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    I will be trying to come in and out more when I can —- lots been happening at my side and I agree like you I prefer here as I don’t have Facebook too. How are you??? Hope life is treating you kindly. I have had my thyroids removed last year so it’s been a year of recovering and a year of discovering how to manage it as sometimes when you have other treatment or others meds, it can affect ( at times) the effectiveness of your thyroid treatment too- but not doing so bad - al hamdulilah. Also have ave mashallah three new baby grandkids to our family - few weeks between each other; so either carrying one or the other or two even at times lol The latest recent event was last last week, been trying to sort out my weak teeth so took the plunge finally ( couldn’t doing it till my endocrinologist gave me the go ahead; finally did full upper jaw Implants last week; had 16-18 stitches ( to be removed in couple of days * arrghhh* ) lets just say it was definately an experience- just as well it was done all at once ( not single ones) otherwise I probably wouldn’t have done the next one lool, I wanted to run away half through it but prayed many prayers and put my trust in God. Had facial swelling, soreness and bruising- normal effects after such surgery, still recovering. Have temps in and permanent to be in few months time when bone has healed. Will see how it goes! well have to watch grandson for a while so see you soon ladies- hope you are all enjoying the wet weather these days - better than dust and allergies anyway, bye for now They want to do lower jaw now .... hmmmmm.....
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    25th Ramadhan, 2018

    Just taking a few minutes typing this while I am waiting for a call from a friend...otherwise, I will be way too busy after... right now just finishing normal house routine of cleaning etc.. bedrooms and house in general. Since hubby has a lot of people coming tomorrow for fatoor, preparation does take a while. First of all, hubby bought a new rug for outside mijlis, so yesterday evening and this morning was spent putting that inside and rearranging this morning it all this morning. I always double check everything is clean and everything is ready but I will do this one final time tomorrow morning when I place all the dining ware inside. Before saying more about that though... for Fatoor yesterday we had fresh lamb which hubby brought with him, so I made a Bedouin type soup.. it took a while to prepare had I had to chop it also. I took n hour longer than morning to finish cooking yesterday anyway. It was indeed, a tiring day...but everyone enjoyed it , thank God, so that was the main thing......then later we did the carpet after Taraweeh prayers-usually the time I try to relax but it wasn't to be for yet a little more time. Oh, the night before I promise to teach my grandkids a new game after Taraweeh, they liked it so much they followed me to play with them again yesterday while I was rushing around in a mad rush lol, so I said I would ( always taking a few minutes can be done for kids when they want), however, yesterday, their parents took them out so they didn't get to play it yesterday... I have this feeling though, they will be after me today lol. Kids mashallah, don't forget when you tell them something hehe* They did however, turn my two work space areas in my room into two offices for themselves and each ordering the other to do some paper work..It kept them happy for a while, then I had to tidy it all up afterwards. It was funny listening to them talk to each other ( one used a cassette for a phone, the other use a long slim container..) Then writing down notes for each other. Before I kept looking for my pens as they always went missing, now, I bought a couple of those that stick to the desk with a wire attachments... so I can always find them now lol. This Morning, I made a list of things I have to buy ( tomorrow morning since I have my appt. then), a list of things to do, always, always have a diary with tick off boxes of what I have to buy, do, and have done ! It keeps me organized . today, I normally ( day before visitors come) take out all the best China and cutlery etc.. wash and prepare them, etc. and trays, teapots, glass ware, and the like. That way , if anything needs buying, I know a day before at least. Tomorrow Morning Inshallah, I will prepare the layouts for dining ware in both Mijlis-one will have the tea and desserts, that way we can clean the other meanwhile where main meal was served. Morning also means preparing all the desserts, dough for lugaimat ( probably take a couple of hours cooking them). I will also make the shourba and tamar ( tamar paste) delicacies and sambosas… hubby said his guests liked the fruit basket I made last time, so wondering if that is an indication of him wanting me to make it again..hmmm.. As soon as I am off here, I will finish some work, I have to make toothpicks flags for the sambosas so guests will know what's what at least. Still dreading the clearing up though afterwards sigh* …. So, that is what is happening so far ladies..... will let you know how the rest goes, as I go along !
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    I left Abu Dhabi last summer for good after 7.5 years. When we arrived in January 2011 ADW was the place to be. There wasn't a thing that you could not find out on here. It was sad to see the decline when everything moved on to FB as we had lots of fun discussions on this site and I liked the anonymity. Over the last few years I've probably only logged on a couple of times a year and hoped some of the oldies had left a message, but DD is the only one faithfully posting. Anyway, hope you're all doing well whether still in AD or not.
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    Ingredients Yoghurt Bread Dough 250 g (9 oz) minced lamb, not too lean 1 tomato, seeded and finely diced 1 small purple onion, finely diced 1⁄3 cup flat-leaf parsley leaves, finely shredded 1 teaspoon ground allspice 1 red bullet chill, seeded and finely diced 1 teaspoon pomegranate molasses Salt and pepper Preparation Don’t buy lamb mince from the supermarket for this recipe as it’s far too fatty. You don’t want the lamb to be too lean, however. Ask the butcher for leg lamb with some fat, but no sinews. Prepare the dough. Preheat the oven to its highest temperature. To prepare the filling, place the mince on a large chopping board and put all the other ingredients, except for the salt and pepper, on top. Use a large knife to chop and mix everything together until well combined. It should be the consistency of a fine paste. Season with salt and pepper. Roll dough out into rounds of 10 cm (4 in) in diameter and brush with olive oil. Smear the mix thinly over the rounds and bake for 3 minutes. Created by Greg Malouf Recipe from Saha by Greg and Lucy Malouf, with photographs by Matt Harvey. Published by Hardie Grant Books.Check out my blog for more recipes
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    Eid tomorrow ~Mabrook

