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Ramadhan Preparation ( 23-24 days left for Ramadhan to Start)

It is Sha'aban , Mashallah already ( the month before the month of Ramadhan)  and there are only an estimated 23-24 days left depending on the sighting of the Ramadhan moon.

The door to Ramadhan is about to open and in May we can say it is ajar waiting to invite the Ramadhan nights into our homes:biggrin:.  About  a month or so before Ramadhan, I like do major maintenance work around the house such as replacing all spot lights. light bulbs etc. and cleaning/ repairing anything that need to be done such as the air cons. I have done the whole top floor lights so half way through that-pretty expensive job too! I have already had carpet cleaned recently so that is done. Now I am just going through rooms of house, redoing or rearranging whatever I feel like doing.

Once that is done, I start on kitchen stock and containers and making sure all is okay for and enough stock of spices inside. It is also, the same time I check if we need anything new pans or plates ( especially since some get broken), I make a list and then prepare a organized list of places to go to buy them or ordering them etc. depending.  

We are already into preparing sambosas and freezing them, so that will continue for the rest of the month until we have enough done.

To be honest, I usually like to buy stocks ( foods we use in Ramadhan) a little earlier but there are two reasons I can't yet. First , I have other things to do the rest of this month and secondly, I heard the products will be very nicely priced this year. Let's see! 

The supermarkets and shopping centers are usually full of shoppers in Ramadhan and some purposely leave it late a little in order to enjoy the atmosphere as one family-it is fun indeed, everyone joins in even visitors! The only thing I dislike really is the long queues at the check out counters! This year, I plan with God's Good Grace, Inshallah, to shop at  either one of three places, and one will be the Mushrif Coop as I like the size of the place. I may even buy something from each, as one supermarket will have something the other doesn't anyway. I also love the products Spar has too but not sure where to go this year!

There is so much that goes on before Ramadhan starts, even the ladies will have already rushed their textiles to their nearest, favourite tailors to make Eid clothes for themselves and children, also men and their sons will be ready to make new conduras for Eid ahead of time since it starts immediately after Ramadhan and plus, the the tailors will start refusing if overwhelmed by people ordering  too late -even if it seems there is plenty of notice to give :blink:

 I usually buy Oud sticks for the incense burner around this time too.  I also make sure I have a good fresh supply of spices, saffron,  fresh coffee for the Qahwa, Dips (date syrup) which my MIL has sent me along with pickled veggies and  more coffee) . With those major items available I  have now just some regular Ramadhan food items to buy.

Hopefully, I will let you know how that goes anyway :)  

That's all for now !








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u just remind me of our "Layali ramadan " in lebanon .. 5 yrs didnt felt this feeling , ur post made me dream and remember evry detail i spent with my family in ramadan before i got married.. i remember how  ma maman et ma soeur were moving fast in the kitchen hours before the azan to make a vry delicious dinner,we used to have visitors evryday for foutur ,also i used to go to the mosque next to my friend's house since we didnt have one in my area where i lived .

Ramadan with the family has better taste, after getting maried we tried alot me and my husband to make it nice in here but it feels so sad nd lonely not to have family ..we love to invite our friends even if they dont fast with us coz evryone we know waits for Ramadan and my Delicious food lol .. 

really from.all my heart thank u for this post post chérie.. 

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Bless you Ashwaa! Such kind words, if it made you happy then it certainly did me :) I wish you a very blessed Ramadhan Inshallah and for all Muslims -and even non muslims of who many sincerely do try fasting every year. I loved reading your story about how you celebrate Ramadhan with family, it is beautiful and touching, mashallah.

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