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  1. Happy Birthday shinny!

  2. Just wondering if anyone has the term dates for next year yet..? Repton has them on their website and I noted that there were no half term breaks. Im interested in Xmas / Feb hols time mainly as trying to book return legs on flights. The schools are waiting for ADEC signoff as usual but I just wondered if anyone had any idea..... Thanks a lot
  3. Happy Birthday shinny!

  4. Ive just called Shadows as couldn't find numbers for Century and he's coming later with fabrics. I did get a quote from Avenue in Raha Mall but it was 1700dhs approx. for the cheapest fabric. Will update after Shadows have been. Thanks for your replies.
  5. Ive acquired a large armchair and footstool that is in dire need of a re-cover. Does anyone have a recommendation for someone that will come round with fabric and do it for me please? I have searched but can only find curtain recommendations. Many thanks in advance!
  6. Any Iftar Recommendations?

    Looking to do Iftar tonight but just wondering if anyone had any good experiences?? Preferably Yas or Bab Al Bahar but not much further into town if possible. We would like international cuisine as well as some Arabic. Many thanks in advance!
  7. Renewing Uk Passport From Here

    Ive just sent 2 child passports off to UK to Liverpool for renewal. Just wondering if anyone's done it recently and how long it took......was about to book flights and am a bit worried in case it takes longer than 4 weeks. Many thanks.....
  8. Happy Birthday shinny!

  9. Table Top Sale

    Sat 30 November 10-12 Abu Dhabi Mums table top sale is on at St Andrews
  10. I went through the toll gate in Dubai last week without a tag and just wanted to share how I successfully got a new Salik card in Abu Dhabi. You have 10 working days to get a new Salik before you get fined. On their website it says you can get it in any Adnoc and Emirates Banks in Abu Dhabi. That is not the case.....however I did manage to get a new pack at Adnoc on 30th street, past ADNEC. I rang Emirates Bank and the woman told me I could only get it from their branch in Khalidiya. Very tricky to sort out but after several phone calls I did it without having to drive to Dubai, which was suggested to me. Hope this will help someone.
  11. Recommended Movers For In-Country Move?

    Delight were brilliant when we used them and Id definitely recommend them.
  12. Opening An Account

    What documentation do you need to open one of these accounts please? Is it just standard passport, ID card etc? thanks
  13. Mosquito Screens?

  14. Mosquito Screens?

    Anyone know of a good company who can install these for our outside sliding doors? Many thanks
  15. Seyshelles Vs Maldives (Male)?

    Where are you staying with 3 kids? I could only find 1 place that was 900 pounds per night in Seychelles so I looked at Maldives which is much cheaper but still not much on offer..........