    Eid Mubarak!
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    23rd Ramadhan, 2018

    Mashallah, this Ramadhan is going fast.. probably, because I am busy most of the day preparing, running errands and cooking. It has been a very busy time truly. I have made several dishes this week such as Mashsi ( stuffed veggies with rice), stews, briyanis, and today was Machbous lamb. A recipe where lamb is cooked and then rice cooked in its broth. WE had this with a homemade tomato salsa. Our neighbor sent us some Mint tea in a fancy teapot set.. that's a first but it was really nice to see that. They sent that along with some bread I haven't seen before either-obviously homemade. Today they also sent what look likes pancakes with honey but are not pancakes but one of their traditional dishes. I sent them some of our lamb and rice with potato scallops. Yesterday, was busy until late night, as we have two ac downs, so one cleaned and fixed yesterday and the other I will leave until after Eid as quite frankly, I needed the rest and just wasn't up to waiting around and cleaning up after they had left. I have somewhat major work to get done after Eid-whenever , I find a good time. The electricity went off yet again in outside Mijlis so no idea what is the problem there but obviously something they haven't yet discovered. Hubby told me today, he has invited his friends over for next week, soooo.... looks like lots of work there too. Preparation of Mijlis, checking all the dining ware etc.. and of course the food preparation etc.. Hubby can be fussy to be honest...and I am thinking perhaps I should be thankful that the electricity in Mijlis isn't working right now... lol . Well, hubby likes to have break of iftar in one room, then main meal in dining room, then tea and fruit in the other Mijlis.. see what I mean hehe* He usually gets what he wants- but the running around with trays and clearing up later is tremendous as three rooms to clear and clean... now you can understand why I said, maybe its good the other mijlis lights are out lool. Maybe, I should take the light bulbs out of other mijlis looool! I like to be very organized but what I really dislike is when those trying to help me, scatter plates etc.. all over the kitchen in random places both inside and outside. Even worst is not emptying the small bits of residue food from plates before chucking into sink. That I really dislike. It adds so much work for me to sort out. You have the idea! My routine is to place several large bowls on the counter, and in one would go the utensils, in another the glasses and teacups etc, and in another plates and so forth. That way nothing is broken , no utensils or fine dining cutlery is lost in carelessness. I end up each time doing double work, organizing it into that way in order to be washed easily and not everything a pile in the sink all mixed up. All larger trays and pans go to the outside sink -well, suppose to, ( we have a large lower sink and higher sink outside for those large pans etc.. The sinks are perfect too for washing small rugs and the like. I think I have to come up with a strategy to make sure everyone do it properly. I have an idea . lets see how it goes... if it goes ..hmmm Since it is weekend, everyone might still be awake.. that is what I like when weekends come, it easier to 'wake' them lol. There is 6-7 days left only.. and the time is flying by to be honest. These nights are the most important of Ramadhan as it enters the last ten days. Night prayers will start with prayers until before early morning. A very highly devotional time for Muslims in Ramadhan. You may hear the night prayers being performed at night. These are not the Taraweeh prayers, these are extra prayers after midnight. Everyone will be shopping too for Eid, taking their kids and buying new clothes etc.. ready for Eid and even planning Eid events etcs. I haven't planned anything to be honest yet … just no time really. Well everyone, have a great evening and take care!! That is it from me for today!
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    Today, 18th Ramadhan, 2018

