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    Oh DD - the discarding goods instead of returning them is a HUGE bugbear of mine. OK if youre suddenly in a rush and you need to go, or you just dont want them anymore...give them to the checkout operator who will have them returned to their correct place The packers tying knots in carrier bags - a small thing but they are so much harder to carry ...handles are for holding, not for tying!
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    Besides me that is... lol. Well since everyone is busy with one thing or another or even away, I have been very, very busy to be honest. last week it was getting through all my appointments, even dentist... sure glad that is out of the way for now!! Wonder why dentist always find something else whenever you go...hmmmm??? Anyway, during that time, I bought all the gifts that I had to buy for the next two months...( I have a calendar for that). Next, down the line before end of month is to prepare 'ediya' packets inshallah for family members. For three days, I fixed and had all ACs cleaned.. the hot weather is really impacting their efficiency. Now today, started to clean out store room outside and chuck out old stuff not needed. I started this before my arm broke a while back, and now back to work on it. Sooo, glad too. It will take a couple of days sorting and rearranging though. When everyone is around, I just can't get it done with having to stop for one thing or another. Next on the list, are reorganizing file cabinets.. doing all this during my appointments, so when I am done temporarily with those, I will relax with a couple of friends over!! With all that work done and at the back of my mind :) I also have a cabinet I need to get refurbished..I have a great idea for that tooI Soo, what have you ladies been doing ??? do share
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    You sure are organized! Was thinking of having all curtains cleaned in our house, and that are many ☺ Postponed it again, just too hot now, will have to do that in November....
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    Hi everyone, I've just joined the ADW Forums as I was getting so many Google search hits from this site I thought I could cut out the middle man, so to speak, and go straight to the source. Also I'm not on Facebook so this Forum is perfect for me! Our family has moved here from Australia and while my husband has been here since April our 4 year old boy and I have been here for almost 5 weeks now. We live in an apartment in Al Reef and we're enjoying it very much so far, great amenities close by and Yas Island is our local go to spot for almost everything we need/want. I have found a wonderful salon who stock my particular brand of hair dye colour (very, very important) at Tara Rose though I have a few follow up questions about PO Boxes in Al Reef from an old post on this Forum as well as any advice on finding a good doctor, finding someone who may have a child going to the Canadian International School that we may be able to get a ride with at the end of the day as I don't drive, or finding a good driver service. I will also be looking for work in my profession which is museum collection management. So here's my questions: I know there are PO Box options such as Area and Apartment though I can't find any information about which is available in Al Reef and where they may be located. What's the best way to find out this information? We have health cover with NAS and a cursory search tells me there's nothing in their network anywhere near Al Reef, looks like they're around the city centre. How have others found a good General Practice doctor? I've only had a quite look at the recommended forum so the answer may be to look there? Does anyone else on the forum live in Al Reef? I was very relieved to find the recycling bins outside of the apartment building and if there's any other information you can share that would be helpful ie. community events notices, guidelines for living in the area etc. My husband had the apartment all set up before we got here which was great, just can't help feeling there may be more information we should have. Does anyone in Al Reef have kids at the Canadian International School? What's the best way to find a driver service? What's the best way to investigate positions vacant in the cultural sector in AD? Apologies for double up post from the introduce yourself forum, I'm also pretty new to forums! Many thanks for any help anyone can provide
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    Thanks Smiffy, I suspected this may be the case... that or I made a faux pas in my first forum post !
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    Recruitment agencies? Just a warning, be very very careful, there are a lot of scams out there....mostly involving you paying out and getting nothing back. You should NEVER have to pay a recruiter! Its far better to contact companies direct.
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    Oh yeah, forgot about the bag knots, not just that they are difficult to open too.. that is one that really annoys my hubby lol
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    Welcome to Abu Dhabi! You may for sure find it scorching hot right now but it will eventually cool a bit by October God Willing - inshallah. 1. Family Doctor: Find the Nearest SEHA Family Health Clinic near your area, if non there then Khalifa A would be the nearest one for you and family. In the event of any emergencies, you need to know the location of the major hospitals such as Mafraq Hospital and Sheikh Khalifa Hospital which is in Abu Dhabi. 2. Health cards: Your work place or your husbands work place, should provide you with medical insurance cards for you and all family members if they are sponsoring you. You can use these. 3. School Transportation: All schools provide bus services so inquire about this at the school. There are bus fees. 4. Po boxes: Go to main post office in Medinat Zayed, ask for nearest po box stand in your area. They will assist you with one. You have to fill in a simple form and pay a yearly fee which is not too much. That's is all the info I can provide , I don't live in your area so can't reply in regards to specific school etc. best of luck!