2-Redefine Diet : Make your own formula and even give it a name ( mine Freelight), and bring attention to it every time you are faced with eating challenges.
3-Educate :  ask questions, get coaching support to help you understand your individual needs and balance.

Would it be interesting to start  experimenting? If you wish to receive a   breakfast experiment to help you on  the journey of discovering  your bio-individuality,  leave me a message  and will email the  questionnaire . If you want to discuss more, leave a comment here .

with Joy,



Ghada is life nourishment coach, and a holistic nutritionist. She guides heart-centered sensitive(HSC) people to identify, understand and feed their true hungers and-begin to make shifts towards a heart-nourished and joy-filled life  CPCC,RD.

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Ghada B. Khalifeh

If you find yourself saying "I know, I am a perfectionist ",  I strongly suggest you start changing that story ASAP. I hate to burst your bubble , but there is no such thing. 

What does excellence look like to you?

How much more would you get  done, if it didn't need to be perfect?

How many things can you actually be perfect in, and if you are not perfect then what?

Whose definition of perfection are you using as a standard?

Understanding the difference between excellence or healthy striving and perfectionism is crucial here to lead a life of alignment. Excellence is not being the best, it is doing our own best. It is to be the best we can right now. Perfectionism is the ultimate  fear that holds us back  in the name of protection , when in fact, it's the one thing that is preventing us from flight. It is an armor we take on to minimize shame, blame and judgment.

What needs to happen to take off the perfectionism mask ?

What part of you needs to be embraced ? How is it to trust your intuitive self?


Ghada is life nourishment coach, and a holistic nutritionist. She guides heart-centered sensitive(HSC) people to identify, understand and feed their true hungers and-begin to make shifts towards a heart-nourished and joy-filled life  CPCC,RD.


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Ghada B. Khalifeh

What is Hunger ? Hunger is very personal and intimate. Food isn’t always what you want.  We humans are fed in so many different ways. Nourishment is more than just food for the body;  the heart , mind and soul must be fed as well.  Geneen Roth , beautifully says “ food is food, and love is love”. Think of all the things in your life that you are stuffing yourself with and never feel satiated. What if your life is full of things that taste good, but that aren’t nourishing you in any way ? What is it that lies so deep within you, and wants to be expressed?

What are you truly Hungry for?

I ask my clients this question a lot , it is my magic question these days (actually my website spirit is around this magic question and under process ;fingers crossed) .

So yeah , what are your true hungers ?

Take a few moments , get back into your body, settle in yourself , and be present to what surfaces, and ask again.

What are your primary soulful food that is more than what is on your plate ? The food you eat are secondary to all the other things that feed you . Some are fed not by the food only , but by the energy in your lives- energy that touch your  soul and fills you with  joy.

Some of the things  I hear:

-travel with husband,

-get more 500 followers on Facebook, throw a party

-lose weight, go to the gym

I say interesting, yay !! There is no problem at all to have such desires, but I find them clues to dig deeper to what I call TRUE HUNGERS. These are secondary hungersand the doorway to the core hungers and often feeding them leave you unfulfilled and with big hangover because it is not what you actually want.

Take the example: “travel with husband “, if you desire to travel with your husband, your primary hunger maybe physical intimacy, connection, sex , and fun …

If you aim for “weight loss” , primary hunger maybe to feel good in your skin, to be active and vital, to make friendships ( the illusion of some people who believe that they can only be accepted or loved if they lose weight )

If you desire “500 followers on Facebook”, you might be longing for validation, recognition and sense of belonging …

It is not to say that you can not have any of the above desires, it is to say that you do not need these secondary hungers to fulfill your primary soulful hungers , that is the core , that is what matters .

I have come up with  list of some primary hungers (picture), to help you stop and take a moment within and ask yourself , What does this hunger feel like?  What images describe this feeling?  What emotions does your heart long for?


Ghada is life nourishment coach, and a holistic nutritionist.  She guides heart-centered sensitive(HSC) people to identify  , understand and feed their true hungers and begin to make shifts towards a heart-nourished and joy-filled life [CPCC,RD]


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Ghada B. Khalifeh

Say this to yourself:

My mission should I choose to accept it, is to find peace with exactly who I am . To take pride in my thoughts, my appearance, my flaws and to stop this incessant worrying that I can't be loved as I am.

