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how i healed my endometriosis and got pregnant naturally



Having endometriosis controlled nearly half my life. 

1 in 10 women are affected with endometriosis and 30-50% of women with endometriosis are infertile. Thats approximately 176 million women in the world!

It is difficult to imagine how so many women are affected daily by this debilitating disease.

For some women there may be no symptoms of pain. For others (myself included) we experience excruciating pain each and every month.

I remember reading threads, forums, websites and many other resources online knowing that there was simply no cure. I just couldn’t accept it. 

The pain that I endured, seemed unbearable to me. The reality that i would have to live my life like this seemed intolerable.

The fact that I managed to heal my endometriosis and birthed two beautiful children naturally is something that means so much to me that I want to share my story in the hope that you too can heal yourself from this awful condition.

Because this post is SO long, feel free to skip to any relevant sections which I have subheaded ?

Lets start from the beginning

My story

picture of a happy woman



I first noticed I had ‘problems’ with my menstrual cycle when I was having serious pain every time I was due on my period.

At the time, I was only a teenager. It seemed strange that my friends didn’t suffer the same way I did. 

I was always nervous in school that I would leak & blood would show on my school clothes. 

None of my friends seemed concerned that this would happen to them but my period was so heavy, that even if I wore a ‘super plus, night time’ sanitary towel & a “super plus” tampon, I was still afraid to leak.

I was constantly rushing to the toilet.

After going to see my ‘helpful’ doctor at the time, I was told that I just had period pains and that every woman has them. ( I felt unheard, as though it was all in my head) 

This went on for years

My doctor explained that as my own mother had suffered heavy periods, I was also likely to have the same. I was given painkillers, and in a polite way, told to deal with it.

Over the years, I had no relief. I would miss school, work & eventually college & university with the pain. It was excruciating

I would dread the end of each month, knowing what was coming. 


In a bid to control the pain, I took various hormone replacements. The medications didn’t do anything to help & at times made me feel worse & very anxious.

At some point, 7 years later (yes 7 years!!) i went to see a gynaecologist (one that i had seen years previously who had told me to deal with it.

She told me I probably have endometriosis and that the only thing left to do was to permenatley stop my periods until i decided to have a baby. 

I was barely 20 years old!  Who knew when I would want to have kids, that could have been another 10 years away (which it was). 

I asked her if there was anything else I could do. The simple answer was no. I was given no further information.

it seemed ridiculous that I wouldn’t have a period for all that time. It didn’t seem normal to me and I’m glad I listened to those instincts.

Endometriosis can only be diagnosed by a laparoscopy, which – for the NHS (Government health service in UK) they were unwilling to do. 

In the meantime I was given an injection that permentaly stopped my periods….for over three years. 

I hated it. The whole time. It seemed so unnatural 

The only positive aspect was that I was finally pain free which completely changed my life.

The pain management was temporary and it took over 10 years before I was finally able to receive a laparoscopy and confirm my endometriosis. And it still wasn’t easy to get it then! 


By this point, My symptoms were so severe. I was house bound and had to permanently leave my job.

It wasn’t just my monthly cycle that was painful either. My whole abdomen was swollen and looked as though I was pregnant. I was also in excruciating pain, all the time.

And I know that in comparison to others, I have it easy. 

Yet there doesn’t seem to be much awareness. And there is a serious lack of compassion for  those suffering. 

After my laparoscopy, I carried on with various medications and was put through the menopause. Yes you read that right, put through the menopause. 

Just to clarify, I was in my mid twenties. 




I was told that this would be a part of my life. My fertility was probably going to be affected and I would have to endure multiple surgeries throughout my life. 

I was heartbroken. It seemed like nobody cared. Nobody understood the pain and difficulty it caused me

Years later


The most devastating part of my endometriosis journey was when I realised I wanted a baby and I didn’t think I was able to conceive. 

My fertility, like other endo sufferers, was most likely affected from scar tissue. 

Plus, I literally couldn’t stop my hormone replacement. 

My menstrual cycle was so messed up that it would cause too much pain and to go without treatment

My lifestyle was at this time ..

I was already an avid nutrition nerd. I had multiple qualifications in various nutrition, health & exercise practices. 

I had tried & tested multiple diets over the years, slowly finding what was working well for both me and my clients. I was working as a holistic health coach and personal trainer helping other mums get fit and healthy.

When I wanted to conceive I thought I was super healthy and that there wouldn’t be any issues.

I was ‘clean eating’ had barely any processed foods, a lot of protein powder, low carbs, no sugar and exercising everyday. A typical paleo style diet.

I was pescatarian but only ate fish on occasion. I had a lot of eggs, yoghurt & other ‘healthy vegetarian choices’

I should have been the picture of health. 

However, this wasn’t the case. 

I was full of acne, I had serious sugar cravings which i was always trying to fix with healthy treats & protein smoothies. 

The other thing was that my endometriosis was still controlling a large portion of my life

Thats when I started getting acupuncture and getting rid of toxins and drinking super green smoothies daily (more on this later). I initially did this because I wanted to eliminate my painful cystic acne.

