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  2. Al Ahalia Hospital Musaffah

    I would like to know too

    Recruitment agencies? Just a warning, be very very careful, there are a lot of scams out there....mostly involving you paying out and getting nothing back. You should NEVER have to pay a recruiter! Its far better to contact companies direct.
  4. IVF experience

    I had problems with conceiving for almost one year before I decided I need help, then tried to find smb, who can help me, read many reviews. One day I found very nice web-site "OVU fertility network" and at the same day I found my clinic, which helped me so much) Actually site was very helpful, cause there are lots of clinics and gynecologists in different countries, and i sent one or two enquiries and after that several clinics called me. I have been with Fakih clinic since 2016 and with the help of Dr Fakih I am finally pregnant with twins – miracle baby girls, this would have never happened without him! He’s the absolute best, so if you are looking for a great, caring, attentive Doctor, then you came to the right place!
  5. Annoying Supermarket Things......

    yeh... I cut them with scissors, which means you cant reuse them!!

    Schools and fees are pretty high here, not forgetting bus fees if required. Only you should first decide on an area in which you will live then find out about the schools within that area, there are many online school websites to gather all the info once you have decided. Bring files for each child and yourselves with documentation such as : For the kids: At least 8 passports photos for each person Certificate of last school year and copies Vaccination cards and copies For yourselves: Passport photos ( 8) Passport copies ( 8 ) Vaccination cards and copies Educational & Work experiences Resume or portfolios even letters of recommendations and the like, never know.( keep one file with just copies to hand in, never leave originals-show them and take them back so they don't get lost) Marriage certificate or the like for tenancy office ( copy to hand in) Passport copies ( 8) NOTE: Anywhere, you go to schools, work, health insurance, telecommunications, banks, tenancy office, they always wants copies of passports etc.. Keep files of them on hand. It will save you lots of troubles having to run around in the heat to get them done but if you ever have too, photo shops are easy to find. To copy papers, look for the simple stationary stores.. most of them have copiers.
  7. Annoying Supermarket Things......

    Oh yeah, forgot about the bag knots, not just that they are difficult to open too.. that is one that really annoys my hubby lol
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  9. New to Abu Dhabi - seeking advice of a few things

    Mother Goth, youre probably aware that a lot of people are away on vacation right now so you may not get much response until after Eid. Hope youre enjoying your new life. Its takes a while to settle in and get sorted but once you are, its wonderful!
  10. Annoying Supermarket Things......

    Oh DD - the discarding goods instead of returning them is a HUGE bugbear of mine. OK if youre suddenly in a rush and you need to go, or you just dont want them anymore...give them to the checkout operator who will have them returned to their correct place The packers tying knots in carrier bags - a small thing but they are so much harder to carry ...handles are for holding, not for tying!
  11. Annoying Supermarket Things......

    I went to one supermarket I used to go too a lot, not in this area , but another but there are many annoying things in supermarkets I am finding and really not liking these days... just wondering if others have noticed the same...? Stores themselves.... 1. I always notice the prices of items on the racks are never the same as bar codes as the actual product.. thus, we never know what the price is suppose to be, just guess... I did actually complain about this to one of the stockists ( I assume) writing list of items down, and said what is the price.. he couldn't answer, and I pointed out the bar codes to him and ask why they were different from rack barcode... now get this....the barcode ON THE RACK is the local price, and the barcode on the packet, is from country of original... sooooo, I asked, do they charge us according to outside currency? as we take product to the counter not the rack. Plus, there are no stated prices whatso ever. Hmmm... I never bought any unless clearly stated. 2. I wanted to buy a product wayyyy up high on a shelf ( they use to be down on the floor area) so customers could look and help themselves, now I stopped buying from there as never can find anyone to help.. customers are forever looking for assistants especially in this heavy items area... and when you are just looking for anyone to assist you, you find the whole group chatting in a corner. 3. Going to the counter and realizing there is no barcode on a product so the very intention of you going shopping to buy something...ends up in you not getting the product. 4. Finding products with expiry dates on them-this goes for those top supermarkets you thought the best. 5. Not being able to find a shopping trolley when you need it.. 6. Broken steps and holes in ground outside the premises.. hazard to people. 7. Customers at check out don't need 3-4 people filling their shopping bags, one is enough if anyone has to do it. Customers themselves.... 1. Leaving toddlers to run into with shopping carts and bumping into people ( women who may be pregnant, who have babies with them etc..) 2. Finding opened candy bars, and the like.. 3. People buying perishables, changing their mind and leaving it just anywhere....unacceptable, as it is very likely they will be returned to the shelves resulting in someone else getting sick -from a product that may have been left out for ages ( out of fridge). 4. Now this was a couple of days back... I went to buy cheese in another supermarket and found frozen fish left on top of it!! The person who did that should really pay for the fish and all the cheese underneath it! Sooo lazy, to even return it to its proper place and very disrespectful even. I am sure there are more.... you ladies may add to the list lol ( please note, I didn't name any stores) but always keep your eye open when shopping.
  12. New to Abu Dhabi - seeking advice of a few things