    Mashallah, Ramadhan is passing by and it is already 18 th Ramadhan today, more than half way through. I haven't been able to get online with having an extra load of work to do this year, but when I can , I will be here tapping away. I am still finding time even to get to the exhibition,,, wondering if anyone on here has manage to go yet? The past couple of days were busy especially with having appts , then running errands like laundry and shopping etc. then back home to prepare and cook.. it has been non stop. Yesterday, I made Ish wa Lamb ( Rice and lamb) dish for everyone. One of my family's favourite. It takes a lot of work but it is worthwhile. My neighbor made us some mini pizzas and I made also a macaroni dish and Lugaimat to send. Other different things I have made during the past few days have been mini meatball sandwiches, meat pasties, and cheese fatayers. We were a bit late for suhoor yesterday......not too late but late owing to changing gas cylinder grrr. Most importantly, I wasn't late for my medicines which I manage to take on time. There is presently going around, tonsillitis -normal thing to see when the weather starts becoming hot and indeed, in the last three days it has been really hot!! mashallah. No surprise, as June and July especially are the most hottest months of the year.. in Ramadhan though , you feel some breeze off and on but I think soon as Ramadhan is over, the heat will be felt even more fiercely. Then everyone will run away for holidays abroad lol That is also the time when the best summer sales are to be found throughout the UAE.. really very good sale prices too. Today, I will be making a chicken soup with white rice.. with Salad. Just a few sides not too much, enough for everyone and lugaimat with dibbs ( date syrups). Grandson Mashallah, made an appearance for suhoor today and was laughing at me as he knew it was an unusual time for him to be awake.. he had slept in the afternoon longer than expected so not sure how he did for school today hmmm.. ( Oh, Want to use emoticon but if you use them, you can't post your entry.. discovered that when a error message kept coming up about some sign, so discovered it was the emoticons... ) I like the emoticons too. Well, ladies, take good care, have a call to make now. On another note: Not sure if anyone else has observed this but inside Abu Dhabi or anywhere in the UAE for that matter you might get a good laugh at some shop names. I have now started a list just to see how many are amusing....the best I have seen .. well leave that one right now lol lets say...…. but two other really interesting ones are for car renting... Ghost rent a car and Phantom Rent a Car which are next to each other... must be related hahahah! Suppose you can't forget those names right?
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    12-13 th Ramadhan. 2018

    12th Ramadhan: This day I made a really nice fish known as hamour, it is a very delicate fish and needs gentle handling in preparation and care in cutting , especially so if very fresh as this fish was. I made Machbous which is what hubby and sons wanted. And, thank God it turned out okay too. it was very white, succulent and tasty. I made some daqous ( a hot, fairly spicy tomato salsa). The hardest thing in preparing this dish is just being careful with the fish! I also made fattoush salad. I made jelly desserts, like strawberry and lime.. very light on the stomach and tasty too. Yesterday. I made a chicken stew, salad and since we had a lot of pots, I returned these, so lots of cooking yesterday. Everyday lots of cooking actually! 13th Ramadhan: Yesterday, I made a chicken stew, salad and since we had a lot of pots from friends and neighbours ( alHamdulilah) in one day,, I returned these, so lots of cooking yesterday. Everyday lots of cooking actually! The suhoor yesterday was a bit messed up for me, as I normally wake up to take thyroid meds at 2 am ( anyone wants to know more about that experience , surgery etc.. just let me know-but don't worry whatever, its ok ) but it was already 3:20 am so had to wake just a few minutes before Fajr ( sart of fast) to eat.. it was just one piece of pastry as no time was left. So, that was disappointing since I was hungry. No surprise I fell into deep sleep though, as I had hospital appt, went to get groceries, came back made the dough, it was just a non stop day..Thank God though for each day, always! On another note: I heard the Annual Ramadhan & Eid Festival is open at the Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Hall, I used to go yearly, but past couple of years it hasn't happened with other things going on, but this year, I truly want to go. If you are new here, it is a must go to event really. there is a small entrance fee and parking fee but it is a great event to go to and there are usually activity corners for the kids too. It is a large hall way for several countries, each selling whatever it is they are there to sell, like fabulous kitchen ware, rug, antique furniture, clothes, handbags and accessories, leather goods that you can have names engraved on, including key rings etc. etc.., jewelry, handbags, accessories, kids clothing, food stalls , bedding, home furnishings and the list goes on and on... well ladies, have to go, time is creeping upon me and have much to do...take care!! Something new learnt today: All about blackholes ( universe)..very interesting indeed!
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    Today, 18th Ramadhan, 2018

