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  2. Hi, I have twin boys who will turn 4 this October.... I am also looking for good schools with British curriculum. Any guidance??. Wanted to hear from you all who has done this research before as the sites are misleading and confusing .... Thank you
  3. THE ESSENTIAL AND REALISTIC HOSPITAL BAG CHECKLIST FOR MOM AND BABY Do you wonder what you should pack in your hospital bag? I mean what do you really need? With my second baby due very soon, I thought I’d create a checklist with all the essentials that either I had with my first delivery and found super helpful, or wish Id had that I will be packing for baby no. 2. There are SO MANY checklists on what to pack in your hospital bag for labor and delivery but ultimately we’re all different and it’s totally up to you! I hope I can provide a few tips and suggestions that are extremely helpful but not unrealistic! The mistake I had with my first born was that I brought EVERYTHING. I was so unsure what to expect that I brought an entire suitcase – and not the small travel size ones either! via GIPHY What should I pack in my hospital bag for labor? Firstly I like to categorize the essentials. Mom Dad Baby Yes, it’s important to think of dad too! It’s essential that everything is thought of because on the big day you want everything to be organized and calm with zero stress! What do I really need in my hospital bag? Some people like to bring everything (myself included the first time around) but honestly, you won’t use half of it. Have the essentials and things that will provide comfort and help for you both during and after the delivery. It’s ok if you still bring items you don’t really need but you really don’t need to go over the top. Plus there’s the unpacking to think of when you get back home. What should I pack in my hospital bag for the C section? You won’t need many more things to pack than you would for a natural delivery. The only things I suggest are extra clothes and underwear for you and baby as you will need to stay in the hospital for a longer period. Make sure that you take clothes that are loose around your waist that is easy to get on and off. What should I pack in my baby bag? Below is a list of all the things I suggest to bring in your hospital bag: What dads should pack for the hospital? It’s unlikely that dad will be staying for the entire time as there will most likely be restricted visiting hours. Also, its good for dad to go home to get some rest so he can take over and look after your baby while you get some rest. Do I need to bring my own diapers to the hospital? Hospitals usually provided diapers for your baby but to be sure you should call ahead and check. Also, if you want to use particular nappies, such as organic natural disposable or reusable cloth ones then you should bring your own. I also like to bring a pack of water wipes and cotton wool to clean baby and bays bum in the first few weeks. What should I pack in my baby bag for the hospital? You can choose to bring a separate baby bag or keep everything together in your own bag. If you want to bring a separate bag for your baby items, I’ve got this one and it’s amazing I highly recommend it! All baby items will be listed in the below checklist. When should I pack my hospital bag? In my hypnobirthing course, it states “baby comes when the baby is ready” and really there’s not too much you can do about it! That is unless you have a planned C – section. Hospital bag size? You don’t need a suitcase ladies (been there, done that!) A small travel sized bag, ideally on wheels will be perfect. What should I pack for an overnight hospital bag? Below is a realistic list of all the hospital bag essentials things I suggest to pack: For Mom DARK old towels Heavy + nighttime sanitary towels/pads Cheap big knickers, a few sizes bigger than you don’t mind throwing away after. Black Disposable briefs/knickers. I got these ones from Mothercare (LINK) X2 Maternity/nursing bras X2 pajamas Dressing gown Comfortable outfit for going into the hospital and for the leaving the hospital Water bottle to refill Lose baggy shirt or dress you can wear for the labor + delivery Pillow – Essential in my opinion! Hair bobbles + clips Important items Birth Plan Insurance Passport/ Id depending on hospital requirements Passport photos (if needed depending on hospital regulations and birth certificates) Mobile phone & charger (delete some pics to free up space before) Camera + charger Change for parking Snacks and drinks for mom + dad (more on this below) Toiletries Note that all the products I’ve recommended are vegan-friendly, organic, and contain natural ingredients that are safe for you and baby! Shampoo and Conditioner. Use travel size ones to save bringing big bottles. Toothbrush and Toothpaste Cleanser Facial moisturizer Lip balm Massage oil for labor. I’m using coconut oil but I’m sure I’ll get this one. Essential oils. Rollerballs with essential oils can be useful and they are easier to use on the day. I love these ones and use them daily (LINK) Deodorant Hand sanitizer Body moisturizer or Coconut oil Cooling facial water spritz to keep