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    Was at Dragonmart yesterday....they had these cool sequin ones...i know not normally a fan...but you ran your hand one way and it kept changing colours....was cool. You could get them made with whatever fabric and tassels you wanted there cheaply.
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    Places in Abu Dhabi

    Thank You @DesertDream :)
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    Tablet screen fix

    New info regarding this: Just found a new place that fixes broken screens on phones and ipad, it is in a small store in Carrefour on Airport Road facing the pharmacy. ( On Airport Road)
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    Places in Abu Dhabi

    It will soon be time for the Heritage Forts in Abu Dhabi to open, and camel race season is starting, so there will be the annual events festivals and exhibitions in places like Hozn Fort, Al Wathba areas- a couple of events there... news will come out soon about these. Must be to go to events!!
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    Im looking for sofa cushions but luxury ones with bobbles/tassels and the like. Lovely fabric you know the kind? I have looked EVERYWHERE In Abu Dhabi and even the obvious places in Dubai (MoE). Nothing in Crate & Barrel, M&S, The One, Marina, Home Centre (scraping the barrel here). Can anyone help
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    There is a furniture store next to the coop in Muroor, same location as Awani ( same row, other end) ,they have the fancy ones and you can ask for some to be customized to your taste too. Also, check where they sell Italian Furniture, like Royal Furniture, Heritage Furniture in Carrefour Airport Road have a store completely for tassel items and fine furnishings, Medinat Zayed Souq have fine furnishing stores with tassels items like cushions and beaded or sequined table top covers. there are many places tucked away inside Abu Dhabi.
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    Why not find some fabric you love and have some made up ?
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    We got really nice plain cushions from BHS in AD Mall. I'm not sure what their selection is like now given they have gone bankrupt in the UK. Also H&M next door had some nice cushions and throws. ETA - I completely misread your post!! You want the fancy ones! Sorry can't help you with that lol
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    Places in Abu Dhabi

    HI @Meltigger Thank you for the information, will definately visit the places. :)
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    Places in Abu Dhabi

    In the city of Abu Dhabi, I would recommend the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque as it is a fantastic landmark, a beautiful building. I also suggest the Heritage Village as a good little place to find out about how the Emirati people used to live. There is a great zoo here in Abu Dhabi - Emirates Park Zoo. Elsewhere in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi, I recommend taking a trip to Al Ain. It is about the same distance from the city of Dubai as the city of Abu Dhabi is, the three cities sort of form a triangle. In Al Ain there is Jebel Hafeet, a mountain on the Omani border. There is also the Al Ain National Museum which has some interesting exhibits and archaeological artefacts. The Sheikh Zayed Palace Museum is the small palace that the Al Nahyan family lived in before moving to Abu Dhabi. Al Ain Zoo is also good.
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    New Community Souk & Classifieds

    I think there are a few people who make handmade stuff, but unfortunately, without a licence, it is illegal to sell your stuff, and for most of us, the cost of obtaining a licence is not worth it. I'll keep my eye open for the next coffee morning...it would be lovely to catch up with you!
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    Lakeland in Mushrif Mall

    I was in the MoE one yesterday and its nearly empty. I asked the guy if they were all closing permanently and he told me they were having a refurb. Really didnt believe him, I told him all the ones in AD were closed and he just said, no refurb. Hmmmmm
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    Tara Rose either in KCA 26th Street or Building 4, Al Marasy just past Al Bateen Marina. Ask for Tara she works at both salons
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    Mother Goth


    Hi Kate, Our family have just moved to Abu Dhabi this year & so far it's been great even with the extreme heat & humidity. I used this website to find a school for our 4 year old boy: http://www.edarabia.com/schools/abu-dhabi/ We're living in Al Reef Downtown which is family friendly though we haven't investigated too much given the heat. There are good facilities & it's super close to Yas Island with Yas Mall which is great. No ideas on finance recruitment agencies sorry. Good luck, it's an exciting adventure
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    Best Selling Sites

    We have a classifieds section which is also posted here and our social media channels.