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  1. You don't get it here.I ordered it from cult beauty online and had it delivered home.
  2. Thank you Caz.
  3. Does anyone know how to get Sunday Riley skincare here?Have any of you ordered from Net-A-porter or Cult beauty?Would you recommend it?Thanks xx
  4. Does anyone know where I can buy an Instyler?It's supposed to be this curling/straightening hair styling tool.Thanks xx
  5. Desert dream,do you know the name of the one in Khalifa city A?
  6. I went to Holland and Barrett in Dalma mall.It's on the first floor,opposite Marks and Spencer.Just next to the escalator.
  7. I got my supply from Neal's yard and Holland and Barrett.The latter is better cost wise.
  8. Thank you so much Barrouna and Swirl.I didn't know they have a Neal's yard in Yas mall.Good to know essential oils work for you swirl.
  9. Does anyone know where to get good quality essential oils here?Has anyone here used it and got good results with it?Been hearing a lot about it.
  10. I love British shows. Happy Valley Last Tango in Halifax Watching Doctor Foster now.
  11. Thank you ladies!
  12. Hi Ladies, Do you know of restaurants or cafe's that serve breakfast through the day?Thanks xx
  13. Thanks but before I ordered online I wanted to know if there is a place I can get it locally.Looks like I'll just order it online :)
  14. Anyone know where you can get to buy a derma roller in Abudhabi?
  15. Thank you Carney.