you hydrated Great for when you’re tired too! Hairdryer – optional. I packed a travel one for my first birth but I didn’t use it. Plus, I live in a warm climate so I didn’t need one. If you have hair that takes a while to dry (or you want nicer post birth pics then it might be a good idea to bring one with you). Makeup – get a small bag of your essentials only. You won’t have the time or care about having a full face of makeup on. For me, it’s a tinted moisturizer, under eye concealer, mascara, and eyebrow pencil. Prenatal vitamins Arnica tablets – can be taken after delivery and are helpful to reduce bruising and swelling Hypnobirthing/Birthing Items Headphones to listen to music (wireless is better) Bachs Herbal Rescue Remedies Spray to use in labor to ease anxiety and stress Written affirmations and positive birth statements Hypnobirthing music/relaxation tracks Printable hypnobirthing relaxation notes for a partner to read Birthing ball/ Gym ball. This time i’m bringing my own because they didn’t have one available last time. It sounds ridiculous but you’ll be glad on the day! Breast and Bottle Feeding: Setting up a breastfeeding station at home is a great way to have everything ready for you for when you arrive back so you can quickly and easily access everything you need. For the hospital: Breast pads, disposable or Re-usable Nipple cream – This one is THE BEST and safe for your baby. You can also use coconut oil but it’s not as effective for painful, cracked nipples! Nipple shield. This is optional and a bit of a controversial topic but if it helps the baby latch on and establishes breastfeeding then its a go in my opinion. Formula – If your choosing to bottle feed. (note that hospitals usually provide this but double check beforehand and if you want particular one for your baby then be sure to bring it) Miscellaneous: Magazines, books etc Honestly, I brought my kindle with me for my first birth and it was a total waste of time! IF you have any time during labor and delivery, sleep mama sleep! I suggest using these as tools before you go to the hospital to help ‘distract’ you and stay in a calming mood before labor is truly established. I promise you that when you’re in established labor if Mrs. J.K Rowling is there in person, YOU WON’T CARE! Freebie Alert Hospital Bag Checklist PDF You can get the full printable checklist by subscribing HERE. You’ll also receive a whole resource library with additional resources for pregnancy, birth & healthy living. For Baby: Sleepsuits-X3 Vests-X3 Going home outfit. Optional but I’m so glad I had this for my first. It was extra special and it was great for all the first pics you’ll take! Newborn nappies Muslin cloths-X3 (you can never have too many!) Baby Towel. (Sometimes the hospital provides this but it’s nice to have your own soft one) Socks Scratch mittens Hat Blankets. X1 cellular blanket for wrapping while baby sleeps + X1 warmer blanket Coat/snowsuit depending on weather Cotton wool for cleaning baby bottom or use water only baby wipes Newborn nappies Presents for other children if needed Baby sling or nursing wrap Car seat – installed before you leave the hospital. Make sure you’ve installed it correctly and safely. For Dad Change of clothes + underwear Notepad and pen Toiletries Magazines, books something to keep busy (while your resting of course ) Hospital bag snacks and drinks I highly suggest you bring lots of snacks with you. Labour can be LONG and TIRING. And as much I think it’s us, mamas, doing all the work, it can be a long slog for partners too. So, packing enough food is essential. However its equally as important to bring QUALITY, NUTRITIOUS snacks with you. You are bringing a child into this world mama AND you are going through a time when you need all the energy you can get! This isn’t the time to eat Mcdonalds! It requires a bit of preparation before but it’s essential to give you sustained energy, keep your blood sugar stable and to recover quickly. Its the one time when you really need to make an effort with what foods you are eating! To make sure it’s as easy as possible for you, you’ll need healthy snacks that you can make ahead of time that is portable and easy to eat. Try these meal prep tips, recipes and snack ideas that you can prepare before the baby arrives! Over to you Mama! What are the essentials that you packed in your hospital bag? What do you wish you would have packed? Let me know in the comments. The post THE ESSENTIAL AND REALISTIC HOSPITAL BAG CHECKLIST FOR MOM, DAD & BABY appeared first on Holistically Lizzie. View the full article
  4. Dear All Can anybody recommend a good desert safari tour company in Abu Dhabi? I have friends coming over and want to have the desert safari experience. we prefer abu dhabi as we will be staying in Abu Dhabi Thanks
  5. Hi there!!! I thought I'd pop in and see how you guys are all travelling too. I've been back in Oz for 3.5 years now, after having lived in the Middle East for 10 years. It feels good to be home, and I love it. That isn't to say though that I don't occasionally miss Abu Dhabi or the people I met there. Hope everybody is happy, healthy and living their dream.
