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    I left Abu Dhabi last summer for good after 7.5 years. When we arrived in January 2011 ADW was the place to be. There wasn't a thing that you could not find out on here. It was sad to see the decline when everything moved on to FB as we had lots of fun discussions on this site and I liked the anonymity. Over the last few years I've probably only logged on a couple of times a year and hoped some of the oldies had left a message, but DD is the only one faithfully posting. Anyway, hope you're all doing well whether still in AD or not.
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    I will be trying to come in and out more when I can —- lots been happening at my side and I agree like you I prefer here as I don’t have Facebook too. How are you??? Hope life is treating you kindly. I have had my thyroids removed last year so it’s been a year of recovering and a year of discovering how to manage it as sometimes when you have other treatment or others meds, it can affect ( at times) the effectiveness of your thyroid treatment too- but not doing so bad - al hamdulilah. Also have mashallah three new baby grandkids to our family - few weeks between each other; so either carrying one or the other or two even at times lol The latest recent event was last week, been trying to sort out my weak teeth so took the plunge finally ( couldn’t do it till my endocrinologist gave me the go ahead; finally did full upper jaw Implants last week; had 16-18 stitches ( to be removed in couple of days * arrghhh* ) lets just say it was definitely an experience- just as well it was done all at once ( not single ones) otherwise I probably wouldn’t have done the next one lool, I wanted to run away half through it but prayed many prayers and put my trust in God. Had facial swelling, soreness and bruising- normal effects after such surgery, still recovering. Have temps in and permanent to be in few months time when bone has healed. Will see how it goes! well have to watch grandson for a while so see you soon ladies- hope you are all enjoying the wet weather these days - better than dust and allergies anyway, bye for now They want to do lower jaw now .... hmmmmm.....
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    Hi there!!! I thought I'd pop in and see how you guys are all travelling too. I've been back in Oz for 3.5 years now, after having lived in the Middle East for 10 years. It feels good to be home, and I love it. That isn't to say though that I don't occasionally miss Abu Dhabi or the people I met there. Hope everybody is happy, healthy and living their dream.
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    Hey Mum80 - nice to hear from you again. I've been a member since 2007 and pop in regularly :)
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