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  1. Back Again!!!

    My advice would be to find out exactly what the education and housing benefit are going to be and go from there. Where you live and where your kids go to school will have the biggest impact on your life in Abu Dhabi so you need to know upfront exactly what you can afford. As Chaletfan mentioned above, however, make sure you give yourself some breathing room on these numbers - despite 'being in a contract' terms, especially around benefits, can pretty much be changed at will here. Also, your kids are at an age where school places are the most competitive, you'll need to apply as early as possible and most likely widen your choice to more than just one school.
  2. I am genuinely gobsmacked!

    I'd say a simple 'No' and then add something like 'Thank you so much for the mail, however. It has really made me think about the things that are important in life and it's spurred me to make a donation instead to xx (insert charity of choice here) for a child that really needs the support.
  3. Taking cooked meat to Geneva

    One of the restaurants might be able to make you up a nice picnic basket - it's always worth asking :)
  4. Lots of oil and gas people are leaving/have left but it's pretty much across the board - not just due to redundancies but many people have had enough of risings costs which are not inline with salaries going up and/or packages being cut.
  5. Serviced Apartments next to Brighton College

    Also, perhaps try speaking to your landlord to see if they will let you renew on a month by month basis or for six months only. Not very common in the UAE, I know but it can't hurt to ask.
  6. Lots of questions.

    Yep! It's also Eid so most people are probably away. I'm not in the UAE anymore but can answer some of your questions: 1: Most, if not all hotel decorations will go up after National day 2. The buses are clean, cool and comfortable and also cheap! The only direct AD to Dubai bus goes from the Al Wahda Bus station and then you need to change at Ibn Batutta to go anywhere else in Dubai I believe. Not sure if you can get a bus directly from Ibn Batutta but if not, there's always the Metro. 3. Yes, I think so 4. Best answered by someone in AD 5. Never been in either. From the outside the Millennium looked nicer but that's not saying much. Probably much nicer choices around. Try Southern Sun - a new hotel close by which was getting decent reviews when we left. 6. No idea. Have a great trip :)
  7. BSAK, Brighton College or Cranleigh

    All three schools are very good with high standards in all areas. My son went to Brighton and then Cranleigh (we've now left the UAE). Of the three, I'd say Cranleigh has the highest academic rigour and the extra curricular activities programme is very good (especially beyond pre-prep). The biggest issue you are going to find is getting a place for both children at any of these schools with year 1 being especially challenging. That said, I've heard that lots of people are leaving this summer and beyond so places may open up. I would apply for all three and see what comes up - especially if you are flexible with regards to location.
  8. Some Fun Questions :) Have a break!

    Oooh, this is fun (even if I have officially left the UAE, I still like checking in here and hope it's cool to play) :) Just something for fun... 1. What are three of your favourite world famous, Disney World type songs? Part of your World: The Little Mermaid A Whole New World: Aladdin The Circle of Life: Lion King 2. If you could be a famous character of Disney World, who would it be? Merida in Brave :) 3. Which character is your favourite villain in either a movie or Disney World Film? Snape in Harry Potter or Hans Gruber in Die Hard (Alan Rickman *sigh*) 4. What is your favourite Comedy film? Dirty Rotten Scoundrels 5. What is your favourite scary movie? The first Nightmare on Elm Street. That basement scene still gives me nightmares 6. Name one film you really didn't like. Salmon Fishing in Yemen with Euan McGregor and Emily Blunt 7. Name a film or book that inspired you or made you think a lot. Wild - totally blown away by what Cheryl Strayed did.
  9. Your Last Meal In Abu Dhabi

    I made sure I had a shawarma before we left and made the most of mint lemonades :)
  10. Songs that are really bad, but have a catchy hook

    It's Chasing Cars. What can I say? I watch far too much Grey's Anatomy.
  11. Songs that are really bad, but have a catchy hook

    Hanson - MmmBop Chesney Hawkes - The One and Only James - Sit Down Spin Doctors - 2 Princes :) :)
  12. Making Of A Murderer (Spoiler Alert)

    We binged watched this in a couple of days. Could. Not. Stop. Watching. If you do a search online there is a fair bit of evidence that the documentary left out but even so I think there was a huge miscarriage of justice. Personally, I don't think he did it. Who did? No idea but Brandon's brother (I think?) seemed well dodgy... The victim's brother was slightly odd too though don't you think? The missing phone records and him accessing her phone was definitely weird. Great series though. Wonder what will happen now?
  13. Expat Issues, An Honest Account

    It's interesting, I am British through and through and very proud of that fact but I definitely would not want to live there again. I love visiting and I love all my family and friends there and miss them of course but it really is a hard place to live. Given the choice, despite everything I have said about living here - I would choose here over the UK and from what I'm reading and hearing many other Brits feel the same way too. Lucky for me, I married a great passport (joke, the guy that came with it is pretty awesome too) and we have a different, and I think/hope, much better option in Australia :)
  14. Expat Issues, An Honest Account

    Echoing all the sentiments expressed on here already. Just like PBW we have been here for seven years and we're just about to leave for Australia next month and I am so so so happy! The first five years here were pretty good, well, probably the first three or four and then I've just got progressively more and more unhappy and the past year was absolute hell. I actually wondered at a few points if I was getting clinically depressed - just couldn't shake this feeling of sadness and just so very tired all the time, putting on weight etc. As soon as we decided to leave it was like flipping a switch. I've become the old me again, full of energy and enthusiasm. I honestly feel I have a new lease of life. I know home is where you make it but for me there is a time limit here because I just feel there is absolutely nothing to do beyond the beach, malls and brunches (apart from little hobbies like crafting, cooking etc). I adore exploring new places and the different vibes you get from visiting different towns and villages etc in the country that you live. Here we're stuck with Abu Dhabi, Dubai and the other smaller Emirates which to be fair are all pretty dull really. Beach? Check. Rotana hotel? Check, rocky patches of earth which pretend to be mountains instead of sand? Check. It all just gets very very dull after a few years. Mix all of this in with the escalating cost of living here and all the other 'issues' and there's no way I could have managed to stay here much longer. Sorry, that's all very negative isn't it? I have actually gained an awful lot from living here and am truly grateful to have had the experience but come February, I'm going to very very gratefully toasting my goodbye with a glass of champagne or two at airport!
  15. Agree, this would make such a difference. Unfortunately things aren't much different in the UK. We lost a baby at 20wks pregnancy and at my follow up appointment to discuss the autopsy results my husband and I had to sit in a waiting room with about half a dozen happily glowing women and their other-halves waiting to start an ante-natal class. Not one of the highlights of my life.