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  4. Taxes – I like to think that our weekly blog is a tongue in cheek view of the everyday life in the UAE, and in the main we’re happy with our lot. We live in a nice villa on a compound with decent facilities, we can go swimming every day of the year, never have to wear a jumper in daylight hours and have met some lovely people and made some great friends. OK, the roads are, in general, a nightmare and friendships are more transient than at home, but these things are character building. One of the big perceived advantages of living in the Middle East is that income is tax free at source. But that’s not to say that your income is all ‘yours’. Housing in Abu Dhabi is still outrageously expensive (in the region of £800 a week to rent a villa or apartment for a family of four), electricity and water prices, though still subsidised, are creeping up and the latest tax is on cigarettes and sugary drinks. Cigarettes are ridiculously cheap here, I was behind someone in the supermarket last week who paid 10AED for 20 cigarettes. Can anyone remember when cigarettes on the UK were 10p each? I think I was still at school! But as of last weekend ‘The United Arab Emirates has instituted a hefty tax on sugary drinks and cigarettes: 50% on soda and 100% on energy drinks and tobacco products.’ But no one was quite sure what 50 (or 100)% will look like. Is it half the selling price? Half the manufacturer’s costs? Half the current level of tax (whatever that may be)? One article I read said that the cost of a can of Coke, an item on the Government’s set price list, will rise from 1.5AED to 2.25AED so it looks like it’s 50% of the selling price, or for cigarettes the cost to the consumer will double. How it’s going to affect prices in hotels and restaurants is anyone’s guess. Last week I paid 16AED for a can of Coke (with a glass and a straw) at the Golf Club. I’m not sure I’ll be buying it if the price goes up to 24AED, or a whopping £5!!! Driving – great news last week that Saudi Arabia has lifted the ban on women drivers and by this time next year woman will be allowed to drive on the roads. View the full article
  5. Pandora – a shout out for great customer service this week. I’d lost a crystal in one of the charms on my bracelet so took it to the Pandora shop in Yas Mall to be repaired. ‘Can you tell me roughly how much it will be?’ ‘Around 15 dirhams ma’am.’ ‘Fifteen, or fifty?’ ‘Fifteen ma’am, maybe 20.’ I wasn’t really convinced – £3.50? but it needed repairing so I left it. Last Friday we went to collect it and it was, indeed, 15AED. That can’t have covered the time it took to log the charm in and out of the system and transport it to the workshop. Bargain! Medical Insurance – Gary thinks I might have written about this one already, but I can’t find it. Apologies if you’ve heard it before. Whilst we were in Oman back in July, Gary had a text on his phone to say that a charge had been made against our medical insurance. He googled the company mentioned and it was a pharmacy. He emailed the insurer who said that yes, a prescription had been made in a pharmacy in Sharjah. Sharjah? Sharjah is on the other side of Dubai and besides, I was in Oman on that date. How could I possibly have cashed a prescription in Sharjah? Do not worry Mr Gary, came the reply, we have investigated and your wife made this transaction. We have closed this issue as the complaint is resolved. Now hang on a minute, this issue is far from resolved, and I quote Gary’s reply: ‘Hello, Please don’t close this My wife was with me in Oman at that time. It was a family holiday – 6th to 10th July as stated below It bothers me that someone is using my medical insurance to obtain items from a pharmacy. It most definitely wasn’t anyone on our policy. I’m not sure how we would have reason to go to a pharmacy in Sharjah anyway. We live in Abu Dhabi. Do you know what the prescription was for, who issued the prescription and what the drug is used to treat – is there a signed receipt for the drug. If we had a prescription issued by a doctor surely I would have been claiming the doctors’ fees as well. That would have been a larger value claim than a prescription. At the very least please remove this claim from my records. Regards’ The reply: Dear Mr Gary, We will investigate and revert with an update. Best regards,’ So Gary rang them. It would appear that a pharmacist in Sharjah ‘accidentally’ typed in the incorrect policy number, but cancelled the request later, after they realised it was incorrect. Would that be ‘later’, or ‘later after they’d been caught out’? Hmm. Gin – I’m delighted that last weekend we found 6 gin balloons in Home Centre for the princely sum of 79AED (£18). I’m sure the gin will taste even better, particularly as we’ve stocked up on Fever Tree tonic, which is only available from the bottle shop. Gary must have been the only customer that week who went to the ‘speak easy’ for 2 dozen bottles of tonic water. Warning – http://gulfnews.com/…/briton-questioned-for-flashing-middle… Any friends visiting Dubai in the near future had better watch out! Birthdays – happy birthday to my little brother Al who hits the ‘big’ one tomorrow. Love you. View the full article
