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  1. Name something (recipe question)

    My kids & hubby love Machboos. In 1 month we make the trip to Najd Palace so many times, just for the Machboos laham.
  2. Name something (recipe question)

    Semolina Balls! aww i miss my mom's coooking!
  3. Islamic/Quran Teacher

    Hi, I was also in search for a quran teacher and been through many, but i finally found a lady and within 2 months my kids went from basic to almost finishing Juzz 30, with surahs. She is really good and if you would like further details I can Pm u her details. thank you PG
  4. Long Standing Member Desert Dream

    DD get well soon!!
  5. Looking For Quran Teacher

    ladies, old post same question! Any female quran teacher you know about, who speaks english and who can come to my home, on island to teach my 8yr old son and 5 year old daughter please? thank you
  6. How is everyone settling after holidays?

    Hello, NIce topic! How are you doing? We came back much later than anticipated, we had to stay some more in homeland. the school already started. The day I landed I had to run to the uniform store, fearing that no more sizes are left, indeed couldn't get all the uniforms. Thankfully, I got shoes!! I remember there was a year where i started school around 1 months later, i reached here and couldn't find shoes for my son, his size was over!! Bad experience! Anyways..we had a good start in the new school and after 3 months being away, I feel like am not settled as yet! i missed the supermarkets while away....
  7. Giving away books

    thank you Westtexasgirl , will surely give them a call tomorrow morning.
  8. Giving away books

    everyone! Longtime, I haven't posted here. I have some medical books to give away. Am in search of a bookstore which sells used books. I remembered loooooong ago I saw 1 such shop inside town, but I don't remember where exactly now. Anyone can help me know where I can find such shops please, Or if you know someone who would be interested to take the books from me? thank you
  9. Pottery Barn Kids- Help Needed.

    Hi Deja Vu, It's both warm and cold. And is microwavable.
  10. Pottery Barn Kids- Help Needed.

    HI Indi thank you dear. Will Pm you. PG
  11. Pottery Barn Kids- Help Needed.

    Thank you ladies. My search finally paid. Thanks to Pine Groove. I got a similar 1 in Jashanmal n they didn't have the Thermos type tho. Am attaching the pics below. They told me next collection wil be next year in 2016 Sept! ! Whoever need it you better get it now and they have 2 sizes .. small size only blue remained. Reasonable price. ..on box 125aed I paid 95aed cos promo. Thank you PG
  12. Attn: Medical Students

    Dear all, I have some medical books lying around, which i want to clear away. These books belonged to my Surgeon Brother, who doesn't want it anymore and therefore left it here. I would like to sell ( for a very cheap price) and send the money to help someone, in need, with buying school materials. If you know anyone who is interested to buy medical books, please inform me.I will send the book details with pictures. thank you, PG
  13. Pottery Barn Kids- Help Needed.

    Hi DD yes, am trying to stay on ground..hehehe...so it starts with getting ready for school!! It's nice to hear from you as well. I hope you are doing fine. Alhamdulila am fine and family as well. :-) PG
  14. Pottery Barn Kids- Help Needed.

    HI Deja Vu Thank you for info, i went on Shop & Ship website, and it looks promising. Will try using it. Else Pottery barn here, don't have them in stock, they USED TO have it.....LAST YEAR....!! am told by the staff. Yes that's what i do these days, whenever i see something....with my far sightings in mind, i grab the opportunity. Cos if it goes, u don't see it again when needed!! thanks. PG
  15. Pottery Barn Kids- Help Needed.

    Sure! Will Pm u.