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10 Ways To Have A Clean And Organised Home

10 Ways To Have A Clean And Organised Home (Even when you have no time!)

It’s been shown that a clean and tidy home reduces stress, helps with weight loss, increases productivity and has a direct impact on our mental wellbeing.


I confess, I used to be a messy person. Never dirty, but extremely messy.


My stuff was everywhere, all- the- time.


I never understood because I never liked having mess around me but I never found a ‘method’ that worked for me. 


Fast forward today and I am such a clean, tidy and organised person!


I literally LOVE being organised. Yes I am that annoying person. But it has totally changed my life and I’m not exaggerating.


When my home was messy, I felt more stressed, anxious and completely overwhelmed.


Since following these 10 steps I have completely changed my habits and I feel more peaceful and calm.


#1 Declutter & minimalise


I promise, decluttering and minimising your home will improve all areas of your life (no I’m not exaggerating).


At least every 6 months go through a selected space (E;G wardrobe) and declutter. Throw out or give away things that you have not used within the last 6 months to 1 year.


Any longer than that and you are not going to use those items again. #toughlove


Ideas of things to declutter:


  • Clothes, shoes, accesories
  • Kids clothing
  • Kids toys
  • Kitchen utensils and appliances
  • The junk cupboard. We’ve all got one you know what I mean!


#2 Organise your new space


Only do this after minimising and decluttering your space.


Hang up the items of clothes you love. Keep the trinkets on display that will make you happy each time you look at them. 


#3 Konmari it


In her bestselling book, the life changing magic of tidying up.  Marie konmarie  teaches you how to bring joy in your life through decluttering and properly organising your things.


This works so well that thousands of people now use her method and have completely changed their lives- all from tidying up! You can get her amazing book here. 


In the book she outlines the best way to fold clothes. When you fold clothes this way you will gain more space and you will be able to see everything you have making mornings quicker.
My toddlers draw below. Rather than laying clothes flat, I can see everything that she has which is much easier for me and means that she’s not wearing the same clothes over and over
konmari folding method for clothes


#4 Find a space for everything


The key to having a clean house is everything must have its own place.


Do you find that there is particular area in your house that gets used as a dumping ground? Mine is the kitchen counter.


Use storage solutions (see tip below) so that when your putting your things away, you know exactly where they need to go.


#5 Clear worktops


One of the biggest things that makes a house look instantly tidier is keeping the worktops clear of clutter.


I used to have all sorts of papers, pens, hair bobbles and batteries lying around my kitchen counter.


My solution? I bought a simple A4 sized tray that fits on my counter. Now everything is in one place and my worktops are clear. 


#6 Have collecting baskets


Ever found yourself going up and down the stairs constantly to put things away?!


If so, invest in baskets now! In my house we have a basket in a few areas of the house.


I have one in the kitchen where I put in everything that needs to go away down stairs. Through the day instead of placing things on worktops or spending my life climbing the stairs I just use this “collector”.  At the end of the day I put it all away in one go.


I also have a basket at the bottom of my stairs for the things that need to go upstairs and one at the top of the stairs for things that need to come down.


I use these cheap and minimal looking ones (all in white) from IKEA


#7 Organise storage


If there is one thing you must do for a clean and tidy home, get better storage!


Before I moved into my house I used to shove my stuff away in wardrobes or in a big mess in a cupboard and I never knew were things were. 


When you have sufficient storage you will have a tidy home.


If there is one place that is the queen for storage solutions its ikea. And ikea proves that you don’t need tons of space in order to have great storage.


ikea storage ideas


#8 Get easy to use cleaning equipment


I dont know about you but I never WANT to hoover or mop. But i do it everyday and now I don’t mind it.


Why? I have a hand held easy to use hoover that I nip around in the main areas of my home that gets used everyday (kitchen, living room, dining room, hallway, toy room and entrance).


I do this daily, it takes 10 minutes.


You may thing that a hoover wont make a difference but I promise it does and it will!


You’ll find that you are more likely to hoover regularly than if you had to lug around a heavy hoover with cables everywhere. Sounds snobbish but it totally works!


#9 Don’t let things build up


One of the key things of keeping a clean and tidy home is to keep on top of things on a daily basis.


I definitely used to be the type of person that left overhang for the weekend and my house looked like a mess and I felt like I was spending my entire weekend cleaning #livingthegoodlife 


Now, I tidy everyday. I put things back as I go. I put a load of washing on every day and I tidy my daughters toys away at the end of every day.


#10 Have a good night routine


I LOVE a good morning routine but having a good night routine can really help set there tone for your day.


Imagine waking up and coming down to a clean, tidy home. Imagine how much calmer and less stressed you will be than waking up to dirty dishes and mess everwhere.


Here are some ideas to include when the kids go too bed


  • Clean dishes, dry dishes & put them away. The beauty lies in getting them out of sight for the following day.


  • Put dishwasher on


  • Wipe worktops and tables down


  • Tidy bits of a mess that have accumulated in your living room, kitchen and main areas


  • Put dirty clothes in a washing basket


  • Hang up clean clothes. Do not put drape them over a cupboard! #Guilty


  • Tidy kids toys away


Want to take it a step further?


  • Get clothes and kids clothes ready for the next day


  • Pack lunches if needed


  • Pack bags if needed


  • Fluff cushions on sofa. I know this one is ridiculous but I love coming down the stairs in the morning and seeing everything looking nice!


So there you have it, my best tips to ensure you have a clean, tidy and organised home all the time.


Little daily tasks really add up, so start today!


What are your best tips to keeping a clean and organised home, especially with little ones around? Leave your best advice in the comments ?

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