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  1. Book Donation - School Or Library

    Thanks everyone, I took the books to the ACS today, as we fly out on Saturday morning, so had to get it done.
  2. Book Donation - School Or Library

    I have looked through past topics and cannot seem to find the answer. I have about 20 books on Exercise Science, Human Anatomy and Physiology, Stretching, Exercises and Fitness that I would like to donate to a library or school. Does anyone know of a library or school that would take these books? Any advice or contact information would be appreciated.
  3. Our Filipino Nanny/Housemaid would like to find a new sponsor/family. She is 30yrs old and very experienced with children and housework. Both my husband and I work full time so she is fully responsible for our daughter (infant) whilst we are at work. Her housework is very good and she also looks after our small dog. She came to us from another western family who relocated back to their home country. They highly recommended her. Due to our work and vacation schedule, she will be employed until 6 Dec 11. She will be free to start with her new sponsor/family on 7 Dec 11. From 27 Nov we can start the transfer arrangements of her visa with her new sponsor. We will be unable to transfer her sponsorship before then as we also have to make other arrangements. She has every night off and Fri & Sat off. Her salary is 2,000Dhs per month and we pay her 100Dhs per month for food. She has everything, wardrobe, laptop, fridge, drawers, shelves and microwave. We bought her a bed which we are happy to sell. We have had a few issues with her, and she has reasons for leaving. I told her that she may not get the same conditions with her new sponsor. If you decide to interview her, you can ask her for my number to discuss anything. We are sad to see her go, and our daughter is going to miss her. Please contact Joy directly 0503227438 to arrange an interview.
  4. Maid Services

    I live in Golf Gardens and a flyer for Sky Maid was left on our gate. We are keen to employ their services. Is there anybody out there currently using the services of Sky Maid? Are they a new compay or have been around for a while? If you are currently using their services would you recommend? Their website looks fine www.cityskymaid.com. Reading through some other posts there also seems to be Exiles, Odd Jobs and Abu Dhabi Maids to choose from. I would be interested to hear any comments. Many thanks.
  5. Hi, my name is Melissa S. Bones, I'm 47 Married Filipino seeking full time work as a nanny/housemaid for a nice honest family. I have been in Abu Dhabi for 17 years, and my current sponsor is returning to thier home country. I will be available to start with a new family from the end of June. Please review my CV which is attched, and if you would like to give me the opportunity for an interview, please call me 050 2388413. Please contact Melissa directly. Melissa S. Bones.pdf
  6. Hi, my name is Xyza P. Alfeche, I'm 26 Single Filipino seeking full time live-in work as a nanny/housemaid for a nice honest family. Please review my CV which is attched, and if you would like to give me the opportunity for an interview, please call me 050 3227438. Please contact Xyza directly. Xyza P. Alfeche.pdf
  7. Vietnam And Cambodia

    We are regulars to Cambodia and have been to Vietnam a few times as well. Cambodia You will need to pay US20 each on arrival for a visa. Make sure you have passport photo each, if not the very nice Immigration officials will ask for more money. On departure its US25 each, and if you are flying from Phnom Penh to Siam Reap you still pay US Dollars departure tax. They get you coming in and going out! You would only need a few days in Phnom Pehn, and then head to Siam Reap for Angkor Wat temples. Abuout US20 per person for entry. Siam Reap has lots of hotels. Most with swimming pools. Tuk Tuks are best in both places to get around. Would recommend Bangkok Airways for air travel here. Vietnam We like staying at the Furama Resort in Da Nang. Its a beach front (Called China Beach during the war) resort with surf, and all sand and some water sports available. The resort also runs a free shuttle bus to Hoi An which is a must. Very lovely to walk around. Hope this helps! V Hope this helps
  8. Next Table Top Sale Or Flea Market

    The next Abu Dhabi Mums' table top sale is on November 6th at St Andrews Church centre. Time to be advised.
  9. We live in Golf Gardens and we would like to buy a small TV and DVD player for our maids room. If you are selling these items for the right price, please call Vanessa 050 4454865 to discuss.
  10. Full Time Live In Maid Required

    We live in Golf Gardens (off-island), Australian Family with baby under one and small dog. We a seeking to sponsor an experienced full time live in Maid with references. We would prefer someone 35 years old or older and who has had children herself or previous experience with children, and a good standard of English is also required. Must be in country with an immediate start. Please contact Vanessa 050 4454865 Thank you very much to everyone that contact us. We have found ourselves a lovely girl.
  11. Oasis Water

    We have been living here for 3 months at Al Raha Gardens and we have Oasis water delivered each Monday. Make sure your bottle is out early as the truck has been coming early. In fact last Monday, our bottle was not out and they rang the bell to see if we needed water. We are happy with Oasis.