    Good for you!! truly if you can do that even for the first year, there is nothing more precious than taking and bring your own child from school. Where ever you go, always keep your eye on your kids, keep them close at all times or only with people you can trust fully. Welcome to the UAE, enjoy, and any other questions just ask away on here :)
  13. Soo who's spring cleaning during holiday time??

    My daughter in law is presently redoing her room, she has repainted it, and is now putting in new carpets and curtains today. Thus, because I have to be supervising everything with them most of the time , it took my friend time away :( I had to fix the third ac ( living room now) in a row now *sigh* , had water pipe fixed yesterday and , also had to have a wall switch that had burnt out redone... never ending maintenance stuff!! Have one curtain to fix, and put in New tv cabinet in one room, The rest is regular routine of changing soft furnishing before Eid which is expected last day of this month or beginning of September. tired to be honest and the re cleaning of the paint people's foot prints is soooo annoying.

    Hi Kate, Our family have just moved to Abu Dhabi this year & so far it's been great even with the extreme heat & humidity. I used this website to find a school for our 4 year old boy: http://www.edarabia.com/schools/abu-dhabi/ We're living in Al Reef Downtown which is family friendly though we haven't investigated too much given the heat. There are good facilities & it's super close to Yas Island with Yas Mall which is great. No ideas on finance recruitment agencies sorry. Good luck, it's an exciting adventure
  15. Last week

    Hi Ladies I am soooo happy I have found this forum ! Myself, husband and two year old daughter and have just started our research to move to Abu Dhabi. My husband is a senior business analyst here in the UK. I would love any advise on the below - Finance recruitment agencies - Family friendly areas - Schools and fees I would appricate any advise/ tips to get our search started xx
  17. Dear Dads-to-be...