  6. Drafted by Gary Kelly Happy New Year – as you may know, the UAE runs on the Gregorian calendar for business purposes, but for religious occasions uses the Islamic calendar. This week saw the start of the Islamic year and hence a national holiday. (Well we have been back at school for two weeks!) As always the actual day is dependent on the phase of the moon and the holiday is not usually declared until the moon is sighted the night before, so it leaves any plans hanging in the air (or in space, whichever way you want to look at it). There has been much consternation and debate, especially in the national press and school Facebook page, about when this day will be. Would it be Thursday (bonus holiday), or would it be Friday? The idea of Friday was filling people with dread as this would mean the ‘dry’ night (ie no alcohol) would be 6pm Thursday to 7.30pm Friday – no brunching. Imagine, New Year’s Eve with no alcohol and on Monday Abu Dhabi declared Wednesday asd the provisional ‘dry’ night. Dubai , not to be outdone, chose Thursday. Anyway we’re glad to say that in this case the national government took decisive action and late on Tuesday declared that Thursday would, indeed, be a holiday and the moon did, in fact, make a guest appearance on Wednesday night, so it just leaves me to say كل عام وانتم بخير Happy New Hijri Year and welcome to 1439. Abandoned house – as you drive in through the gate of our compound (or gated community darling as my mother insists in calling it when she speaks to the ladies at the golf club) there is a house that has had Municipality (Council) enforcement notices attached to the Jeep, the Porsche and Harley Davidson motor bike that are parked outside it. The house looks like it is still lived in; curtains at the windows and furniture in the house, but we haven’t seen anyone around it for weeks and the cars and bike, that were usually pristine, haven’t moved, are covered in dust, and look as though they haven’t been washed in ages (remember that it is offence to have a dirty car in the UAE). It seems the occupants of the house may have done a bunk. I’ve mentioned before about people leaving the UAE either of their own free will, because their contracts were finished, or because they were made redundant (as happened to a friend of Gary’s on Sunday – completely out of the blue and in the second week at school for the children) but everyone we know who has had to leave within a short time period has managed to execute their exit plan, planning shippers, selling cars and clearing any debts – I think if everyone in the UAE was totally honest with themselves they do have a plan in the back of their minds and 30 days to leave after visa cancellation is usually enough time, albeit stressful, to pack up and bugger off. I can’t even consider how bad your situation must be to just leave your house, furniture, cars and motorbike, and, potentially with only aircraft baggage allowance, get on a plane and not come back. There is no way we could do what used to be known in the UK as a ‘midnight flit’ as we moved out here lock, stock and barrel. 20 years of accumulated memories, cake making equipment, fabric, ukuleles and ‘stuff’ all came with us. Even, as you may remember, a Christmas pudding, a 3.5” floppy disc drive and the wellies. View the full article
  7. We are a small family of 3 my husband,myself and a one year old baby, Looking for a live in Nanny/housemaid in Reem Island, Abu Dhabi. We are looking for someone who loves children, can do house cleaning, some cooking and willing to be part of our family. I am very flexible and easy with house work. we are willing to do Visa, and Salary is very much negotiable. Starting December / January time If you are interested or know someone who may be interested, please contact me : 0561679409 Message Only Thank you,
  8. I feel like most people have some for their own personal style, and I want to hear what yours are!For example, I never wear monochromatic outfits. I love color too much and compulsively throw in either colorful jewelry or shoes.I always wear earrings. Always, with every outfit, even around the house in my sweats sometimes I always have at least one neutral color in an outfit to balance out the bold colors and prints that I love wearing.What are some of your own personal style rules?
  9. Places in Abu Dhabi

