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  1. Shipping boxes to Europe

    Can anyone recommend a company that ship to Europe? We need to send back a few boxes, mainly kids toys and clothes. Not enough for a container or even half a container.
  2. I am a teacher in the American high school curriculum and IB diploma programme and I also have experience of the British system. I would say it definitely depends at what stage of a child's school career the switch was made. As I only have experience in secondary school, in my opinion it would be much easier to go from the British system to the American system than vice versa. However a switch from the British system to the IB diploma would also be very challenging. In terms of getting into university, I personally believe the IB diploma to be the most comprehensive high school qualification there is but unfortunately many university admission departments don't actually understand it. Many of my previous IB students tell me stories of learning very little in the first two years of university due to this underestimation by universities all around the world of the IB diploma. Due to this British A-levels are probably the best qualification to have in terms of university application. It's also easier than the IB diploma.
  3. TENS machine

    Hello, Does anyone know where I can buy or rent one of these in Abu Dhabi? Thanks!
  4. Hello, Does anyone know where I can buy coconut aminos, tigernut flour and casava flour in Abu Dhabi or Dubai? Thanks in advance.
  5. Travel Doctor/travel Vaccinations

    Ladies, I'm supposed to be going to India (Mumbai) in 3 weeks but I totally forgot vaccinations. To make things more complicated I'm five months pregnant. I need to talk to a travel doctor specifically as obviously I can't get certain vacs or don't want to be getting anything unnecessary. I haven't booked anything yet thankfully.
  6. Marriage Counselor

    Try Dr. Katie Russell at the American Clinic for psychiatry & neurology.
  7. Child Day Care In Abu Dhabi

    Our daughter went to My Babies Nursery on Sl Bateen Street. She was there from 17 months to 3 years 10 months. Have no complaints. Had my younger daughter in there for a few days when we had a nanny emergency. She got on perfectly. Personally I found all the staff lovely .
  8. I literally cannot find anyone to do this. Squeegee Clean don't service the Corniche. Can anyone recommend someone?
  9. Happy Birthday Luimneach!

  10. Vbac Friendly Hospital And Doctor?

    I can recommend Dr.Fady at Burjeel. He was super patient with my wish to have a vbac. I ended up going 12 days over but went into labour by myself. I didn't progress beyond 6cm so I unfortunately ended up having another section. At that point I'd been in labour over 24 hours and in Burjeel for over 12 hours.
  11. Vacuum Pack Storage Bags

    Cool. Thanks ladies.
  12. Vacuum Pack Storage Bags

    Hi, Does anyone know where I can buy large ones in Abu Dhabi? Thanks :)
  13. Gluten Free Oats In Abu Dhabi

    Lulu's in Mushrif with all the rest of the gluten free organic etc.
  14. Engagement ring

    Cara have made four rings for me at this stage. Wonderful service and they'll deliver free to Abu Dhabi. We've bought four engagement rings for friends and family from them also. I've also recently bought my brother's wedding ring from Khalifa Jewellery. Cara couldn't price match.