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14 ways to end exhaustion & have more energy as a new mom

14 Easy ways to end exhaustion & have more energy as a new mom


When I became a mum for the first time, I was stressed, overwhelmed & exhausted. My life was tuned upside down by this baby I loved more than life itself.
But all I could think about was,


 How do I stop being so tired?


Slowly I began to incorporate these tips and over time started to feel more like ME again. 
Being tired is the number one issue I feel new mums deal with. By using the practical suggestions below, you’ll have your energy back in no time!


So, How Do You Get Energy When Your Tired? 


Heres 15 tips on how to get more energy when your tired as a new mom:


#1 Hydrate


Hydration is the first step, and the easiest one to do, in boosting energy levels. Even being patricianly dehydrated can affect your mood, ability to focus & of course, your energy levels. 


Drinking water only when thirsty? Your already mildly dehydrated.
Dehydration has been linked to


  • Headaches & migraines
  • Constipation
  • Premature ageing
  • Inability to lose weight 
  • Joint Pain
  • Dandruff
  • Poor memory & concentration




Always keep a bottle of water with you and refill it throughout the day. 


#2 Sleep WHENEVER you can


I knew this is easier said than done but catching up on any lost sleep is essential. When your baby sleeps trying to forget about jobs and other tasks and get some shut eye




1)Feel too busy to sleep? Allow yourself a grace period for the first few weeks of your new arrival to sleep whenever you can & to leave any jobs or non essential tasks.
Even if life picks you up after this time, at least you’ve had a period of rest.
2)Keep curtains closed in one bedroom so you can quickly get some shut eye while your baby naps.. A dark room greatly helps with sleep quality.


#3 Stock Up On Healthy Meals


In the beginning, it will be hard to find the time to eat. but grabbing things on the go without any preparation can make you choose unhealthy options


These unhealthy options can make you feel lethargic & drained of energy


What Is The Best Food For New Moms?




You might not be able to eat 3 proper, uninterrupted meals per day, so learning a few food prep tricks & quick meal ideas that don’t require much thought or time can be extremely helpful 


#4 Take the Right Supplements


During the first few weeks/months of your babies life, it will be difficult to ensure you are eating a healthy diet that is nourishing to yourself & your baby , if you are planning to breastfeed.
Although supplements are not a swap for a high nutrient diet, they can be a great protector to ensure you are still hitting your daily requirements when you fall short on time.
Being low or deficient in the following vitamins & minerals can leave you lethargic, anxious & prone to sickness. 


Energy Supplements For New Moms:





#5 Ask for Help


The one thing we constantly get reminded of as new parents but rarely take up!
When a friend, coworker, family member or spouse asks if you need them to do anything, please take them up on the offer. Im sure you would mean it if you said the same thing to someone. Other moms know how tiring it can be with a newborn and will happily assist.




  • Get friends & family to cook you meals
  • Use a healthy delivery service
  • Hire a cleaner few hours per week
  • Request babysitting, if you have other children at home


#6 Get Social


Have people visit and keep you company even when tired.
We usually have more energy when were surrounded by people who uplift us.




1) Give yourself a period of time after your baby arrives before letting people come to visit. This will allow you to settle in to your new life, both yourself & your baby.
2)Let people know when your ready to see them so they can come by to see you and your new baby. You can ask them to bring something (bread, milk, a cooked meal :)) with them too!


#7 End Productivity


Don’t worry about doing All.The.Things, at least in the beginning. 
Theres 2 things you should focus on as a new mom.
1) keeping yourself alive
2) keeping your baby alive.
As long as thats happened then its been a productive day!




AT the end of each day, if your stressing about a clean home ask yourself 1)Am I alive? 2)Is my baby alive? If you answered yes to both of these, you’ve done a brilliant job mama!


#8 Get Your Body Moving


Although exercises probably th e least thing you even want to think about, put lots think you feel like doing moving  your body really will increase energy levels
you don’t Need to do anything strenuous either, a few light stretches a quick brisk walk will instantly make you feel better. Studies show that being in fresh air instantly boosts energy levels too.




Combine a quick brisk walk daily when you feel an energy slump hit. Listen to a motivating podcast or audiobook. Or better still, go with a friend to get some social interaction. 


#9 Breathe Deeply For Five Minutes


Although  five minutes might seem like a lifetime when you have a newborn, trying to consciously take five minutes out of your day to breathe properly can maximise energy.
When we we breathe through our chest instead of our belly we the in less oxygen. The more oxygen moving in and out of your body, the more energy you will have.




When feeling low on energy, stressed out or have a general feeling of overwhelm, place one hand on your belly and one on your chest. Breathe in deeply for amount of four and feel your hand on your belly expand. Hold for a count of 4 & exhale for a count of 4 letting your belly slowly soften.


#10 Include More Self Care In To Your Daily Routine


As a new mum, self care can pretty much go on the last of your to do list. You are so wrapped up with your little bundle that there badly seems a moment where you can focus on YOU.


Energy Boosters For New Moms:




Each of the following take less than than 5 minutes, pick one to do daily. Take a few minutes each day to do one of the following:


  • Enjoy a cup of energising tea
  • Use essential oils on your wrists, solar plexus and pulse points. These one are very uplifting & help with focus
  • Apply coconut oil to your body
  • Play upbeat music
  • Read a few pages of a book or listen to an audiobook
  • Do a few easy stretches
  • Breathe or meditate


#11 Have a Five Minute Break


Meditation can be a powerful energy booster. But the thought of adding another thing to you day may leave you feeling more overwhelmed. Instead aim to take 5 minutes, either before your baby wakes, or before you go asleep to reconnect




listen to a calming guided meditation where you can switch off and listen to someone else, without being left with your own thoughts
Jot down 5 things you feel grateful for that day. Even if it feels like the worst day, there will still be things were good. 


#12 Be Careful With Caffeine


Coffee is usually the go to drink as caffeine can make you feel more alert & energised.
However, caffeine has a half life of approximately 6 hours which means it can be in your system for a 24 hour period. If you drink a cup of coffee midday, you will still have 50% caffeine in your body close to bedtime.
Not only does caffeine make it difficult of run to fall asleep but it greatly affects  the quality of our sleep too. Not what we need before taking the day with a new born




1) Limit to 1 cup per day, preferably before noon. 
2) Try these non caffeine, energising alternatives instead 



#13 Eat A Diet High In Micronutrients


Most diets are focused on macronutrients (Eg Fat, Protein & Carbohydrates) But rarely focus on micronutrients (all the vitamins, minerals & fiber.
When we eat a diet based on macronutrients – low fat, low carb, high protein, high fat etc etc. We cannot guarantee we are recieving the highest nutrition available.
Instead opt for a diet that is high in nutrient density. 
When we focus on adding nutrient dense foods, (think vegetables, fruits, beans, seeds, nuts), we supply the body with a high dose of vitamins, minerals & antioxidants.
These foods powerfully boost energy, keep blood sugar stable, assist recovery & aid in longevity.




Aim to eat a whole food plant based diet that is high in fruits, vegetables, beans, seeds & nuts


#14 Know That Everything Is A Phase


The famous saying, this too shall pass is very appropriate!
Having a newborn is one of the most challenging & rewarding times of your life.
One of the greatest things I was ever told when I became a new mum was that, Everything Is A Phase. If your already a mum, you will know this! But as a new mum, overwhelmed by the change in your life you can feel at times as though you will be stuck in this difficult period forever! 




Whenever you feel down, discouraged or exhausted remember 


Everything is a phase


Id love to hear from you mama, what’s your best tips for getting more energy? Lets help all the mums out there by leaving suggestions  in the comments below ??

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