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How To Have A Healthy Pregnancy In The Second Trimester

Today’s post is how to have a healthy pregnancy specifically in your second trimester. There’s also a video for this post which you can watch here:

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I’m sure many of you can relate to being relieved that the first trimester OVER!


As you’re energy stats to increase and you can start making better food choices, the second trimester is the perfect time to take your health up a notch.






Get out and about as much as you can, go for walks and just get outside.


Walking is great through your whole pregnancy But now is the perfect time as its when your likely to have the most energy and when you’re going to feel the most comfortable. 


It’s also a really good time to do all your baby shopping so get shopping!


This is when pregnancy starts to get more exciting and its great preparing for your little one while you’re feeling your best.




Start to add exercise if you’ve not started already.


As you’re feeling better and your strength and energy increase you can increase the intensity or amount of exercise you are already doing.


For me, I felt terrible during the first trimester so doing exercise was just an absolute no-go and walking was my absolute limit. 


In my second trimester, I started to incorporate more exercise. 


Note that if you haven’t done any exercise before then i suggest speaking to your doctor just to get an all clear that it safe to do so.


Try asking for some recommendations or speak to a certified personal trainer that specialises in prenatal exercise. 


Safe pregnancy workouts in second trimester


What exercise can I do while pregnant?


Theres lots of exercises that you are able to still do while pregnant. Focus more on lower body strength which will help you prepare you for the birth.


Adding upper body strength will give you strong arms to hold your baby (you will need it 😉)


An area often neglected is the core. This is still important to work on to help with the labour and helping your stomach get back to normal after. It will also help with back pain and help support your back during the labour and after your baby is born.


Great exercises to include:


  • Walking
  • Yoga
  • Swimming
  • Low impact aerobics
  • Modified strength training


Places to find free workouts 



Pregnancy workout DVD


  •  DVDs – I tried these two and really liked them. They were quick and effective but not too tiring

Prenatal and Postnatal Pilates Collection with Caroline Sandryir?t=holisticallyl-21&l=am2&o=2&a=B00N4T

Suzanne Bowen's Pregnancy Workout Lean and Tonedir?t=holisticallyl-21&l=am2&o=2&a=B004HA


Other recommendations


  • PERSONAL TRAINER  – prenatal and postnatal certified
  • PRENATAL EXERCISE CLASSES  – a great way to meet other mums
  • PRENATAL YOGA – excellent to focus on body and mind for your pregnancy and birth


What NOT to do in the second trimester of pregnancy?


Do not push yourself during any stage of pregnancy.


When I talk about increasing exercise, the aim is to feel good during and after our workout. Make sure that you can maintain a conversation throughout your workout.


Do not do more or set more challenging goals while pregnant. 


Focus on feeling fit and healthy!




What should I eat in second trimester?


Eat a wide range of whole plant-based foods.


Focus on eating nutrient-dense foods that supply you and your baby with nutrients.


Have a balanced diet and don’t worry about gaining weight. When you have a healthy diet from mainly whole plant-based foods you can eat in abundance. 


Fill your plate with:


  • Fruits -All
  • Vegetables – All
  • Wholegrains – brown rice, sweet potato, quinoa
  • Increase protein – tofu, tempeh, plant based protein powders, beans, lentils, seeds, nuts
  • Increase healthy fat – avocados, nuts, seeds, tahini, coconut, nut & seed butters


What not to eat in second trimester?



Obviously there will be times, probably more than usual when we eat not so good for us foods and thats totally ok. Its life and you cant eat healthily100% of the time. Just use common sense and eat better foods when possible.




I hate labeling food as good or bad, but this really helped me throughout my pregnancy and helped me not blow out of control (because I do have quite a big sweet tooth!) 


Whenever you eat a ‘treat’ food always eat something healthy with it.


For instance, you want chocolate. Eat some chocolate but have fruit with it is well. 


The fruit contains fiber and vitamins and will fill you up more lessening the chance of a full on chocolate binge!




This will definitely be easier if you already had a clean and healthy diet to start with.


Your food preferences WILL change and quicker than what you think. 


When you eat more of the good stuff you’ll naturally stop craving so much of the bad. 


Think of a time when you got into a habit of eating one bad thing, then the next day you had that craving and so on and so on until it forms a HABIT. Good news is that you can add new healthy habits just as quickly.


In pregnancy there are times when you just think, what’s the point. You feel tired and stretched and you think who cares! Who cares if i eat more cake, no one is going to notice!


But thats not the point


You are going to get cravings of some sort even if they don’t feel like actual pregnancy cravings (which are a lot more intense).


But you know you can have a control over them to some degree. 


It’s not an excuse being pregnant to just go bananas.




You are creating a baby inside you so always remember you want to nourish your baby, that’s the whole idea. 


Bottom line:


Don’t give in all the time because sometimes cravings are not real pregnancy cravings, it’s just because you feel like it. It’s more of an excuse when your pregnant to give in and have whatever you want. 


Remember that you’re creating that healthy baby and let that be your driving force. 




This one is so easy to do!


When you’re having cravings, think about what you’re craving and just have a healthy alternative. 


So if you’re craving a bag of fries, or craving chocolate cake, theres tons of recipes, just make a healthy alternative and that way at least your satisfying your cravings and you’re not doing as much damage.


Suggested post VEGAN Healthy alternatives to junk food 




Throughout my pregnancy I found that it was really beneficial to snack more often & I encourage you to do the same. 


Being pregnant takes a huge toll on your body and your energy levels. 


You will be feeling more hungry, there is no doubt about it.  


Personally I just couldn’t feel full, no matter what I did. So snack often.


Healthy snack ideas


  • Fruit
  • Nuts, seeds
  • Trail mix
  • Energy balls
  • Toast and avocado
  • Humous and carrots
  • Chia pudding
  • Falafel Wrap
  • Coconut or almond yoghurt
  • Smaller portion of main meal
  • Low sugar cereal bars


Healthy snacks on the go


Have snacks already prepared so you’re not likely to just buy on impulse or just grab something while you’re out because you’re starving. 


  • Low sugar cereal bars
  • Vegan protein bars
  • Fruit
  • Trail mix


Suggested: Pregnancy Wellness Course: The complete guide to health, fitness & nutrition for a healthy mum and baby




With all that said, its so important to enjoy your food and enjoy what you’re eating. 


You are pregnant. This is a time when it’s so hard on your body, its going through such a massive change.


Mentally you’re going through a massive change so just enjoy yourself. It’s not the time to be thinking of how fat you think you look or if you can’t get your body back after the baby.


You’re pregnant and creating a life. That’s so much more important! 


As long you’re being reasonable and sensible and you’re eating as healthy as you possibly can, then you’ve accomplished that goal. 




Last but not least, learn to love your body more. 


There’s far too much pressure on women to get their bodies back after they had a baby.


I felt most confident that I ever did when I was pregnant, especially my second trimester because it was the first time when Id really seen my body change.  


When you feel your baby growing inside of you and kicking, all those exciting things just think your body is an absolute miracle and it’s so amazing to go through this journey. 


Pregnancy is an incredible journey so love yourself and appreciate your body for what it’s able to do. 


Go out for a walk, eat healthy, because you CAN and because it’s good for you and good for your baby. 


Embrace the fact that you’re pregnant and that you’re doing such a brilliant job and how amazing it is to create a life inside of you.


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If you enjoyed this post, be sure to check out my youtube channel and subscribe so you get notified of all my future videos.

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