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  1. Botox Injections and Fillers

    Good Morning Ladies, I have been looking into some reviews regarding botox injections and fillers in Abu Dhabi and can't seem to find many. I want to go for fillers for my nasolabial folds and probably botox for my forehead and crow's feet. Any recommendations on clinics/doctors in abu dhabi, also if possible the range of prices expected for these procedures. Thank you :)
  2. Hey everyone, My daughter (5 years old) goes to SABIS school here in abu dhabi. I am considering school bus transportation for her this year, so if anyone has any experience with SABIS school buses (safety, tardiness, etc...) I would highly appreciate your feedback, especially considering that the age of my daughter and whether it is still too early to consider this type of school transport. Thanks, Reef
  3. Hi, I am looking for a good cognitive behavior therapist here I Abu dhabi. I took a look into the ACPN website but it is not clear who actually does the CBT there. Moreover, I am looking to see if I can have feedback from people who actually tried this therapy here in Abu dhabi, and their impression about it and about the therapist as well. Thanks
  4. I would rather have someone to assess and guide us to what we could do with her. Maybe some follow up would also help. Thanks
  5. Any recommendations for a good child psychologist who deals with social and behavioural development in young children? Thanks,
  6. High Potential Children In Ad

    I guess you should engage her in a program for gifted students. You can check John Hopkins Centre for Talented Youth. They have a program online. Here's their website: http://cty.jhu.edu/ctyonline/index.html I know a student enrolled in the program here in Abu Dhabi, she is basically home schooled throughout the program. I am not sure if you can be enrolled while still going to normal school.I guess you should take a look at it. Gifted children should be identified properly in this country but unfortunetly the education system here can not yet cater for their "needs". Good luck,
  7. , Anybody know of Al dhafra private school in MBZ,couldn't find many reviews about it . Highly appreciate the feedbacks. ��
  8. Moving Companies

    We are moving end of this month, within abu dhabi. Although this is my third move in this city, I am having hard time finding movers, that would charge reasonably for their service. Any suggestions? Cheers,
  9. Fixing Blackberry

    Good morning, My blackberry is dead, so i was wondering where should i take it to be fixed? It might be helpful also if someone knew who's z dealer? Thanks
  10. maids

    I did, and they are quite good.
  11. When Does Ms Stop?

    As far as I remember from my pregnancy, MS peaked at 12 weeks and only started fading away at 14 weeks. By the 16th week, it was history. Also I was suffering from being completely tired and sleepy. That also faded at around 14 weeks. You will actually start feeling extra energetic ;) I found chewing gum and lemon candy, and yogurt ( I tried those very sour yogurt drinks from Chtoora brand) to help with my nausea. Also I tried to get rid of triggers, for example my husband's perfume. I had a long list hahahahaha. Rest assured that it will get better very soon, actually the hard part is over I think. Best of luck and I am sure once you feel your little one kicking inside, you'll forget all about the pregnancy tiredness, nausea, back pain, cramps, you name it... hahahaha Cheers, Reef
  12. Gynecologist? Please Help!

    I would second Margie and Greengoddess. I've been with doctor sawsan for 2 years now (during pregnancy and postpartum) and she's absolutely wonderful. I've seen several doctors but I found her to be the most helpful. I even text her sometimes if I have minor questions. Very thorough and helpful, also confident, which makes you feel relaxed around her. Good Luck, Reef
  13. Hey Everyone, Now that we have decided to move to Al Reef, we would like to check if we could rent a two bedroom apartment directly from the owner. It would be much of a help if anyone knows or is actually an owner of a 2 bedroom apartment in Al Reef, that we could rent. Thanks in advance, Reef
  14. 1St Birthday Party Ideas And Decorations

    there, I've had my girl's first birthday a couple of months ago, so I did a little bit of research for such an event ;) - First regarding the theme, well you have to look for something that he likes. My daughter likes Kitty, so that was quite straight forward, we went to Sanrio and got all their party favors (cups, plates, table cover, napkins,decoration, even small kitties). I am not sure about the boys, but you can try www.mumzworld.com. Their only problem is that they are not always updated on their supplies ( so for example they have chirstmas and new years favors still available on their website), but you can always give it a try. You may also want to contact them for some of their new favors. I also found baby shop to have many decoration ideas, so I guess you can check what they have and pick up the theme accordingly. - I would suggest Thomas & Friends as a theme, especially for a one year old, quite friendly character. - As for the menu, I tried to keep it simple with mini cakes, croissants, mini pizza's. mini pastries, etc... I suggest you try "La Brioche" for their mini's :p you can check their website www.labriocheuae.com We found their mini cakes and croissants very very good. They are a bit more expensive, but I think they are worth it. They can also do the delivery, but I wouldn't advice that you order online, it is better to visit and check what you want. Maybe you can also try some of their food. - A good bakery for personalized cakes is Miss J Cafe 02 666 7800 We had the chocolate cake and it was heavenly ;) They have a facebook page that you can check for their personalized cake suggestions, but again I suggest that you visit because they have more options there to show you. I hope I've helped you on your quest, Cheers, Reef
  15. I would like to hear from those of you who live in al Reef about the pros and cons of living there. We know it's in the middle of the desert, so I would like to know how's the community there dealing with this fact and what kinds of facilities are available for families over there. We are planning to move there next month, so it might be helpful to know your opinions about the place. Cheers, Reef