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    I have seen this hesitancy to give receipts at shops, laundries, and even Spinneys one time ( last week) too. I became suspicious when the cashier didn't want to close her till box straight away, she left it open waiting for me to leave. I always ask for my receipts now. I think laundries need to price the cost of each item also and not just place a large sum of total on receipt. Laundries are overcharging in some cases.
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    I agree JB, it's going to get worse now.
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    Things will only get worse when VAT comes in - someone in the supply chain is going to lose out, and I suspect it will be the customer! Recently at a supermarket I was charged the incorrect price on an item that was advertised as being on a special. When I asked the cashier to check he said, "There's nothing I can do - you can leave the item behind, or pay this price." I said that was unreasonable, and asked to see a supervisor. He said that no supervisor was on duty (!) so I chose to leave the item behind, but then he made a mess of deducting it, so had to call a supervisor to finalise the receipt (funny how the supervisor was then magically available!) When the supervisor came I made a complaint, and then he tried to give the item to me for free. I said no - all I ever wanted was to pay the advertised price for the item - surely that's not too much to ask?! As well as a little bit of customer service, which seems sorely lacking in all companies these days.
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    Just a reminder, but please make sure you get receipts for your transactions. I went to one of the pharmacies near my house over the weekend, and there was a new girl working at the counter. I usually calculate things in my head, so I have an idea of the appx bill. When she “rang” up the amount, I was expecting it to be about 100 dhs, but she said the bill was 297. I went ahead and paid, thinking maybe one item was far diff price than I expected, got my 3 dhs change, and then she just said thanks and expected me to leave. I asked her where is my receipt? At this point, she became very flustered and started ringing things up again, then told me to give her back the 3 dhs. I asked her why, did you charge me wrong? She said, oh there’s a slight difference. The actual bill should have been 101 dhs. She corrected it and said, oh I’m so sorry for the mistake. Then I had to again ask for the receipt, which this time had the right amount but was time stamped for the wrong day and time. I have not been able to find corporate information for this store to report what happened, but I just want to remind everyone to always always always get a receipt.
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    Me too, really a good initiative for many people! Next weekend we hit the Mall with the money saved
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    Just wondering if anyone taking advantage of the National day offers to pay your traffic fines now ( then just pay half) as I know.
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    The Lourve Abu Dhabi

    Just before UAE National day, I went with son and his wife to visit the Lourve Museum. I thought i would never get to visit but fortunately, I did. Such a beautiful and stunning place, People were fascinated with the architectural design of it all in and out not just what was inside it. On entrance, expect to get a check in airport -like screening, you walk through that doorway thingy and then you have your bags etc. screened. Lots of people had to hand over nail cutters, small scissors, etc. anything sharp. You are not allowed to place your hand on any of the outer wall area of those items that are closed in glass, even if you just wanted to get closer to read the fine print . Mind you i saw many placing their mobile phones on the ledges, leaning against it even and even some touching the mummies and not warned not to touch them .. hmmm.. Anyway, the visit was very nice and we got to see some famous items and art work such as The Whistler's Mother, Napoleon, statues of Roman figures, and Alexander the Great, pottery, flints, coins., and much more. We spent a reasonable good amount of time considering we had little grand-daughter with us, you might find children especially toddlers will get bored so take that in mind. They have a store there where you can buy souvenirs such as notebooks, key rings, magnetic badges ete. and books. They have a restaurant or cafeteria on exit of the Museum as you leave , but highly expensive, we bought juice for toddler-normal one you buy in bottles at store and it costs DH 25 !! so it was DH 50 for two, so be sure to take for baby if you need for afterwards. That was a shock to be honest! Overall: It is a trip I would happily want to go on again as it was all very interesting indeed. Definitely worth a visit!! It is a great thing to have The Louvre here in Abu Dhabi. It is wheel chair accessible also for those who want to know.
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    Thank you for the tip Momof3 and DD, I totally agree with you.
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    Arabic lessons in KCA

    Does anyone know of any Arabic (group or individual)lessons running in KCA?
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    Arabic lessons in KCA

    Hi Clover - see this link about posters' experiences with Arabic lessons. Berlitz is located in KCA. Hope this helps :)
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    @DesertDream for gold and @Jillybean for silver this week! https://abudhabiwoman.com/leaderboard/
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    Ohhh! Thank you very much :) :) ok Jilly bean where are you.. happy dance time hehe* :) Thank you Tri-geek!
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    Oh no, that was really bad luck! I hope the coming year will be better for you!
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    Hi, We are moving to UAE from Melbourne by mid 2018, I am looking for a school that is as good as vic schools. I have 7 year old twins one with Aspergers and I don't want him to be in a competitive atmosphere with lots of homework and tests. I researched the schools and was hoping to find a Montessori but they are all nurseries, Gems might be an option. Is there anyone who can suggest a school that I should look at? TIA Rana
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    The Lourve Abu Dhabi

