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  2. It is already 17th Ramadhan and in all honesty, mashallah it is going fast...I think even faster than last year. Then again, This Ramadhan has been more busier than normal, with having to fix water issues around the home, electricity then went crazy owing to someone in family, hoping by some miracle the broken boiler would suddenly work.. of course the boiler had tripped off the electricity causing all fridges, Tv and the wireless cable box to switch off.. then the young lady kept opening and opening again and again.. until we were like helloooooo, stuff is actually getting damaged around here and thus without internet connection etc. Well seems to be okay now, but at a cost of course! And, if that wasn't enough, I had just finishing paying for fixing pipes and the like around the house. The good thing about all this though, is over the years I have gained the experience in getting things done.. at least I don't stare waiting for it to get done lool. Everyone has also had coughs and colds... maybe allergy or something ( mine was anyway) some maybe not....Hubby's has the sneezes now too... when any of the boys ( since they have to go to work) see anyone sneezing.. they cover their faces... grandkids think this is so funny and have a good laugh. When they have a cold, they would chase after one of their uncles who would cover their faces and run away from them lol. Fasting has been in God Great Grace, and Al handulilah, quite good.. its almost 6 pm and just now really to feel thirst... only because now I have had time to sit and moan about it lool. When you busy... time flies but one major thing is to avoid going out as much as possible during Ramadhan...that way, you won't feel as thirsty. Neighbours have sent Harees, little sandwiches, rice dishes etc etc.. today I made yummmm… grilled fiish which is put on a bed of herbs and lemons and just teaching my maid a couple of important recipes as when I am out, she will have to make them--however, found my self having to make emergency corrections when I get back from an appointment . I made the daily al lugainmat, shurba, and little meatball bbq sandwiches, and beef pasties which my family demand if they have just missed it for one day... well... have to buy the meat of course on one of those days ! My daughter in law mother from Sharjah and who I have known for many many years, sent us really beautiful tasty hares Mashallah, and anyone will tell you the Samon ( slightly spice butter [turned into a ghee] is made to perfection there mashallah. At fatoor one time we were discussing food etc ( of course last couple of minutes before the Azan ) and my hubby brought up the subject of Charmi ( a kind of delicious curd ), which I now craved lol. Also, the daily ' Al Shara' show on Emirates around 11 pm, brought it up again as the local woman on the show was about to make it Mashallah! I haven't been able to watch Tv or even follow anything this year as either too busy or when I do sit, I fall asleep. I have caught glimpses of some good shows though that I would like to watch but if I did, I usually pick one and that is it. Last night at Suhoor my young grandson made an appearance for suhoor...asking for rice Krispies-he is too young to fast but it is all about getting use to the Ramadhan Environment and to experience waking up for suhoor… it is fun and exciting for kids at this age, as they get to be awake at unusual times. So, he called out to me all proud Mashallah :). My granddaughter fell asleep... she will probably take it out on her dad today ! Well have to get going now, to prepare the table...everyone will probably mashallah go out after Taraweeh prayers, quite frankly... don't mind staying home!! People Mashallah are already buying new clothes and shoes for Eid, I managed to get some beautiful textile pieces but had not time to get them done... and not one for going out to kharaat and the mall for long period of times..wondering how people can spend hours at the malls hmm... I get what I want and out lol! Guess I would be boring! well everyone, take good care....bye for now.
