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  1. If you are looking for rare sustainable designer in Canada for Christmas presents who only uses local Canadian mediums such as alpaca wool, pacific ocean driftwood and local foul feathers for a unique gift DM me
  2. tri-geek

    Join AWN For Coffee Mornings

    It might not be on as EID. But here is the link http://awnabudhabi.com/activities/coffee-mornings/
  3. tri-geek

    Filing VAT UAE

    I've noticed I'm being charged VAT for purchases outside of the UAE. Any ideas?
  4. tri-geek

    Eid tomorrow ~Mabrook

    Eid Mubarak! Everyone!
  5. tri-geek

    12-13 th Ramadhan. 2018

    Whats this about DD?
  6. tri-geek

    First Day of Ramadhan on Thursday

    Ramadan Kareem ladies!
  7. tri-geek

    Irobot roomba?

    I have one of those. Bit of a pain, compared to the old attachments.
  8. AWN Coffee & Speaker Series are held on the first and third Thursdays of each month from 10am until noon at the Khalidiya Palace Rayhaan by Rotana.
  9. tri-geek

    Irobot roomba?

    ohhhhh I'd like to know the answer to this question too.
  10. tri-geek

    Al Shamkha

    Al Shamkha is an Emirate neighborhood and is on the outside of Abu Dhabi main city and close the the AUH airport. There is not much in the neighborhood for shopping but there is a quick shop there where you can buy most things on-the-fly. I'm guessing you will be teaching Emirate children as no expats can live in the immediate area. But simply across the Mafraq highway is Khalifa city B and further over (about 10 minutes) is Khalifa city A. There is a big shopping mall in Baniyas which is about 15 minutes. You could live in Al Reef or any of the khalifa's if you had a car.
  11. tri-geek

    Looking for a job as a photographer!

    Welcome Anna, Why not post a couple of your photos so we can spread the word. :-)
  12. We're looking for a few ladies who may be interested in working on a series of articles here in Abu Dhabi. Please PM me if you are interested in writing for credits.
  13. tri-geek

    Taxi question

    Taxi's are abundant and reliable. Uber is also an option :-)
  14. tri-geek

    Sooo, how is everyone?Where is everyone ? hehe

    Hello! I'm here :-)
  15. I think @Jennyr_au may be able to help with this question