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50 + New Years Resolution Ideas & A Simple trick to Accomplish each One



I cannot believe its already 2019, where did the year go?


What were your highlights of 2018?


Do you have resolutions for 2019? Of course, you do ?


My 2018 Goals in Review: What worked, what didn’t and WHY


Every year I set out goals for the year ahead. I LOVE setting new goals this time of year. I think it’s a great opportunity to look back on the wins and fails of the previous year and find something actionable to do that will move you towards the goals you want to achieve.


My New Years Resolutions for 2018 included


  1. Treating my blog as an actual business. This included still working even when I went home on holidays and when I have visitors stay with us in Abu Dhabi. I would also work when I needed to instead of only working while my husband was at work. This included some afternoons and weekends.
  2. I wanted to generate a sale ONLY through blogging, not including private coaching.
  3. I wanted to complete my 300hour yoga teacher training.
  4. I wanted to be able to do specific yoga poses. My aim was to be able to headstand, do the splits and handstand.
  5. I wanted to build more lean muscle by improving my diet (without restriction) and not having to do much exercise.
  6. I wanted to go on holiday with my husband and daughter
  7. I wanted to find a better work-life balance. I wanted to be able to call it a day and be more present with my family


I then set out actionable targets that I could do so that I would actually make them happen.


As much as this is over-quoted, It’s so true


If You Fail to Plan, You Plan to Fail.


The outcome:


This year was BUSY!


Usually, I have tons of goals and achievements but this year I had a toddler to look after and I got pregnant midway through the year.


# 1 Blogging Goals


My plan to treat my blog as a business was a success! And I’ve got to say its been REALLY tough. Although I’ve had a very healthy pregnancy,  I suffered from TERRIBLE morning All day sickness, Pubis symphysis Disorder and I’m generally feeling exhausted.


My husband also hurt his leg so he’s not been able to take over much. Plus running and growing a business while pregnant and looking after an under 2-year-old (without family to help out) has definitely tested my limits!


I didn’t make a sale (purely through blogging) yet which I’m not too bummed about because I didn’t anticipate the pregnancy and so I feel proud of how much I’ve managed to do and learn over the year.


I’m SO close to hitting that goal and I can see great growth in my blog already given that I only went “live” in September.


I thought I would have gone live with my website much sooner but I was really busy with my yoga course at the start of the year and that became a priority. Then I got pregnant in the middle of the year so I wasn’t able to do much until both the yoga course and morning sickness had finished.


#2 Yoga Goals


In May, I became a qualified yoga teacher YAY!


And for my yoga practice, I managed to headstand and 99.9% got the splits. I was working on my handstand and feeling much stronger but then I got pregnant so I dropped those challenges.


#3 Body Goals


I was amazed by this one. Getting your body back after a baby takes time but I was so busy with other projects that the only bit of exercise I could manage included just a bit of yoga. This picture proved just how much your diet can affect your body. 

fit woman


I also increased the amount of food I ate and feel liberated from not counting calories/macros or doing other diets.


I wasn’t trying to lean out. I actually wanted to build more muscle mass to support and better protect my body. I was surprised at how much leaner I became than even pre-baby!


#4 Holiday Goals


My holiday with the family in April included an amazing trip to Bali. I also went home to the UK during summer. Another one ticked off the list.


#5 Work/Family Balance Goals


I managed to spend better time in relation to my work/family balance. Although, I’ve had to juggle a lot and do things such as work in the evenings etc. I’ve invested more QUALITY time with my family.


I really try to be present when I have time with them. I am very conscious about not being on my phone in front of my daughter and to answer her EVERY time she calls me or asks me something.


It’s important to me to “educate” her as much as possible and use positive/gentle parenting with her. It’s tiring but it’s been a great investment of my time.


I also meditate on a regular basis now and practice more self-growth techniques which I think has made me a better mother and wife.


So back to YOUR resolutions


New years is a great time to set up goals. But It can be a time when we set goals that we can’t seem to keep. I believe it falls down to the following:


  • The goals set aren’t realistic
  • The goals set aren’t actionable
  • The goals set are too hard/too big


For instance, have you ever had “get more healthy” or “exercise 5 days a week” as your New Year’s resolutions?


Did it ever last long? Did your gym membership last long?


As someone who previously worked in a gym, January was the busiest time of year, followed by a steep decline in February.


