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  1. A bit longish, but I had to share this with you all.......... April 2 2015, i woke at 5am to a foggy looking dawn.....husband and I had plans to go to Dubai and Sharjah regarding our work.....it wasn't all that urgent but since the plan was already made we decided to get ready to leave early and see how it went, since we had by this time realized it was a sandstorm........and we know how dangerous driving can be on such a day........ I've been here 17 years and never seen a sandstorm like this......and later someone we met has been here 35 years and never seen one as terrible as this!....... at 7am as we left AD in an already sand covered car, the visibility in AD and on the highway to Dubai was for only about 10-15meters..... we could not hear the wind howling inside the car but could feel our little 'citycar' shudder time to time.........we had to guide the driving by the tail lights of the car ahead and the dimly visible head lights of the cars behind........ surprislingly, traffic seemed normal.....goes to show how demanding jobs are here in UAE and people just have to go about driving to wherever they were going.......no 'monster sandstorm' was going to let anyone take a day off.........but thankfully everyone was driving very carefully as if we all were humbled by this giant force of nature........ we stopped halfway to Dubai at a petrol station and I had to get out of the car and experience all the wind and sand for myself...... within seconds i had my hair covered in sand and it also sat on my eyebrows and eyelashes.......the wind was so strong, I could barely get back in the car and the door slammed shut.... by this time the sky blue colour of our car was barely visible......hidden under a thick coat of sand....... as we approached Dubai, around 8.30am, the visiblity got poorer, the fog of the sand was thicker and the sky was getting orange....we could barely see the road to take.......I did question my husband a couple of times in between if we should turn back for Abu Dhabi but he seemed cautious and at the same time thrilled by this once in a lifetime experience (he's been here for 20 years)....... after our work in Dubai was done, we headed to Sharjah at around 11am.........we were wrong if we thought we had seen the worst........Sharjah being a more open emirate with less construction, the sand was even thicker and the driving so very dangerous since the roads there are prone to traffic jams.......the winds were stronger and by that time the sky had turned an almost un-natural shade of bloody orange.......it was eeire......I could sense what an apocalypse would look like......... even more surprisingly, life in Sharjah was going on just as if it was just another normal day.......women were going around shopping, on foot..........cars were just as many as on any other day...... and as we don't go to Sharjah that often, we don't know the roads too well and took some wrong turn due to no visibility, as we usually are guided by the buildings we see on the way.......and we found ourselves on a strange road.......luckily, but to our surprise, we saw some local emiratis sitting and chatting out in the open and asked them for directions.......we couldn't resist asking them how they were sitting out with all the sand and the wind and they replied "this is our land, our country, we grew up here......sandstorms are normal to us".......... so we got to where we had to go, rest of the time was thankfully spent indoors.....by the time we came out at 7pm, the sky was clear, the wind had settled as if nothing had happened........the only tell-tale signs was the heaps of sand on the roads, on the highway and on our car........ I'll remember this day as one of my most memorable, albeit most humbling and awestruck days here in this majestic country UAE.......up till now, I'd only seen a sandstorm from my apartment window!
  2. Promises to have some X'mas bargains on gently used items and great buys....... Promises to be a fun day Promises to probably have good surprises in store And all for a good cause 9am - 2pm
  3. Try the Lulu hypermarkets.....they usually do carry all sorts of Indian stuff
  4. I am doing a project which requires large glass jars.......any shape.....roughly the size of large Nutella jars, or Large Cream Cheese jars, or such sized Jam, Pickle jars etc........ if you have any which you would want to just throw.......I'd be glad to take them from you..... PM me or just reply and I'll co-orddinate with you to meet and collect them from you. Thanks for your help
  5. Best Shops To Visit In Hamdan Centre?

    Yes Lammas, it is indeed !
  6. Best Shops To Visit In Hamdan Centre?

    If you are going all the way to Hamdan Center, then you can also visit a lesser known place called the Al Sayegh Center which is the 2nd building on the right as you enter the Hamdan Street from Airport Road. Entering the building from the main entrance, up on the 1st floor, tucked away, is a Handmade Gift shop selling traditional UAE themed stuff which is worth paying a visit. Shop timings are from 9am-5pm.
  7. 10am-4pm......more than 30 vendors selling a variety of handicrafts and Gift Items Chance to do some X'mas shopping
  8. www.adcitygolf.ae 4th Oct - 5pm to 2am 5th Oct - 12noon to 2am (Family day, kids allowed until 5pm) 6th Oct - 12noon to 2am Food and beverages, fun and games for kids, and chance to do some shopping from the vendors selling in handicrafts market For more info pleae see the website
  9. Handmade Christmas Cards "from Abu Dhabi"

    It was good to meet you the other day Crystal..........glad you liked what I make.........hope to see you again soon
  10. all the previous times it has been held, there has never been any entrance fee, so i guess it is free this time as well......yes it's the one close to Corniche hospital
  11. The Charity Night Flea Market 19th September, Wednesday, 6pm-10pm Arzanah Ballroom, Sheraton (Corniche) Although it's a Flea Market, but as many of you who are regular goers to this market will know, there are tables selling secondhand and tables selling normal goods as well. So one can probably still do some early Christmas shopping. I will soon put down the list of upcoming X'mas Bazaars.
  12. Etiquettes Of Living In An Apartment

    If the building you are in belongs to the ADCP then each tenant has a right to complain directly to the ADCP office where one goes to pay rent. We all pay same rents and usually ADCP maintained buildings are governed by certain laws one of which includes children not palying in the corridors, as it can be a safety hazard to the children and the building......once while playing in our passage the children accidentally knocked down the fire extinguisher which could've fallen on a child's head, since then the law of "No playing in corridors" is strictly implied by the building watchman. The ADCP are very strict regarding the maintainance and laws of the buildings that have been registered under them. Recently, during one of the sudden checks through the ADCP, the inspectors found the glass main door of our buliding very dirty with fingerprints and it was early morning so he should've cleaned it by then.....so he was fined Dhs 200 by ADCP which he had to pay from his pocket. Since children play in the evening when the ADCP inspectors are not likely to come by, their parents get emboldened that no one usually complains and they'll get away with it.....but actually it is not allowed by law......
  13. Eid Mubarak To Everyone

    The greeting of "Eid Mubarak" means may Eid bring blessings, all good things, good health, prosperity for the coming entire year. I feel the advantage of living in such a multicultural place is that eveytime there is a big religious day like Eid, Christmas, Diwali, Onam, etc, one gets wishes for a good and happy coming New year........that's being blessed so many times over. So Eid Mubarak to everyone.
  14. It's tradition to take a gift for the host if you're visiting someone during Ramadan or if you're having the Iftaar with them. An Arabic friend of mine puts together and sells gifts and gift sets with a traditional theme. If you are interested please PM me and I can send you the details.
  15. Exercise Dvd, Any Recommendations?

    I had tried a couple of exercise DVDs but couldn't keep up with their moves in the long run......then I had chanced upon some exercise DVDs several years back and I have used them since to effectively lose the extra pounds....they are a set of 3 DVDs called Walk Away The Pounds, (1 Mile Walk, 2 Mile Walk and 3 Mile Walk)...the good thing about them being there are no fancy or harcore moves and anyone can do it.....it's as good as Power Walking but at home..... also I find that if I stopped doing the workout, I don't automatically gain back the weight if you wanted to try them out PM me