  3. Essential Vegan Nutrition Guide: Everything You Need To Be A Healthy Vegan When I first went vegan I googled everything there was to know about veganism like a crazy woman! As the only vegan (at the time ) in my family and with a solid background in nutrition, I wanted to make sure that I was fully prepped before my big “announcement” I first went vegan because of the health benefits. And after studying (and trying) SO MANY DIETS and ways to eat over the years I felt like I had found something that was exactly what I was looking for. It sounds crazy, but maybe you can relate. I was so fed up of going from diet plan to another, ALWAYS trying something new and never feeling fully satisfied. I always had an intuition telling me it wasn’t quite right. When I fell into veganism I felt like everything had fallen into place. I just knew that it was the right way to eat for me. And boy am I glad I did it! And even though they’re a million different ways to eat vegan, I go with science, my knowledge and experience and also my own judgment. When considering a vegan diet, you may be asking a few questions: Can I actually get all the vitamins, minerals, protein and other essential nutrients from only eating plant foods? Am I going to lose weight? Will my hair will fall out? Can I become really healthy (because you’ve heard a lot of stuff saying it isn’t)? Does it require strict regulations? Is it something that one day your family will get on board with? Is it safe for your family and throughout different life stages? Am I going to get enough protein? Will it WORK and can it be sustained for the rest of my life? Although I’ve written several posts on vegan nutrition, weight loss, and benefits on a plant-based diet, think of this as a Vegan Nutrition for Dummies. What exactly do you need to know before starting a vegan diet? Vegan Nutrition Basics For Beginners Why should you eat more plants? Research shows that a diet filled with whole plant foods length lifespan treats obesity and decreases or in some cases reverse common illnesses such as high blood pressure, type 2 diabetes and heart disease. The British Dietetic Association confirms that a plant-based diet is healthy and suitable for all stages of life. Is It Healthier To Be Vegan? The short answer, it depends. Of course, eating a vegan can be extremely beneficial. In fact, I believe it to be the most healthful diet we can consume. But just by not eating meat in our diet, doesn’t make it a healthy diet either. A vegan diet can be filled with processed food, just the same as a SAD diet. Vegans can still suffer from health issues, being overweight & a shortened lifespan. But, when done right, a whole foods vegan diet can give the following benefits: Weight loss Improve cardiovascular health Decreased risk of developing type 2 diabetes, cancer, and heart disease Increased energy Improves kidney function Clear skin, strong hair, and nails Improved mood There’s a big difference between a vegan and plant-based diet. A person may go vegan for a variety of reasons including health, animal welfare, and environmental impact. A vegan will adopt veganism in all aspects of their life including clothes and skincare. A person who adopts a plant-based lifestyle is primarily doing it for health reasons they may still choose to wear non-vegan items of clothing, consume honey and other non-vegan items. You can still be vegan and adopt a whole foods plant-based diet. That way you are able to be vegan but ensure you are eating a high nutrient dense diet. A well-balanced diet is essential for optimal health, sustainable weight loss, increased energy and longevity. What foods do vegans eat? A healthy and balanced vegan diet should contain the following: Fruits and vegetables – Eat a wide range of colourful fruit and vegetables every day. Eat more vegetables than fruits. Aim for 4-6 portions of veg and 3- 4 portions of fruits daily Legumes – beans, lentils, tofu, tempeh, soymilk, soybeans, peanuts Healthy fats – avocado, nuts, seeds, coconut, cold pressed oils Starches – sweet potatoes, yams, white potatoes, squashes Grains – whole grain rice, quinoa, amaranth, millet, couscous, freekah, pasta Little sweeteners: maple syrup, coconut sugar, date syrup & other natural plant-based sweetness are better choices What nutrients are lacking in a vegan diet? Vitamin B12 – RDA 2.4mcg V A common nutrient missing in a vegan diet is vitamin B12. B12 actually comes from a bacteria, animals ingest this bacteria when they eat soil. We used to be able to get vitamin B12 from fruits and vegetables but our soils are depleted of nutrients now, so even non-vegans should supplement. BENEFITS: B12 increase energy levels, support brain health, boosts mood and promotes healthy skin and hair. Symptoms of B12 deficiency fatigue poor memory tingling depression dizziness hair loss dry skin eczema acne Vegans can get vitamin B12 straight from the source by getting a high-quality B12 supplement (LINK) Omega 3 DHA & EPA – RDA 1.6g for men, 1.1g for women BENEFITS: Omega 3 supports healthy brain tissue, eye health, fights anxiety and depression, improves joint pain and fights against autoimmune diseases. The SAD is very high in omega 6 which is pro-inflammatory low in omega 3 which is anti-inflammatory. The ideal ratio should be 2:1. There are concerns about a lack of omega 3 fatty acids on a vegan diet, but they can be easily obtained through a healthful diet. Vegan foods highest in Omega 