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  2. Carole Hallett Mobbs

    Ten of the best countries for expats

    This is a new post from Expat Child by Carole Hallett Mobbs Expat Child - Moving overseas with children. Relocation advice. Want to move abroad? Where is a good place to go? Making the decision to move to a new country ... Read More The post Ten of the best countries for expats appeared first on Expat Child. View the full article
  3. THE BEST SIMPLE & HEALTHY KID FRIENDLY VEGAN DINNERS Helping kids to eat dinner can be a real #momstruggle. Helping them to eat healthy plant-based foods can be a total nightmare. Sometimes we need new inspiration and some tried and tested recipes to help us along. I am always trying to think of new meals to feed my toddler but it often gets neglected and we end up eating the same things on repeat. I wanted to compile a list of recipes that were healthy and kid-friendly but that were quick and easy to make and required minimal ingredients. Not to mention husband approved too. Luckily, I’ve got #27 plant-based dinners that will feed the whole family while keeping everybody happy and healthy. BUTTERNUT SQUASH MAC N’ CHEEZE EASY VEGGIE VEGAN PIZZA WITH 20 MINUTE CRUST THE BEST VEGAN BURGER VEGAN SLOPPY JOES THE EASIEST VEGAN LASAGNE BETTER THAN CHIPOTLE VEGAN BURRITOS VEGAN FRIED RICE VEGAN MUSHROOM PIE 1 HOUR VEGAN SHEPHERDS PIE VEGAN CHICKPEA MEATBALLS SWEET AND SOUR TOFU COCONUT RED LENTIL DAHL VEGAN BAKED BEANS LOADED VEGAN NACHOS 30 MINUTE VEGAN ALFREDO 15 MINUTE PEANUT NOODLES PERFECT OVEN BAKED FRIES VEGAN CREAMY TOMATO PASTA VEGAN QUESADILLAS EASY CARROT DOGS VEGAN MASHED POTATOES AND MUSHROOM GRAVY How amazing do these recipes look mamas! Which one do you think you will try? If you have any other recipes that go down well with your kiddos I’d love to know. Help a mum out The post THE BEST SIMPLE & HEALTHY KID FRIENDLY VEGAN DINNERS appeared first on Holistically Lizzie. View the full article
  4. Canadian Expat Mom

    Moving, again.

