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  1. Latest post on 2017/12/31 at 12:29:43 Hi We are contemplating a move to the UAE. This would be our kids third expat posting, starting with the UAE many years ago when they were young and schooling seemed much simpler! We turned down an incredible promotion for DH and package in one of our favorite countries a year ago, choosing stability for our daghter's final few years of high school instead. However, due to changes with both our jobs at home, we find ourselves contemplating overseas again. Our only concern is DD's final years of high school ... Out of three international schools, one was great, one okay and another a disaster. So it makes us pragmatic. My questions are: Has anybody moved an Australian teen to IB for the final two years (she had been on Aussie curriculum at home for past two years, British before that). How different is it? Was it successful or something you regret? Secondly, can anybody share opinions on schools there for an Australian about to go into year 11 here? I know either way - British or IB she most likely can't start till 2018/19 school year and that she effectively would do another six or seven months school. That is okay if we get the school right. Would al Kubairat be a good option (realise it is uk not IB)? What about cranleigh and repton? Or any others (so many new ones since we left). With only two years left of school the temptation is to stay put in oz but there has been regrets over saying no to the last expat opportunity. Every move had its nerves but worked out as such rich experiences - the only hesitation going again is her age and stage of schooling. However I've heard plenty of success stories with older kids over the years (and a few not so great). Would love thoughts from mums of older teens in Abu Dhabi about lifestyle, schooling and opportunities for older kids too. I know it was fantastic for younger kids when we were there. Thank you in advance!
  2. Gaa Vs Al Muna

    Thanks Snowbaby - such a stress as my daughter is in high school. Maybe we should just move back to Abu Dhabi where there is more than one 'international school'! Ha wish it was as easy as that. Boarding is not for us, although I am getting so desperate am starting to wonder if we have to consider it for older years. But can't quite bring myself to that yet :-( Just so unhappy with the school where we are. Thanks again - I try to be fair to the admin and schooling staff and look for positives, and really do think it is just the curriculum and they are all doing their best.
  3. Gaa Vs Al Muna

    HI snow baby - wow I read your post about the Canadian system with great interest. We have left Abu Dhabi but I would love to come back for the schooling alone as where we are now has very limited schooling options - the only real one is Canadian and I am so, so worried seeing what my kids are doing there (they did a lot several years ago in the British system in Abu Dhabi). I thought it was the school, just a very average school, but perhaps the curriculum is just so far removed from British and our problem lies with the Canadian curriculum in general. Fine if they go all the way through and graduate on this curriculum perhaps, but I have serious worries about my kids transitioning to a proper international school after being here for a year or two in the Canadian education system. So sorry if I have offended anybody - as I say, I'm sure the canadian system is fabulous if you go all the way through, but the curriculum or at least the work my kids are doing at the Canadian school they are at is quite behind what they have done in lower year levels at Yasmina (for example, my daughter just did year 6 in the Canadian system them was taught things she learned in year 4 at yasmina - in fact, they allowed her to sit year 7 end of year exams as we are requested they move her ahead and skip a year, and even though she did not do a day of year 7 at this school, her tests that went back to Canada put her above average for the year 7 results in Alberta … so she passed because she learned the stuff in the year 7 Alberta tests years ago in the British system!). Sorry - rambling a bit … just really trying to work out if it is the curriculum or the school I have to worry about. On that note - if anybody has high school students in the Canadian school system, can you alleviate my worries and tell me it really steps up a notch and becomes more demanding in secondary? I hate to say it, but our expat posting in the country we are in now may not last as long as we would have hoped, purely because of the schooling options.