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    The UAE is my home but I can relate to how many expats or newcomers feel when first coming out to live and settle in a new country that will be home for a certain time. It takes a lot of adjustment and a building block of new trust and security has to be rebuilt. When my hubby studied abroad in our earlier years, it took us a while to settle for our 1-2 year stay. Plus, you always keep at the back of your mind that you will be going back home and rather than enjoying and making the most of the great opportunity given to you in life -to experience something new, you tend to tick off the days on the calender waiting for the time it is to return home-this very point is what is preventing you from settling and as a new expat you really need to look ahead, learn everything about your new area, make new friends and get especially organized ahead of time to make settling into a new home environment much easier. In fact, the UAE is the best of places to easily fit in once here. The sooner you settle the sooner everyone will be happy. Stressing out will only spread in family so sorting all settling areas is the key. First when arriving: 1. Try to come early and have at least a couple of weeks free to settle as a family at home before work starts. This is needed. It is difficult for a woman to get things done around house for installation of washing machines etc and the like when in the industrial world, it is dominated male services-this should all be done before works starts so family can start settling quicker without these worries. At all times, You need to be cautious when having people in to service things around the home and always have eyes on the kids. Make sure you have secured a house before uprooting. The house should be cleaned out and maintenance done before moving in, if you do move in and find anything, make notes for your hubby to give to house owner . Clean house to suit you once here and have bathrooms, bedrooms done first so kids can get busy with sorting out their stuff or younger ones have a place cleaned and ready to play. Next step, should be kitchen then in due time work towards all other rooms and house areas. Get the tv up and running as the sound of an open tv makes the house feel homely. Points for new home: install filters ( candle stick ones like Doultons) for filtering tap water for tea and cooking. You can also find washing machine ones if you wish , the washing machines etc are usually installed by the store from which you buy. Always ask for service number and keep on wall for anytime you need it. If you already have these in an apartment then you need not worry. I have moved house several times in the past so have the experience behind me now. Consider putting up basket ball nets for the boys or even getting a new pet to keep kids occupied and not feeling depressed, animals are great at comforting kids. I am going into a bit of detail here so bare with me on this....this will help a lot. Your locality: Every area almost have a long block of shops- find your nearest one and make notes of what is a available. You should find a 'bagala' grocery shop (means it is recognized for it quality by the government), a pharmacy, a stationary for school and work stuff with printing, copying and scanning services, a laundry which usually does hand washing & ironing of clothes , bed sheets, some do carpets etc. they have dry cleaning services, steaming services and pick up and delivery services . Even shops will do this in the event you need anything and don't want to go out. I give small tips. Also, usually there is a industrial shop which usually means a hardware shop- here you may find electricity services , plumbers ( known as pipe fitters here) and several other services. Many know English or broken Arabic. Once you have these noted , you will be equipped at least with a consumer, friendly locality service. Now, you can look for a larger friendly consumer shopping store, pick a couple of favorites you would like to go to every week such as Carrefour or Lulu. Schools: In the first weeks before work starts, kids should be registered in schools or earlier even at appropriate times. This would probably be your first social gathering place for both kids and parents- meet other parents and kids will start to build up new friendships here and their new neighborhood if other kids around. Introduce yourself to other parents , take the first step even and ask questions, soon you will build new friendships too. Go to Parents/teachers events and school bazaars etc. and join in the fun. Medical Clinics and hospitals: Find the nearest SEHA health clinic near you and take note, this is the place you go to to have family treated for minor ailments or childhood vaccinations. There are private hospitals you can go too as well such as Al Noor Hospital on Airport Road near Carrefour Hypermarket. All