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Cervical Cancer IS Preventable




I would like to take this opportunity to give you some background on cervical cancer and its primary cause the Human PapillomaVirus. It is really important to know that "Cervical Cancer IS Preventable!"

Cervical cancer is one of around 200 different types of cancer, a disease caused by the abnormal growth and division of cells that make up the cervix.

Cervical cancer develops when abnormal cells in the lining of the cervix begin to multiply out of control in response to HPV infection. Abnormal cervical cells can gather to form a lump called a tumor. Benign (non-cancerous) tumors do not spread and usually are not harmful, malignant (cancerous) tumors, however, spread from their sources and grow into life-threatening cancer.

Virtually all cervical cancers are caused by some type of human papillomavirus (HPV), a common virus that infects half of all people at some point in their lives. More than two-thirds of cervical cancer cases are attributed to high-risk HPV types 16 and 18.

Worldwide, cervical cancer is the second most common life-threatening cancer among women after breast cancer, with an incidence rate of 4.8 per 100,000 women per year in the Middle East and 9.9 per 100,000 women in UAE. It is also the second-leading cause of cancer death in women. The UAE


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I have got to go for a repeat smear as had a borderline one year ago. Tell me, is it a myth that men cannot look at you directly but have to use a mirror. I am hoping this is a myth. I am going to the Gulf Diagnostic centre. I am so nervous I cannot tell you. I presume my husband cannot come into the waiting room with me either!

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If you had a borderline pap one year ago, the repeat Pap should have been done sooner. Did you have HPV testing done on the last pap? HPV testing is done routinely in the U.S. but is not widely available here in Abu Dhabi. An abnormal pap (depending on the histologic description) should be evaluated further with a procedure called Colposocopy. I am relatively new to Abu Dhabi but am learning that many of the private doctors don't offer this service.

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This is true. I got vaccinated about two years ago. Cancer is in my family... lost my father to cancer more than a year ago and it's still difficult everyday.

My sister and I were advised by our family physician to get regular screening for cancer.

Informative blog post! :)

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