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  1. Morning everyone We have found that sadly our nanny is just not working out for us. We have just got to the 6 month period in the last few weeks and now are not sure the following. 1 how much notice do we need to give? I'm assuming a month we are going away from next week for 10 weeks so are happy to pay a month. 2. Do we prorata her annual paid leave and give her the money for that? 3. Also do we have to give her the prorated price for the annual flights? any help or suggestions of who to contact would be brilliant. Thank you xxx
  2. Live out nanny/maid needed

    British family looking for a live out nanny/maid. Mainly for help with the logistics of two children under two. One child is at nursery but I will be returning to work hopefully at Easter time and then the responsibility will change to lookong after the youngest whilst I'm at work and help around the house when I'm at home with the kids. Previous Reference/s are necessary and experience with young children. We currently live on reem island. Please contact me if you have references and are available in the next month. Thank you
  3. Gate Tower Foul Smell Issue

    I know this is old. But did you ever get it fixed. We've had maintenance in for over 40 hours so far. They did the thing with the toilets which fixed the smell in the lounge. But master and spare bedroom are awful. They then found holes in the waste pipes which were leaking into the ac and they thought they had fixed them all but obviously not. We are getting desperate now, tri-geek just wondering do you know anything about the rights of the tenants? We want to just move as we have a 10 month old who since we have lived here has been ill and it's really driving us mad. My neighbours have said post it all over Facebook but that's not my ideal method I would just like to end our contract get our money back and move. We are getting air quality inspectors in
  4. Maid with entry permit

    The Philippine embassy told me she couldn't have a tourist visa converted to a residency visa anymore- a law change in June 2014 I think. Have I misunderstood?
  5. Maid with entry permit

    Any advice welcome. We found a brilliant live out maid whose employees were leaving so was looking for a new sponsor. We wanted to take over sponsorship and all was going well. However our maid decided she really wanted to go home during the time we were organising the visa. We were using a company to sort it out. They decided to get her a pink entry permit instead and to finish on her return. Before she left she told me she had spoken to the Philippine embassy and all was good. Now she's supposed to be coming back this week and she cannot get an oec to leave the Philippines as no visa yet. The UAE are happy for her to enter and get visa ASAP on arrival. Any ideas what we do. The Philippine embassy have now told me she should have logged all this with them before h.she left but didn't and now she cannot fly to ad. ive been told that she can fly via Singapore. But don't really want to be doing anything naughty. Have we screwed up? thanks
  6. Ready Made Formula

    Wait rose reem Island have aptimal and cow and gate :)
  7. Live Out Maid Needed-Reem Island

    British family looking for a live out maid, with experience of young children. To look after one infant 3 times a week (7hours whilst both parents at work) and for house work and possibly help with child for other 2 days a week.
  8. Mobile Hairdressers

    Evening. Does anyone know of any mobile hairdressers, I no longer live in Khalifa City and due to a new addition to the family am finding it difficult to get to any of the sensible hairdressers. Also any mobile nail techncians details would be great Thanks
  9. Al Manazel, Al Reef

    Hi sorry but just wondering do you know who I should contact re the above apartments, can't find anything on Khalifa committee Thanks PS been up to al reef have dealt with every estate agent thats been mentioned so far, we've been told absolutely no 3 beds available till August and 2 beds limited
  10. Post lost?

    I know there was a thread sometime last year about this, but I can't seem to find it through searching. I've had a parcel posted to me and even though I told them about the P.O.Boxes they have sent it to my house address. Will it ever get here or will it get stopped at the central station? Any ideas would be great thanks
  11. My Kids Have Got Green Hair.....

    My hair has always gone green whenever i swim, my mum used to do the tomato ketchup trick, now I use redken blonde shampoo if it ever happens. You need to either use a purple shampoo or one specific for blonde hair. It does go back to normal
  12. Very Happy With The Traffic Police

    This may be a very stupid question, but whats Traffic Symbol (T.C. No.) Trying to check my plate
  13. Census Taker In Kca?

    We had census takers round yesterday too, but in the morning. They were fine, they weren't pushy or rude and showed their id and never asked to come in.
  14. English Hairdresser

    Hi please can you pm her detaisl to me too, got a wedding soon and need to have nice hair
  15. The Building Structures And Complaints

    I thought I was the only one who lives with my furniture permanently 2 inches away from the wall, I even put on shoes when going to certain parts of my flat as no matter how much I dry up the leak I always seem to have a wet floor. After having the maintenance come in and tell me "no its normal having a wet kitchen, bathroom, lounge etc..." I have given up and am just waiting for the rent lease to end.