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  1. Forum Glitch

    Ladies, I would like to apologize for a forum glitch that happened this morning. It turns out that the data was restored to the site however the copy of this data was from last nights backup. Again sorry if you have lost any posts during this time. Geeg
  2. The Big Bang Theory Quiz!

    Name: The Big Bang Theory Quiz! Category: Trivia Description: How well do you know the ins and outs of the hit TV show, The Big Bang Theory? Quiz originally created by Mikey of http://offtopichut.com Click here to take this quiz!
  3. Amazing True Or False

    Name: Amazing True or False Category: Trivia Description: This one is going to be tough! These are "amazing facts" - or are they? Quiz originally created by Kelson of http://www.defunctonline.com/forums Click here to take this quiz!
  4. Were there any errors ladies? Thank you.
  5. Name: Beta - The Quiz of Firsts - 3 minute time limit Category: Trivia Description: An interesting quiz that will test your knowledge of "the first" of something. Click here to take this quiz!
  6. Site Speed & Server Maintenance

    The server this website was on was deathly ill. We've been troubleshooting all night. Sorry for the inconvenience. Off to get some zzzzzzzzzzzzzz
  7. Avatars

    I tested this, and it works okay. But have updated the size to 500. Please try again.
  8. App & Other Things

    We're thinking of building an app for ADW and we wonder what is missing? What are your thoughts on this and improvements for the website. What is missing for you? Geeg
  9. Mobile Version Of Adw

    At the bottom of the site, select "Change Theme" then select "ADW-Mobile"
  10. A D W Guns & Bows Summer Event

    I'm game for a husband and wife team contest.
  11. New Forum Theme

    Update, I forgot to make this visible to members, you should be able to switch to this theme now. Geeg
  12. New Face Book Theme Added to ADW

    1. Moka


      Well done Geeg!

  13. New Forum Theme

    We have added a new Forum skin theme. If you are familiar with facebook, we have added a facebook theme to the list. To enable this skin, scroll to the bottom of the page and select "Change Theme" and select ADW-Face-Book. This will enable the new theme. To return to the old theme, just select "Main" in the drop-down. Hope you all enjoy!
  14. Thanks for all your PM's, keep those suggestions coming.

  15. Where Can I Find A Voltage Transformer?

    I have a 2000V.A. transformer that you are welcome too. It should work for what you need it for. PM if you want it.