    you do not have to eat less; you just have to eat right! We often talk about women’s fertility diet, but what we should know is that 35% of infertility cases are attributed to male infertility. A man’s diet is equally as important as a woman’s diet during the pre-conception stage, especially if the couple is facing any kind of fertility issues. Important Nutrients for healthy Male fertility: Folic Acid: A recent study recommends that folic acid can benefit sperm health. Men with low levels of folate were at a high risk for sperm that contains too little or excessively numerous chromosomes. If an egg is fertilized with one of these abnormal sperm it could result in a birth defect such as Down Syndrome, or an increase risk of miscarriage. The following foods can help you obtain your recommended amount of folic acid intake and one serving a day of any of these foods provides approximately 50-90% of your daily needs. Leafy green vegetables, such as spinach Citrus fruits, such as orange juice Beans Breads Cereals Rice Pastas Vitamin C: Vitamin C (2,000 to 6,000 milligrams daily) helps prevent sperm from clumping or sticking together, improving the chances of fertility and helps sperm from Oxidative Damage. Some of the foods that are rich in Vitamin C, should be eaten raw examples include papaya, bell peppers, broccoli, Brussel sprouts, strawberries, oranges, kiwifruit, cauliflower, kale. Remember, drinking store-bought orange juice will not help increase your Vitamin C levels as it’s been pasteurized at high levels and lost its entire DNA protecting abilities; orange juice should be consumed fresh pressed only. Zinc: Zinc was shown to increase testosterone levels, sperm count and sperm motility. Zinc deficiencies are commonly found in both men and women. The reason behind this is that when food is cooked or processed, the zinc content in it can be damaged so we should eat at least 50% raw foods like sesame seeds, raw pumpkin seeds and green peas as we cannot have meat, beef, lamb ,oysters, shrimp raw. B12: B12 is one such vitamin that can influence male reproductive health. B12 is an important nutrient that needs to be supplemented to make sure you are getting enough regardless of the state of your digestive system. Some of the best natural sources of B12 include fish, shellfish, beef, fortified cereals and soy products, low-fat dairy, cheese, poultry, and eggs. There are plenty of multivitamins including the B-group vitamin complex that can help ensure that the body has sufficient access to these important compounds. L-Carnitine: L-Carnitine is an important nutrient for men to support their energy, stamina and sperm health. L-Carnitine has been reported to increase sperm health by providing the protection the body needs to counteract free radical damage. Foods rich in L-Carnitine include nuts, seeds, and many vegetables, including artichokes, asparagus, beet greens, broccoli, Brussels sprouts, collard greens, garlic, mustard greens, okra, and parsley. Here are some fertility diet tips for healthy male fertility: Snack nuts and seeds daily Eat at least one large green salad per day Add more green vegetables to your meal Get enough zinc Stick to fresh juices rather than packed one Cut down on Alcohol Eat plenty of foods higher in Vitamin C and anti-oxidants
  18. Hi all, Could anyone tell me of their experience with Canadian international school, my little girl is turning 4 and going to big school. Im definitely more nervous than she is!
  19. How to help your child settle in a new school

    This is a new post from Expat Child by Carole Hallett Mobbs Expat Child - Moving overseas with children. Relocation advice. Adjusting to a new normal You’ve made the move, unpacked, started your new job and your new life! It’s an ... Read More The post How to help your child settle in a new school appeared first on Expat Child. View the full article
  20. New to Abu Dhabi - seeking advice of a few things

    Oh thank you so much DesertDream, that is very helpful I noticed there is a bus for CIS though since our boy only just turned 4, we just moved here & I wasn't mentally prepared for him to be starting 'big school' for another year and a half I'd feel more comfortable with us dropping him off & picking him up... at least for the first 6 months! So many changes all at once & it is very exciting. Thanks again!
  21. Welcome to Daytona, 30222. After mankind made peace among all nations, there still followed the Insect, Robotic and Climate Wars. The water has evaporated and exists as a conscious... Vote Here
  22. Approved by Emilia! Great for lunch boxes and good mummy snack too;) Preparation time: 10 min Cooking time: 0 min Ingredients: 50 g rolled oats 50g macadamia nuts 150g apricots or dates 100 g raisins 4 tbsp fresh orange juice or apple juice 2 tbsp sunflower seeds 2 tbsp pumpkin seeds 3 tbsp coconut flakes 1 tbsp chia seeds Method: Toast nuts and oats for several minutes on a dry frying pan on a medium heat until oats turn golden. Mix the dried fruit and the juice in a food processor until you achieve a smooth a paste. Place nuts, seeds and oats into food processor and bland until finely chopped. Combine the oats/ nut/ seeds mixture with the fruit paste. Line a baking paper, spread the mixture to 1 cm thickness. Place baking paper on the top as well and press to make the top nice and smooth. Place in the fridge to chill for at least 1 hour and then slice into bars. Keep it in the airtight container for up to 5 days or freeze. View the full article
  23. Why Buy a Cordless Lawn Mower