    In Congo we talked about buying a new house once we got settled in Canada. The house we bought before we were married was waiting for us in Calgary, and was a great little starter home, but the configuration of… The post Moving, again. appeared first on Canadian Expat Mom. View the full article
  5. YOGA FOR WEIGHT LOSS: 10 FREE VIDEOS FOR A TONED BODY It seems everyone these days have heard about the benefits that yoga has to offer. Yoga has grown in hugely in popularity. In fact, one in 3 americans have tried yoga at least once and there are thought too be over 300 million practicing yoga across the globe! However, there still seems to be some debate on whether you can lose wight by doing yoga. One that I can personally confirm as true! Yoga has helped me tone and tighten my body in ways other types of exercises never have and I’ve tried A LOT! CAN YOU LOSE WEIGHT BY DOING YOGA? Yes absolutely! There are so many of styles of yoga to practice ranging from slow and relaxing to sweaty and athletic. And although some yoga styles may not be as vigorous as others, yoga has other advantages over hard hitting exercises. Increase insulin sensitivity – the more effective way for the body to use insulin lower cortisol – the stress hormone that holds on to fat greater range of motion in joints – leading to better muscle activation increased mindfulness – more likely to make better choices throughout day CAN YOGA HELP YOU LOSE BELLY FAT? Yoga can definitely help with belly fat and theres science to prove it! Yoga lowers cortisol levels (the fat storage hormone linked directly to belly fat), increases metabolism and balances hormones for a healthy happy tum. Many yoga postures use lots of core muscle strength for stability. Coupled with all the planks used in chaturanga and you’ll have those abs poking through in no time. However, keep in mind that no matter how much yoga you do, your diet is the main key to losing belly fat is through your diet choices. SUGGESTED: HOW TO LOSE WEIGHT ON A VEGAN DIET You might also notice that you don’t get that ravenous hunger feeling after yoga that you might get after something such as running. DOES YOGA TONE YOUR BODY? When practicing a more vigorous or strength based yoga style, your muscles are gonna be burnin’! It doesn’t need to be a fast-paced class either. Holding poses for a greater length of time allows your muscles to grow. Muscle is less dense than fat so you will actually slim down as you tighten and tone more. Aim to practice 4-5 times per week for best results. 10 FREE YOGA VIDEOS FOR WEIGHT LOSS AND A TONED BODY Yoga for weight loss – 40-minute fat burning yoga workout Morning yoga for weight loss -20 minute workout fat burning yoga meltdown, beginner & intermediate 30 minute power yoga for tight abs and a firm butt Tara stiles: Yoga weight loss & balance workout Yoga for weight loss: Yoga with Tim WHAT IS THE BEST YOGA FOR WEIGHT LOSS? Keep reading until the end! Easy yoga workout: Fat loss & flexibility Yoga weight loss challenge! 20 minute fat burning yoga workout beginners & intermediate Beginners power Vinyasa yoga class full length weight loss hatha twists 37 minute yoga for weight loss with fight master yoga IN CONCLUSION WHAT IS THE BEST YOGA FOR WEIGHT LOSS? Including an aerobic type of yoga is important for weight loss as any aerobic activity helps to burn calories. Therefore vinyasa, ashtanga and power yoga are all great styles to try. For muscle building and toning, the above styles plus any strong style of yoga that uses a strength focus, such as haha yoga is equally important in achieving a lean and toned body. Rest, flexibility and muscle recovery will help to stabilise hormones, help you perform better in your yoga classes and help with mindfulness greatly assist in weight loss too. In conclusion, practising a wide variety of yoga styles either daily or 3-4 times per week. Coupled with a healthy diet will give you amazing results and very quickly. Have you tried yoga before? If so, did it help you to lose weight? Share your tips for the readers below. The post YOGA FOR WEIGHT LOSS: 10 FREE VIDEOS FOR A TONED BODY appeared first on Holistically Lizzie. View the full article
  6. Surprising differences between a vegan and plant-based diet you need to know What is a vegan diet? Vegans eat plant foods and do not eat anything that comes from an animal or contains animal by-products. The focus is to create no harm to any living being. A vegan doesn’t wear materials such as leather, wool & silk. Hair, skincare, and cosmetics are cruelty-free and not tested on animals. A person may decide to go vegan for various reasons including ethical (animal welfare), health reasons, or environment benefits. What foods can you eat on a vegan diet? CARBOHYDRATE: Wholegrains Bread Pasta Fruits Vegetables PROTEIN: Beans Legumes Soy Products Meat substitutes DAIRY: Dairy free yoghurt Dairy free cheese Dairy free ice cream Dairy free desserts Nutritional Yeast FAT: Nuts Seeds Avocado Oils OTHER: Vegan junk & processed foods Vegan superfoods Sweeteners such as sugar, agave nectar, maple syrup & coconut sugar Vegan doesn’t mean healthy! Vegans can also eat ANYTHING that doesn’t contain animal derivatives such as vegan donuts, french fries, and vegan cheese. Although mock meats, processed foods, and oreos (yep, they’re vegan!) can be a great transition food they do not boast health properties. This article by PETA shows the Top 20 accidental vegan foods What foods can you NOT eat on a vegan diet? meat poultry Fish including shellfish dairy (butter, cream, milk) eggs animal by products such as honey, beeswax, gelatine & rennet Can you eat honey if you are a vegan? No, honey is an animal by product and has ethical and environmental implications. You can read all about honey here. Can you eat bread on a vegan diet? Bread such as brioche is made with butter and eggs and are not suitable for vegans. Commercial supermarket bread can also contain whey (milk) and eggs although many are not which is why it’s so important to read labels. Freshly baked bread usually contain the ingredients they are supposed to such as flour, salt, yeast and water are vegan-friendly. How do you get protein on a vegan diet? Protein is found in nearly every plant food and should never be a cause of concern. Who do you know that has suffered a protein deficiency?