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    You can buy frankincense at Bukhoor shops ( perfume shops) so you can ask them about the oils there too. It is known as 'luban' in Arabic and comes in various forms. Very much used in the region especially for homes etc.
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    Just to let everyone know, the first day of Ramadhan is expected to start on Thursday ( 17th May, 2018) *~*~*~*~*Wishing everyone*~*~*~*~*~*~* a Blessed Ramadhan *~*~*~*~
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    Vaccine requirements

    RC - well, I can answer some questions! I'm not sure if vaccine exemptions owing to health or religious reasons are accepted at schools. However, I would suggest calling Abu Dhabi Education Council and asking this, as the rules will be the same for all schools. Schools, at the the behest of HAAD (Health Authority Abu Dhabi), do run vaccination programmes during the school day. I have always been contacted ahead of time, and given the option for my child not to participate. I am not anti vaccinations per se, but I like to avoid unnecessary vaccinations / exposure to chemicals where possible. Last year my daughter was exempted from the additional MMR vaccination at my request. I am absolutely not criticising your choices, as I understand entirely where you are coming from, but just want to flag to you that the herd immunity that may be relied on in other countries is not present here, as there is a large labour force from India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, etc, and measles and other sicknesses are not unknown. There is a large home schooling group in Abu Dhabi. I don't have contact details, but an internet search should get you started off. I hope this helps!
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    Vaccine requirements

    My DD wasn't born here so I can't say if you have to vaccinate in the hospital. I can confirm that vaccination details are required when registering a child in a main stream school, though. Hope this helps.
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    I have just renewed my maids visa. 1. Medical 350 AED 24 hour result from Capital Health. 2. Daman Health Insurance 800 AED - paid by red E Dirham Card ( they do not accept cash anymore- can be purchased at Daman ) 3. EID - renewed on line - 140 AED 4. Typing shop for contract etc.. 5368AED - wait for the SMS to say its ready ( 1 hour) Paid by red E Dirham card. 5. Immigration take number and pick up visa - they ask to see the SMS ready message. Deposit was valid as I did the visa 2 weeks before expiry , however last year I had to pay again when I renewed late. Hope that helps
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    First day of Ramadhan 2018

    Well this year, my year is very full and very busy to be honest. Yesterday was a really busy day. I went for my routine appointment at Cleveland ( following Thyroid surgery) , then went off to buy some groceries and a counter top oven, as while I use the bigger oven to place all the main dishes sich as rice etc. I need another oven to make all the pastries which i do every day. It is a lot of cooking especially since with all families together and I cook for everyone. When I arrived home I made the dough for the 'lugaimat' golden sweet fritters which is served with date syrup and a sprinkle of sesame seeds sometimes, also at times honey-depending. We had lamb machbous, various types of sambosas,, homemade vegetable shourba, and sausuage rolls, then salad is made and tea etc or Vimto. I make huge batches but when distributed between everyone it goes. I am usually in the kitchen for hours finishing each dish.. Later, I find a little time after finishing, to clean up , read a while ( never leave it till later )as sleep will overcome me then! Then I go back down to distribute it in serving containers for everyone. The only problem I had is that yesterday with it being such a full day with appointment and getting groceries, I slept through time I was to take my medicine at 2 am ( timing has change accordingly as one hour before food) So, I didn't get to eat much and then I had to wait to eat as the time was clicking away and close to suhoor. I did put my alarm but it didn't go off as I didn't set it properly. Today, Inshallah should be better though as I didn't go out today and slept a little longer this morning ( I woke up early yesterday). Once we get up for suhoor, we stay awake until fajr prayers as very close, then we go to bed. I woke up at 3 am to wake everyone for suhoor, ( that when I took my medicine -really late) then woke up everyone else. Hubby was like wake me up a little later... I advised him earlier since he won't have much time to drink his tea ( as hot) ...soooo.. today, he said nooo, wake me up earlier, I didn't have much time yesterday.!! We had are usual pastry left overs from fatoor and breakfast cereal. I bought Kellogg's Cornflakes yesterday and came across the big 1 kilo box lol.. so that is on table for suhoor now. That was that, Al handulilah. I did appreciate the fact that I prepared batches of frozen veggies ( which I did myself) for shorba , does help a lot really! Well ladies, That's it for today. Already preparing for today;s cooking .
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    Sure it is interesting, Ramadan is such an important time of the year for many families here. Nice to know a bit more and if anything is different compared to last year....
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    Anyone had furniture repainted?