    So, you need to mow your lawn? It can be pretty therapeutic, but it’s a chore that most of us would rather not have to do, so why not make it as easy as possible by spending a little extra on a cordless lawn mower that takes the hassle out of keeping your lawn tidy? OK, they may be a bit more expensive, but that extra investment can more than makeup for itself in saved time and improved safety from choosing a cordless lawn mower and you about details information Cordless Lawn Mowers then you go http://www.lawncarepal.com/ Cordless lawn mowers are an update on the old electric models that required you to chain extension cords together just to reach the edges of your garden. No more do you need to remain tethered to a wall socket! Cordless lawn mowers add a rechargeable lead-acid battery that gives you the freedom of a gas powered lawn mower with the advantages of an electric mower. The Advantages Cordless Lawn Mower Safety Sure, cordless lawn mowers are convenient, but more important in my opinion is the additional safety they offer. Compared with a traditional electric mower, you no longer have to trail an electric cable across your garden risking electric shock from accidentally running over it and slicing into the cord with your mower blade. OK, you can use a circuit breaker, but would you really want to trust your life to one? OK, gas powered mowers don’t have this problem, but they give you the issue of having to transport, store and fill the mower with highly volatile gasoline and all the inherent risks of fire this could create. All mowers need some maintenance, but with electric mowers, that’s pretty much limited to sharpening the blades once or twice a season. With a gas powered mower, you’ll also need to factor in changing its oil, air filter and spark plug each year and draining or stabilising the fuel at the end of the season. If you’re limited on space, it’s worth considering that you’ll need about four square feet to store a gas powered mower. Most cordless mowers, however, can be hung on the wall if necessary. Gas powered mowers also tend to be heavier, which could be an important consideration if you’re not spending every morning lifting weights down the gym! Another important consideration is the noise factor! If you’re using a gas powered mower for any length of time, you’ll probably need to invest in a pair of ear defenders. Electric mowers are certainly not silent, but they’re a lot quieter than a gas powered equivalent, so you can give your ears – and your neighbors – a break! Of course in this day and age, you’ll also probably be thinking of the environment, and all of those nasty fumes that a gas powered lawn mower will be pumping into the air above your garden. Of course, a cordless lawn mower has no emissions so is clearly the best option (other than a push-wheel of course, which I’d only recommend if you have a very small lawn or are a masochist). information by: https://www.consumerreports.org .
  24. Soo who's spring cleaning during holiday time??

    You sure are organized! Was thinking of having all curtains cleaned in our house, and that are many ☺ Postponed it again, just too hot now, will have to do that in November....
  25. Select The Right Leaf Blower

    If your property has more than your share of trees, then your lawn will get a very good coverage of the leaves when the fall months come around. Most people use rakes to clean the lawn from the leaves. However, there is another alternative to consider - a leaf blower. A leaf blower is not only ideal for moving leaves; It can also be used to clean the lawn of other debris as well as snow.There are four types of leaf blowers from which to choose - electric hand, gas hand, gas backpack, and gas blowers on wheels. Handheld leaf blowers include a power cord. They usually weigh about 8 pounds or less and are intended to be cast-off with one pointer. if you want to read more details about leaf blower then go lawncarepal .This site you get about details a leaf blower. Boot function button and no exhaust emissions. In addition, they generate an equivalent amount of power that produces a hand gas blower. The power cord is only about 100 feet long and should be plugged into a power outlet. This will undoubtedly limit your mobility and can cause problems when you are blowing the leaves from under the trees and other obstructions. There are wireless electric blowers that feed on batteries, but they weigh more than cordless blowers. In addition, the batteries should be periodically recharged. So you may want to have spare batteries on hand if you use a wireless blower. There are cordless electric blowers that have nickel cadmium or lithium-ion batteries. Lithium-ion batteries are lighter and smaller than the NiCad range. Manual gas blowers are designed to be used with one hand. Most generate more sweeping and loosening of power than electric blowers and most comply with noise limiting ordinances, although they make more noise than electric blowers. You start a starter cable to start the engine and the engine needs periodic adjustments. You may need to wear some type of hearing protection when using it. Gas blowers are heavier than electric blowers and weigh about 10 pounds. A 2 stroke engine commonly powers these blowers and requires a mixture of fuel and oil. There are also gas blowers that have 4 stroke engines, but are heavier than blowers with 2 stroke engines. Gas powered backpack blowers often offer more power than portable blowers. Most weigh about 17 pounds or more. Since the blower is actually in a backpack, it is your back and shoulders that carries the weight. This type of blower is also louder than the electric blower and some may not meet local noise ordinances. They can not suck or shred leaves and usually cost more than hand blowers. Gas powered wheel blowers provide sufficient power to sweep up a good area of leaf size. They use a 4-stroke engine that does not require fuel and oil mixing. However, these blowers can not grind or vacuum sheets. They are bulky and weigh about 100 pounds or more. So they are somewhat difficult to handle and need about eight square feet of storage space. Most are noisy and expensive. However, there are some models that are quiet enough to comply with local noise laws. Features offered with blowers include vacuum and mulch capabilities. The output power of the cordless blowers is rated in amps (A); The output power for a wireless blower is measured in volts (v); And the nominal output power of gasoline blowers are in cubic centimeters (cc). The MPH measures the speed at which air exits the unit and helps determine the power of the blower. The cubic feet per minute (CFM) measure the volume of air that the blower moves. The higher the rating, the more noise the blower can move. Reduction ratios including 10: 1 or 16: 1 refer to the number of leaf bags that a padded blower can reduce to a bag. Some blowers include chutes or tubes of larger diameter that help to collect the leaves. Fans also include speed settings that allow the user to control airflow and movement of debris. Some fans have a fixed setting or variable speed controls and some allow you to set and lock the speed. There are also fans that include a vibration reduction feature. Things to keep in mind when selecting a fan include: • The number of leaves that need to be removed from the lawn. The more sheets you have to deal with, the more powerful fan you should buy. information by: http://www.theechoedge.com/choosing-right-leaf-blower/
  26. Beekeeper

