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  1. Just a reminder, but please make sure you get receipts for your transactions. I went to one of the pharmacies near my house over the weekend, and there was a new girl working at the counter. I usually calculate things in my head, so I have an idea of the appx bill. When she “rang” up the amount, I was expecting it to be about 100 dhs, but she said the bill was 297. I went ahead and paid, thinking maybe one item was far diff price than I expected, got my 3 dhs change, and then she just said thanks and expected me to leave. I asked her where is my receipt? At this point, she became very flustered and started ringing things up again, then told me to give her back the 3 dhs. I asked her why, did you charge me wrong? She said, oh there’s a slight difference. The actual bill should have been 101 dhs. She corrected it and said, oh I’m so sorry for the mistake. Then I had to again ask for the receipt, which this time had the right amount but was time stamped for the wrong day and time. I have not been able to find corporate information for this store to report what happened, but I just want to remind everyone to always always always get a receipt.
  2. I had a busy Thanksgiving weekend, but I would be interested to try this sometime. If you do it again, maybe over winter break when my uni daughter is home, please let me know.
  3. momof3

    Evening dress - looking for recommandations

    Hi there. I have a couple dresses in this size range, that you are welcome to take, if you like them. I will send you me phone number by private message. If you like, WhatsApp me and I will send you pics.