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  1. Tarsheed Survey - conserving water and electricity

    Great points! I've often wondered about the insolation... it takes 2 times as much energy to cool down, as to heat up, and houses in the "cold" part of the world have been insolated for decades/millennia...
  2. CBT in Abu Dhabi?

    Thank you, Ladies! We saw dr. Anna at healthPlus, she referred us to the Maudsley Clinic, so far, we're very happy with them.
  3. CBT in Abu Dhabi?

    Good morning Ladies My 17-year old DD needs help. The school has suggested CBT and "Arabian Lighthouse" in Dubai, however, when I contacted them they did not seem overly professional.... Does any of you know of a good therapist in Abu Dhabi?
  4. Waterproof cover for cast?

    Need help again: DS broke his arm, and I've seen in Denmark you can get a waterproof cover for it.... Asked in several pharmacies, but no luck:-( Does anyone know, if I can get them here - and where?
  5. Traffic ticket?

    Just in case anyone get in the same situation: I ended up going to the "vehicle registration center", put my drivers license in their self-service machine, and sure enough, there was a fine of 200 AED. Then I needed my Emirates id and Master card to pay, straight forward. Before I went, I checked both the MOI app, and the police web site with my driver license number - both came up with no fines.....
  6. Trips out to places of interest

    1: Blue Souk is amazing! Lots of bargains - need to bring a big car;-) 2.: Is it the Friday Market close to Masafi on the way to Fujairah? It's not worth a visit.... Besiddes I heard it burned down. 6: butterfly park? Is it the same as magic gardens? suggestions: Trip to Al Ain, to go inside the oasis. "fossil area" outside al Ain (not really sure, where this is, so need help on this:-)), sailing trip, kayaking in the Mangroves, if possible, it would be great, if someone with good knowledge of the grand mosque could do a ladies tour My youngest finishes at 2 every day, and I work from 3, so not sure, I'll be able to participate:-(
  7. Traffic ticket?

    Thank you DD! Do you know the web site? I checked the adpolice, and it gave nothing.... The fine is issued by police, so don't think it's Saaed, but since I live in ARG, it may be worth checking - 15th street? In Khalifa? Not really sure, where it is (even after 7 years here)
  8. Traffic ticket?

    Hi ladies I need your help again. I was going to pick up my husband, and stopped the car (pulled over and away from traffic of course), since the blue tooth was not working - I wanted to fix it, so I could call DH.... After 5 min a police car stop behind me, and I'm told, I have a parking ticket. He gave me a paper with "Traffic Tickets Recorded", and it says "you are required to attend traffic during one month from this date...." But where is "Traffic"??? I've tried searching the MOI app with plate number and license number - just tells me, there's no fine.... Do I go to the police station? And which one?
  9. Driving to Muscat?

    Thank you! Crossed the Hili border around 2.30 am - took 30 min:-) (friends of ours arrived 9.30 am Friday morning and by 5 pm they were through!) - we do have Oman insurance for our car, so no need to stop for that. Went via Sohar - very easy, arrived in Muscat 7.30. Had some lovely days (esp. Our trip to Wadi Shab - very hot, but worth it!). Came back via Nizwa today - again almost no waiting time 45 min and we were through.
  10. Driving to Muscat?

    Excellent - thank you so much! DH insist on Nizwa route....
  11. Visitor query

    Google "UAE visa on arrival"- shows dk (and other) passport holders get 90 days multi entry visa, valid for 6 months. For UK it is still 30 days!
  12. Driving to Muscat?

    Ladies:-) We're going to Muscat for the EID. Have to be there 8.30 Friday morning, so plan to leave AD around 1-2 am.... Have anyone been lately? Which border crossings are open for expats? And are they open 24/7? Thinking of going via Nizwa?
  13. Visitor query

    Where's your friend from? The rules changed I think, you now have 60 (or is it 90?) days from entry if you're from certain countries.... I'm not 100% sure though, so better check....
  14. That is too hard DD:-/ The great Danish writer H.C. Andersen said: "to travel is to live", this is what I live by - simply just love to travel... Best places for diving: Sipadan, Raja Ampat (Indonesia) and Bali. Sights and History: Nepal, Jordan, Thailand and India. Currently in Malta and love it:-)
  15. Seeking Advice on the "British" Club membership

    Yes. I do hope they keep it that way, as many nannies are not able to control the kids - or able to swim in case of an emergency in the pool/sea (no life guards).