  6. We are looking for a full time live in housemaid, appreciate a lot if you can recommend your previous helper. the helper will do baby sitting , cleaning, Ironing, helping cooking . monthly salary AED2600, big bonus by end of year, holiday and tickets home. The candidate must have : 1) at least 5 years experience caring young baby 2)good reference from previous employer 3) send CV resume OR self introduction to email : sandydengfb@hotmail.com thanks
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  8. Myself Rasheed Ahmed Jamali (Age-45)I am Aalim and Arabic degree holder,Tajweed Specilist.I can teach Quran with Tajweed and School Arabic .I can come to your home at suitable time to teach your childrens.I am ready to take class anywhere in Abu Dhabi City .Please call - +971561257547Languages Known- Tamil,Malayalam,English,HIndi,Urdu,Arabic
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    Curtain Repair

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  11. This is a new post from Expat Child by Carole Hallett Mobbs Expat Child - Moving overseas with children. Relocation advice. Expat education An Expat’s Guide to Choosing a School Overseas is an absolute must-read if you’re moving overseas with children. ... Read More The post An expat’s guide to choosing a school overseas appeared first on Expat Child. View the full article
  12. Linda & her friends join the hybrids of Oasis as they search for The Dead. Not an explosion at Disney World nor a showdown in the swamps of southern Florida... Vote Here
  13. A startup company’s telepathic Sortmind app Mindwipes ten thousand users in the city of Canterra, and political factions battle in the streets over whether telepathy should be free to all... Vote Here
  14. Kibbeh Nayyeh is a raw lamb dish frequently served as part of a mazza in the Levant, garnished with mint leaves, walnuts, and olive oil. It’s normally eaten with a fork (not with flatbread, as you might expect!).Prep time: 20 mins | Cook time: 30 mins | Total time: 50 minsIngredients150 g Ground lamb50 g Fine bulgar wheatOnion one quarterone half Tomato1 tsp Chilli pasteSaltPepperWalnutOlive oilDirections1. Soak the bulgar in cold water for an hour. It should double in size and be of equal volume to the meat. Drain and squeeze the extra water2. Start a food processor on the highest speed then drop the onion while the machine is running. Stop the machine and scrape the sides then run again till the onion is very finely chopped. Add the tomato in the same way. Run the processor for a minute or so.3. Now add the rest of the meat and bulgar and process in short bursts so it is all mixed but you keep the texture of the bulgar. Move to a bowl and mix by hand. Season to taste4. Form into small patties. Sprinkle with chopped walnuts and drizzle with olive oil.Yield 5Check out my blog for more recipes
  15. Almond graybeh is a classic Lebanese butter cookie that is delicate, light, and pure white. Almond graybeh is baked especially for Easter and Christmas. The recipe makes so many cookies (4 dozen!) that it’s perfect for weddings, graduation parties, or anytime you want lots of incredibly delicious cookies to share.Take your time shaping the little balls for these adorable, delicious cookies. Taking your rings off will help keep the balls smooth. Graybeh is meant to be snow white, yet baked, so stay on top of your oven and lift a cookie up to see how the bottom is doing as you get toward the end of the baking time. Let the cookies cool completely before touching them, as the sides will firm up as they cool. The graybeh should be small; they'll expand some during baking, so the balls will be a little smaller than seems right. But they are.SERVINGS: 4 DOZEN | RECIPE BY: MAUREEN ABOODINGREDIENTS3/4 cup clarified butter, solid/cool room temperature3/4 cup confectioner's sugar1 teaspoon orange blossom water1 teaspoon vanilla (you can sub all vanilla, 2 teaspoons total, for the orange blossom water if you like)1/4 teaspoon kosher salt1 3/4 cups unbleached, all-purpose flour (fluff the flour up before scooping with a spoon into the measuring cup)3/4 cup blanched whole almondsINSTRUCTIONSHeat the oven to 325 degrees and place the rack in the center of the oven. Line two sheet pans with parchment or a silpat.Using a mixer with the whisk attachment, whip the butter on high speed until fluffy, creamy and pale, about six minutes. Stop and scrape the sides of the bowl with a spatula for even whipping. Add the sugar, orange blossom water, and vanilla and whip until well combined and fluffy.In a small bowl, whisk the flour and salt. On low speed, slowly blend in the flour, ½ cup at a time.To shape the cookies, pull off a heaping teaspoon of dough and roll it between the palms of your hand into a smooth ball. Smoothness is key here to avoiding cracks in the cookies when they're baked. Form balls to fill one sheet pan with them (about an inch and a half apart; they don't need much room to expand).Press an almond into the top of each ball.Bake the cookies for about 22 minutes, or until they are baked through but only ever-so-slightly golden and still pale on the bottom. At about 18 minutes, start checking the cookies by lifting one up with a spatula.Make the remaining cookie balls while the first pan bakes.Remove the cookies from the oven and allow them to cool completely before handling them, as they will firm up as they cool.The graybeh will keep in an airtight container for a couple of days. They're better eaten soon after they're baked.Check out my blog for more recipes