…..I’m still waiting. For high protein plant foods see this post here link other post. What is a plant based diet? Plant-based or whole food plant based (WFPB for short) is a diet that consists of whole plant foods. Unlike a vegan diet, people who choose to go plant-based usually do it for health reasons and so avoid any processed plant foods. What can you eat on a plant-based diet? wholegrains beans & lentils fruits vegetables nuts, seeds, avocado, cold pressed oils superfoods natural sweeteners such a raw honey, maple syrup & coconut sugar What can you NOT eat on a plant-based diet? Depending on how strict a person decides to be but plant-based foodies usually avoid or limit the following. Refined sugar any processed foods additives & preservatives gluten Is honey plant based? Yes, although a good quality raw honey is normally used. Commercial honey that you find in supermarkets is processed and usually doesn’t even contain much if any honey! Is peanut butter plant based? Yes, but aim to pick a brand that doesn’t contain sugars, oils, and additives such as this amazing one YUM! What are the benefits? TOO many to list here. SUGGESTED POST: 10 life changing benefits of going vegan that will blow your mind What is the difference between vegetarian and vegan? Vegetarians avoid all animal flesh such as meat and fish but still eat eggs and dairy. Do you lose weight on a vegan diet? Since going vegan myself (along with SO many others) I have absolutely lost weight…and easily! I no longer count calories or limit my portions and I am leaner than ever. Note that I follow a whole foods, no oil, vegan diet. You can learn more about how I can help you to lose weight here. SUGGESTED POST: – How to lose weight on a vegan diet: 10 powerful tips I hope that clears things up a bit, being vegan or plant based can feel quite confusing in the beginning but once you get the hang of things I promise theres no going back! Are you plant based or are you vegan and why did you chose to do it? Let me know in the comments below! The post SURPRISING DIFFERENCES BETWEEN A VEGAN AND PLANT BASED DIET YOU NEED TO KNOW appeared first on Holistically Lizzie. View the full article
  7. Everything you need to do in your first trimester (plus free checklist!) Finding that you’re pregnant can be one of the most exciting and life-transforming moments in your life. However, there are so many things to do that it can suddenly feel quite overwhelming. My first baby was born in a foreign country, away from my family and friends and I felt as though I had no idea what I should be doing. But I’m here to say don’t worry! It’s not as difficult as you think it might be. Just follow this list and don’t forget to print it out so you can tick off everything you have done. Let’s get straight on to the tips! 1) TAKE A PREGNANCY TEST & CONFIRM! I know captain obvious, but just because you feel like you might be pregnant, our lovely female bodies can do crazy things so please make sure that you take a test to find out for sure. I take these ones and 100% recommend them as they give you the earliest reading. 2) BOOK AN APPOINTMENT WITH YOUR DOCTOR Schedule in to see your doctor so that you can arrange the right healthcare and prenatal route that will work best for you. Depending on when you go to see your health care provider, they may do a scan where you get the first glimpse of your baby and hear their heartbeat. This is usually between 8-12 weeks. Your doctor should tell you what screening tests you will be having and when you will need to have them. It can be a bit overwhelming in the beginning so make sure to write anything down. They may also provide healthy eating advice and general lifestyle advice. You will also want to make a list of questions to ask your doctor on your first prenatal visit. 3) CHECK YOUR INSURANCE See what you are covered and not covered for. This also applies to any medical interventions that may happen. You may not plan for a c section but does your insurance cover it if you need it? 4) TAKE PRENATAL VITAMINS I take food based vitamins because they absorb so much better and are more natural than synthetic vitamins. They also don’t leave a taste when you start to get morning sickness and nausea. These ones are AMAZING and have excellent reviews for being gentle on the tummy. If you are short on money these ones provide all the right vitamins and minerals but are not food based. 5) THINK ABOUT YOUR BIRTHING OPTIONS You have booked in with your doctor already and maybe even had some initial tests done but you can always decide to have a different birthing route. Do you want a midwife-led birth or do you want a doula for you? In a bath? At home? Squatting? Listening to music? It’s never to early to start revising your options. 6) TELL YOUR FAMILY AND FRIENDS Such an exciting moment to share with your loved ones. Some people wait until after the first trimester when miscarriage rates are higher to tell but others do it straight away, it is entirely up to you and your partner. There are so many options to make it fun for everyone and to create a lasting memory. Here are 72 unique pregnancy announcements worthy of your news 7) GET A BELLY BAND These nifty bands give you extra room in your trousers and jeans for when you’re not quite ready for maternity clothes. You can also get bra extenders like these amazing ones here. 8) INVEST IN MATERNITY CLOTHES You can’t just get bigger sized normal clothes. They are unflattering and downright uncomfortable. You will go through a period where you feel a bit meh and stylish maternity clothes can boost your self-esteem. Suggested: view where to find stylish and affordable maternity clothes post here. (POST) 9) EXERCISE Contrary to belief exercise helps promote a healthy body and baby and is an essential component in pregnancy. Many ladies get scared (and I know exactly how you feel) but exercise isn’t going to give you a miscarriage. But don’t overdo it, your body will instinctively know what is too much. If in doubt walking and yoga are both brilliant option. 10) TAKE A PRENATAL CLASS Yoga is not only great for helping to ease any stress and anxiety that you may have but it also prepares your body for the birth. Being supple and flexible can greatly assist in the delivery of your baby. Plus you’ll get to meet some other mums who are going through the same things as you. 11) JOURNAL Pregnancy is such a precious time in a woman’s life. Even with all the ups and downs, make sure you keep a journal of all the little things that happened, scans, first kicks, etc. It makes a wonderful memory after. I highly recommend getting an actual pregnancy journal. The first time around I tried to use a nice notebook but found that I didn’t really use it and it ended up getting filled with food shopping lists. This time, I really want to record my pregnancy and there is no better way than doing so than in one of these GORGEOUS journals. 12) REST & EAT If you have no idea what to eat to grow a gorgeous healthy baby (and look and feel amazing yourself), then you can read these previous posts on healthy plant-based diets. How to have a healthy pregnancy: 1st trimester tips The ultimate guide of how to go vegan for beginners Easy no oil hummus (high protein) 15 healthy plant based proteins and delicious ways to use them And if you would like extra help, contact me here for private and group coaching. AND don’t forget to print out your free checklist here I hope you liked these tips and equally enjoyed the free printable checklist. How amazing are those colours! Do you have any tips to offer? Id love to hear them so please leave them in the comments below. The post EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO DO IN YOUR FIRST TRIMESTER (PLUS FREE CHECKLIST!) appeared first on Holistically Lizzie. View the full article
  8. Carole Hallett Mobbs