    Thank You @DesertDream :)
  10. Last week
  11. Tablet screen fix

    New info regarding this: Just found a new place that fixes broken screens on phones and ipad, it is in a small store in Carrefour on Airport Road facing the pharmacy. ( On Airport Road)
  12. Places in Abu Dhabi

    It will soon be time for the Heritage Forts in Abu Dhabi to open, and camel race season is starting, so there will be the annual events festivals and exhibitions in places like Hozn Fort, Al Wathba areas- a couple of events there... news will come out soon about these. Must be to go to events!!
  13. Cushions?

    There is a furniture store next to the coop in Muroor, same location as Awani ( same row, other end) ,they have the fancy ones and you can ask for some to be customized to your taste too. Also, check where they sell Italian Furniture, like Royal Furniture, Heritage Furniture in Carrefour Airport Road have a store completely for tassel items and fine furnishings, Medinat Zayed Souq have fine furnishing stores with tassels items like cushions and beaded or sequined table top covers. there are many places tucked away inside Abu Dhabi.
  14. Yas waterworld

    Hey guys does anyone have entertainer tickets for YAS waterworld ? Would love to go there for once :(
  15. Cushions?

    Was at Dragonmart yesterday....they had these cool sequin ones...i know not normally a fan...but you ran your hand one way and it kept changing colours....was cool. You could get them made with whatever fabric and tassels you wanted there cheaply.
  16. Lucy The Cat In Tokyo

    Lucy The Cat has always dreamed about visiting Japan. One day she decides to make her dream come true and she travels to the Land Of The Rising Sun. ... View the full article
  17. Have you seen something in a store or online lately that you have just fallen in LOVE with?!Sometimes we see something and loved it so much that it just keep repeating in our mind until we buy it. I have... This Handbag... It's a pastel pink colour... SOOO pretty I want to know... What's on the top of YOUR shopping list? Ohh and u can write down your WHOLE shopping list if you just can't decide which one you like the most Hehe
  18. As winter is slowly emerging in UAE here is some tips for your wardrobe Turtle neck knit tops and jumpers are in trend now. Tshirt dress paired with a leather jacket + the boots will add to your fashion.Big warm knits are definitely in right now. Neutral colours like grey and tan are very popular.Long-sleeved dress, bomber jacket, Leggings or skinny jeans.What do you think the big fashion trends for this winter will be? Add to the list..
  19. Cushions?

    Why not find some fabric you love and have some made up ?
  20. So what is your opinion on "fashion as performance art"?Is it something vital to the fashion industry or is it the real essence of fashion? Do you think it's frivolous or fascinating?I think "fashion as performance art" makes fashion interesting and if done right... it creates trends by being innovative and unique. Personally, I think designers that are geared towards "fashion as performance art" are the true artists of fashion.
  21. Why do you love fashion?

    Different people has different aspect for this question. For me,as others,purely as a medium for self-expression. a way to use clothes in the form of creativity...a certain poetry. there are large aspects that i am quite ambivalent about of course and sometimes i even dislike the term fashion because of the connotations but as a form of literally being able to put your soul and emotions onto a sleeve,that makes me very enthusiastic about it.Whats your thought on this...???
  22. Cushions?

    We got really nice plain cushions from BHS in AD Mall. I'm not sure what their selection is like now given they have gone bankrupt in the UK. Also H&M next door had some nice cushions and throws. ETA - I completely misread your post!! You want the fancy ones! Sorry can't help you with that lol
  23. Hope for the best, plan for the worst

    This is a new post from Expat Child by Carole Hallett Mobbs Expat Child - Moving overseas with children. Relocation advice. The expat’s backup plan A cliché that’s been used, misused and oft repeated in various guises all over the world ... Read More The post Hope for the best, plan for the worst appeared first on Expat Child. View the full article
  24. How To Take Care Of Clothes

    everyone. As I'm a Fashion Freak. The following question appeared in my mind- how to take care of your Clothes? I am sharing you some clothing care tips as much as I know! Firstly, don't over wash your clothes as it fades color and looks dull. 2. Use a Handheld steamers will save your outfit every time, and will leave your clothes fresh and wrinkle-free. 3.Avoid fold clothes 4.Start with quality 5.Pay attention to laundering. I hope this information add to your list.
  25. We've partnered with the site authorsdb.com to become a Certified Reviewer, simply go to this page and fill in the form. https://authorsdb.com/join-authorsdb-rewards-program
  26. Places in Abu Dhabi

    HI @Meltigger Thank you for the information, will definately visit the places. :)
  27. New Community Souk & Classifieds

    Hi there, I made handmade stuff, mostly alternative baby and home wares. I use Etsy though I have my shop on vacation mode until I sort out any changes since moving here from Australia. I just wanted to ask what the business licence situation is here if you do sell on the Etsy site? I've certainly not seen anything on Etsy about requiring proof of business licence from any country. I'll also put this question to the Etsy UAE sellers group as surely they would know. Very interested in the ADW Community Souk for my goods though obviously I want to make sure I'm not doing anything illegal. Many thanks :-)
  28. Places in Abu Dhabi

    In the city of Abu Dhabi, I would recommend the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque as it is a fantastic landmark, a beautiful building. I also suggest the Heritage Village as a good little place to find out about how the Emirati people used to live. There is a great zoo here in Abu Dhabi - Emirates Park Zoo. Elsewhere in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi, I recommend taking a trip to Al Ain. It is about the same distance from the city of Dubai as the city of Abu Dhabi is, the three cities sort of form a triangle. In Al Ain there is Jebel Hafeet, a mountain on the Omani border. There is also the Al Ain National Museum which has some interesting exhibits and archaeological artefacts. The Sheikh Zayed Palace Museum is the small palace that the Al Nahyan family lived in before moving to Abu Dhabi. Al Ain Zoo is also good.
  29. The Hills vs Al Qurm Compound

    More than 80 views but no replies! Do I take this as a silent advise in avoiding both?! :)
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