  16. PREP TIME: 15 MINUTES | SERVINGS: 8 | RECIPE BY: MAUREEN ABOODThese are simple refrigerator pickles that gain zest, character and crunch over time. Aunt Hilda loved hers spicy with plenty of garlic. Select turnips that are heavy and hard, the smaller the better. Lift should last a month or so refrigerated. The pickles are delicious on their own or alongside a sandwich, a hummus or babaganouj plate with bread, or shawarma—or served with olives and cocktails.INGREDIENTS1 cup distilled white vinegar1/2 cup cold water1 1/2 tablespoons kosher salt1 1/4 pounds white turnips, tipped, tailed, peeled1 small beet trimmed and peeled3 cloves garlic, peeled1 jalapeno pepper (optional), or 1 teaspoon red chili pepper flakes (optional)1 teaspoon pickling spiceINSTRUCTIONSIn a small bowl, combine the vinegar, water, and salt to make a brine. Let the mixture sit for a few minutes, stirring occasionally until the salt is dissolved.Cut the turnips and beet in half from top to bottom, and then into 1/2-inch thick wedges. Pierce the jalapeno with a knife for mild heat, or cut it in half lengthwise to expose the seeds and ribs for more heat.Pack the turnips and beets into a quart jar layered with the garlic cloves, tucking in the hot pepper next to the glass as you go (it's pretty that way). Top with hot pepper flakes (if using instead of the jalapeno) and the pickling spice.Pour the brine into the jar, leaving about 1/2-inch headspace. Top the jar with a lid and refrigerate for at least 3 days and up to a couple of months, shaking the jar occasionally at first to distribute the pink hue of the beet.Check out my blog for more recipes
  17. The exciting conclusion to SOUL CHASER… Enemies make strange bedfellows… especially the dead kind. And you know you should never trust a vampire. When... Vote Here
  18. Hi everybody. I have a VENUS fridge and turns off daily 4-5 times. Can somebody please help to find a good repair company/ person. Thanks
  19. Every morning when I drive my kids to school, we pass by a highschool, where the bell time must be earlier than ours because there are always teenagers lingering around outside. On more than one occasion my kids have, in… The post Bonded by Ice appeared first on Canadian Expat Mom. View the full article
  20. 7 DAY REJUVENATING VEGAN MEAL PLAN TO DETOX & LOSE WEIGHT Feeling down about your weight? Maybe bloating, cellulite and skin breakouts? I hear ya, mama! Detox can be the word that springs to mind. So if you’re looking to: lose weight debloat get clearer skin stop cravings reset taste buds Increase energy Then you’ve come to the right place. When I hear women saying they’re doing a detox, I suddenly think of a very low-calorie diet consisting of nothing but juice and water. It’s not that I don’t think fresh pressed juices aren’t healthy, but it’s important that when ‘detoxing’ we do it correctly and safely. Do we need to detox? There are some conflicting debates about detoxing. Your body is naturally detoxing all the time so many people believe it’s not necessary to do a detox. However, I support the camp that helping our bodies detox can be super beneficial. Here’s why: We were never designed to eat the types of foods we’ve probably all ate at some point in our lives. Even though I eat a very healthy, high nutrient, plant-based diet now, I’ve still had processed foods over the years and I definitely didn’t always have a diet as good as it is today. And it’s not just what we put into our bodies that have an impact. We’re constantly being bombarded with toxins. Pollution chemicals in the water we drink household cleaners medications alcohol coffee stress birth control cigarette smoke Although our bodies have the ability to handle all of these things, it’s not necessarily good for us, agree? How do vegans detox? There are plenty of types of vegan detoxes out there. water only fasts juice fasts gluten-free sugar-free raw vegan And they can all serve a good purpose, depending on what your body needs at the time. However, the type of detox and meal plan I’ve got for you focuses on natural cleansing with an abundance of whole plant-based foods. The 7-day detox diet plan is full of recipes that help support the body (and mind – no restriction here!) and is so healthy you could actually eat like this for life. Plus you’ll be eating actual food, something that usually doesn’t happen on a detox. Whoop! Whoop! How do vegans lose weight fast? People make the mistake thinking that by going vegan they are eating healthier. There’s a big difference between a vegan and plant-based diet. To lose weight quickly (and healthfully) vegans need to eat an abundance of whole plant-based foods that are high in nutrients and those help balance hormones. Will I lose weight if I go vegan? If you’re transitioning from a SAD/meat eating diet then yes, you will lose weight quickly and feel better immediately. But there are many different ways to eat vegan and