3 include: Flaxseed chia seed hemp seed walnuts Dietary algae supplement (LINK) microalgae Vitamin D – RDA 600-100IU Vitamin D acts more like a hormone than a vitamin. we can get vitamin D from direct sunlight but if you live in a cold dark climate, pregnant or breastfeeding you may need to supplement with extra. BENEFITS: Adequate Vitamin D enhances the immune system, relieves joint pain & headaches, facilitates healthy hormone production, reduces the risk of developing cancer, type 2 diabetes, kidney disease, and cold and flu. Vitamin D is found in: sunlight fortified foods such as milk, cereals, soy products, and orange juice mushrooms Calcium – RDA 1000mg BENEFITS: Regulates blood pressure, improves kidney health, prevents diabetes, supports bone and joint care. Plant-based calcium sources are absorbed better by the body than animal sources. Foods high in calcium include: tahini sesame seeds tofu soybeans figs oranges kale collard greens broccoli almonds Iron – RDA 18mg Women typically need iron more than men due to menstruation and pregnancy. BENEFITS: Prevents anemia, helps brain functioning, boosts energy levels, improves mood, supports immune function Foods high in iron include: cashews tempeh dried apricots chickpeas kidney beans lentils swiss chard spinach pumpkin seeds Zinc – RDA 15mg BENEFITS: Balances blood sugar, improves fertility, reduces acne and scarring, fights depression, heals wounds. Foods high in zinc include: pumpkin seeds pinenuts walnuts chickpeas kidney beans lentils oats cacao powder and nibs Iodine – 150ug BENEFITS: Important for healthy thyroid function, powerful detoxifier, promote weight loss, healthy clear skin. Foods high in iodine include: sea vegetables – kelp, pulse, nori iodised salt Do vegans live longer? On average vegans and vegetarians live longer and experience fewer health problems as they age. Studies show a strong correlation to many diseases and a significantly shortened lifespan the more animal produce is consumed. What are the health risks of becoming vegan? How do vegans get enough nutrition? getting enough calories eating a diet high in nutrient density consuming a wide range of whole plant-based foods eating a diet that’s hormonally optimal What are the benefits of being vegan? increased energy clear glowing skin stronger hair and nails better athletic performance (link to athletes) reduced or eliminated health conditions Suggested reading: 10 life-changing benefits go going vegan that will blow your mind Do I need to count calories or macros? There is quite a debate about how many calories a person needs to eat. Unfortunately, it depends from person to person. Age, gender, pregnancy and other changes in our life can affect how much food we need to consume. A plant-based diet is naturally low in calories. For those wanting to drop a few pounds, it will be much easier to do as you will need to consume a high quantity of produce. You don’t need to count calories and macros when you eat a wide range of whole plant foods. Just eat when you’re hungry and stop when you’re full. Your body weight and hunger levels will adjust and go to its natural set point. Do vegans have to take supplements? It’s recommended to get enough protein, fats, carbohydrates, essential vitamins and minerals by eating a high nutrient plant-based diet. However, due to poor soils, toxins in our food and environment and lack of essential sunshine, it’s important for everyone to take the following: multivitamin vitamin D probiotic DHA Do vegans lack protein? The protein myth If you eat enough calories from a wide variety of whole plant-based foods you will get enough protein. Protein is found in many plant foods such as nuts beans tofu legumes grains vegetables Animal protein has been linked to cancer kidney disease osteoporosis cardiovascular disease type 2 diabetes On average, vegans still get 70% more protein than what is required every day. As long as you are eating enough calories you will get enough protein. Is a plant-based diet good for you? Suggested Reading: 10 Best Vegan and Plant-Based Books To Radically Improve Your Health Vegan nutrition chart There are many different vegan nutrition charts to choose from, each with their own recommendations based upon which vegan ‘diet’ you choose you to do. Here are some examples: Drfuhrman.com Veganeasy.org Veganfoodpyramid.com You can even get a vegan nutrition wall chart that I think is amazing to have something visual to help understand vegan nutrition. This one looks especially good for kids! Ready to go vegan? It’s very important to keep learning! The more you know how much better being a vegan is for your health, the planet and the environment you’ll never look back. If you’re stuck where to go next, try reading these incredible vegan plant-based nutrition books One of the best ways to put everything in to practice is to create recipes that are affordable, convenient, and taste great. You can find a great selection that even kids love here Id love to know what has helped you go on a vegan diet or what made you decide to look into veganism/plant-based diet. Let me know in the comments. The post ESSENTIAL VEGAN NUTRITION GUIDE:EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO BE A HEALTHY VEGAN appeared first on Holistically Lizzie. View the full article
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  7. Would you please share the address of Nazih trading in the tourist club! Thank you