    DD please post the list of funny company names, that will be amusing
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    6-8th Ramadhan, 2018

    mm.. trying to catch up with everything but time seems to be running a head of me Well, water dispenser was fixed, gas situation sorted out.. since my last post. Always busy here doing something. Just have a few minutes on here to catch up.. did all my cooking for today's fatoor and have to go back down soon to prepared to send to neighbours and friends.Friends have been calling me and relatives. One wanted advice about arranging something in her kitchen, and one was telling me about pests she was annoyed with as the area she now lives in seems infested. I bought some safe insect traps for her, and then I had to get some spices done for my daughter as someone will take them to the USA for her. I finally got the spices prepared this morning and ready for their friend to pick up. I did that this morning and packed it ready. I heard hubby wants to have guests this week... but... Mijlis still has electricity tripping off each time we bring someone to 'fix' it so not sure what is going on there.. on the bright side, not in a hurry to have guest yet loool. On the 6th, we had machbous Lamb , very much a local dish with daquos ( a tomatoe salsa -side for the machbous) which is also sometimes served with pickled limes or veggies. I made Crème caramel that day and Lugiamat ( every day). For suhoor, it took several knocks to wake everyone up, as some of them had work to do after Taraweeh prayers and once they were home, fell asleep as very tired. Some were on time at the table, others several minutes late.. but sufficient time for them to eat something before the fast started. On the 7 th, we made chicken soup, with white rice, salad, and the usual sides. I made custard and jelly for light desserts. For Suhoor this morning, my dear grandson was awake, he is not normally awake this time but because he had fallen and hit the coffee table, he had broken his front tooth , so he was showing me.. thus, probably indeed very sore and thus awake until then. Must have been a horrible bang , poor kid. He enjoyed being awake for the first time at an unusual time, and was confused about what meal of the day this was lol. Today, I made lamb stew , fattoush salad, light drinking soup to start, and Lugaimat. I also, made for light side dishes , mini pasties which my sons love. My daughter in law ( she calls me mom always) is making something she feels like and that is stuffed vine leaves. these light dishes, can always keep in fridge too for another day. It has been a busy day truly, the morning was also spent cleaning bedrooms and changing bedsheets.. laundry made a huge mixed up with some sheets..doesn't usually happen but added an extra task of having to go there, to all my other tasks. He lost part of a set so yes, I am annoyed as it the quilt cover and a sheet missing. Well that my day so far ladies... oh, been reading about this cyclone about to hit Oman etc.. so keep safe everyone out there, hope it doesn't affect us here. I still remember the last strange storm we had Bye for now!!
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    3-5 day of Ramadhan, 2018

    What a hassle on top of a busy time to deal with repairs. Can only recommend to be careful with the gas cylinders, dangerous if not taken care of properly.....
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    3-5 day of Ramadhan, 2018