your Ids , visas, health cards should be done with by time you start your job. Always have a file for each family members-everywhere you go, keep in the car for unexpected requests. You need passport copies, passport photos, birth certificate copes, and the like. This will save time having to go home again! Never give originals and leave them, SHOW original but take it back and leave copy only. Events in the UAE: There are a load of fabulous family events in the UAE, UAE festivals, fair grounds within these festivals, food truck events at the Corniche, international books fairs-one coming up in Abu Dhabi very soon, marathons , Spartan races, fun activities for everyone! You won't regret going to these. There are many gathering groups on ABW too such as coffee mornings- there are a real great bunch of ladies on here truly!! You don't have to make a step even-- just tap on the keyboard and you are on your way! The Gardens & Parks: Families gather every Friday at gardens and parks , adults picnic while kids play. There is the Airport Road park area which as a KFC, or you could barbecue! I have seen many things over the years in gardens even a wedding celebration! There is Mushrif park, the al Bateen Family Park and Beach which has tea and food trucks around. I see lots of action there! There are many gardens, check out the nearest one to you. the Corniche: The focal point for boat races, Red Bull flying shows, dhow races, fun activities on the beach, and food trucks here and there. You can also rent a bicycle or tricycle there , great for the kids and adults alike. Kids: Like everywhere else in the world, eyes on kids always. Don't allow them to go to public toilets alone unless with adult. Nor, let them wonder off alone . Whenever anyone comes to do odd jobs around the house, better for both parents to be around or a friend, don't be alone. Bills: Water & electricity bills even post paid phone bills can be paid online or ATM machines these days, you can almost follow anything up even car fines online. Your kids schools will also have online websites etc for schedules of events, holidays etc. Familiarize yourself with UAE laws: This will help you understand more about the place within which you live, making you feel confident and equipped to deal with anything. UAE Culture : Learn which dress is the national dress of the UAE so you can distinguish them from amongst the many other regional Arab countries, Asian and far Asian people in the multi-cultural environment of the UAE. Learn a little local Arabic so you can get to know the locals. ( give you some key words in another post) Learn some of the dos and don't regarding dress code etc. , not a lot to worry about though! People are so friendly. When you are researching the area of your locality, make it a fun event for the kids- let them know you are going around the block to discover what stores etc they have. Try out some of the foods etc such as pastries to make it even more fun. When we kept moving house, we would go around the neighborhood a couple of times. And on following times hubby would pretend to be lost and this would have the kids jump into action giving directions! Helps them to become orientated to the environment and thus a sense of belonging to new area. Well that's all I can type for now ladies lol , tired I hope this will be of help to some new family out there anyway. Will post more tips! Enjoy your time in the UAE, make the most of it : ) best wishes DD
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    Thanks ladies. The earliest I could get an appointment is Saturday, but I've decided it's worth the wait as I don't think I'd really like to go back to Brightpoint after all of this. The appointment itself (ie in the room with the doctor) was good, but the rest of it wasn't great and the admin is slow, disorganized and I very much felt as though I was an interruption to their day. One lovely admin lady asked a doctor to call me who scolded me for being worried and said she was on the way to the labour ward and only called because she was told I was nervous and there was no need as the pap smear was fine. I explained that I was worried about the blood results and she said "well I don't know about that, I don't have time I have a woman in labour"... all the while I was still crying. Horrible hospital - never again! On another note, I will never understand why women's hospitals put pregnant women and those who are having their fertility tested, being treated or seen after miscarriage, or dealing with a vast array of women's issues which can affect or diminish their fertility are in the same waiting areas, it's heartbreaking and crassly insensitive. In a women's only hospital there is a real opportunity to manage this and hospitals fail time and time again. Sorry - a bit of a rant there. Thank you for holding my hand today. Fingers crossed that Dr Raquelle will be a better experience.
