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  1. December Coffee Morning

    Is there a coffee morning on the 5th??
  2. Good sewing supply shops in Abu Dhabi?

    Off Island..... down underneath Carrefour in the basement on Airport Road. In the city .... over behind Madinat Zayed Shopping Centre....quite a few stores there that just have everything imaginable. Not sure on the stuffing though. Fabrics you'll get inside Madinat Zayed.
  3. Name something (recipe question)

    Mum.....Rissoles and Grandmother her sponge cake. YYUummmmmmm
  4. Deja Vu for sure go and ask to see the photos. I've heard of a lot of people that have been fined incorrectly and have got the money back. 2,600 is a lot of money.
  5. Oh hell Momentmal....that's horrible for you. If you travel up past Deerfields..be careful of the overhead bridges too. Police are regularly standing on them with a handheld speed cameras. Im in Dubai now and they have been warning everyone on the speed reduction on the E11 up here. Good luck getting them paid off. It hurts I know.
  6. Cushions?

    Was at Dragonmart yesterday....they had these cool sequin ones...i know not normally a fan...but you ran your hand one way and it kept changing colours....was cool. You could get them made with whatever fabric and tassels you wanted there cheaply.
  7. Learn to chalk paint workshop

    Sounds like fun....where and when any idea?
  8. Looking for new hair stylist-Help!!

    Sorry Neat102.....just sent you a message...been away on holidays and just saw this.
  9. Contact the agency asap and get them to sort. Totally unacceptable behaviour. If your expecting twins you need to get someone reliable very soon. good luck
  10. October Coffee Morning

    Sorry I missed this one....will be at the next for sure.
  11. Cat Feeders in KCA

    Me again.....we are down on helpers again.. Anybody able to help out at all??? We have various runs around Khalifa that we need help with urgently. Please let me know if you'd like to help out.
  12. Looking for new hair stylist-Help!!

    I used to go to Jean many moons ago.lol..Are you after someone on island or off? I've been going to a lady for years now that has a salon at her home in Khalifa City lot lot more reasonable than salons...Zohra....very happy. If you'd like her contact details let me know.
  13. Advice on al muneera and mangrove one

    We live in Al Muneera and it's fab. Not in a townhouse but have friends that do. It's a lovely area to live and we've loved it. In your circumstances i would definitely go for Mangrove one if you like that place just as much as Muneera. Less commute, closer to school when your child starts and closer to friends. Easy decision.
  14. Oh sorry...we are in the British system. What a shame.
  15. What curriculum is the school?