    Thanks for info! A visit is on my list when my niece arrives. Promises to be interesting!
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    You're welcome Jillybean. Lol about the spending, yes, so many wonderful things to buy including some unique items. It really is very good you reminded everyone about the cash. I don't use cards anyway but I just put a budget in my purse and that way I don't overspend. Like you wish I had more money at times lol Discovered that I was portable pocket bank for family members when they realized I had cash!! But there was . by the way, a ATM machine there.
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    The Shiekh Zayed Heritage Festival has opened ( just 2 days now) at al Wathba, it is a great yearly event.. a must see. lots of things to see there, buy, and even the food stalls . I enjoyed the one last year, so hope to go again this year. You can buy local food products, spices, traditional garments, winter shawls, and so much more. Lots of entertainments and firework events too. Last year there was a classic car show event there. So, something for everyone. Note: This will last until 27th January, 2018. Nice time of the year too!
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    Thanks for the heads-up on this, DD. We went last year, and it was utterly amazing - so many incredible stalls and wonderful local cuisine. Just a reminder to ADW members to take cash! Most of the stall holders don't take bank cards, understandably, and we ran out of money last time (much to my annoyance and DH's relief )
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    Is there fireworks tonight 2nd December at corniche ? Any information ?
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    Tangerine - I don't know about a specific delivery service, but having lived in KCB for ten years, I can say that when we started out here, India Palace was the only restaurant that delivered to us, whereas now, nearly all the restaurants in Bawabat Al Sharq mall and KCA deliver to KCB (or Shakbout City as we now are). I know that most city restaurants don't deliver out here, but could you find a local equivalent? We now have Chinese, Arabic, Indian and junk food (KFC, McDonalds, Pizza Hut) all delivered in KCB. Which bit of KCB do you live in? What I have found to be a life saver is sending a location map via WhatsApp. Previously it was very difficult to give directions to delivery drivers, especially as streets in KCB are often not signposted, and those that are often have the same name (i.e. we have four or five 33rd Streets). Good luck in your quest :)
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    This article from The National about where to watch the fireworks for National Day doesn't mention Corniche: https://www.thenational.ae/lifestyle/family/where-to-watch-the-uae-national-day-fireworks-1.679328 Seems to be that there are two firework displays happening in Abu Dhabi tonight at 9pm - at Yas Island and Al Maryah Island
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    aww sorry to hear that tangerine, that is annoying for sure then :( Have you check the names to be sure, as Khalifa City is now called Sheikh Shakbout City ? Some places like McDonalds have their own websites and as far as I know they delivery there. Try the restaurants individual services. Also. take a trip to the pink shop areas in Khalifa A, and just inquire which will deliver to your area and take their brochures. Usually delivery services will ask you for your location by Whats App these days. We used to live in Khalifa City A for a few years and those small restaurants are well known locally and sell good food. Place like Khafaif, sell freshly baked fataya and phillo pies, you can also buy great roast chickens in a restaurant near that, there are several other restaurants there. Near where use to be Gean't ( now Carrefour) there is Pizza Hut, Hardees, Kebab place and Maroush ( great shawarma sandwich place)-so much more too.
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    Happy UAE National Day

    *~*~*~*~*~*HAPPY UAE NATIONAL DAY EVERYONE!!!*~*~*~*~*~* enjoy !! :) :)
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    Come with me Into the Dunes!

