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10 Powerful Reasons Why Women Should Start Yoga Today

10 Powerful Reasons Why Women Should Start Yoga Today


As a yoga teacher, I can’t recommend yoga enough. There are so many benefits that yoga can offer. 


From a personal point of view, yoga has helped me through anxiety, chronic back pain,  childbirth and getting my pre-baby body back. No wonder I love it. 


And if you’re after Madonna’s arms, yoga can help with that too!


What yoga can do for your body?


Yoga has SO many benefits including the ones listed below.


What’s special about yoga though is that it works the mind AND the body.


Specifically, yoga can still the mind, something I think many of us have problems with these days.



How many days a week should you do yoga?


Yoga can be fast, slow, strong or relaxing. So you can do a cardio yoga one day, a strength-based another and a slow relaxing one on the weekends.


The more you practice yoga the more benefits you will see in your everyday life. Aiming for 3 times a week is a great start!


Can you lose weight by doing yoga?


Absolutely, in fact, I did a post all about it here 


Is yoga a good workout?


Hell yeah! And anyone who tells you different ain’t doing it right. While some forms of yoga can be relaxing and a great way to improve flexibility and reduce stretch (yin yoga). The styles (vinyasa and ashtanga included) are great for muscle tone and burning calories.


How long should a yoga session be?


A yoga session can be as little or as long as you want. What’s more important is consistency. It’s better to do 5 minutes every day than 1 hour per week. 


Can everyone do yoga?


Yes, yoga is suitable for all ages and through all life stages (pregnancy, kids, energy, pain, illness, elderly). There really is a yoga class for everyone.😊


What are the main benefits of yoga?


Here are the 10 benefits of yoga and why women should do it every day. 


#1 Yoga increases strength, physical endurance & flexibility all in one workout!


Not many workouts can offer that. When we are more flexible, we can activate our muscles better and get a better range of motion in our joints (In simple terms, a flexible body makes our workouts more effective! Yay for less workout time and more sleep said every single mum. 😊


#2 Decreases anxiety, stress, and depression.

why you should do yoga


#3 Increases happiness, positivity, improves mental wellbeing 

When Mums Happy Everyone Is Happy


#4 Alleviates pain in the body in a safe and gentle way.


Neck pain? Theres a video for that.


#5 Great for spine care and protects the back from injury

why you should do yoga everyday


#6 Lubricates joints and protects body from injury.


Helping you stay supple and strong for the later years of life

why you should start yoga today


#7 Corrects bad posture


Essential for everyone, but especially us mums. Goodbye back pain from breastfeeding, carrying kids around and doing #althethings


#8 Reduces the appearance of cellulite!


By helping with lymphatic drainage (getting the waste out your body) improving circulation and boosting immunity in the process POW!

yoga benefits



#9 Stabilises blood sugar by lowering cortisol (the stress hormone)


Keeping your hungry moments at bay

yoga for weight loss


#10 Helps you lose weight, especially the mum tum.


All thanks to the hormone insulin, which is drastically lowered helping you to lose those last few pounds and de-bloat (now theres a nice perk 😉


Woman doing yoga


Who wants bonus tips?!


#11 Having a baby? Yoga can help with that too.


Yoga is fab as it helps stretch out those aches and pains whilst keeping your body strong and stable. Hip openers prepare you for the birth too .. if you know what I mean 😉


#12 Yoga fights wrinkles!


Yes, it’s true. Ever heard of face yoga? Its a form of yoga that helps the face stay youthful & glowing. Sign me up!


10 reasons to start yoga today


#13 Helps tone bingo wings.


Yes, we are lifting and carrying kids but toned arms are hard to get! Enter yoga. Yoga over any other exercise has given me defined arms and increased my upper body strength.


10 Reasons Why You Should Be Doing Yoga

Wow, 10 amazing reasons why you should be doing yoga. So start today! If you need help getting started, check these video ideas out.




Tell me, what has been the biggest benefit that you have noticed from practising yoga? Let me know below.

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