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  1. Dentist Dr. Stanke

    Hi Dr Stanke now works at Maher Medical Center at the Corniche. He replaces Dr Bernhard who now works at Bella Medical Center
  2. Will and Legal Guardianship

    Hi, we would like to have a testament in the UAE, including the legal guardianship for our son. How do I go about? Is it an embassy matter or do I have to look for a notary office? Thanks a lot for your suggestions!
  3. Looking for sewing or craft classes

    Hi. Emma Ewing is a great sewing teacher. She runs classes for beginners. Check out her facebook page 'It's a stitch'. Happy sewing!
  4. Hi, We are looking into changing school. Any opinions on Cranleigh? The fees are among the highest in Abu Dhabi. Is it worthwhile (for Secondary)? TIA
  5. best cakes in abu dhabi?

    Best cakes for us: Cheesecake at Shakespeare & Co Chocolate Cake at Paul Strawberry Tarteletts at Brioche Leopolds of London has a great selection too
  6. Fitbit, Polar & Co - any good?

    Thanks for your tips!! How does it work that an I Phone app replace fitbit?
  7. Hi, I was wondering if I should buy one of those fitness watches. Can you recommend one? Are they all more or less the same? TIA
  8. Hi, do you have recommendations for an endocrinologist? The latest blood sample suggests that I have a thyroid disorder. Pretty worrying.... TIA EMS
  9. Tailor Off-Island

    Hi, I am looking for a ladies tailor, preferably Khalifa A, for a couple of minor repairs (lining, hems...). Any recommendations? TIA!
  10. Hi, I need a new logo for my company. If you know a designer who does logos, plz pm me. Thanks!
  11. Any Linguists Out There?

    Hi, I am looking for linguists in Abu Dhabi to have some exchange on our work (be it remote studies or local work, applied, theoretical etc...). PM me for details if you are interested! Looking forward to it! EMS
  12. Herbs In Pots

    Hi, I would like to set up a herb garden in our yard. Do you have any recommendations where to find herbs in pots (other than the usual basil, parsley, thyme)? TIA
  13. Hi IamMom, thanks a lot! Very helpful!
  14. The school is not on the island in any case. I am quite unsure which area would be nice to live in and which areas are best to avoid. I'll just have to plough through it I suppose... But thanks for your suggestion!
  15. We plan to change house and we are looking for a new location downtown. Where would you move to (with a very social 12year old)? TIA!