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  1. Glad you are not rushing around DD. :-))
  2. Now we can call you Chef DD!
  3. This was written on our Facebook Group Page Hills prices are going down. They all used to be over 300k If you check Dubizzle now then you can get places for 260-280k. They are all 5 bedroom plus maids room & drivers room. We've been living here for a year and love it. The kids can ride their bikes round the compound and on the beach track. It's central to go into the city or off island. We recommend it. Just need to be mindful that if you choose a place with a pool, then your electricity and water bills will be a lot higher.
  4. That's fabo that you are donating them!
  5. We have a classifieds section which is also posted here and our social media channels.
  6. Lovin your posts DD!
  7. Ramadan Kareem ladies!
  8. I look forward to your yearly Ramadan posts DD :-)
  9. I heard that you can give your laptop up at US security to be put in a box? Is this true and if so, how does it work? Did you get your laptop back? How big of a laptop fits in the 'box'?
  10. I think your issue will probably be construction noise and wait re traffic because of the closed roads and new structures going up... just sayin'
  11. Nice to hear from you Lammas and get an update. Please keep us up-to-date and how your son is getting on.
  12. Will be there with bells on, look forward to meeting newbies and chatting up a storm. See you on Tuesday!
  13. Go for it!
  14. I hear you on that one! Has anyone transitioned into grey here?
  15. On the birth of your new grandson!