  8. everyone, sorry I have missed out a few days of postings on Ramadhan, but couldn't be helped- we have been having electrical issues in the house ( and still do) but in brief, it caused damage to our router and thus, it took a while to fix a few other issues and then we fixed the router. All I have been doing besides all the other work, is fixing, fixing fixing... and it is still ongoing. At first we weren't getting water from main pipes into the house ( in Ramadhan) water supply is very slow and we have to carry buckets of water upstairs from outside water tank which has different line. The bottom tank has to fill before water reaches tanks upstairs.. but it wasn't filling quick enough. Anyway, after this, we had a broken outside pipe so that was fixed. Next day after that, the floating ball ( whatever its called..know the name but can't remember it right now!) and a pipe for the kitchen outside suddenly were broken... Now we are half way fixing that, the rest of work has to be done today. We called Etisalat, and they were very prompt with advice and sent someone over, so they were a great big help in getting our router fixed -my sons agreed with me and we all send out a big thank you to them!! The issue of electric box tripping off every time in regards to one unit of the house is annoying and we have yet to find out exact cause. I think I may already have an idea but not sure yet so will see how things go today , that was my full week and as always alhamdulilah as there are blessings in everything. The fasting days are indeed mashallah going very fast! We are already one third through Ramadhan, and al hamdulilah, apart from slight thirst, it has been good. This is where some of the blessings come in with some unexpected things cropping up-they keep you soooo busy you don;t have time to think about food or anything and when you do finally sit down, you want to nap! Some of the dishes I have made to date for Ramadhan, have been lamb stew, various kinds of shurba ( such as lentil, chicken broth, cream of broccoli, cream of chicken , and vegetable soups). machbous, chicken biriyani, macaroni dishes, fatoush salad, and grilled fish-which was succulent and delicious. For suhoor yesterday, we had light soup, toast, cereals for anyone who wanted, white with yogurt or laban and tea. Everyone seems sleepy yesterday even me.. I found it difficult to get out of bed but al hamdulilah, all routine now. Once you get into the first days of Ramadhan over the years, you automatically adjust to it. Sometimes when my granddaughter wakes up for suhoor ( she still practicing) , We would pour for her cereal in a bowl, then she would get up to take fresh milk from nearby fridge.. place it on table and stare blank into it lol still half asleep.. her father laughed when I told him I am sure she is waiting for it to pour itself into the bowl lol Yesterday, we made chicken stew, and today inshallah it will be lamb stew with lentils served with white rice and salad.I am also making a tomato based macaroni dish to send to some friends who sent us food yesterday. In Ramadhan I have to change timings to go out, so best time is morning after I have finished work around the house and have made the dough ( ready for lugaimat later). I like to go and see whats going on , whats new in regards to products etc for Ramadhan. My shopping trip usually is to get perishables like bread, fresh milk etc.. which are used daily. For newcomers to the UAE, please know that shopping times changes. Don't go out to shop before 10 am and malls are usually open until 1 am and some places are open until 3 am even grocery shops. Some places like Medinat Zayed souq close from 1 pm until 5 pm. Just try to check out the new times on any shop/store/or mall entrance window. It is normal for people to go out after taraweeh prayers, and go whereever they plan to go- I won't though unless its important but rarely do I like to go out at night even after Maghrib unless invited. I really don't like all the busy roads. They are getting more and more congested each year. Something extra: I Have learnt to categorize the types of road drivers over the years and this is how I describe them, here's a few anyway: The zig-zaggers: You may have seen these, these are the drivers that suddenly wave in front of you and you realize the car has zigged zagged around you like all the other cars in-front of you, weaving from one lane to another, side to side.. trying to get through traffic faster. The Road Wipers: These really terrify me..when a driver plans to make a right exit ( obviously he/she should know where they are going ) plan ahead to go on that road that leads to the specific exit in a normal sensible manner.... but ohhh nooooo,, driver goes on the fast lane ( opposite side of the road) and take the greatest risk imaginable, risking other drivers lives, and cuts right across the road horizontally ( like someone wiping a table) . to just barely make the exit!! Now, these drivers, should have their licenses removed from them to be honest! If they think it is easy to put people lives at risk, then they really don't need their licenses. The Twins: These are two cars that decide the road is a best place to have a chat.. so open their car windows, chat while driving side by side! These driver should stay home. The Attention Seekers: These are those drivers, who have music full blast for all to hear when they pass by or when stopped at the red signal lights. He/she