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  1. Hi Everyone, I am seeking help for someone whose not on ADW forum. They are in need of a baby sitter preferably a Filipino who can take care of small kids at a small gathering. Hence anyone having any names with numbers will be highly appreciated. Kindly note this is urgent and the gathering is coming Saturday. Thanks In Advance Melaiene
  2. Cardiologist Recomendation Anyone?

    All, Just wanted to inform all that Dr. Venky is actually Dr. Venkitachalam and he currently is working for Burjeel Hospital in AD. Hope that helps.
  3. Cardiologist Recomendation Anyone?

    , I just wanted to Clarify, if Dr. Venky is his full name or is his name Dr. C G. Venkitachalam? Apparently as I contacted Al Noor, they said Dr. venky isn't on their doctor list and I was hunting for this doctor and came across Dr. C.G. Venkitachalam whose working for Burjeel. Ruhanee can u please clarify if these are same person for me.
  4. I too saw that he's available from 11am till 1.30ish. And again after 5pm till 9pm. Tickets cost Aed 40/child and can include mother along and a picture with Santa!!
  5. Fireworks On Corniche, When

    Can someone tell me when does the fireworks start on the corniche.Dec 1 or 2 and also if the car parade is on the corniche like every year today or on sunday??
  6. National Day Advice Please

  7. 41Uae National Day Celebrations

    What activities are happening in the city. Can anyone tell me
  8. Where Can I Get Shirts Printed?

    There is a Tshirt shop on the right hand side of Hamdan street after the Emirates General Junction, close to Lulu center. Just walk past and look for the Tshirt shop (not sure of name but its something like that).
  9. Diwali Events/plans?

    Indian Ladies Associations is having a diwali party on Nov 23rd from 7pm onwards at Emirates Palace Hotel. Last year this event was arranged at the same venue, Palace Terrace (Outdoor) but this year it will be in the Banquet Hall (indoor). The event is an entertainment evening complimented with sumptous dinner. Prices- (Members of ILA) Members/Spouse AED 110 per head Members children below 5 years FREE Members children 5-12years AED 75 per head Guests (Non ILA member) AED 220 per head Guests children from 3yrs-5yrs AED 60 per head Guests Children from 6yrs-11yrs AED 100 per head. Since seats are limited all registrations and payments to be done at ILA office on or befoe Monday Nov 19th by 12 noon. Please not last moment registrations will not be accepted and hence to avoid any disappointment kindly do your bookings and reserve your seats. ILA office is on electra street, building to the left of KM trading behind NMC. Fairly behind HSBC bank on airport road, choice flower building. 1st floor. Contact no -02-6330182
  10. Where To Buy Pakistani Cloths In Abudhabi

    Is stitched outfits in Junaid Jamshed expensive like Bareeze? Ive picked up materials from Bareeze but if JJ is little cheaper I could think of picking a suit for this Eid tomorrow. Let me know soon those who have been there. TIA
  11. Computer File Retrieval

    East line computers on electra street were fabulous.
  12. Ruhanee

    Hi Ruhaanee, If at all you come across this post,please reply to one lady who is looking out for u on the IL forum. She needs some help and has sent u some PM's there. Thanks
  13. Table Top Sales Anytime Soon?

    St Andrews Sale on Nov 3rd, what time please
  14. Thank u Kris and Desertrose2, Ive been telling her this,but shez all in favour of that travel agent who gave her the news. Yeah if she renews her passport now or later she needs to pay the same,and as said better be safe than sorry as my mom whose alone,is running around every pillar and post back home getting her papers sorted for the travel.
  15. My mother is an indian citizen holding a indian passport. She wants to travel to US in Jan2013. My mothers passport is going to expire in August2013 but she has not applies for renewal of passport as some travel agents say she can travel if she is coming back in July 2013. So my question is 1) Can she travel on her current passport to US and return to india 1 month before her passport expires? 2) Will she be questioned at the port of entry in US or India that the validity of the passport is less than 6 months? 3) My mother wants to visit me in UAE before she heads to US.So she will apply for 1 month arrival visa as shez travelling with Emirates- So is it possible she makes a visit on her return in July rather than her arrival to uae in Jan before heading to US I read in some forum that india has 6 month validity rule and that even though ur a indian citizen visiting US on visitor visa you will be questioned at the port of entry in india about having less than 6 months on the passport. IS that true? kindly help Thanks in advance