    Mashallah, I can't believe how fast Ramadhan is going--probably because I am really very busy all day). Sorry, I have missed a couple of days but I had to deal with several things such as gas cylinder issues and a burst water pipe ugh* We buy our gas cylinders from Petrol station but unfortunately, I doubt they are following safety issues as we had problems with the valves but couldn't get any of the cylinders to work and thus now we have to return them.. not the first time and it is getting very annoying especially when it regards safety. Especially annoying too if gas decides to finish right before warming food for suhoor...so we had to use the electric hob and counter top oven to warm food. Then hubby had a water dispenser put outside the house, the pipe burst behind it ( problem owing to a sloppy job by the people who installed it) , and then we had to deal with that..while doing a numerous of other things around the house. Anyway, Fasting has been pretty good but I was really thirsty past couple of days but made it Al hamdulilah lol. Some people get hungry rather than thirsty and some thirsty, I am the latter. Then, I really don't have an appetite until after 9: 30 pm which is good in a way as i finish the Taraweeh prayers and enjoy some food afterwards. Its works out ok for me. I do have a light soup though after breaking fast and I find it a nice light meal before prayers. I spent a lot of time cooking yesterday too as had some pots to return lol so of course, I wanted to return them with some of our dishes. One of my dear friends sent me Harees even if her house is far. She sends me every year and we both exchange dishes. Yesterday, I made whole stuffed chicken with a veggie sauce , fattoush and chicken shorba. I also made crème caramel desserts. The past two days, have been real busy though. In the morning I prepare dough, and whatever I need to take out of freezer for the meal of the day. Then from 2 pm after until way after 5 preparing and cooking everything, the main dish and then the smaller sides and shourba. Then salad, qahwa and tea etc. Finally the Lugaimat. Then clean up time, prayers , reading and back down to kitchen to prepare dishes to be sent out to friend or neighbours, during this time, neighbours or friends will be sending too..... After that table is laid out , food put ready for family and that will leave 5 mins left before the Azan . Our little grand daughter will listen for the canon to go off and inform us, and tells us to eat ( her task Mashallah, which she enjoys lol). Since we can't hear the Azan outside . other grandkids stand outside to wait to hear it.. and run in telling (rather yelling Mashallah lol) everyone they hear Azan ( call to prayer). Then..... for a few moments.. there is silence... Taraweeh prayers last until at least 10 pm. You can see these live on TV everyday on either Emirates or Abu Dhabi. There are a lot of Good Ramadhan shows this year, I am more for watching documentaries type ( when I have time..just getting a glimpse of this and that so far). The Ramadhan competition has started and this year it starts at 11 pm which is good as good time for everyone after prayers etc. Well, that has been part of my busy days so far! Have a good day everyone!
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    The Second day of Ramadhan 2018

    The second day went pretty fast ...but then again I was very busy all day long with routine housework and preparation of doughs and then cooking later on. I was thirsty towards the end but forgot about it later as so many things can distract you from it . Quite a few of us were either thirsty or hungry yesterday. Since I am a light eater, I wasn't too hungry . Yesterday, I made fish stew with courgettes , white rice, and the usual batches of light foods. I made a Cream of Chicken Soup with the fresh veggies I blanched few days back. I made extra dough to send to our neighbour for lugainmat. Our Neighbours sent us a couple of dishes like mini pizzas and sweet bread rolls. Sometimes, I am between two ovens , going to and fro. the weather was ok yesterday so kitchen wasn't so hot so that was a lot for which to be thankful. Hubby and sons were talking about the lugaimat and hubby was saying the traditional ones are far better than the modern day version ones. I always make the traditional one and have never changed the recipe I have learnt from his mother. Since it was weekend, some family member were already awake for suhoor and some I woke. I woke hubby a little earlier this time as he knew waking up late wasn't giving him enough time for suhoor. I managed with new timings of meds. So, hope I stay okay with that. On another note: I have been watching the news regarding the Royal Wedding.. who will be watching it? I will watch it if i can so will see. Looks very interesting!! Sometimes a different time of news is a good thing for a change. This is a nice change. Well, have lots to do ladies, thats all doe today~ have a nice day and enjoy the Royall Wedding!
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    First day of Ramadhan 2018

    The choice of food is really huge, the family is lucky to have you ☺!
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    You can buy frankincense at Bukhoor shops ( perfume shops) so you can ask them about the oils there too. It is known as 'luban' in Arabic and comes in various forms. Very much used in the region especially for homes etc.
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    Just to let everyone know, the first day of Ramadhan is expected to start on Thursday ( 17th May, 2018) *~*~*~*~*Wishing everyone*~*~*~*~*~*~* a Blessed Ramadhan *~*~*~*~
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    carpet cleaning