has probably deafened him/herself by now .... they can't hear the terrible racket they are really making. Cure for this, hmm.. have their radios removed. The multi-taskers: These are the drivers that 'drive', read, text, speak on their mobiles, (maybe even put their feet up) some even put make up on and carry babies..... hellooooo, Make calls at home. Dont go out if you won't be able to concentrate on safety issues of driving. Make up.. really? Stop the car somewhere and put make up if you have too, or alter your routine. If a passenger that is ok- but if driving, it is not worth the risk, truly. (solution? Remove the make up bag?? hehe) Making calls, avoid taking calls while driving or at least use headset... either way it can be a bad distraction. That vital moment of concentration on road is always needed. Buckle up always even if going to the nearby shop. Sorry if any typos!!
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  11. Can someone help me out to find the best hospital for my delivery ?Im confused between Danat Al Emarat , Burjeel and Brightpoint...Could u all please share your experiences with the above mentioned hospitals?
  12. Aloha Mommies, Making our Family healthy starts with the water we provide for them, water bottles is expensive. And i have an alternative as we want practical and wise to spend on our daily needs, let me share with you a water filter that will absolutely shrink your cost. This BevGuard Water Filtration System will just cost you around AED-585, and you will consume 29,000 Gallons of water or you will use it for more than 2 years. Think about it how much you will SAVE on it. You may please find attached file, Azurine-+971503496647
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  16. Thank you for the article, it is of great use. We hired a company named Saba Movers for my relocation process. They were very useful and all the items were packed nicely and secure. Items reached home safe and sound without any damage. Happy customer.
  17. everyone, 1st & 2nd Days of Ramadhan… Well, we are on our third day of fast already..so time seems to be flying as usual...before I go on about our fast etc..and while on the subject of time - I just was into this reading of a fascination article somewhere on the web .. I remember reading about same subject some years ago and just happen to come across the same subject again ( you know when you are searching for one thing on the web and you just get diverted by the many other interesting stuff you come across... well , that how I came across this article again [completely forgetting what I was looking for] and read and read and read... Our life time is so short compare to ancient days gone by people use to live for hundreds of years and were far, far taller, way far intelligent, and stronger than any human today... really something for thought.. The expected life span is far much shorter today, thus the saying 'life is short' is very true indeed. So 'so make the best of time before time takes you' is another thought of which to heed. Back to Ramadhan.... The first suhoor alhamdulilah , I managed to wake everyone - the rest with babies had to depend on themselves to wake and come for suhoor.. I just texted them as I didn't want to wake up the babies. Very light suhoor of cereal, and rice with yogurt for those who wanted or just toast.. which is enough for me. I managed to somewhat sort out a medicine schedule.. have to see how it goes, but half way through I make get my calcium checked just to be on the safe side. For the 1st of Ramadhan suhoor , a variety of sambosas from batches I had made and frozen, and vegetable drinking soup... main was lamb stew and salad. I also made the traditional local lugaimat- we have this everyday. I make the ajeen in the morning and in late afternoon I cook them. My daughter in laws were making something to send out to friends...I stayed in outside kitchen to finish main cooking etc.. My young granddaughter later came upstairs and said she wanted to get up for suhoor but her parents didn't wake up.. she comes upstairs to get advise and ..even tells me to scold her parents sometimes hehe) which I do just for the fun of it! It gives the kids a laugh seeing parents can get told off too still lol. So, I told her to sleep alittle in the afternoon or say inshallah, so she will be awake for suhoor. The 2nd Day: I did my usual going around to wake everyone up for suhoor, it takes mashallah a couple of times to get hubby out of bed... as either he will go back to sleep or stare at the ceiling until ..he goes back to sleep lol. Make me go in and out like a yoyo. Everyone starts to gather and I ask my son about my granddaughter if she managed to keep awake as I didn't see her coming with him... he said ' Yes, she's coming' and I could see she was dragging herself up the stairs slowly lol... she said she kept awake as she knew she might miss the suhoor.. poor girl.. but she was happy, so she had a nice suhoor with us and tried to fast a few hours a day practice, she always sits next to me if the seat is empty. We had Chicken biriyani for our main, with a yogurt salad and arugula salad leaf dish. Plus this carousal (large dish with different bowls that turns) of sambosas and sausage rolls. First day, I was thirsty by afternoon as most of family were, yesterday was ok as time went fast. Well that's news of our first couple of days..... enjoy Ramadhan and have a blessed month!