    Five ways to help prepare your child for a move abroad

    This is a new post from Expat Child by Carole Hallett Mobbs Expat Child - Moving overseas with children. Relocation advice. Moving overseas with children – emotional preparation When you’re planning your overseas move and there are children involved, the planning ... Read More The post Five ways to help prepare your child for a move abroad appeared first on Expat Child. View the full article
  9. Canadian Expat Mom

    Heigh-ho, Heigh-ho, It’s Back to Work I go!

    If you’ve been following my stories for awhile, you likely may know that when we left Canada to move abroad, I was an Assistant Principal of an Elementary School in Calgary. I dabbled in the idea of teaching when we… The post Heigh-ho, Heigh-ho, It’s Back to Work I go! appeared first on Canadian Expat Mom. View the full article
  10. Preface It was the first night in our mostly empty house in Canada. ‘Mr. Lisa’ was still in Congo and I had that weird feeling of heavy responsibility of being in a new house, with new sounds and smells, in… The post Reverse Culture Shock and Multiple Personalities appeared first on Canadian Expat Mom. View the full article
  11. Carole Hallett Mobbs

    Transferring money overseas – an infographic

    This is a new post from Expat Child by Carole Hallett Mobbs Expat Child - Moving overseas with children. Relocation advice. International money transfers At some point in every expat’s journey comes the issue of funding and the inevitable question – ... Read More The post Transferring money overseas – an infographic appeared first on Expat Child. View the full article
  12. Canadian Expat Mom