    Hi We are looking to get some baby furniture repainted with some sanding / minor repairs. Has anyone had a good experience here in terms of quality and safe products (given it is for a baby's room). We were wanting a clean, plain white colour - not shabby chic or distressed. I've only been able to find two places and both seem to specialize in the latter! Thanks for your help!
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    Does anybody know anywhere in Abu Dhabi where you can buy crumpets? I've tried Carrefour, Waitrose and Spinneys to no avail. This is the only food I have craved that I have been unable to find in Abu Dhabi.
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    Hi Everybody, My name is Iman and I am an American Muslim convert, living in AD, with my Pakistani husband. We are newly weds, and met each other in AD. I am a former professional distance runner, and was the 2009 USA Women's Marathon running champion, and Olympic trials qualifier. I moved to AD after retiring from professional running due to injury, and after embracing Islam, looking to start a new life in a peaceful Muslim country. I then met my future husband, who works at a local restaurant, and we got married shortly thereafter, alhamduillah. I now enjoy being a loving partner to my husband and housewife. My hobbies are studying Islam, spending time with my husband, running, exercising, cooking, studying health and alternative medicine, playing with my darling Persian cat, Pici, and her 4 kittens, and riding motorcycles with my husband. I look forward to getting to know you all better, and chatting it up on this forum. Warm wishes and greetings to all you ladies here and your families! P.S. : How do I change the flag on my profile, because it shows UAE flag, but I am not Emirati - though I feel like UAE is my home?!
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    We're looking for a few ladies who may be interested in working on a series of articles here in Abu Dhabi. Please PM me if you are interested in writing for credits.
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    Irobot roomba?

    I have one of those. Bit of a pain, compared to the old attachments.
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    Irobot roomba?

    I think I'll go for the cordless Dyson.
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    Open Day for Families

    On April 26 we held an Open Day where we invited new families to attend an information session on brain training with hands on activities. It's a great opportunity for families to come and meet our staff, learn more about our training programs, and to see our center. We are always happy to meet new parents and answer questions. Tel: +971 2 666 0948 info@dotsandlinks.ae Office 1803, Das Tower, Al Bateen Street Khalidiya, Abu Dhabi UAE
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    Vaccine requirements

    Thanks Jillybean! When you say "vaccination details are required when registering with a main stream school", are you aware if vaccine exemptions are recognized and accepted, if the parents choose to opt out due to either religious and/or personal beliefs, or due to health concerns? If so, do you or any one here know how to obtain an exemption (paperwork, etc.)? Also, I noticed a lot of schools here do vaccines at school. Do you know if the parent's consent is obtained prior to administering the vaccines to their child? If vaccines are required for school, I am considering homeschooling - does anyone know if homeschooling is allowed here? Sorry for the long question, but this issue is causing me much anxiety. Thanks again!
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    Marks and Spencer in Yas usually have them .
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    Try M & S foodhall - they usually sell them. I have also seen Sunblest ones at Lulu in Khalidia mall
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    Jelabiya dress

    I don't know exactly in Khalifa city but mussafah is the nearest place to get a jalabiya dress..many shops...or in bawabat sharq mall there is a Pakistani shop name nishat linen..they have nice ones.
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    Hi everybody, We are a French family and our 6-year old daughter has been in a British school for 3 years. We are slowly considering moving her to the French system, mainly Louis Massignon primary school. Has anybody been in the same situation and can share his/her experience? What do you think of Massignon's current educational experience in general compared to other schools? Thanks for your help/comments
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    Conquering my body issues.....to maintain a healthy body image is so important for happy living and for your overall well being. Join up quickly and receive a bonus of 4 complimentary individual sessions to focus on your needs privately! Please join our small group of up to 10 women who will learn techniques in dealing with body image, over 4 weeks. We will cover:Week 1: Our body image and finding motivation to changeWeek 2: How to deal with disappointment and our inner voiceWeek 3: How to nurture your mind and bodyWeek 4: Your own steps to body positive Coach Natasha is an Australian expat who holds a Certificate in Counselling, a Bachelor of Arts in Women's Studies, a Graduate Diploma in Business Management with 20 years work experience in Human Resources. Natasha has experienced diverse cultural work and living environments and has worked with women globally. Her special interest in working with women, self esteem and relationship issues helps achieve her goal to enable clients to cope better with their situation so they are on the pathway to HAPPINESS. Join us every Thursday from 6:30pm to 8:30pm for 2 hours on dates 8th March and 15th, 22nd, & 29th March plus bonus sessions.Location: Change Work Head Office, As Saman Building, 1st Floor, #102, Abu Dhabi; www.changeworksad.com Cost: AED 600 plus FREE 4 single 1 hour sessions held during the course to work on YOUR individual issues. Please email your interest to info@changeworksad.com or call to register on 02 628 1811. Payment should be provided prior to commencing.
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    Hello, ladies! I am new in Abu Dhabi. Looking for a job of a phographer. Can send you some of my works by e-mail :) Can speak good English and Russian!
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    We use Al Ain both at home and work. Not had any issues with them even when we moved homes.
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    Any ladies out there using the Entertainer vouchers this year? Am I right in thinking lots of vendors have withdrawn this year? Are you all disappointed with this years offering?
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    rochelle cervantes

    Estuary Auctions

    Looking for a unique piece of jewellery or piece of art to add to your collection? You are invited to Estuary Auctions on Al Reem Island to view, learn more or attend the Auction on 13 Feb. See invitation below...