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  1. Friday Family Breakfast Ideas?

    Hi, We've been to the breakfast at The Fairmont and Shangri La,nice food, but no pork at either I'm afraid. The Shangri La do however have the chocolate fountain :) The only place I've been in the UAE that served pork was the Hilton Jumeriah Beach hotel in Dubai. Maybe the Hilton in AD serve it?
  2. Al Bateen Beach - Open?

    Hi, Does anyone know if this beach is open yet? Know that it opened earlier in the year, but was closed for some reason. TIA
  3. Football

    Hi, Have you looked at Libra? They offer football at Raha International School in KCA. My boys used to do it before and really enjoyed it, but had to make a choice in the end as we spent more time out and about as supposed to doing homework :)
  4. Malls Open

    Hi, I asked the security guard at Abu Dhabi Mall last week, and he said they are open normal hours 10am-10pm.
  5. Muscat, Oman Hotels

    , Thinking about going away to Muscat for a few days in December. Trying to find a decent hotel with decent rates :) Grateful for any tips. TIA
  6. Visitors Driving Private Cars

    Just spoke to AXA, who we use for insurance here. The lady on the phone told me yes, they are insured if they have an international license and are direct family. I also asked if I could have this in writing, and she told me to email them and they'll send the agreement back. Will let you know the outcome of the email :)
  7. Visitors Driving Private Cars

    Thanks, had a feeling this was the case, but thought I double check :)
  8. Visitors Driving Private Cars

    Got visitors coming soon, and as DH is away we have an extra car. They have been here before so they know their whereabouts. However, I have just started work again, thus wont be able to drive them around like before. Have heard different stories whether this is possible or not. The driver will have an international license. Does anyone know who to contact or if there are any websites about this. Thanks.
  9. Pediatric Ortopedic?

    sent you a pm
  10. Pediatric Ortopedic?

    sent you a pm
  11. Pediatric Ortopedic?

    Sent you a pm.
  12. Etihad

    We had the same problem regarding the website saying there was a problem with the credit card. I simply went on expedia.co.uk straight away and booked the same flights for the same price with the same credit card that supposedly wasn't working!
  13. Christmas in Abu Dhabi

    For those of you that are after real christmas trees, I saw a sign in Abela's (Etihad Plaza) that they are taking orders now
  14. New Yas Island Tunnel

    It's re-opened, we went through it last night after the biking session at the Yas circuit. It only took us 10ish min, we live in gate 17 at Raha which is great!
  15. Tutoring In Abu Dhabi

    Hi, sorry for jumping on the thread, but does anyone know of a good maths tutor? Preferably with experience in the British Curriculum for a year 6 student.