    The Return to Canada

    It’s a random Wednesday night and I’m sitting with a glass of wine beside me, typing away on my laptop while my husband showers, getting ready for an impromptu date night. The house is silent. There isn’t a child’s voice… The post The Return to Canada appeared first on Canadian Expat Mom. View the full article
  13. This is a new post from Expat Child by Carole Hallett Mobbs Expat Child - Moving overseas with children. Relocation advice. Expat maternity cover Pregnancy is an expensive process for expatriates; pre-natal check-ups, regular doctor’s visits, the actual delivery and post-natal ... Read More The post Thinking baby? Protect yourself and baby with maternity insurance appeared first on Expat Child. View the full article
  14. Carole Hallett Mobbs

    How to prepare for UN-packing day

    This is a new post from Expat Child by Carole Hallett Mobbs Expat Child - Moving overseas with children. Relocation advice. How to prepare to receive your shipment Or, to be more accurate, Preparing For The Day All Your Shipped Items ... Read More The post How to prepare for UN-packing day appeared first on Expat Child. View the full article
  15. “Just so you know, I think you’re totally insane for wanting to do this.” That was my husband’s reaction as I lay out my plan for my journey back to Canada with our daughters.But let me back up a bit.… The post 13 Suitcases, 2 Kids, and a Trip to Paris: How I Managed, Logistically. appeared first on Canadian Expat Mom. View the full article
  16. Canadian Expat Mom

    Repatriating: Where I’m at.