  27. Besides me that is... lol. Well since everyone is busy with one thing or another or even away, I have been very, very busy to be honest. last week it was getting through all my appointments, even dentist... sure glad that is out of the way for now!! Wonder why dentist always find something else whenever you go...hmmmm??? Anyway, during that time, I bought all the gifts that I had to buy for the next two months...( I have a calendar for that). Next, down the line before end of month is to prepare 'ediya' packets inshallah for family members. For three days, I fixed and had all ACs cleaned.. the hot weather is really impacting their efficiency. Now today, started to clean out store room outside and chuck out old stuff not needed. I started this before my arm broke a while back, and now back to work on it. Sooo, glad too. It will take a couple of days sorting and rearranging though. When everyone is around, I just can't get it done with having to stop for one thing or another. Next on the list, are reorganizing file cabinets.. doing all this during my appointments, so when I am done temporarily with those, I will relax with a couple of friends over!! With all that work done and at the back of my mind :) I also have a cabinet I need to get refurbished..I have a great idea for that tooI Soo, what have you ladies been doing ??? do share
  28. Snow Blowes style

    Snow blowers come in all shapes and sizes, but which one is right for you? There are some basic types of snow blowers, each serving its own purpose. On the smaller side, you have electric and single stage gas models. Two- and three-stage snow blowers cover the largest options. Gas snow blowers are good for light and fluffy snowfalls and are easy to use and maneuver. They do not require gas or oil, just an elongated outer extension cable. New in the market are Joe snow wireless snow blowers, which are equipped with lithium-ion batteries and can run up to 40 minutes on a single charge. However, if you normally get snowfall of more than a few inches, or have heavy wet snow, you probably want to move up to a single-stage gas unit.If you buy a two stage snow blower then buy before read lawncarepal.com you must be get good information. A single-stage snow blower can handle heavier snowfalls than electric models, typically up to 6 inches. While not great at handling the really wet and heavy snow, they will be able to handle most medium, snowfalls. Toro snow blowers are very popular in the single-stage category, and boast a wide range of options to meet your needs, including electric starter, rapid ramp and Power Propel propulsion system. 2-stage snow blowers can handle heavy things. They have metal holes capable of pushing through heavy and wet snowfalls up to eighteen inches. Ariens Snow blowers are the leader in the two-stage category, and offer one of the largest selections on the bazaar. They cover all thing from basic model with only needs, to professional grade models with all bells and whistles. The 3-stage snow blowers are able to grind through the compacted snow and the ice that is left at the end of the road by the plows of the city. They have an additional endless screw to punch hard things. Cub Cadet Snow blowers are the only three-stage models on the market, and produce some different sizes that even include a track-pull model for 2014-2015. Information by:http://snowblowpro.blogspot.com/
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