  18. This is a new post from Expat Child by Carole Hallett Mobbs Expat Child - Moving overseas with children. Relocation advice. Global health insurance considerations for expat families Packing up and moving abroad is no small decision. The stress of moving ... Read More The post Expat family health insurance appeared first on Expat Child. View the full article
  19. I do! And Ive been left 9 years now. I joined the chat forums back in early 2000's..facebook wasnt even around then. I used to rush home from work everyday to see wat was going on. Its quite sad now to see new people asking for advice on some of the forums and having 20 views with 0 replies.
  20. thanks for sharing nice information
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  22. Well yesterday Saudi Arabia declared Monday is expected to be first day of Ramadhan ( wanted to post this last night but couldn't as was too busy). First day of Taraweeh prayers start today though. So, Ramadhan Kareem to everyone! Inshallah it will be a blessed month for everyone. I have been fiddling with making a new schedule for my meds... thyroid tabs , calcium and iron tab.. confusing as you have to take thyroid meds a given time before taking calcium tabs ( as the calcium tabs. can affect it effectiveness) and I have to leave a 3 hrs gap ( at least ) between each-- not giving me much time but let see how it goes. I had the same issue last year and my calcium level went low so best to just keep an eye on it. Spent all morning at an hospital appointment, seeing the doctor no prob, doing tests and even taking xray.... no probs.... comes pharmacy and mashallah it was packed...waited one hour and 15 mins for my meds. Arrived home hungry and thirsty but since it is lunch time, might as well wait. Just drinking a tiny cup of coffee to get me to lunch . Didnt have my tabs ( suppose to be after breakfast but went before the time I could eat - the time has just flew by! Received an advert type message from a beauty whatever on my mobile-- 'Ramadhan Mubarak! Special offer on face whatever, botox and the like... hmm.. I am just thankful ( sooooo thankful) to be home and to be able to rest a little... outside these days mashallah is very hectic... and roads are scary--- to many drivers overtaking in a rash manner-and even more thankful I did my Ramadhan shopping early--see the queues? ok, thats all from me,,, if anyone wants to hear about my Ramadhan family experiences, check out the Ramadhan Chronicles.
  23. hello everyone I hope everything's going well with you all... I'm looking for some orthodontist recommendations for lingual braces for adult if anyone got them please let me know how it went and what doctor you went to. Thank you.