    Hello, Does anyone have a recomandation for a good carpet cleaning company in AD, which provides good cleaning and rinse? Thank you!
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    Hi there!!! I thought I'd pop in and see how you guys are all travelling too. I've been back in Oz for 3.5 years now, after having lived in the Middle East for 10 years. It feels good to be home, and I love it. That isn't to say though that I don't occasionally miss Abu Dhabi or the people I met there. Hope everybody is happy, healthy and living their dream.
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    Hey Mum80 - nice to hear from you again. I've been a member since 2007 and pop in regularly :)
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    Ladies Swimming Pool - Nr Al Rahba

    hi, even many years after i answer for other people finding this topic and wanting to know, there are 2 free swimming pool in shalila. The two of shalila are still open.if you go on you ll find it easily. It opens from 1 pm to 17h30. It s clean. its free, only for women, you have an access to the beach and swimming pool staff there is good, theres someone who is watching for children, swimming pool is not so big, water cold in winter, if you go the day they clean the swimming pool its ok, but if you go many day after the swimming pool is not clean, no bleach or chimical in water, people are used to eat all over the swimming pool, thats the only negative point with cold water, and no games around the swimming pool. i like to go there but not when there s too mych people.
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    For more details, visit http://www.abudhabistriders.com/half-marathon--10k.html Check it out
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    Amnesty & E-Channel

    I was wondering how long does it take for an investors visa to be processed through e-channel when using amnesty? Normally it says it takes 10 mnutes but how much when using amnesty?
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    Turkish meatballs recipe

    Serves 4 15 mins to prepare and 20 mins to cook 593 calories / serving Freezable If you're looking for a satisfyingly hearty dish this winter, tuck into a bowl of meatballs in a lightly-spiced broth. Adding a swirl of houmous, pine nuts and a sprinkling of pomegranate seeds adds even more incredible flavour to an already flavour rich dish. Ingredients 2 slices white bread 150ml milk 500g minced lamb 1 tsp ground allspice ½ tsp ground cinnamon 1 garlic clove, crushed 3 tbsp olive oil 1 tbsp very finely chopped shallots 1 tbsp very finely chopped red onion 1 tbsp plain flour 300ml chicken stock To serve200g houmous 2 tbsp pine nuts, toasted handful chopped fresh dill handful chopped mint leaves handful flat-leaf parsley, chopped ½ tsp sumac (optional) 2 tbsp pomegranate seeds (optional) couscous, cooked to pack instructions (optional) Method 1. In a shallow bowl, soak the bread in the milk. Put the lamb, spices and garlic in a food processor, add the soaked bread and pulse a couple of times to combine. Roll the lamb mixture into 24 meatballs of equal size and set aside on a plate. 2. Heat 1 tbsp oil in a large frying pan and brown half the meatballs all over. Repeat with another 1 tbsp oil and the remaining meatballs. 3. Once browned, set the meatballs aside on a plate. Add the remaining 1 tbsp oil to the frying pan and cook the shallot and onion for 2-3 mins. Stir in the flour and cook for a further minute, then pour in the stock, stirring, before returning the meatballs to the pan. Cover with a lid and simmer gently for 12-15 mins, until the meatballs are cooked and the gravy has thickened. 4. Serve the meatballs topped with the houmous, pine nuts and chopped herbs. Scatter over the sumac and pomegranate seeds and serve with the couscous. Freezing and defrosting guidelines Freeze the meatballs only. Cook as instructed and allow to cool completely. Then transfer to an airtight, freezer-safe container, seal and freeze for up to 1-3 months. To serve, defrost thoroughly in the fridge overnight before reheating. To reheat and serve, place on medium heat, stirring occasionally until the dish is heated through.Check out my blog for more recipes
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    I was looking at a few appartments there recently and I really liked the whole set up. Is anybody already living there and would like to share the experience?
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    Hi all, I'm Lizzie, 27 from the UK, and I'm brand new to Abu Dhabi! I've moved over here with my husband for his job and looking forward to meeting some of you soon and exploring the city! xx
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    Many thanks for your comments. I keep you posted ;-)
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    If its for use on face/skin then you can get it from Neal's Yard Remedies. Frankincense is great healing oil, fantastic for skin. Oman produces the best of the Frank.oils.
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    Went to see few 3 and 2 beds, as we liked the development and the views (front apartments). All I would say is that the 3 beds we saw had a great balcony, kitchen enclosed no cupboard space (layout not suitable), and issue with damp in corridors. 2 beds are OK, depends on layout that you see. At the end we opted for Hadeel.
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    Multifocal contact lens

