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    Diving, when scuba buddies are around...snorkling, when divers are scarce...tai chi, i try...eating, all cuisines - i don't discriminate...jiu jitsu, gotta burn them calories (on hold for now)
  1. Dog walking on the beach.

    https://goo.gl/maps/ERkJUhv7ikH2 Walk away from the people at the park, beach to your left hand side, with your Dog.. enjoy
  2. Abu Dhabi Woman Casting Call

    Wouldn't want to miss the fun TG
  3. Abu Dhabi Woman Casting Call

    Consider adding AD Man into the mix. That will revamp the brand :D
  4. Happy Birthday Bodhi!

    1. Bodhi


      Thanks TG.. I'm in the Capital most week-days. Let's catch up :)

  5. Changing The Paint Color Of Your Car

    Haha.. or the best of both worlds Maha - sparkling Zebra! I'll explore durability, but I reckon a proper paint-job is longer lasting. Thanks
  6. Do you have any experience in changing the paint color of your car? I enjoy the outer aesthetics of my black car but that paint-arrangement combined with the blazing summer heat is encouraging me to explore alternatives. Save for selling and replacing my car, I'm left with a few other options: window-tinting - already doneconsistent shaded parking solution - not realisticsolar-powered fan - dragon-mart quick win, will give it a goremote-control ignition and A/C - may explorebite the bullet and make no change - too boring and hot to considerchange the car color - focus of this threadIf you do have experience in this regard, can you share some helpful lessons around: outcomes - have you experienced improvement in heat managementsupplier - who does it here that you can recommendcostLook forward to learning more about hearing your insights guys from the comfort of my crispy-cool A/C home.
  7. Water Q

    Why would it be insulting??
  8. Dehumidifier

    Ouch.. It's generally a combination of the external environment (humid), your home insulation and your home air conditioning. Good insulation and a good, well-maintained A/C should sort this problem. If this persists, a dehumidifier can help. You should be able to find them at the big retailers (Sharaf, Plug-ins, Jashanmall, Yousif Electronics, Carrefour, Lulu). If not, the big manufacturers certainly make them (Sharp, LG, Samsung, Siemens) and you can ask their dealers here.
  9. Pierre Cardin

    Ask nicely and ye shall hear :)
  10. Sugar Free Maple Syrup?

    Maple syrup is high in sugar. There is no need to add sugar to it. Sugar comes in several formats - glucose, fructose, sucrose, HFCS, lactose ... If you're looking for to avoid 'sugar', make sure it doesn't contain any of those. Checking the nutrition label for 'carbs' typically is a giveaway. Carbohydrates include sugars, starches and fiber. You may be able to find (or make) syrups that contain non-sugar sweeteners like sugar alcohols (xilytol, sorbitol ...), saccarin, aspartame.
  11. Lebanese Roastery by Salam and 9th, opposite TCA etisalat. Macademians go for 120 a kilo. They have a variety of sourced walnuts. Not sure about pecans.
  12. Pierre Cardin

    Talk to the staff..
  13. Check out Tina Bock.. you can find her on FB, IG and Bodytree Studio.
  14. Pierre Cardin

    They 'lease' the brand from PC with fairly 'loose' quality measures is my understanding..
  15. Monthly Pasta Cooking Class On Yas

    How does the Godfather of Pasta feel about using zucchini as a pasta base rather than durum :D