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  1. Full time kabayan

    Need a full time mature housemaid to live in al ain. Self contained room and great benefits send me pm
  2. Happy Birthday zoukla!

  3. Happy Birthday zoukla!

  4. Happy Birthday zoukla!

  5. Shopping For A New Bank (Account)

    Thank you all for your valuable and up to date feedback. Already been on the phone with the ADCB team and they have been very helpful so far.
  6. Well, HSBC has finally showed the true extent of how they value of their customers. The branch in Al Ain is now closed, all ATMs in the City removed and then the internet goes down. Been with HSBC since coming here but enough is enough! So any ideas/ experience on the best local banks for expats (UK) Then i will check on there presence in Al Ain. I think it still provides comfort to walk into a bank to verify and do certain transactions Thanks
  7. Sick Leave

    Been in the unfortunate position of not feeling well enough to go to work following treatment from doc and forget to ask for HAAD leave. Shortcut to the doctor. Now I am being advised that the day will be taken from my annual leave. Really does anyone have the official word on this as I shudder to think what happens if you have a runny tummy or the common cold and are not able to get to the doc. your feedback appreciated
  8. Which shop did you see it in. thanks
  9. Hi ladies, Can anyone say where I can get a umbrella that can fit any pushchair or shading for a pushchair. willing to also to consider used in good condition. Thanks
  10. Happy Birthday zoukla!

  11. Can anyone recommend an english/western law firm in Abu Dhabi and or Al ain who can do services under UK jurisprudence. Please pm me Thanks
  12. Breast Feeding

    Get a nipple shield and Lanisoh. It worked a dream. Check mothercare..... Good luck
  13. Housemaid Needed

    I am looking for a nanny/maid to live in with my family . Call 0566403759 Anyone has any contacts for Maid Recruitment agencies this would be welcomed.
  14. New To Al Ain

    Dear ABDW friends.. Just to let you know , now delivered a little girl...now 1 week old.
  15. Nannies Company

    Same here. No response