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  1. We've partnered with the site authorsdb.com to become a Certified Reviewer, simply go to this page and fill in the form. https://authorsdb.com/join-authorsdb-rewards-program
  2. Lakeland in Mushrif Mall

    There is still a full store in Dubai Marina Mall, albeit a smaller version.
  3. New Community Souk & Classifieds

    Hi yes, Join the coffee club for updates. It's posted here too. Perfect timing. I have boy 4 and girl 7. I'm sure there'll be others interested too. Do you know others who sell home made stuff? Maybe we could have a showcase of sorts?
  4. New Community Souk & Classifieds

    suesol, I'm not up on UAE laws for selling goods online or at local handmade markets or selong used stuff. I'm guessing it's similar to Amazon? I'd love to see your cards though, it's what i'm looking to send the grandkids for Christmas.
  5. We're putting together a group of people who are interested in earning $$ to participate in a Book Reviewers Program with a large site. Books will be free to review and you will earn money for sharing your review. Please join the book review club in the new club section or PM me https://abudhabiwoman.com/clubs/4-adw-book-reviewers-club/
  6. Learn to chalk paint workshop

    Just seeing how many people are interested. I'll be speaking to the lady this am.
  7. Learn to chalk paint workshop

    Is anyone interested in going as a group? 95 AED for 4 hours and you learn 4 mediums and come away with a wood piece.
  8. October catch up

    Good laughs today. It was great to see you too @Grace
  9. Schools/Nurseries that rent outdoor spaces at weekend

    Yas island has a big outdoor open kids park and no controls. It's huge!
  10. October catch up

    Who all is coming tomorrow to Yas Mall coffee morning?
  11. Tablet screen fix

    Tell him thx DD :-)
  12. Tablet screen fix

    Does anyone know where to get a cracked screen fixed?
  13. New Community Souk & Classifieds

    Our new classfieds ads section is much easier and free to use. https://abudhabiwoman.com/classifieds/ Want to find a local handmade good check out our new Community Souk https://abudhabiwoman.com/classifieds/category/20-community-souk/ Are you a crafter or designer? Get your free Souk storefront. We social media market all listings
  14. October Coffee Morning

    M&S 10:30 Tuesday, October 3rd Join Us here for more details https://abudhabiwoman.com/topic/89855-october-catch-up/?tab=comments#comment-514081
  15. New Leaderboard & Clubs Section

    You can now find out who's who of ADW. https://abudhabiwoman.com/leaderboard/ Start or join a group in clubs. Come to one of our coffee Mornings https://abudhabiwoman.com/clubs/ Enjoy!