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  1. Crazy huh.....i read somewhere the other day where they will be wiping black points off people too. Like who in their right mind thinks this is a good idea??? Reward an idiot that has broken the law seriously to get black points on their licence????
  2. Hey Nat....i was lucky enough to find our apartment on Dubizzle and dealt direct with the landlord. I have had dealings with MD Real Estate taking clients through properties here and they were really helpful. They have an office at Al Ziena. Also Better Homes has an office at Al Ziena but i haven't dealt with them so not sure. Khidmah is the main body that runs all of Raha Beach and Raha Gardens....not the most helpful nor professional mob you ever want to deal with but we're all stuck with thing i can't stress enough is whatever property you decide on. Take a million photos of everything....damage...paintwork..everything. When time comes to move out they will try to take your deposit for every tiny thing imaginable. If you have proof and make sure they sign off on all of might have some hope. Shoot away with any other questions you have and hope we can help.
  3. M & Co for me and ASOS for daughter. Both are excellant
  4. Nat.....look at Raha's like 10-15 mins in traffic drive. The roads are nuts here and the less you have to drive, especially school runs the better. I'm in Muneera and love it. Lots of people have dogs here and lovely walks around the water front to take them.
  5. We are at Muneera Mainland side closer to Al Zeina end. Yes you can hear the planes...when we first moved i heard them through the night..normally busy time around 2am to 3am....but only just a distant noise. Now i don't hear them at all. Not sure on Al Zeina...i think for me a little too close but then again it depends on which block you are in.
  6. LOl.....yep...not going to run out in a
  7. Any newbies that would like to join an amazing group of people trying to help out the poor unfortunate cats left to cope out in the open? It's starting to warm up and they need lots of love and help to get them through the summer.
  8. Wonderful news DD.....lots of baby hugs to come soon!!!!
  9. Me again.....just would like to thank one of our amazing members on here for nominating her hubby to help out on our rounds. The cats so appreciate it!!!
  10. Hey DD.....good tip on the newspaper. Wish i'd known that when i was in our villa instead of going through dozens of Now in the apartment all was good thank goodness. Your friends with the new villa must be heart broken. Hope the builders come to the party and fix it all for them. I've just been looking at the photos of back in Australia. The poor people have copped it really bad. So much damage. Millions of dollars of boats just destroyed. I was reading if the boat was moored they don't even get insurance....unbelievable. At least no life lost so that was good news.
  11. Going to miss this one too.Sorry... Off to Oman for a few days.
  12. What was it you were after? Things like that are expensive here. If it's like a cat tree or something like that, and wanted to save a bit of money, you can ask on Marketplace on FB if anyone is selling. People sell things like that off quite often when leaving here. Or if you want a day out, Dragonmart sell things like that too. Not sure on prices but everything in Dragonmart is a lot lot cheaper than anywhere else.
  13. Al Bandar and Al Muneera are next to each other...they are slightly closer to the corniche but it's like walking distance to Al Ziena so not much difference. I don't travel in peak times so can't really help that much in that area. Normal times would be about 20 mins but would depend on where on the corniche your hubby would be working.
  14. Also there is a place opposite C4 in Marina mall