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  1. Curly Haircut And Colour

    I was at Glamour yesterday, had fantastic job with Kylie (as usual). She will be in AD till September, than she will go for vacation. I have wavy hair, and she always does nice job (colouring, highlights and cut), so I can recommend her. You can go and at least have free consultation with her, to see what can she do with your hair. Good luck!
  2. I am interested in Summer school teacher position. Could you be so kind to pm me details


  3. Nigella And The Burkini

    Try Al Wahda Mall, sport shop next to MacGrudy
  4. Dear

    R u living in Abu Dhabi, if so then in which area..

    I need some information

  5. Endocrinologist

    Hi ladies, due some severe problems with thyroid, I would ask you for recommendation for an endocrinologist in AD.
  6. Never heard about this school, but here is their website: http://www.alworood.sch.ae/alworood/HomePage.aspx
  7. Pediatric Ortopedic?

    Please, send me contact details, I also need pediatric orthopedic. Thank you in advance.
  8. Back in AD. Zovem te od ponedeljka na kafu, ako si raspolozena:))

  9. Ear Infection

    If it's not too late: In my country we have to visit paediatrician first, here no need. Last week, my son had the same problem. We went to Al Noor Clinic (Old Airport Road), straight to ENT doctor, examination by paediatrician is not necessary. Doctor diagnosed (after check up and tympanometry) middle ear infection and prescribed him antibiotic. You don
  10. When You Aren't Having An English Day

    It's all right for you all, I feel myself more like Manuel:
  11. Royal Music and Arts (02 622 5442) on the Airport Road (behind old Etisalat building and Marx & Spencer building)also offers lessons for drums.
  12. Begging For Help!

    I also suffer from migraine. It could be hormonally, it can depend on type of food I use (some types of mature cheese, chocolate, vine etc.), stress, and weather changes. The last one is highly expressed here in AD. You can put your eye on all these factors, to notice which factor has the greatest influence and then to avoid it. I could recommend you AVAMIGRAN (generic name Ergotamine and Caffeine, various manufacturers). It is the only medicine capable to prevent attack (I use it on the first signs of migraine). Not recomend to drive under this medecine influence! When attack starts (if you were not able to avoid it), to stop pain and nausea you can use injection - cocktail made from Dyprione and antiemetic (that cocktail you probably have got in hospital). It
  13. Lava Lamps

    I saw lava-lamps in Home Centre, near Marina Mall.
  14. Where To Find Loreal Professioanl Hair Products

    Try hair salon in Sheraton hotel, Corniche.