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  1. Hey all Just wanted to share a recipe I tried and loved! I make it once a week and have leftovers for lunch.. it's so good and point-friendly as I am doing weightwatchers. http://www.emilybites.com/2016/08/beefy-american-goulash.html
  2. With 60pounds to lose, I decided to join WeightWatchers recently (online). I'm feeling a bit overwhelmed and lost... are there any WW meetings in Abu Dhabi? Is/was anyone here on weight watchers? I see a lot of people online getting low point breads and light english muffins.. any idea where I can find these?
  3. There are a few juicing places around here that deliver. I tried the juices at The Raw Place and Essentially - loved them but quiet pricey. - The Raw Place ( Abu Dhabi, Central Market), https://therawplace.com - Detox Delight (Dubai), https://www.detox-delight.ae/en/dubai/dubai - Essentially (Dubai), http://www.essentially.ae
  4. Dr. Tank will be at The Doctor's Medical Center (near Second Cup, not far from Swedish Medical Center). I think she will start in September.
  5. Never seen Mario Badescu here. You can order from Nordstrom - they ship worldwide. I have ordered moisturisers from there and arrived within a week!
  6. I think the clinic is still closed since they're moving to their new location (opposite Nissan Showroom near Spinneys)
  7. Humid
  8. From The National: " The emirate’s first private hospital dedicated to women is set to open as early as next week." Read more: http://www.thenational.ae/business/economy/abu-dhabix2019s-first-private-hospital-dedicated-to-women-set-to-open
  9. Hi I just found out I'm pregnant (1st time) and had my first appointment with Dr. Tank at the Swedish Medical Center (great doctor, very expensive 5,000+ AED). First appointment included a scan and blood tests for toxoplasmosis, blood type, iron, vitamin d, german measles,etc.. Dr. Tank asked me if I am interested in getting more tests for chromosomal disorders, down syndrome, probability tests.. Are these tests necessary? Do you recommend them? Have you had such tests?
  10. Please elaborate: - " Oh,right, it's the UAE where one needs no "real" qualifications" - " then going to drive in a "real" country"
  11. My guess is slim n lite is the " not bad " option. But, I did not hear anything about nutrislim.
  12. how were the results?
  13. Ladies Did anyone of you try any of the diet food delivery places ( Health Quest, Bite Rite, Slim n Lite, Nutri Slim )? Do you know anything about them ? My main issues are taste, hygiene and results . The pounds keep creeping up on me and with my lifestyle the food delivery plans might help.
  14. Sorry I should have been clearer. Well we do have to be covered at all times . So, when playing a sport we are normally in shorts and our hair is not covered, hence the need for a "covered" or ladies only court.
  15. any idea where muslim ladies can play tennis since the ladies' club is going to close soon ?