Luckily, I found out about veganism and I started to transition my diet from a paleo diet to a plant based one. The low carb approach clearly wasn’t working that well.
You can read the best nutrition books that I suggest here 
By this point, I ate hardly any fish. Meat had been out of my diet for a long time already. The only thing left was dairy & eggs. I didn’t think i was consuming much but after going vegan I realized i was having way more than what I thought.

After educating myself on how a vegan diet was optimal for health and realizing that nearly all my favorite things to eat were vegan already I decided that I would go all in and change my diet overnight.

if you’re currently vegetarian and think its still healthy I encourage you to read these books and watch this short video

I won’t get side tracked and tell you how amazing it was when i switched my diet over. You can read that here

Ill stick to the topic, which is how i healed my endometriosis.

So did a vegan diet cure my endometriosis?


Honestly it’s such a huge topic and I tried so many things that I can’t put it all down to that. 

However,  I am sure that i wouldn’t have healed it if i hadn’t changed my diet – I mean, it hadn’t worked before, but it worked after. 

I truly believe that going plant based along stopped my endometriosis from returning and spreading

I also believe its what helped me get pregnant

How a vegan diet can heal endometriosis


first let me say that endometriosis is a curable disease. No matter what you have been told before

 What a relief to hear that right!

In eastern medicine, endometriosis is curable and it doesn’t involve going on medication and having multiple surgeries for the rest of you’re life!

In the west we view illness and disease differently.

Many health professionals are specialists in particular areas (gastroenterologist, endocrinolgist, cardiologist)

When we look at the body as a whole, an interconnected system we can see that everything is interlinked. Not one part of our body works independently.

Thats why we must find the root cause of illness and look at the body as a whole.

Thats not to say that specialist medicine doesn’t work because it absolutely does and I think there’s a place for western medicine.

However, I think it is usually better suited to acute & emergency situations (surgery etc).

The issue lacking in modern medicine is not addressing the root cause of disease, simply putting a band aid on it and treating symptoms.

So how can we treat the body as a whole?

First we must understand what endometriosis is

What is endometriosis?

According to live science “ Endometriosis is a medical condition that occurs when the lining of the uterus, called the endometrium, grows in other places, such as the fallopian tubes, ovaries or along the pelvis. When that lining breaks down, like the regular lining in the uterus that produces the menstruation, it has nowhere to go. This causes cysts, heavy periods, severe cramps and even infertility.

The endometrial tissue may also grow in the vagina, cervix, bowel or bladder, and in rare cases it may spread to other parts of the body, such as the lungs.

Dr sara gottifred, a harvard endocrinologist (& yoga teacher) categorises the different hormones related to endometriosis  

Lets have a quick look at all the hormones involved and how they work together



Too little progesterone causes PMS, irregular menstrual cycle, endometriosis, depression & anxiety

Too much progesterone causes weight gain, mood swings & breast tenderness


Too much estrogen causes painful, heavy periods, water retention, increased PMS & decreased sex drive§

Too little estrogen causes absent or irregular periods, depression, headaches, fatigue


Too much estrogen causes too little thyroid function. To little thyroid function can drop progesterone levels exasperating PMS


high cortisol levels have a greater affect on estrogen and progesterone. High cortisol also  blocks progesterone receptors causing progesterone levels to plummet

What I did to heal my endometriosis

This is a lost of things that I did on my journey to healing my endometriosis.

Note that I didn’t set out to heal my endometriosis.

I was simply trying to eliminate other health issues (cystic acne, depression & gut issues)

Healing endometriosis was simply a side affect as my body became more balanced.

#1 Acupuncture


Accupuncture works by stimulating the nerves system. Acupuncture was the ONLY way I managed to get off my hormonal medications. 

Note that I hadn’t gone plant based at this time so maybe this wasn’t the only way to come off medication.

Also note that is it ESSENTIAL to get an excellent acupuncturist, not just you’re average Jo!

#2 Cleansed my body to eliminate heavy toxins



I added a hella lot of vegetables to my diet. Fiber is crucial for endometriosis. Fiber helps to excrete excess estrogen (along with cholesterol) out of the body via feceas. 

#3 Green smoothies


how to heal endometriosis naturally

Almost daily. I added lots of veggies & included superfoods such as this one

#4 Came off all hormonal treatment



#5 Yoga & Meditation



Not daily but on a regular basis


#6 Cut caffeine consumption 8.png

As an avid English tea drinker, I went down to one cup of tea or coffee per day only. And drank loads of herbal teas

#7 Reduced stress



I get that this is so difficult to do.

What helped me was reading through various books on personal development. Simply changing how you react and view difficult situations in life can have a dramatic shift on stress levels.

