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  1. Just a reminder, but please make sure you get receipts for your transactions. I went to one of the pharmacies near my house over the weekend, and there was a new girl working at the counter. I usually calculate things in my head, so I have an idea of the appx bill. When she “rang” up the amount, I was expecting it to be about 100 dhs, but she said the bill was 297. I went ahead and paid, thinking maybe one item was far diff price than I expected, got my 3 dhs change, and then she just said thanks and expected me to leave. I asked her where is my receipt? At this point, she became very flustered and started ringing things up again, then told me to give her back the 3 dhs. I asked her why, did you charge me wrong? She said, oh there’s a slight difference. The actual bill should have been 101 dhs. She corrected it and said, oh I’m so sorry for the mistake. Then I had to again ask for the receipt, which this time had the right amount but was time stamped for the wrong day and time. I have not been able to find corporate information for this store to report what happened, but I just want to remind everyone to always always always get a receipt.
  2. I had a busy Thanksgiving weekend, but I would be interested to try this sometime. If you do it again, maybe over winter break when my uni daughter is home, please let me know.
  3. momof3

    Evening dress - looking for recommandations

    Hi there. I have a couple dresses in this size range, that you are welcome to take, if you like them. I will send you me phone number by private message. If you like, WhatsApp me and I will send you pics.
  4. momof3

    Sewer smell

    Yes, exactly! It started about a week ago
  5. momof3

    Sewer smell

    I will check the toilets, thank you. It's not just my house, though, it's the whole area around me and only at night. I'm sitting here now at 4 am with my eyes burning. I will call the municipality again to complain, but my Arabic is poor and their English is poor. I may have to wait until my husband gets home from his travels.
  6. momof3

    Sewer smell

    The smell starts getting bad around 6pm, and permeates the house. Then by morning, the house still stinks, but the outside is back to fairly normal. It is stronger at the back side of our house, but have smelled it also driving past the adnoc that is under construction (which is just a couple streets behind me). Our area (just to the side and behind us) had tons of drilling going on for over a year, when they were adding the new sewer network underground, so it makes sense that it is now coming from those pipes being opened. It hasn't been quite as bad the last couple of nights, but the smell is still there at night.
  7. momof3

    Sewer smell

    Thanks. I'm glad you haven't been affected in khalifa a. It's really awful!
  8. momof3

    Summer holidays

    Just returned from 2 months in the US, visiting family, theme parks and a sports camp for a couple of my children. It's always nice to travel, but nice to be back in my own bed as well!
  9. momof3

    Too much change!

    My daughter had a bunch of coins, so we took it to 2 different banks, who refused to take it since they didn't have the automatic counter machine and no one wanted to sit and count them out. (Even though she had them neatly separated into different bags and had pre counted them.). Finally, went to an exchange company, who took the dirhams, but no interest in the smaller coins. If you find somewhere that will actually take the coins, please share.
  10. momof3

    Coconut Flour

    Organic grocery in nations tower sells it.
  11. momof3

    Quiz on the UAE ( fun time)

    1. Abu Dhabi 2. Dec 2 3. 2; Eid al Fitr and Eid al adha 4. Ramadan, Haj 5. 7 emirates 6. AED, dirham 7. Sheikh Khalifa 8. Madrissa 9. Khubiz 10. Dakkan
  12. momof3

    Looking for new hair stylist-Help!!

    I second Zohra. My daughters and I have been going to her for at least 3 years now.
  13. momof3

    Sewer smell

    Has anyone noticed a horrible sewer smell over the past week? We thought it was our house, so called the municipality. They cleaned out a couple of our sewer drains, but nothing bad. The smell kept coming, so we thought maybe it's the adnoc under construction next to us. However, another friend said that the sewer smell is all over Abu Dhabi from the municipality opening the new sewer lines. It seems worse at night; to the point that one of my kids room smells so bad she can't sleep in it. My location is Abu Dhabi Gate City. Anyone else notice this horrible smell?