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    Here are a couple of pics in one -preparing sambosas in batches and freezing ready to cook in Ramadhan inshallah:
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    Great coffee morning today. Nice to see some newbies!!! We are going to try and have one more before summer, stay tuned, waiting on the list to come out to let us know what is open during Ramadan
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    Well ladies, in a short time Ramadhan will start! Time goes fast and is going fast!! I don't know about you ladies but these days it feels like one is running after time, and telling to 'any wait up' lol Lots is happening this year and I know for me it has been quite an eventful year, and having just recovered from a broken arm, I thank God so much for having gone through that and at least at a comfortable stage now. I also discovered I have to have my thyroids removed so that was postponed until after Ramadhan since my daughter has just had a cute baby boy Mashallah. She past by for a short time yesterday so I mananged to see them all and new baby for a short time. She told me she will come for few days before Ramadhan so we can do some Ramadhan shopping -if the little ones let us lol. Anyway, I have been writing my usual lists of 'things to do' and 'things to buy' for Ramadhan-found that I have several lists do now I have a booklet lol! No kidding! I have a diary thus keeps me on track. I first start 'spring cleaning ' the house and cleaning all windows etc. then I go around to the two kitchens and write new items we need like skillets, utensils etc. I only buy once a year if require and this is the time. Then I go checking out the stores. The stores are already packed full with new kitchen wares, furnishings etc. for Ramadhan. Lots of good sales go on too. Anyway there were shoppers out already buying stuff, I also bought some things I had been looking for, so decided to go ahead and get them. this was a kitchen ware store, came out with new tables cloths and a knife set! Some things I will get with my daughter. Today I went to Home Center, and they were busy packing furniture to deliver and replacing with new. Today, I wasn't too happy with the high prices, I felt they were higher than usual (even though I heard they will have a sale coming up). I did come out with some expensive cushion covers but doubt I will do the rest of my soft furnishings hoping there- so now cut down my list to a couple of places. i also bought mince meat and Sambosa leaves to prepare large batches of sambosas to freeze for Ramadhan, something I do each year as it saves time while we cook the main meal. you may think there is less cooking in Ramadhan but no- we cook for family, friends, to send to neighbours and mosques or Ramadhan tents. Sometimes there are gatherings at home too, so extra work. Even from now, it is the time where women will try new recipes or try to create new dishes ready for Ramadhan. So, that's my news ladies, will let you all know how rest goes!!
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    Hi all, As I'm sure most of you will agree moving to a new country like the UAE comes with a vast range of different challenges. To try and make things a bit easier for those that are thinking of moving here or have recently arrived, I wanted to put together a list of handy resources that I feel would be of great use. I know I definitely would have appreciated these a few years back! https://www.abudhabi.ae - Great resources for just about everything related to living in Abu Dhabi. Also a place you can pay your water and electricity bills, traffic fines etc. www.propertyfinder.ae - This is one of Abu Dhabi and the entire UAE's largest property portals. Here you will find 1000's of properties available for sale or rent. www.dubizzle.com - Abu Dhabi's biggest classifieds website containing just about anything you can think of. Whether you are looking for a bargain on your next sofa, a plumber to fix your sink or even your new job there is a very good chance you will find it here. . Also a good place to find standard sale and rental properties as well as rooms for rent. www.off-planproperties.ae - This one is more for anyone looking to potentially buy a property in Abu Dhabi or Dubai. It features a large range of UAE's latest off plan projects and developments as well as loads of buying and investing tips and guides. www.visitabudhabi.ae – Abu Dhabi tourism site with loads of great news and insights into this great city. www.abudhabiwoman.com - Where you are right now :) Hope this helps! Ewa
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    Well, ladies I am sure glad I did the majority of my Ramadhan shopping earlier. I do this for two several reasons. To avoid the crowds and long lines at checkout counters, to avoid the temptation to over spend in bulk buying too and to have everything all ready before Ramadhan starts so I can just concentrate on other stuff around the house and relax before it does begin. The Stores: You may well have already noticed the stores are have been packed from last week, all day continuing after dusk even, and some shoppers are shopping at earlier times even. I went to Arwani a couple of weeks back to buy table cloths and other soft furnishings before they vanish. I bought some but realized I need another one, so went back yesterday and the place was already packed mashallah, I just went in to buy what I needed but while waiting for some other ladies to move away from the area I wanted to reach, I looked around to see what they had. I saw some ladies looking for baking stuff and they found it -I guess she knew the place pretty well and was a regular as she opened up a bottom area on below lower