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  1. Accessing Jet Blue Airlines Online Here

    Thank you, gembowcup. I just saw this and I'm not in AD right now. I will ask my husband to try this and see if it works. Fingers crossed! Thanks again. Tri-geek - I had tried that, too. I was able to get on their website by clicking on an email from Jet Blue, but then once on the main page if I tried to get flight info I got the error message again. Thanks so much for your help.
  2. Accessing Jet Blue Airlines Online Here

    Thanks, Mum80 and Desert Dream. I just tried again and same thing happened. It's so strange. I've tried typing the address in, and googling it and going through that link, but the end result is the same. Thank you for letting me know it is accessible - I thought maybe it was blocked for some reason. I'll just keep trying!
  3. Accessing Jet Blue Airlines Online Here

    Thanks, Tri-geek. I just tried that and got the same message. It's odd because I don't have any problem accessing any other airlines, just that one. Thanks for your help!
  4. Hi, all. I have been trying to get on the website for Jet Blue Airlines in the US and have repeatedly received the message "Access denied. You don't have permission to access www.jetblue.com on this server". I tried both Google and Internet Explorer and it didn't make a difference. I was able to access it on my mobile, but only the main site and could not access flight information. Does anyone have any idea why access would be denied for this and if there is any way around it? Thanks!
  5. Kitchen Drama!

    I have no recommendations for a cooker. Just wanted to say that I'm glad you're ok. You have a great sense of humour and attitude, with great storytelling!
  6. Anyone Know How To Donate Clothes, Etc To Maids' Safe House?

    Thanks, MEintheME. Mija4624, I checked with St Andrews and they no longer have a thrift shop. Thanks for the suggestion. Khalifagirl, another good idea. Thanks! So at least it looks like there are a few options for donations. I wish I could get info about the maids' safe houses, as I have ladies clothing in small sizes which would probably be put to good use there. Thanks everyone! I really appreciate the help.
  7. Anyone Know How To Donate Clothes, Etc To Maids' Safe House?

    Thanks so much for that info. Do you know if they take things other than clothes, i.e. books, DVDs, household items?
  8. Anyone Know How To Donate Clothes, Etc To Maids' Safe House?

    Thanks so much! I will check it out.
  9. Hi, a while back Tepuke Girl from this board accepted donations for the safe house. As far as I know, she has left AD. Does anyone know how to go about donating? Alternatively, is there an organisation or thrift shop that would be happy to receive them? I know about takemyjunkuae.com and will call them if there is not a local group that can use them. Thanks for any suggestions.
  10. Cleaning Companies ... Recommendations?

    Hi, Raebus. I have used Solutions agency for cleaning for the last few years. I have only had them on an occasional basis, so usually different people, but all women. I would guess that if you planned on once a week you could ask for the same woman? All but one or two of them have done a good job and I am a bit picky. They charge 35 dhs per hour (per person), plus I add a tip. You can have one lady come for a longer period of time or speed things up by asking for two ladies together. Their phone is 02 641 9227.
  11. Someone To Fix/install Things At Home?

    Hi. I have used Delight in the past for small odd jobs like hanging pictures. I know they have a moving company branch, maybe they could do the jobs you need done. It might be worth a call to find out. They have been prompt and efficient and best of all - cleaned up after themselves. The number I have for them is 02 678 9216 (hope that number is still current).
  12. Cardiologist Recomendation Anyone?

    Dr Elie at Cure - Advanced Diagnostics Clinic is very good and thorough. Edited to add: full name is Dr Elie Zogbi
  13. Are American Sizes Different?

    http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Clothing_sizes Usually US sizes are two sizes smaller than UK sizes i.e. UK 16 would be US 12, that's what I have seen in UK shops. But this article says some items are one size smaller.
  14. Can I Get Recommendations For A Good Orthopedic Doctor!

    Dr Al Duri at Advanced Cure Clinic is good. Clinic phone is 02 667 5050.