    It was nearly sunset and we were all sitting around lounge chairs at a rustic, beach-front surfer bar late Friday afternoon. Our driver had dropped us off, then he’d leave the car for my husband who would join us for… The post Repatriating: Where I’m at. appeared first on Canadian Expat Mom. View the full article
  17. 10 Life changing benefits of going vegan that will blow your mind Admittedly when I first heard of veganism I thought it was some sort of weird & extreme cult. The stereotypical images of tie-dyed, long-haired hippies are now paving the way for lifestyle bloggers, social media inspirations and even celebrities like Alicia Silverstone, Johnny Depp (hubba hubba), Serena Williams & Andre 3000 Heyyy Yaa But maybe you are wondering… Are vegans healthier? From the list of benefits below, you will clearly see that vegans have a more health-promoting diet than meat eaters. In fact, statistics show that mortality rates are substantially lower in vegans than meat eaters due to a diet higher in fiber & antioxidants and lower in saturated fats If you still need convincing, get this AMAZING book #preparetobeamazed Who is a vegan diet good for? A vegan diet is great for anyone! There are numerous wonderful books & studies that show how going vegan can reverse heart disease, reverse diabetes, prevent obesity and even stop cancer Not only is it safe to be vegan but you will THRIVE! Vegan diet benefits & disadvantages There are absolutely NO disadvantages to this diet. If you want to Look & feel amazing then this is the diet for you! Okay being realistic the 2 things I found to be annoying are Eating out. Note that I can always find something even in a nonvegan friendly country. But it would be nice to have more choice! Other peoples concerns/reactions. I haven’t personally experienced anything negative and if I did #whocares #1 VEGAN SKIN BENEFITS Due to the high amount of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants in a vegan diet, expect your skin to transform! Animal proteins kill for a gorgeous glow and promote an aging face Get ready for GLOWING SKIN ACNE & ACNE SCARS DISAPPEARING FEWER WRINKLES PLUMPER & SMOOTHER SKIN #2 HAIR & NAIL GROWTH I tried to grow my hair for my entire life up to my mid-twenties and no matter what I did it ALWAYS stayed the same length *sigh* Since going vegan my hair DOES NOT stop growing. It’s actually too long. I know #girlproblems And even though my toddler pulls it out all day long, it still stays strong, Amazeballs With so much goodness in your body expect strong and flexible nails too! Here is a pic that shows my current hair length #3 IMPROVED HEALTH When I went vegan it was more for health benefits and judging from the list below you can see why A vegan diet: LOWERS BLOOD PRESSURE LOWERS CHOLESTEROL GIVES 40% REDUCED RISK OF DEVELOPING CERTAIN CANCERS STOPS OBESITY Reduces the risk of: CARDIOVASCULAR DISEASE STROKE TYPE 2 DIABETES DEMENTIA Not only that but it’s estimated that vegans live 6-10 years more than non-vegans! WOWZERS For more health reasons to go vegan read this post #4 WEIGHT LOSS ON A VEGAN DIET Celebs are growing the trend of veganism because it’s an easy way to lose weight and get in shape Vegan diets are: NATURALLY LOW IN CALORIES LOW IN FAT HIGH IN FIBER RICH IN WHOLEGRAINS, LEGUMES, FRUITS & VEGGIES CONTAINS NO TOXIC HORMONES One of the issues, when first starting to go vegan, is the volume of food you need to consume. Whole plant-based foods are naturally low in calories and saturated fat so you need to eat a ton to have adequate calories. A vegan diet is the most sustainable solution to losing weight. No calorie counting, no restriction & no deprivation! A vegan diet is much higher in fiber than a standard meat-eating diet that constipation will be a thing of the past! *Hello flat belly* Also, because of the quality of the foods eaten vegans are naturally leaner. Thus making it easier to stay in shape and stay leaner – without exercise hallelujah You can learn more by reading this life-changing book here #5 ENVIRONMENTAL BENEFITS Not only is going vegan incredible for your health & waistline but its the best option for the plant too! Livestock uses a whopping 45% of the worlds entire land By giving up meat & dairy you: REDUCE WATER CONSUMPTION BY 3700 GALLONS PER PERSON PER DAY 1 POUND OF MEAT PRODUCES AS MUCH WATER AS SHOWERING FOR 6 WHOLE MONTHS! 55% REDUCTION IN CARBON FOOTPRINT Did you know that: MORE & MORE SPECIES ARE BECOMING EXTINCT DUE TO A MEAT EATING DIET THE GRAIN USED FOR FEEDING LIVESTOCK COULD CURE WORLD HUNGER # 6 FEEL HAPPIER Going vegan changes your mood very quickly. When I first went vegan I noticed an impact immediately Eating more carbohydrates (something we are scared of in the west) provides a boost of serotonin, a neurotransmitter that elevates mood and alleviates depression. Vegans often feel more connected with themselves, nature and the planet. Veganism is a platform for self-growth Because weight loss is easy on a vegan diet you can also expect to have a better relationship with food and your body. As vegan foods are the ones we are designed to eat, it is much easier to listen to hunger and fullness cues more #7 BETTER IMMUNITY I used to catch everything going and get sick easily but since going vegan my immune system is amazing and I very rarely get sick! Going vegan makes you more conscious about your health in general. Because you are eating such nutritious foods you tend to avoid an unhealthy lifestyle overall #8 IMPROVED ATHLETIC PERFORMANCE Eating carbs and fuelling your body correctly will give you ENERGY to exercise Worried about losing muscle on a vegan diet? Don’t! Check out these incredible vegan athletes who have all reported better physiques & quicker recovery times since starting a vegan diet. #9 PREVENT ANIMAL CRUELTY All animals are sentient beings. They have thought and feelings just like we do. By becoming vegan you can save animals & prevent cruelty Being mistreated is a total understatement for what is actually going on. And yes this applies EVERYWHERE in the world! THE ANIMALS RAISED WE RAISE FOR EATING ARE DISTRESSED & DISEASED AND LIVE IN THE MOST HORRIFIC CONDITIONS ANIMALS FEEL PAIN AND GET SCARED MANY ANIMALS DIE OF FEAR & SHOCK JUST ON THE WAY TO THE SLAUGHTERHOUSE 150 BILLION ANIMALS ARE SLAUGHTERED EACH YEAR FOR FOOD SUGGESTED: TOP 15 DOCUMENTARIES THAT WILL MAKE YOU GO VEGAN #10 HELP LOVED ONES Going vegan will get you a lot of reactions but one of the most positive benefits I have noticed is that I have inspired those around me to adopt a more plant-based diet. When you go vegan you will inspire others & improve their lives What supplements should I take as a vegan? When choosing supplements ALWAYS buy from a reputable brand that is high quality. Never use a generic supplement. They don’t work and are full of fillers. Get the ones that work and really feel the results. All vegans need to take a vitamin B12 supplement. B12 is a bacteria and not derived from animals. Animals ingest this bacteria, so those on a meat-eating diet will consume B12 – although many are still deficient. I always suggest taking a good quality multivitamin such as this one regardless of what type of diet you are on. You do not need to take any special isolated vitamins and minerals (unless you have a disorder that requires you to do so) A well rounded whole foods plant-based diet will cover all the vitamins, minerals, proteins, fats & carbohydrates you need! Probiotics are essential for keeping a bloat free & flat belly. These one are THE BEST For omega fats, 1-2 tablespoons of ground flaxseed will give you adequate amounts So what are you waiting for! What benefits have you noticed since becoming vegan? leave your answers for others in the comments below The post 10 LIFE CHANGING BENEFITS OF GOING VEGAN THAT WILL BLOW YOUR MIND appeared first on Holistically Lizzie. View the full article
  18. Canadian Expat Mom