shelf to reveal 'hidden' tray like items lol. I just grabbed what I wanted, and bought some vacuum pot covers for the sprout ( to protect from flies) -I was looking for them for a long while, then I bought a key ring that attracted my eyes as it was a traditional Emirati one, so that was the unexpected buy of the day lol. Shopping Stores: Supermarkets and Hypermarkets all have a massive Ramadhan offer going on ( around 50%) , really good this year, and the stores are all dressed up in the Ramadhan theme. Many people like to leave their shopping until the last few days before Ramadhan as the atmosphere is like a large family gathering, and it makes everyone enjoy the atmosphere more. Definitely, no surprise to see shopping carts left behind -since not many people have the patience to wait through the long shopping queues when the time comes to pay. Not nice though as items such as meat, milk etc should be paid for really. Since I went to Arwani, I decided to go to the coop next door to go to the butchers there. I have to go every now and then to the butchers and also to buy perishables like dairy products. When I went in, shopping carts were packed mashallah, and the lines were long, so I was out of there soon enough lol . I went to the one near the house instead. Today: Today, son and his wife took me out shopping so I always look forward to going out with family members when they are not too busy. We went to this store... and yes, it was so packed but since this store was in Bani Yas, I wanted to go as they had some pretty good stuff there. I still had a couple of items on my list I hadn't found and gave up on to be honest. I found it there - a beautiful vase in specific colour. and just a couple of food items I needed for a recipe. They also serve hot Manakish there so we bought some to eat in car :). I also found, date syrup I wanted and Burghal ( cracked wheat for taboulah salad) or for cooking. I wasn't tempted to buy extra Ramadhan items as just bought enough earlier, plus, over the years I have learnt to know the difference between a good offer and a tricky one. But... I did have the buy of the day temptation lol, I saw this beautiful ''HOME" sign in white and floral- really pretty, and I had looked out for this at Home Center but never found any. So, this was a good find and good buy! Of course, you guessed it, lines were long at the line and one annoying man didn't want to go to express counter but trying to tell the lady at cashier to rush so he could pay!! The other annoying thing my daughter-in -law faced, was a woman who had her cart full but then at the end realise she couldn't pay for it as she forgot her money so people were kept waiting until her relative came along. That's what I have been up too ladies, also, few more pack of sambosas to make, and freeze then that should be it. Time is going fast Mashallah Ladies! Have a nice evening. sorry this was long ladies !
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    Hi, I'd like to come along for my first time. Been here for a couple of months but not managed to get along to a coffee meet up yet. Karen
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    Mabrouk DD on your great news. After many, many months of not looking at the forum I decided to look in today and saw your wonderful news. I am thrilled for you DD and hope all is well with you and the family. Seems I have missed quite a great deal as I see that Smiffy is now back in the UK. Times are a changing in Abu Dhabi......
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    Thank you both so much! How nice of you :) :) also great too see you both online! I was waiting patiently for my desk top comp to be repaired but need a new one, now getting use to tip tapping on iPad until I get a desk top one at least. yep, mashallah a little baby grandson who I have yet to see , but owing to me not being too well can't get to see until better at least them - heard my daughter , after a few days might come here instead ( she needs a change) which is better for me , at least I can help out more here. Plus, the other little ones have been demanding their parents bring them here lol Last time they all had fun along with their other little cousins. It can get crazy at time so I plan out activities for them. We also went to the farm which has a swing set, lots of animals and now we have a volley ball court, proper one . So kids have lots of safe space in there to run around catching the shuttles and running off with them lol The little one who had cleft palate surgery and is thank God doing good (although a couple of surgeries left to do) makes me feel special as when he comes , he follows me everywhere even to the bathroom lol but he will sit patiently outside waiting!!! You can see how he touches my ❤️ plus he is so funny too. i could go on ladies but better stop now lol - great seeing you both around too, Smiffy have you been away? Not seen you , anyway you were missed!! And hope you are doing ok. well ladies have to go now, so have a nice day : )
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    good morning evryone .. my name is Ashwaa,26 , im lebanese and i Live in abu dhabi since 2012 , married and have a small daughter (19 months).. Heard alot about this website and finally decided to join .. Living here was vry hard at the beginning with no friends or family and i didnt even know how to speak english since i was french educated . Thnx to my husband he did a good job with me .. Now Abu dhabi is my favorite place in the world ..
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    Will anyone recommend the best way and can save money at the same time in preventing hair fall and skin problem in UAE? I have just been worried suddenly after months I been here.
