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Abu Dhabi week 124

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Severe weather warning – or, as Gary put it, Armageddon is upon us. I was somewhat surprised earlier in the week to receive an email from the school Health and Safety Officer warning us a severe weather for this weekend. Now ok, it is cold in the mornings, ie 15degC, and it has been windy but the tone of the email was slightly alarming. However, when we received almost the same email from the compound facilities management company, we realised that it must be standard authority issue. I quote:
Dear Valued Resident,
Rain predicted for the coming days as per National Center of Meteorology and Seismology (NCMS):
Friday to Sunday (15 to 17 December 2017) – unstable weather condition, cloud amounts will increase with convective thundery clouds accompanied with different intensity and heavy at times over scattered areas especially over Northern and Eastern areas from time to time.
Wind – Southeasterly to Northeasterly moderate to fresh at times causing blowing dust, with speed 30 – 35 km/h reaching 50 km/h with convective clouds.
Sea – rough to very rough at times in convective clouds in the Arabian Gulf and Oman sea.
Safety Tips:
 Check weather update www.ncms.ae before departure / journey;
 Drive Safely! Slow down and should be extra careful.
 Double the distance you leave between your car and the car in front of you, as stopping distances are increased by wet roads.
 Make sure your headlights are on – Be Visible Be Seen! Obey all road and traffic signs – Safety authorities post this information with good reason.
 Be prepared for the road conditions to change over relatively short distances. Allow yourself enough time and space to react to a sudden emergency and move from harm’s way or to come to a stop safely.
 Increase your following distance – Remain well behind the road user in front as stopping distances can be ten times greater than on dry roads.
 Be aware that in reduced visibility conditions, drivers tend to follow the tail lights of vehicles in front of them. Avoid unnecessary lane changes – Stay in one lane as much as possible.
 Keep two hands firmly on the wheel and two eyes on the road at all times;
 Restrict outdoor pesticides application / spray / fogging;
 Ensure all equipment’s / materials are secured.
 Ensure to wear appropriate personal protective equipment’s (PPE’s).

A dedicated stand by team with all needed equipment’s will be available around the hour (Friday – Sunday) for any emergency.
For any in house emergency, please call the Tafawuq maintenance team
Thank you!
Healthy Regards

Brunch – We had a Brunch booking for today. I say had, it’s been a bit tricky from beginning to end. Last month Gary won a ‘Family Brunch for four’ in a competition. As we’d arranged to do something with some friends this weekend, a brunch seemed a great idea. It took over a week for the prize voucher to arrive, the driver didn’t arrive when he said he would, it was for two adults and free kids (apparently that is brunch for four) when it did, the restaurant didn’t reply to Gary’s request to book a table, the voucher is only valid for four weeks, the list of niggles goes on. Earlier in the week the restaurant rang to say the brunch would now be a barbecue. Which was fine until we were informed that the package was soft drinks only. After much discussion and three phones calls and two emails on Gary’s part, they agreed we could have complimentary drinks for two adults, and the additional charge for our two guests was acceptable. Then came the weather warning. So Gary rang again to ask how Armageddon was going to affect an outdoor barbecue lunch. ‘We don’t anticipate any problems sir, the rain isn’t expected until after 5pm.’ And the wind? ‘It will be fine.’ Needless to say, we are no longer attending a barbecue brunch, but are going Mexican instead. Así es la vida.

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