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  1. Christmas Plans?

    Hi Bristol2AD, for some fake snow fun..what about checking The Galleria - http://thegalleria.ae/winterfair/index.html
  2. Saying Goodbye To One Of Our Longstanding Members

    sad news, my sincere condolences to TGLs family...
  3. Printing Services

    If you live in the city, try Graphic International, Hamdan St., Tel. : 02 679 2930.
  4. Sushi in AD?

    Why not try sushi at Kahraman Restaurant or at the bar at the Southern Sun Hotel Abu Dhabi (near corniche hospital). They are very yummy:).
  5. Dear Swirl, thank you for asking and very sorry, I got so busy and wasn't able to get back in this post. YES, Lili is still with us. My husband organized it with our PRO. Our PRO went to the municipality and was told that it was a warning (resulting from one mystery neighbor complaint). The PRO said that he spoke to the same man who came and spoke to me. The PRO assured me that it is all sorted and no fine or no police will come to get our Lili. At the moment, we are keeping Lili indoors as much as possible not staying out in the patio/garage for long if there will be nobody out to supervise her outside the house (just in case she barks too loud). So far, we haven't got any visit yet from municipality again.
  6. Dinner Ingredients Delivery....

    Thanks for sharing, Swirl. I have been using DinnerTime since April this year, and I am one happy customer. We get a variety of menu with lots of greens and organic/local produce items too. Balanced meal and not a lot of processed food involved - meat, chicken, fish and vegetables. Recipes are easy to make and do not require a lot of time in prep and cooking.
  7. Thanks tri-geek, I noted those questions and will ask our PRO tomorrow at work.
  8. Thank you Swirl and Mum80. Our girl has been with us for almost 4 years and we have been in our house for the last seven years. I pried among other neighbours (who have dogs too) a few houses away if they got the same note. Two of them already said no and confirmed more to me that somehow one of my nearby neighbours complained directly to the municipality. I have not broken this news to my children as we (DH) will try to resolve it first. Hopefully, we will get good news tomorrow and waived that warning notice.
  9. We live in Karama, just behind Cafe Arabia. On 24th Nov, a local chap honked from his truck and knocked on my gate, asked me if I were the owner of the house and the dog. I spoke to him only at the gate. After saying, yes, he told me that I have to "take out" my dog in one week. He asked for my ID and he wrote something on his receipt book. Then, he handed me the note in Arabic, and read out that it is a warning notice from the municipality public health dept, I am given one week to "take out" my girl somewhere as it is not allowed in our area. I asked what is this new rule and where is it written, no answer but he told me to talk to his manager if I need to complain. I was speechless and was unable to think well, I did not even got his name or even ask for an ID or his name. It is very obvious that somebody has approached the municipality and complained about our girl. After getting my warning note translated (from a shop) -- it says warning because of disturbance and smell after an inspection. But he did not actually do any inspection as we only spoke outside the house. And surely our dog (who lives with us inside our house) doesn't smell. Our Arabic speaking PRO will help us show the warning notice and talk to somebody at the municipality tomorrow. Has anybody experienced this before? If so, can you please advise. Sincerely, J
  10. Photo Booths

    I can also recommend, in Abu Dhabi Mall, Grand Store, ground floor. I usually use them for my travel visas too as they are usually good in getting the correct sizes (embassy wise).
  11. that is great madhubala, I sent you a PM for your queries too.
  12. Hi Madhubala, you can also check Vivafit (for women only) at the Shining Tower in Khalidiya. They run 30-minute intense workout classes starting at 8 am. I find it more interesting than gyms, it has different classes scheduled in different times of the week/day. They also use hydraulic machines in some classes combined with some platform steps. I have been a member now for two months and I enjoy going there and meeting other ladies too. This is their website http://www.vivafit.ae/.
  13. Wedding Photographer Wanted

    Hi Lindsay, you may also call Mr. Richard Haddad of Lime Studio (http://www.limestudio.ae).
  14. Hi Bunnyrabbit, I got this cream two weeks ago from the Cosmesurge pharmacy. Between Delma Street (13th) and Karama intersection. You can also call them to check for availability 02-4466648.
  15. Dr Berger ( Dermatologist ) Back

    Yes, Dr Berger is in Vital Polyclinic (on 32nd street near the Irish Embassy). I consulted him for some of my annoying spots and rashes earlier this month.