What separates us from the people who are actually accomplishing goals and how can we do the same?


Firstly, you need to find something REALISTIC. It’s not realistic to get Beyonce’s butt in a month (for most people anyway).


Secondly, you need to find small ways that you can build habits on a daily basis that will feel so EASY that over time you will accumulate new habits that STICK.


If your new year’s resolution is to never eat chocolate again, Its NEVER gonna work mama!


But setting a rule of eating a piece of fruit before you eat chocolate is something that is easy to implement and can create a healthier habit. One time, the fruit will be your go-to snack and you may even find you don’t want the chocolate anymore.




Here are a few goal ideas to get you started.


Some are my own personal goals and others I’ve added for inspiration because one of my resolutions is trying not to #doallthethings ?


As an added incentive & to get you started the right way, Ive complied all the actionable goals in to lists with daily, weekly & monthly Goal planners that you can get for free right here.


Heres a peak whats included

50 + New Years Resolution Ideas & A Simple trick to Accomplish each One

Gimme Freebies


Health & Wellness


  1. Declutter & minimise. Pick an area each week to focus on (Example: Week 1 Clothes. Week 2 Shoes. Week 3 Kitchen cupboards)
  2. Be in bed by 10 pm every night so I can wake up earlier and have a more effective morning routine.
  3. Establish a better morning and evening routine (Suggestions in a blog post son to follow. Examples could be waking up earlier, meditating, journaling, doing 10 minutes of yoga)
  4. Meditate daily for 5 minutes every morning.
  5. Write 3 things I’m grateful for in a gratitude journal, daily.
  6. Stop drinking alcohol for one year. This is a HUGE goal for some but I’ve been breastfeeding or pregnant for YEARS now so it would actually be pretty easy for me to go 100%.
  7. Have 1 cup coffee (max) per day.
  8. Stretch every morning and before bed for 5 minutes each.
  9. Face a fear that you’ve been putting off and make a plan on how to do it. 
  10. Travel more (For me I want to schedule a Dubai weekend trip, Holiday in Europe in Summer, the UK for Christmas to see family).
  11. Eat either a fruit or vegetables as/with snacks. 
  12. Listen to more podcasts: Make a list of inspirational podcasts and download episodes. Listen while driving and breastfeeding.
  13. Stop snacking at night for 10/21/30 days straight.
  14. Do an elimination diet for 30 days to identify food sensitivities.
  15. No fried food for 30 days.
  16. Eat out/get takeaway x1 weekly only.
  17. Try intermittent fasting for 30 days.
  18. Go fully plant-based for 30 days.
  19. Boost your energy and weight loss with a healthy cleanse.
  20. Use a tongue scraper daily to help with cravings and promote detoxification.
  21. Body brush daily to boost circulation and improve lymphatic drainage (and to help with cellulite ?)
  22. Drop a bad habit (drinking too much, smoking, gossiping too much) and stick to it for 30 days.
  23. Stop making excuses and blaming others/the world for things that aren’t working in your life. Choose to be responsible and choose to do something about it.
  24. Be flexible. Say yes whenever possible.
  25. Make a promise to eat for your health, not for your weight. You will be amazed by the results!
  26. Eat a large salad daily.
  27. Drink a green smoothie 3-4 days per week.


Heath & Wellness Goals & how to accomplish each one


Fitness & Yoga Goals:


  1. Exercise 20 – 30 mins daily. Even if its just a walk, just move every day.
  2. Do beach body/home/gym workouts (when I’ve recovered after my baby). My aim is to do 3 ‘hard’ workouts per week.
  3. Complete 1 fitness challenge. I get incredibly bored doing the same routine & love to mix things up but my aim is to complete 1 full fitness challenge. I obviously need to wait until after I’ve recovered from birthing my baby but I’ll let you know when I’ve picked one!
  4. Practice yoga daily. I really want to improve my yoga but find it hard to set a specific time to do it, especially if I workout too. So, I’m going to do yoga as my warm ups and cool downs when I do my workouts. Also, I’d like to include light stretching in the morning and evening to help with flexibility, posture & back pain from carrying and breastfeeding kids!
  5. Go to a yoga class (at an actual studio) to improve technique.
  6. Yoga poses to accomplish – steady headstand, splits and get strong for handstand.
  7. Walk 10, 000 steps daily. Add 300 steps today until reached goal.
  8. Run a 5K. Use the couch app and pick an event that you can race to hold yourself accountable.