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    Here is a pic of the 'haq al leila' packets for the kids we made, had daughter in law print out the labels for me:
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    Today ladies it's Haq Al Leila when we hand out bags of sweets ( or rice) as originally it was to house- and some still do that today. This is to celebrate the coming of Ramadhan and signifies too that Ramadhan is almost here, just estimated 14 days left ladies! I thought there were more days left so lost those other days somewhere lol and trying to catch up! This morning I bought treats etc. to make the candy bags, avoiding hard sweets and nuts. just put crisps or ( chips ) , wafers, biscuits, soft candy, and the like. Just have to do the labels when I get off here and then send them out before dusk. Will tell you more about it after! Time to go ladies :)
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    Hola, Just want to share some thoughts on Keratin and Botox Hair Treatment since I had one 3 weeks ago and I'm definitely happy with the result that I want to share with you :) Keratin or Botox Hair Treatment? Both create smoothing effect and eliminate frizz. The main difference is that Botox is a deep hair conditioning and restore the natural beauty of damaged hair while Keratin is intended primarily as hair straightening and shouldn't be used on extremely damaged hair (this is typically the common misconception about Keratin). For my case, coloured and damaged hair (some dead hair on the lower ends) the hair dresser recommended the Botox Hair Treatment to revive my hair texture. I'm so happy with the outcome! :) Make a wise decision, Keratin or Botox Hair Treatment? Visit Black Pearl Ladies Salon at Defense Road, Abu Dhabi City. Call 026424288 :) Gracias!
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    Didn't put tags for this in order not to spoil the surprise look you may give as I did when I first saw it: without saying any more (until later) I will show you lol well, this should last a while!!
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    Good Afternoon (13H40) I know the weather can be a little bit problematic in this region because of the heat. However, remember to have a proper amount of water in daily bases never stop it. This one and remember good diet for your system. Facial Care cleanser exfoliation essence mask night cream sunscreen as for your hair. you have to know what kind of shampoo you use. It is better to get away from baby shampoos ask me about it hahaha I did it and it destroyed it. the one thing you have to keep on mind, don't forget oil I don't mean go out and buy the most expensive ones. Just look for people who sell a natural base oil that will help to keep your hair healthy. I am not sure if I forgot something. :) Best Regards, Badriya
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    Hi, Does anyone know a good make up artist in Abu Dhabi for a Pakistani bride? Thanks
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    I think your issue will probably be construction noise and wait re traffic because of the closed roads and new structures going up... just sayin'
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    Hi, i am looking for raw material FELT in sheet form. ( desk size). Is there a textile area in AD? Thanks
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    I look forward to further Ramadan posts from you DD.... I love the incite you give us into it all :)
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    Your such a wonderful lady Lammas, big thank you !! yes do please let us know where you are in Abu Dhabi again : ) ohh been doing a lot for Ramadhan , first thing I do is research what's selling , what's new home design wise etc. will be making a post on it. Still have lots, this is just the start lol xoxo take care ok!!
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    Shukran Habibti. I'm back in the UK but my husband remains in Abu Dhabi, for now at least. I was last there in November and enjoyed catching up with my lovely neighbours and of course looking out across the view I gave up....can't beat that view and and I do miss that and the regular events that happen there. My husband, and also a very dear friend who lives close to The Corniche, send me updates and regular photos ;-) It sounds like your preparations for Ramadan are well under way and you are as organised as ever my friend. Nothing seems to phase you and I admire you for that. I will have to check in closer to the time to see how you are getting on. It was great to read that your lovely family is growing and you must be so happy to have such a wonderful close family. I wish you and them good health, peace, happiness and long life. I will do my best to keep checking in and will let you know if I do another trip back to Abu Dhabi x
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    Morning ladies. Firstly I just want to thank you for all of the support - I forget how great the human race can be sometimes and to be lifted up by internet strangers is a special thing to be on the receiving end of. Secondly - Dr Raquelle was fantastic. Informative, down to earth, reassuring and sensitive. Very impressed with HSMC and I will definitely return. Thirdly - to whoever said if the results were not good they would not have handed them to me. They weren't good, which is why I was so upset. The lab "norms" were set out on the paper and I was well outside of them. As a single person who hasn't yet had children, the possibility of hitting premature menopause is absolutely not something that should be emailed as a PDF attachment. The doctor I had seen called me to apologise and agreed that this shouldn't be done, but added that it seemed to be the procedure at that hospital. For that reason I won't be returning as it's not how I want my healthcare managed. Lastly - what would I do differently? I think in a women's only hospital it's a very easy win. An obstetric waiting room and a non-obstetric waiting room. The doctors don't have to move (I often find myself in a ground floor waiting room for a first floor appointment), the appointment structure doesn't have to move. Just a few rows of chairs in different locations could make a huge difference.
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    My teen needs help. He is scared of everything and l think he has anxiety problems. Could somebody recommend a doctor who can help.