This was the first book that opened my eyes about this concept and its totally transformed my life and how I view things

#8 Eating a whole food plant based diet 



You can learn how to start a healthy whole food plant based diet here


#9 Reduced toxins in the home



I swapped chemical house cleaners for natural cleaners, vinegar & lemon 

#10 Reduced toxins in the body


I stopped using chemicals on my skin. The skin is the bodies largest organ. Whatever you put ON TOP of your body will ultimately end up IN your body. 

For natural body care, here’s what I did (and used)



Coconut oil all.the.time. I used this on my hair & my body (but not my face as it increased my acne)


Natural Haircare(shampoo & conditioner)

My skin was in a terrible state after being on so many hormonal medications over the years. These were THE best products I tried. They literally made a difference in my skin when nothing else worked. My skin was noticeably clearer within one week!



Facial cleansers

 I alternate with this one  (great for acne prone skin) and this one (great for sensitive and dry skin and it smells amazing!)
Facial moisturisers
Daytime (for acne prone skin)

Daytime (for dry and/or, sensitive skin)

Nighttime (for acne scars & discoloration)

Nighttime (to smoothie wrinkles & plump skin)

I also LOVE LOVE LOVE this organic facial oil. It leaves my skin dewy looking without bringing me out in acne and it smells divine!



Body Wash

I love these lavender and peppermint  body washes that are made with organic hemp, olive and coconut oils. They are full of natural ingredients so they are gentle enough on kids. Whats even better is the price! They are such a bargain!


I stopped using perfume & opted for natural essential oils such as these gorgeous smelling ones. I just love this women balance aromatherapy blend which promotes calmness and helps to balance menstruation

I also seriously limited the amount of makeup I put on. Lipstick has some of the worst chemicals for disrupting hormones! Yikes!

Whenever you use makeup go for products which contain the most natural ingredients

Other tips

Some tips and tricks I learnt along the way that I would encourage others to do when healing their own endometriosis

1. Limit caffeine.

Caffeine distrusts cortisol levels. Limit caffeine to 1 cups of tea or coffee per day if necessary. Choose herbal teas that lower cortisol and promote relaxation. this tea also works well with balancing hormones

The exception is this amazing coffee which contains medicinal mushrooms – not the ones that get you high;)

Mushrooms are nutrient power houses. This coffee gives you a natural energy boost and is rich in nutrients, leaving you fresh and focused – minus the anxiety

For coffee lovers, this is the one for you. I promise you will love it!

2. Take herbal supplements.

The following supplements can be helpful for balancing hormones


3. Practice abdominal massage

To improve blood flow and increase lymphatic drainage

4.Use non toxic sanitary products

So important to hormonal health! l researched this menstrual cup later on and wish I had started using it sooner

The detox period

when I first started healing myself from endometriosis it was a gradual process (because I didn’t plan on healing my endometriosis. Instead I was trying to heal my body from other health complaints.

The more vegetables I ate and green smoothies I drank the more I detoxed my body. I actually had quite severe detox symptoms even though I was on a very clean and healthy diet.

Detox symptoms included


  • diarrhoea
  • cystic acne
  • general low mood
  • dry brittle hair that constantly fell out
  • I was also an emotional rollercoaster
I didn’t know I was detoxing at the time, it’s only when I look back when I realised with all the steps in place that’s exactly what I what was happening.

Now I know that that’s what was happening and even though the detox symptoms were very unpleasant, I would still do it all over again.

However, I wouldn’t do it in a gradual approach, I would go ALL IN.

The longer the detox, the longer the process of healing

My mistakes


  • Not going plant based sooner
  • Eating too high protein/high fat and low carb


The result


So what happened?

It took at least 2 years until I felt like my body had stabilized. It took this time for me to completely transition to a whole food plant based diet. However coming off medication & healing my acne and other issues were gone in a matter of weeks. 

I was also able to conceive naturally and very quickly. In fact I was able to get pregnant after 1 month of trying! And to top it off, it happened again the second time round!

Can I heal endometriosis faster?


I don’t want you to be put off with 2 years! Im sure if you did what took me 2+ years to learn straight away you would have fast results.Thats just how long it took me to realize what to do and to completely heal my body, not just from endometriosis.

In conclusion

I know how painful and how difficult endometriosis can be and I wish I had found the post like this years ago. It would have saved me so many tears. Having reassurance that endometriosis can be cured and that it doesn’t have to control your life was life changing for me.

I hope you find relief, optimism and useful information in this post. If you know anyone who is going through endometriosis then I encourage you to share this post with them.

I would have done anything to have read an encouraging post like this when I was in the thick of it all.

I want to end this with a quick disclaimer, I am not suggesting that I know for certain that everyone can be healed from endometriosis 100%, I have no way of knowing this.

What I do know is that we are the only species on the planet that has health conditions that are a result from diet and lifestyle

When our bodies are in balance, illnesses and disease cannot spread.

I know that this has been an extremely long post but endometriosis ruined so much of my life that I think you deserve special attention

If you would like to know anything else, please feel free to leave me a message in the comment section below ?

how i healed my endometriosis and got pregnant naturally

how i healed my endometriosis and got pregnant naturally


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