Fitness & Yoga Goals & how to accomplish each one



Business Goals


I have SO many blogging and business goals that coming up with a monthly plan and strategy are the thing that will help me the most this year. There so much I want to achieve but with a toddler and a baby on the way, I know that life is going to already be busy.


I will have a list of monthly goals that I will aim for each month that will include growing my business and my brand but I’ve listed some bigger goals below.


  1. Finish an online course from A-Z. I actually already have LOTS of online courses because I LOVE THEM. I’m really going to put my best effort into doing one at a time and following through on each step until I’ve finished before moving on to the next one.
  2. Minimise time on the phone by limiting emails and social media to twice daily. Pick a set time that works best for you and stick to it.
  3. Do 5 courses in teachable. OK, this is pretty much the same as idea 1 but last year I invested in a course bundle from ultimate bundles. You should check them out, the discount is INSANE. You can get bundles of online courses in Blogging, Health. The aim is to complete 5 courses that will help me improve my blog and actually put the tips and ideas into action.
  4. Follow 2 successful bloggers and do what they’re doing religiously. 
  5. Start and grow a YouTube channel and be consistent, even if it’s not perfect.
  6. Create my own online course. My absolute dream and goal are to do this by the end of the year. 
  7. Start a niche website. Something I’d love to do but have absolutely no idea where I will get the time to do that so that’s a goal for later in the year.
  8. Work on better time management and set clear tasks daily. Create a board with all the things I need to do per week and make it very visual so I don’t get stuck jumping from task to task.


Heath & Wellness Goals & how to accomplish each one


Financial Goals:


  1. Create a plan that will allow me to save more money each month. Aim for $100 each month.
  2. Save for a van with money I save each month (long term goal!).
  3. Read up on investing for beginners and implement what I’ve learned. Pick 3 books (I’ll link these books soon and keep you updated on how it’s working!)
  4. Set a better budget, see where to improve and stick to it.
  5. Cut back on non-essentials. 
  6. Pay back student loan.
  7. Learn to live on less and start spending more consciously.
  8. Commit to a no spend day or weekend.
  9. Workout at home for free instead of a gym.
  10. Buy second hand when possible.
  11. Swap utility providers to get better deals.
  12. Change mobile providers to get better deals.
  13. Use a credit card to earn miles/points to use on something else.
  14. Ask for a raise or promotion in your work.
  15. Start a side hustle (A small passion or hobby on the side where you can earn extra $).


Financial Goals & how to accomplish each one


Relationship Goals:


For all relationships, husband, friends, and family


  1. Make more of an effort with my husband by implementing strategies from  5 love languages – My hubby’s language is physical touch (Read this book it’s AMAZING)
  2. Don’t take things personally (OMG how hard!).
  3. Spend QUALITY time with family DAILY, even if 30minutes of no phone dedicated time.
  4. Don’t expect anything back.
  5. Learn more about positive and gentle parenting and implement. I’m going to try this, this and this book.
  6. Skype family more. At least every 2 weeks and write in a diary so I don’t forget!
  7. Make more of an effort with family and friends birthdays. Do something more special for them.
  8. Be impeccable with my word. Stop complaining & spreading negativity (IE gossiping).
  9. Speak kindly to partner, with love and respect.
  10. Listen more and listen deeply.
  11. Remember the names of others you meet and use their names when talking to them.
  12. Switch off at least an hour before bed and spend quality time with your partner (or yourself). Talk, read or get an early night.
  13. Set goals together and keep each other accountable.
  14. Find a project to work on with your partner or friend. Create a plan of action to see it through.
  15. Praise 5x more than you criticise.


Relationship Goals & how to accomplish each one


I’ve included a monthly goal list if that’s something you want to join with me! Id LOVE to know what your goals are. If you wrote out your list send it to me at holisticallylizzie@gmail.com or tag me on social media @holisticallylizzie so I can feature you!


You can download this for free and tons of other printables by entering your email address below or by clicking here. 


50 + New Years Resolution Ideas & A Simple trick to Accomplish each One

Gimme Freebies

50 + New Years Resolution Ideas & A Simple trick to Accomplish each One

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