Just before putting my thoughts down to write this post, I had a flash memory of my Mom's luncheon party feasts when I was a teenager. She is an amazing cook and a wholehearted woman. Her focus was rigorous when it comes to feeding the guests, pleasing  the neighbors,  and going out of her way to  gift her girlfriends.  She usually forgot her essential needs, and hard to get her attention when she was consumed in an "unselfish" task. I am not sure why I brought this up but the unconscious wanted to remind me  that  my mother is a perfect example of someone who put everyone's need above her own. 

 It is hard to practice self-soothing in a culture that has taught us that being selfish is the worst thing we could ever be.  It is selfish to take care of yourself. We’ve been taught to put everyone else’s needs above our own. Please try notto confuse healthy self care with the selfish narcissistic variety that discounts others. Self Care is the kind that recognizes that you won't be any good to anyone, including yourself, if you let yourself fall apart.  But what if  that selfishness self-care  is the only way to become"self-less"? I always get drawn to dig deeper  on this topic but today I want to highlight some soothing practices that you can implement in your daily life, moment-to moment that would bring you closer to yourself. It is a practice that you have forgotten, the one that reminds you of your own nature.

Self-Soothing is more than visits to the spa/ nail salon, yoga practice and Prada stores(though I won’t say no to ).   It is much deeper and more personal and perhaps it is the most important tool of Self -Love. It is the ability to calm yourself down in moments of fear and vulnerability, and when feeling insecure and intense emotions.  It is the most soulful food thatcould nourish and nurture your relationship with yourself and others.  It is as simple as re-parenting yourself . 

If you find yourself missing some soothing skills that naturally could have learned through parenting in childhood, the good news is; it is not too late. I am a recovered self-soother and still find it challenging occasionally. At times, I find myself suddenly  insecure and  become like a child whowaits for Mummy to come back home, or wanting  my pacifier to keep me calm. The good news is that you can always learn, try and learn every moment to find this comfort place daily in the busy-ness of your life.  It is a practice that requires awareness and consistency. I gathered below some productive soothing tools that if practiced, you will become more vibrant, whole and attuned to your own spirit.


Embrace the scared child in you (literally)
Look for what amazes and astonishes you in the world
Make sure to live as if are worthy of your own time
Learn about the voice that keep you small and safe and disintegrate
Write letter to those people who had hurt you and send to shredder
Do Breath Work to get in touch with emotions
Speak to yourself like you speak to someone you love
Journal, Write your thoughts


Listening or reading motivational content
Reading intellectual material, or novels
Writing Blogs
Studying, learning
Taking some new courses
Designing your website,blog


Decluttering, Cleaning, Decorating Your Home
Massages, Spa, Exercise, Yoga, Cardio
Cooking Your Favorite Meal
Art, Poetry, Blogging, Social Media
Connecting with like-minded
Attending Theater
Visiting Farmer’s Market
Going out of your way for yourself
Spending time with Children


Ghada is life nourishment coach, and a holistic nutritionist. She guides heart-centered sensitive(HSC) people to identify, understand and feed their true hungers and begin to make shifts towards a heart-nourished and joy-filled life [CPCC,RD]

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Ghada B. Khalifeh


It is not that we believe what we see. It is that we see what we believe.

If you believe that you are not worthy of goodness, are not allowed to have what you want , or that  there is always not enough, those feelings will come out in your relationship with food. If you believe that you are not allowed to have joy, or that joy is for "other" people , then you find yourself restricting food  or you find a way to make eating a painful experience by eating while standing up, driving , bingeing, reading, etc.

Our relationship with food allows us-because we are "acting it out"- to see what our beliefs are. Most of us were given beliefs by around us. Even if nothing happened to us as a child, we still have perceived  a set of instructions about who we are supposed to be, that are not exactly aligned with our deepest self, our truth.

It is not that we believe what we see, It is that we see what we believe. Those beliefs that were given in early life show up in our relationship with food and only when we become aware of those beliefs, we create a space to  question them not by judgement, but curiosity. Only through inquiry, we can access new beliefs, new world. Your new world becomes available  on your plate. Your relationship with food on your plate present an  opportunity to grow and transform.