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  25. Well ladies, Ramadhan is almost at our doors and as always we welcome this very significant time with God's Great Grace, Inshallah, with open arms and a open heart. I have been preparing for a few weeks now, as I make my own sambosas and freeze them every year, they are all done.. been adding new soft furnishings like table clothes etc, simple lanterns and crescent lamps, and the like.. this make the kids and family look forward to the event with a warm heart. I always buy my stock a little before time and some like these days as the Ramadhan stock of foods come out in the stores.. but by this time decor and non food items become expensive. But food is pretty much friendly priced indeed thanks to all involved in making sure this happens. I have cleaned all my carpets, did lot of 'spring cleaning' trimmed all the plants etc. adding new stuff here and there, today just finished cleaning and rearranging freezers. So I can see where everything is to grab and start cooking. In between all that helping out with babies when I can, made a doll house out of bug box for granddaughter... lol she dragged it off to her room! Amazing what a simple box can do compare to buying the expensive stuff which gets left! I have a project corner in my room ( really needs a small office) , and all my grandkids will come here straight away to find stuff - they will say to their parents " Ummi has everything in her room-' it is great for their parents as they don't fancy going out at 11 pm at night when their kid suddenly wakes up and remembers they need such and such for a project next day--when will the younger parents understand that the older ones have been there before lol Hubby will be sending stuff from the farm later so lots of work of distributing and putting into fridge etc. later ( weekly thing). I have the mijlises to do now, last on the list and then maybe done * i think * Well, ladies, will let you know when ramadhan starts, also will add my Journals in the Ramadhan Chronicles . Newcomers: Watch the Ramadhan Shopping going on, its a festival in itself.. all over the UAE you will see people rushing and buying for Ramadhan...it is all part of a wonderful experience. Please Share your experiences with us , your observations, etc. about the shopping atmosphere these days.. I am sure we would all love to hear your stories too.
  26. These are my own tried and tested tips: 1. After bringing cleaned carpet from laundry , to get rid of that laundry smell- sprinkle cologne on the carpet- works wonders also great for getting rid of insects. They hate the smell as it is strong.. but really makes whole room smell nice too. 2. Ever get tired at times of searching for your shopping cards, mine are organized but sometimes, when you use a larger wallet, you really don't want to carry another smaller one with shopper cards. I have a small shopper card wallets ( accordion style) where I store them all) I also have separate ones for my medical id etc. ( important ones) Small enough for tote size bags etc. Now, I have come up with another idea and you can actually just put them in the bag as it is, hang them on outside of bag or even wallet- or insert them in your bigger wallet. Take the cards you most likely frequently use , Like Ikea Family Card or Carrefour or Coop card and the like... Put punch holes in the corners ( not near bar code), add on to one of those simple key ring you find at any stationary store, write 'shopper cards' and you have them all on one key ring. I find this is easier.. 3. I did this for Ramadhan-> Gather a group of drawings from your kids ( or grand kids) make sure their name is on each with age , and date.. assign all to an area on the wall and make a family Pic Gallery. Great homely decor! 4. If you notice when you buy handbags- storing them within wardrobes will cause the \skin' of bags to peel off as just too hot.... keep them in the open where it is cool, hang behind door or on wardrobe door ( using over the door organizers-bought on Souq.com or if you are lucky- find good quality bag holders at home center, Ikea also have some) . I also bought a clothes tree with very long stick out rods..works wonders to hang bags. Great find! Also, use your dust bags! 5. I have done this for many years and to this day find it very useful.... invest in a good business card box holder ( the one with alphabetical order accordion file within) any random cards for stores, maintenance, tailors, plumbers, whatever... just add to the box for anytime you need some info, it is really handy being all in one place. 6. Sometime with our medical ids, we get doctors business card info, and even at times some ID cards ( like dentist appointment cards for example) are too large for the average id wallet. The business cards can be stored in a separate accordion ID wallet ( they are card size exactly), important numbers can be inserted in separate pocket of main medical ID wallet ( misc just store in the separate wallet, taking them when needed) . The bigger appointment cards can be stores in a small zip lock type file found at Daiso. 7. Keep a nice decorative box in your room, in that keep all the non essential or non needed things for that day in the box, so when ever you do your bag for next morning, take what you need and store what you don't in the box. It is quick to access.I use a decorative gift box my son gave me, but a decorative nice shoe box works fine for the same purpose. 8.When electricity goes out ( for whatever reason) use battery operated candles) rather than real ones- much safer especially at night than the real ones. They also look very nice too! 9. If you buy stock of chips ( crisps) etc for kids school, using a laundry basket or even a hamper on wheels makes a good vertical storage space. 10. To make water proof packaging for your laundry soap powder box, use emptied, washed and dried Persil liquid soap bottles [any bottle with a wide neck works] and transfer to these, you can print out a fancy label. Even comfort bottles would work too. 11. If you have a small two range counter top oven.... use a ceramic type chopping board as a protective back splash, if you like you can even use decorative Place mats too,! There are lots more....... next time if you all like these! Bye for now!
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