not all of them are healthy. If your struggling to lose weight on a vegan diet then a whole food, a high nutrient detox diet can be just the thing you need to kick start your weight loss. If you’re serious about losing weight, improving your health and feeling amazing, you can learn about the coaching services I offer here. How can I cleanse my body in 7 days? The meal plan is set out to give you everything you need to eat for the next 7 days to detox and flood the body with nutrients. On top of that, some other things to try to encourage further detoxification are: Body brushing – help increase blood flow, boost lymphatic drainage and decrease appearance cellulite. Massage – treat yourself for a massage, preferably a deep tissue massage that will encourage waste to be eliminated. Drink a boat load of water. Seriously, the more you drink, the more toxins you flush out and the better the detox will be. Infuse water – add lemon, fresh fruit or mint add even more nutrients and antioxidants. Rest and sleep – give your body the chance to heal deeply, restore and renew. Get a colonic – I know, it sounds drastic but thinks of it as a deep clean in your digestive tract. Colonics have so many benefits which you can read about here (LINK) Move every day. This detox isn’t intense. It should make you feel great and have more energy. But if you’re experiencing detox symptoms (see more below) then take it easy and keep it gentle Be A daily walk, swim or yoga practice can all be beneficial. Meditate – meditation is incredibly beneficial in healing the body, and helping if your feeling tired or stressed. The aim of the detox is to remain as relaxed as possible to let your beautiful body do the work it needs. What are the benefits of going vegan Going vegan or plant-based can literally save your life! You can read a full list of amazing benefits you can expect when going vegan here. Detox symptoms and side effects If you’ve never detoxed before, you might experience the following side effects. tiredness lethargy headaches nausea Depending on how ‘clean’ your diet has been before you may experience stronger detox side affects more than others. This is typical if you’ve come from a SAD. However, in this 7-day meal plan, I’ve included LOTS of high nutrient dense foods. This is designed to crowd out all the nasty toxins that will leave your body (the reason we get detox side effects) So symptoms should be a minimum if not at all. In conclusion Here’s what benefits you can expect from the 7-day vegan cleanse and detox meal plan Clearer skin Stronger nails Flatter tummy Weight loss ( not water or muscle loss) actual fat loss Improved health Better immunity Decreased inflammation Decreased joint pain More energy Less cravings How the 7-day vegan detox meal plan works Receive all the deets on how to shop, prepare and get ready for the amazing week ahead! What’s included in the daily meals? Breakfast For 6 days out of the week, you’ll be starting your day with green smoothies or smoothie bowls. You can learn all about the benefits of drinking green smoothies and get even more recipes here. The reason for starting the day with a smoothie is so your body uses less energy digesting and more energy detoxing. It’s also a great way to add veggies to every meal to ensure you’re getting lots of antioxidants in your gorgeous bod. Lunch Expect colorful buddha bowls and filling salads. By adding a HUGE salad for lunch every day you can expect to feel more energized while increasing the speed of weight loss. Dinner Consists of generous soups, stews, and heart bowls. Again, this helps to minimize energy spent digesting. This leaves you feeling satisfied and bloat free. You’ll be in those skinny jeans in no time mama! Snacks Although snacking should be kept to a minimum during a detox phase (it helps the body to burn fat and cleanse better) It certainly won’t be a problem to add in some healthy, delicious snacks. Its more important to listen to your body, eat when you feel hungry and if you want a dessert then go ahead! Try to stick to one snack per day to eat the most out of the detox. What you get Full 7-day meal plan with all recipes included Different meals every day to beat boredom and infuse your body with nutrients Approved snack recipes Detox guidelines Meal prep tips Pantry staples Suggested foods to eat that promote detoxification (fruit, veggies, frozen) printable shopping list You can get all of this for FREE (+ so many more guides & printable) when you sign up to the resource library here I’d love to know what you think of the 7-day vegan detox meal plan! You can let me know in the comments how you got on, even better I’d LOVE to see some before/after pics. Tag me your pics in Instagram @holisticallylizzie. Here’s the link to the free detox plan again. The post 7 DAY REJUVENATING VEGAN MEAL PLAN TO DETOX & LOSE WEIGHT appeared first on Holistically Lizzie. View the full article
  21. Lucy must grow up fast and defend herself, before those that killed her mother come for her. Her journey to become strong leads her to understand her mother's heritage, a... Vote Here
  22. For more details, visit https://abudhabi.triathlon.org/ Check it out
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