    Okay, came by an article today in regards to progressive lens ( glasses) as an optician recommended them. I think they are ( multifocal) but known as Progressive if I am right. Unlike bifocal etc.. they allow you to look far, look near and so forth without changing glasses each time for near and far. Hope this help anyway.
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    We just bought a 3 bedroom apartment and love living there.
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    I am looking for a 2 bedroom in Ansam do you have any contacts ? agents ? Thank Jan
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    Sri Lankan housemaid looking for full time live out work. I am writing this advertisement on behalf of my former employee, Mery Fernandez. Mery was employed with me for 2 years as a live out housemaid. She is a great cook and can cook curries and western food. She has cooked, cleaned, washed, ironed, done the school runs, prepared school lunches and was a wonderful carer for our 5 year old daughter at the time for almost two years. She is available to start immediately. She would prefer to live out. She is 58 years of age and a regular church member. Has had 20 years experience working in the Gulf region as a maid/nanny. Is looking for a British/European, Australian, US, Canadian family Please contact Mary directly on 056 494 7443 If you want further information please email me on sallydunlop31@gmail.com
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    Filing VAT UAE

    Has anyone any advise on filing VAT for the first time Tks irishrover
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    Eid tomorrow ~Mabrook

    ~*~*~*~*~*Wishing everyone a very Happy Eid and I pray it is one filled with blessings and peace~*~*~*~* Have a nice Eid everyone and very best wishes from me from my home and my family here
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    Eid tomorrow ~Mabrook

    Eid Mubarak! Everyone!
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    Just to let you know...

    Lots of sales going on today and probably throughout summer - time is to buy now. Also, fireworks display throughout all uae cities and usually around 8-9 pm daily throughout Eid, usually main landmark areas in each city. Lots of events and activities too, check out the malls and also watch the local dances within the malls. Have fun, and enjoy! Might go shopping myself today--maybe. We did out usual greetings and family gathering this morning. Some went out, some dare not venture out as usually busy during Eid, and I changed back to regular clothes so I could cook lunch. I made a machbous lamb, with daqous and battered cauliflower. Better than outside food anyway for my family. That's my news so far.. have a nice day all and take care !
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    Today, 18th Ramadhan, 2018

    lol I know they will be indeed, okayyy… look iout for them soon hehe
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    12-13 th Ramadhan. 2018

    There was this documentary lecture shredding more light on blackholes , didn't see title so not sure which documentary but I started watching it and learnt far more about them in regards to the shape, the depth of darkness of them, the ways they act etc, and what different scientists think about them. It was just very clearly explain and I absorb it easily so thus, very interesting indeed.
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    Hi, my name is Meike. I'm from Hamburg and we will arrive in Abu Dhabi in August 2018.
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    12-13 th Ramadhan. 2018

    Whats this about DD?
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    9-11th Days Ramadhan. 2018