What if it is a doorway, not a wall, an opening , not a closing?

What if it is a gift that allows you to unravel your true deep hungers?

What if it is an invitation to create your own beliefs? What if all you have believed about life, yourself, abundance, change, possibility, change, joy etc.. comes out in HOW, WHEN, and WHAT YOU EAT? What if it is possible to drop the struggle with your relationship with food ?

What can your relationship with food "teach you" ? and what if you learn to love food again?


Ghada is life nourishment coach, and a holistic nutritionist. She guides heart-centered sensitive(HSC) people to identify, understand, and feed their true hungers and-begin to make     shifts towards a heart-nourished and joy-filled life [CPCC,RD]

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Ghada B. Khalifeh

There is an over-valuing in our communities in the GIVING department , and we often hear the 'receiving' is in the 'giving ' and we have got to give what we want to come back ", but what if the universe send back what we want and simply we say  "no way", "why me " or "who am I to deserve this " and we don't ACCEPT .

See, I have been this person for a long time , who normalized the non-receiving part unconsciously, and was sending back away the universe gifts for me . 

This week I witnessed a new shift in  my unconscious and realized how I was blocking the universe's love to me and gained power in the Receiving. The power of receiving , is as equal as the power of giving . It is this power to ACCEPT all forms of abundance i.e your body , your craziness , clumsiness , every aspect of you , smile from a child , a thank you, a friend's hand , a well done from a teacher , a gift from a friend , a kindness gesture from a stranger, an advice from a mentor,  an invitation from a friend ....when we start to "receive and give "we bring ALIGNMENT to our desires and dreams . We shift from lack to abundance .

Happy receiving , happy accepting , and happy giving ! 


Ghada is life nourishment coach, and a holistic nutritionist.  She guides heart-centered sensitive(HSC) people to identify, understand and feed their true hungers and begin to make shifts towards a heart-nourished and joy-filled life [CPCC,RD]

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Ghada B. Khalifeh

If I am holding the vibrational state of - I DON'T LIKE MYSELF, I feel ugly and fat. I know that I could "eat as healthy" as I want and I would not loose a kg  or two or feel any better. And that is because it is the heaviness and misalignment of my energy that is keeping me 'ugly and fat" and carrying a touch extra weight.

I have observed and experimented with this a-lot! It’s been truly fascinating . As soon as I shift my relationship with myself first - I instantly feel better regardless of my weight or fitness or where I am . From there, I choose food that aligns with body's energy and even if that includes "junk foods" I easily loose the kilo or two I had put on.

Does this make sense? The food you choose matches your vibrational energy. What you look like is a reflection of how you feel about yourself.

light and Love,



Ghada is life nourishment coach, and a holistic nutritionist.  She guides heart-centered sensitive(HSC) people to identify, understand and feed their true hungers and begin to make shifts towards a heart-nourished and joy-filled life [CPCC,RD]

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Ghada B. Khalifeh

Sometimes when I look at the flowers in my garden I think:

“Wow, if I really let myself take in how gorgeous one of them, I’m not sure I could even get up off the ground.”

I’m not sure I could move. I’d be so speechless, knocked over by the beauty.

Most of us DO NOT TAKE IT IN. And therefore we NEVER FEEL LIKE WE HAVE ENOUGH . Because we’re not taking in what we have.

So, taking it in means taking a moment to look and to see. And to actually take it in with your hands. To take it in and let yourself have it.

So take in an orchid for a moment, because it’s a thing of beauty.

Do you let yourself have the gorgeousness already in your life?

Can you try that for a second?

Use your hands. Take it in, and let yourself have it. Just let yourself have beauty because it’s gorgeous.

Let your heart break. You don’t need to be ashamed of it: it’s beauty and it’s gorgeous and you deserve it. And why not?

~Expert from G.Roth 


Ghada is life nourishment coach, and a holistic nutritionist.  She guides heart-centered sensitive(HSC) people to identify, understand and feed their true hungers and begin to make shifts towards a heart-nourished and joy-filled life [CPCC,RD]

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Ghada B. Khalifeh
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