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    Well ladies, I have been spring cleaning, fixing stuff , having maintenance done here and there in house and the like, so during all this came by some handy items, and some temporary solutions for other things while waiting for more permanent solutions to fix things. Hope you find these useful as I did! 1. In Ace found some furniture colour 'marker pens' which turned out more effective than I thought, excellent for covering marks and scratches on brown furniture - you can buy them in brown and black I think-I just bought brown. 2. I was missing a shelf in a cabinet (it got lost when we moved here) so I already had left over wood from shelving I had put in wardrobe last year, I measured it and had nearby shop carpenter saw it for a tiny fee. They are willing to do small jobs like that but then again I have had them do major jobs at home too. 3. Remember how I mentioned that I store all knives and forks etc. in large enclosed containers on table to protect from dust etc., which I still do, well I now do the same for small dessert bowls, I bought a tall, round, floral containerand stacked them in there! There was enough room for three stacks! Also a space saving idea. I have decided I should do the same for qahwa cups as they stack well too. 4. If you want to make simple curtains or even frills for kitchen windows, take measurements and do them at Ikea-Also, used the removable poles so curtains are easy to remove and wash. 5. Use those nice double (wooden) shoe racks at Carrefour for extra countertop shelving- I put extra large oven trays and food mixers on it. You can use it for small plates, kitchen towels, foil etc. whatever you think is useful for you. 6. When you do spring clean, have two boxes, one for stuff you want to give away and one for garbage bin. 7. Use battery operated candles rather than real ones in lanterns for safety reasons. They are very handy. I bought a stock last year from Home Centre. 8. Store straws in spaghetti containers, so easy to take out too! 9. Use clear, small tool boxes for pedicure and manicure sets- easy to carry around even! Add some bling stickers to customize them. 10. Use the metal and colourful bread bins . Or even a wooden one , add some decor bits and use it has a gadget station for your mobiles, iPads , keys .. All tried and tested ladies!! : ) hope you find these useful.
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    Before jumping to conclusions, I would really recommend that he speaks with an adult other than his parents. As a parent, he will be guarded against opening up to you, especially if he is anxious about something. All he wants is to be accepted or loved and when that doesn't happen, the self-esteem crashes and physical symptoms show... it could be something as simple as a dating issue :) In my practice, I see this over and over again. Many times... the anxiety in a child is nothing more than mirroring the anxiety in the parent. Hope this helps and I hope he gets the help he needs to push through this. Bless you both, Randa
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    I think take him first to a general doctor/family doctor as they can give you a referral for a specialist. Hope everything turns out okay.
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    Hi Ashwaa. The vitamin E will be easily found any supermarket/ chemist will stock them. I used to buy my oils from Abela supermarket. But havnt been in Abu Dhabi for a while so I wouldnt know which shops sell the oils..maybe one of the ladies on the forum could help.
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    Good Morning Ladies, I have been looking into some reviews regarding botox injections and fillers in Abu Dhabi and can't seem to find many. I want to go for fillers for my nasolabial folds and probably botox for my forehead and crow's feet. Any recommendations on clinics/doctors in abu dhabi, also if possible the range of prices expected for these procedures. Thank you :)
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    With the new list of updated traffic fines I had so hoped for a heavy penalty for mobile phone users...especially reading text messages or writing one while driving is equal to try to harm others on purpose. I am out on the highway on a daily basis and I saw so many dangerous situations during the six years here. Driving on two lanes, slowing down abruptly on the left lanes, swerving, not watching traffic in front of them....just to name a few. These drivers accept the chance to cause an accident with potential harm to other people and that deserves a far higher fine than listed in the new catalogue ....
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    I decided to go to see what Ikea has new and to check out several items I am am thinking to buy. It also happens that today they have a big sale going on so there were loads and loads of people (and screaming kids I might add lol) shopping there today and buying new stuff for their homes, many had larger items and many obviously buying for Ramadhan such as lanterns and new kitchen ware. i had a few items on my list such as a couple of skillets and and file boxes which were on sale too. I had a good buy on a white vase/jug which is really nice-so bought it! They had sales on chair seat cushions, table lamps, stuff animals for kids, some furniture items like bookcases, some dining chairs I was looking at some of their cotton table cloths and cushion covers, they had a lot of beautiful stuff on display. I wasn't impress with one of their service helpers today as one of them was going to take my stuff to car park for me since I can't push or carry with my left arm too well, one other service guy came behind him and told him to leave my trolley to go to another guy who had apparently much more stuff than me. Thought it was rude anyway. So, if you have shopping to do ladies you might want to make a trip to Ikea.