    The 9th Day, Ramadhan , daughter in law had visitors over , so her , her sisters spent time in the indoor kitchen preparing some dishes for their fatoor while I got on with the main dish and sides for rest of family members. Everything seems to be going wrong that day, I made dough, and it was ruined when someone had move the pan next to a pot cooking and of course with it being too hot, it became liquidy, I manage to save it but still I was very disappointed as I always take care to ensure everything is ok. As the day move, the house became chaotic with mashallah with visitors bringing their kids and not having a care in the world what they were up too from throwing stones, crashing into teak doors with cars and ruining the garden. I was very busy in kitchen outside but could hear the shouting and racket going on. I just wanted to finish and go upstairs by that time. This continued on until around 1 am ( as I woke up to get a bottle of water from fridge-their little kids should have been in bed long ago) and me and hubby go to bed even before that time (11pm) plus other members may go to bed in order to wake up for suhoor on time.. however the noise continued...kids screaming ( sure because they were tired by now). Mashallah, it was such a chaotic day to be honest. The pasties I made that day turned out fine, thank God, and the main meal was chicken stew with a salad dish. The 10th day, Ramadhan, In the morning, I could see the aftermath ( if I may call it- as that what it looked like) of the previous night, my other daughter in law had her rug out anyway, and they had clothes from drawers scattered everywhere etc... the kids had taken water bottles from the fridge upstairs , drank sips, discarded them and continued to open bottles without much of a word from their mother and aunts! They took it upon themselves to do whatever they liked basically. And this also happened the day before.. too. My other daughter in law although with these ladies too , will not have much patience I know so sooner or later she will say something to them. Hubby brought some veggies from the farm, so while cooking I was trying to get that all sorted out too. That was a long day of a lot of work to get done. Our neighbor sent us a seafood soup, and my longtime friend sent me some Harees ( she sends me every year Mashallah) and I in return send her some lugaimat ( golden sweet fritters in date syrup) These I make every day-dough in the morning, and cooking them after finish main main etc.. in afternoon. I try to finish by 5-30 pm, then I go to clean up , back down by 6pm to prepare dishes to send out and prepare for everyone ( the light snacks etc and tamar, juice , qahwa.), then prepare table also. Once we break the fast with dates and light soup ( yesterday was cream of mushroom soup), men go off to pray and we pray, then straight back to kitchen to put main dish. It is really only after 10:30 pm I get to sit down a bit, after cleaning and Taraweeh prayers. No surprise if we fall asleep on chair by that time! Hubby caught me nodding off in chair while waiting to drink my tea which was still hot …. and he said he went to barbers and fell asleep in chair straight away lol. The 11th Day. Ramadhan: The good thing about weekends is you feel a little bit more relaxed.. I enjoy having family around me Alhamduliah ( Thank God), also , most of them are awake for suhoor, but my boys will take the opportunity to wake me ( even if before suhoor time) just for the fun of doing it...messing around. When hubby wakes up from deep sleeps, he will need to take a couple of walks around table to realize he is awake lol, then he will get on with making tea or whatever he wants for suhoor. My little grand daughter only joins us for suhoor but this year there are more school days in Ramadhan, thus, they are asleep at this time. Mainly we had what was left from suhoor, and cereal, light and nice . I made a dish two dishes for fatoor, one called Mabhrouba ( which a couple of my sons really like), and I made White rice and a stew dish. During Ramadhan, I try to get groceries in mid morning, as no way I can go in afternoon with cooking etc.. and when I have to go, it is all a mad rush! The past two days, I have been thirsty and everyone else too as the weather has been rather dry and hot, My daughter who is presently in the USA, says , Maghrib is after 8 pm, so that is certainly a long day too. Well ladies, have to go as have lots to do... hope you all have a nice and as always, Thanking God for the blessings of each day.
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    Expats in Capital Plaza Towers

    Hello, My husband and I will be moving to Abu Dhabi shortly. We will likely be in Capital Plaza so looking for reviews about the building and if there are any difficulties with being attached to the Sofitel hotel. I do have some concerns about the number of people, sharing amenities, etc. Any firsthand knowledge is appreciated. If anyone would like to connect when we arrive, please let us know - it would be nice to have some friends next door. Thankful allJai
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    Thanks DD
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    First Day of Ramadhan on Thursday

    Ramadan Kareem
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    First Day of Ramadhan on Thursday

    Ramadan Kareem ladies!
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    Sure it is interesting, Ramadan is such an important time of the year for many families here. Nice to know a bit more and if anything is different compared to last year....
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    Anyone had furniture repainted?

    Hi We are looking to get some baby furniture repainted with some sanding / minor repairs. Has anyone had a good experience here in terms of quality and safe products (given it is for a baby's room). We were wanting a clean, plain white colour - not shabby chic or distressed. I've only been able to find two places and both seem to specialize in the latter! Thanks for your help!
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    Yummy! Thanks for the info!
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    Does anybody know anywhere in Abu Dhabi where you can buy crumpets? I've tried Carrefour, Waitrose and Spinneys to no avail. This is the only food I have craved that I have been unable to find in Abu Dhabi.
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    Hi Everybody, My name is Iman and I am an American Muslim convert, living in AD, with my Pakistani husband. We are newly weds, and met each other in AD. I am a former professional distance runner, and was the 2009 USA Women's Marathon running champion, and Olympic trials qualifier. I moved to AD after retiring from professional running due to injury, and after embracing Islam, looking to start a new life in a peaceful Muslim country. I then met my future husband, who works at a local restaurant, and we got married shortly thereafter, alhamduillah. I now enjoy being a loving partner to my husband and housewife. My hobbies are studying Islam, spending time with my husband, running, exercising, cooking, studying health and alternative medicine, playing with my darling Persian cat, Pici, and her 4 kittens, and riding motorcycles with my husband. I look forward to getting to know you all better, and chatting it up on this forum. Warm wishes and greetings to all you ladies here and your families! P.S. : How do I change the flag on my profile, because it shows UAE flag, but I am not Emirati - though I feel like UAE is my home?!
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