    Peter Pan Syndrome

    I woke up with all the Friday feels and once again, looking forward to the weekend. You’d think the weekend would be anti-climactic when you live in Congo. Generally speaking, we’re isolated and there’s not much going on where we… The post Peter Pan Syndrome appeared first on Canadian Expat Mom. View the full article
  19. Carole Hallett Mobbs

    Preparing to leave

    This is a new post from Expat Child by Carole Hallett Mobbs Expat Child - Moving overseas with children. Relocation advice. The last few weeks before moving abroad The decision has been made, the location chosen and many of the logistics ... Read More The post Preparing to leave appeared first on Expat Child. View the full article
  20. Canadian Expat Mom

    Hotel vs AirBnB

    I often get asked about travelling with kids and one thing that seems to come up regularly is questions about where we stay. I have a hard time giving a direct answer to that question because depending where you are… The post Hotel vs AirBnB appeared first on Canadian Expat Mom. View the full article
  21. Can I get a drum roll please!!!!!!!! I started writing this book about a year and a half ago, in the passenger seat of our camping car, with a laptop on my knees, as we drove through the Skeleton Coast… The post African Safari: Book Release- The Kids Who Travel the World appeared first on Canadian Expat Mom. View the full article
  22. Canadian Expat Mom

    An Interview on Repatriating with Nicole Webb

    When we found out it was ‘official’ that we were moving home, I wasn’t quite ready to share our news with the internet world, simply because I wasn’t sure myself how I felt just yet. I didn’t know what to… The post An Interview on Repatriating with Nicole Webb appeared first on Canadian Expat Mom. View the full article
  23. Canadian Expat Mom

    We’re Moving…And it’s a BIG One!

    It was only two years ago that we bought our house in France so that we’d have a home-base to go to from Africa that was a bit closer to Congo than Canada was. I’ll never forget my Dad’s reaction,… The post We’re Moving…And it’s a BIG One! appeared first on Canadian Expat Mom. View the full article
  24. Happy Mummy

    BLW Week 6-8

    Last few weeks I focused on introducing some more fruits, grains, meat and meals which content more ingredients in one piece. Sami tried strawberry and oranges beef steak chicken strips beef burger rice eggy bread vegetable fritters Progress: His has chewing improved a lot. We get now very few gags and he swallow has improved too. He still very much plays with the food and he is not in the “eating” stage yet. He had few days of very little interest in food guessing that was caused by teething. Sami has got now 4 teeth. He also improved at swallowing water form his sipycup. View the full article
  25. Carole Hallett Mobbs

    Life as an introverted expat

    This is a new post from Expat Child by Carole Hallett Mobbs Expat Child - Moving overseas with children. Relocation advice. Surviving expat life when you’re an introvert I wonder how many introverts are offended by that rather blasé definition? In ... Read More The post Life as an introverted expat appeared first on Expat Child. View the full article
  26. Canadian Expat Mom

    That Time I Got Malaria in Africa

    Palu. That’s what they call it here. In French, malaria is referred to as le paludisme, or palu for short. Where I originally come from, it’s not a word that’s even in your vocabulary unless you’re on your way to… The post That Time I Got Malaria in Africa appeared first on Canadian Expat Mom. View the full article
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