    Happy UAE national day! “قيل للشيخ زايد رحمه الله بأن 85% من الامارات عماله وافده. فقال: ان الرزق رزق الله الله, والمال مال الله, والارض ارض الله, والفضل فضل الله, والخلق خلق الله, ومن توكل على الله اعطاه الله, ومن يبينا حياه الله. I'm the least patriotic person on the planet...but I have a soft spot in my heart for the land of a great man, Sheikh Zayed who is still loved by millions even years after he's been gone. I don't usually do this, but in the spirit of The UAE's Year of Giving and today's celebration, I'm giving a BUY 1 GET 1 OFFER on my desert escape this December 12th. Offer ends tomorrow. Grab it while you can. No better way to enjoy the awesome winter in UAE. www.intothedunes.com
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    Meeting at 5:00pm at Wathba Cycle Track (parking area)We will do a 40 minutes workout which will leave you exhilarated and a 40 minutes meditation session which will leave you elated! Bring a scarf or bandana for the sand/wind. You can choose to do this barefoot. Wathba is a short 40 minute drive. Amy from UAE Trekkers (uae-trekkers.com) will be leading us through the dunes. Amy has a lot of experience in desert training! As the Desert Trainer for the WOMEN’S HERITAGE WALK she led 55 ladies through 2 months of training for the ultimate walk from Al Ain to Abu Dhabi over 5 days! Randa from Be You International (beyouinternational.com) will be leading the meditation. Randa is a certified life coach and promises you a blissful experience to free your mind from stress, overwhelm and negativity. You will go home feeling like a brand new you! Cost: 100 dhs for the first time. 75 dhs for regulars during this coming winter. Transportation is NOT provided. Al Wathba cycle track can be easily found on google maps, around 40 minutes out of Abu Dhabi along Al Alain road. Carpooling can be arranged within the whatsapp group. In order to join, RSVP to +971563366947 to join the whatsapp group and stay updated. Contact: If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us at info@beyouinternational.com Payment: You can show up and pay on the spot. But you have to let us know you're coming via email or whatsapp. We need to know who we are waiting for before we go into the dunes.
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    Abu Dhabi moms hear me out for a second please... I've been recently asked what would I do if I had just a few more months to live... what I'm about to share, was DEFINITELY on that list of ABSOLUTELY must be done before I check out. SoOo...I've been thinking about this for a while now and it is crystalising in my head into such a beautiful experience for moms and daughters. It's a day out in the city LIKE THEY'VE NEVER EXPERIENCED BEFORE. I've shared the idea with a few moms and straight away they said they want in. This has been nagging at me and I just have to do it. Through this event, these girls will have love and connection with one of the most important people in their life, their mom. I want to have each participating daughter to experience a day with her mom she will never ever forget and that will transform their relationship forever. And I need your help. I just have a tiny problem. While I was in Thailand my assistant quit on me. I've only 1 pair of hands, a plate full of goodies that I cannot delegate, a book that I've been trying to finish for years and only 24 hours in a day. SoOo...I'm looking for a small group of volunteer moms. *Must be living in Abu Dhabi (and be familiar with the city). *Must have a car (and drive it). *Must be committed & have free time in the mornings to work on this. *Must be team players and have organisational skills. *Must be social (very) *Having persuasive skills is also a huge plus ;) *Preferable that they have a daughter (for research) As a thank you, the volunteers will get some perks such as 1 on 1 coaching time with me, my Be You cards and participating in the big event at a special price. It's all about spreading the love. <3 If interested please send an email to info@beyouinternational.com or call my office at 024463766 during business hours. To know a bit more about me and what I do please go to www.beyouinternational.com
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    Thanks Ladies. Finally my friend found a nice evening dress at a very good price in Delma Mall, at Quiz.
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    My kids & hubby love Machboos. In 1 month we make the trip to Najd Palace so many times, just for the Machboos laham.
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    Oh dear me! It's this Friday 24th. 5pm is meeting time at al wathba cycling track.
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    Debenhams in Yas Mall have quite a selection in up to a size 22. You could try Evans in Yas Mall but they didn't have much of a selection when I was looking last weekend - also Yours in Mushrif Mall have a few sparkly evening type dresses (and will be much cheaper than Debenhams or Evans).
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    *UAE Commemoration Day: 30 th November, fixed Holiday to remember all those who lost their lives in the line of duty to their nation in both the military and humanitarian fields. All official departments lower their flags at a specific time and stand in one minute's silence. * UAE National Day, celebrated on Dec, 2-3rd. Expect celebrations, fireworks, car parades, concerts, exterior of buildings and homes decorated, and more. Note: Flag day in the UAE is celebrated on November 3rd each year.
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    Machboos the classic and much loved traditional dish in the Emirates -- it is even cooked a lot more often during the cooler months as it is a versatile dish to make when camping or for even taking on a picnic. It is a dish where rice is cooked in either a chicken, lamb, or a fish broth and thus, soaks up all the flavours . Our family loves it and eats it with ha'char ( mixed home made pickles) and daghous ( homemade chilli tomatoe sauce. A must try if any of you ladies get the chance! Ha'char is a must have for me lol. Also, can be eaten with a yogurt salad.
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    Can Can in Marina Mall, (not been there for a while though), Mango, Medinat Zayed Souq, cheaper than the malls, Zara, Marks & Spencer's-they had a huge sale awhile ago and I saw some beautiful stuff there.. it depends how fancy you want though in regards to personal tastes. there is a lot starting to come out with the Holiday season soon coming too.
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    Hi there. I have a couple dresses in this size range, that you are welcome to take, if you like them. I will send you me phone number by private message. If you like, WhatsApp me and I will send you pics.
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    Extra income in the side

    Good Morning Hope everyone is doing great. My question is how can I make extra income in the side. FYI I am a full time employee, is just I want to have another in the side. Any good advice or anything I can do in Abu Dhabi that will enhance this? Regards, Badriya
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    We usually go to Mushrif Palace Park (Opposite Umm Al Emarat) for BBQ and shisha but as we were leaving last week somebody told us that they will start fining people who BBQ in the parks and it's now only allowed in Yas. Has anyone else heard this?