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    Service helper need more training and supervision.
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    Thats extremely rude, DD, you should have said something! Ikea is one of those shops where I go in for one thing and come out with lots of things I didnt know I needed!
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    Thank you : ) with family Ramadhan is always extra special : )
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    I went thereeeeeee it's too biggggggggg too bigggggg mashalah .. I got lots of books for me and my daughter, I also found few French books for me but unlucky my daughter couldn't find any for her .. I really liked the idea of seeing lots of kids and adults searching for books !! Parking was a nightmare . Went without my walking sticks which made me feel pain the whole night because I couldn't miss any shop hehe ..
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    Hahhaha..nice! Keep saving at least! The bigger you have the more use you will do without noticing.
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    Well ladies and newcomers, less than a month before Ramadhan greets us at our doors! These days, you will find everyone preparing for the month of fast. Ironically, we fast but cook extra food, since during this time people share meals with their neighbours, send to the mosques where hundreds of Muslims may eat together, send to their neighboring shops and extended family members. So, women may start special Ramadhan desserts in the morning like dough or jelly/custard and creame caramel to refrigerate. It like a most of the day cooking experience! Women will try out new recipes the month before Ramadhan to see see which ones are ideal for them to make or send out then of course we have all the traditional and Ramadhan traditional foods too. These days look around and see all the new kitchen ware on the shelves, stacks of foods, pastas, various flours, dates, date syrup, drinks etc. in the supermarkets, they will start to add Ramadhan lanterns and decor, special offers on foods etc. and also Ramadhan tents in malls serving traditional local coffee, dates and water as soon as the dusk Azan ( call to prayer) has been called. I will explain more as time come but looking forward to putting all the new furnishings for Ramadhan as I enjoy that- so much to do and time is flying!
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    Thanks, Badriya for the information. You think water in UAE also the cause of hair and skin problem? Did this come to your mind and you have any idea in this case also?
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    I was actually surprise to find felt in the coop between the two bridges, it was in the stationary area where they had the gift bags, they had packets of small and large rectangular sheets of various colour. I have also seen then at Daiso, Greenland, Carrefour basement area in sewing shop there (Airport Road) and I think you should find then in the arts and crafts section of al Jarrar bookstore in Dalma Mall.
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    Have to try this with the macaroni : ) thank you! I make a macaroni dish similar to this but add some veggies in it too.
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    Depends on the brand , you can call the shop you bought it from, they will give you the number of the engineers for that brand.
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    HI Linzpoppy, Welcome to UAE. You can get organic meat from "Organic Foods and Cafe" located in Nation Towers on the Corniche in the city. https://organicfoodsandcafe.com As far as blonde highlights - Jackie at the Beauty Spot - Eastern Mangroves. I have been going to Jackie for 10 years now and always very happy with the colour. Good luck settling in.
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    Hi there, I would love to join and wondered if anyone was going from Reem Island,(Gate Towers/Sun and Sky) If so I would like to hitch a lift :)
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    Lammas!!! Great to see you online! Thank you!! How are you?? You have been missed here! Hope you and your family are all well and enjoying life in the UK . We had a lot of fun exchanging our stories on here about the freaky weather at times , and hearing about all the action going on at the Corniche from your balcony window-when you lived here lol and sharing Ramadhan events -which is very close now. Hope you pop in more often and say to us all!! Already preparing my lists (with a 's ' yes!) for Ramadhan - you should see it lol , I had to actually staple them together! So, much to do but something I also love to do! Keep popping in!! Take good care of you and family ok!
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    I recently put up all the lights on top floor of our home, and I tried two in our area, one did a poor job thus my redoing everything again with another electrician in an old neighborhood shop. So, it depends on who you can get out there, if you are inside Abu Dhabi, I suggest you ask some of the neighbours or grocery shops, where you can find a very good electrician in the neighborhood. There should be many around in that area with all the new developments going on. Usually, what they will do first is to visit you, then go out again to buy what is needed and return same day or day after depending on time, they pick odd hours, usually. Morning or afternoon is good but they may end up appearing at lunch time or supper time. Hope you find a good one!