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  1. Tablet screen fix

    New info regarding this: Just found a new place that fixes broken screens on phones and ipad, it is in a small store in Carrefour on Airport Road facing the pharmacy. ( On Airport Road)
  2. Places in Abu Dhabi

    It will soon be time for the Heritage Forts in Abu Dhabi to open, and camel race season is starting, so there will be the annual events festivals and exhibitions in places like Hozn Fort, Al Wathba areas- a couple of events there... news will come out soon about these. Must be to go to events!!
  3. Cushions?

    There is a furniture store next to the coop in Muroor, same location as Awani ( same row, other end) ,they have the fancy ones and you can ask for some to be customized to your taste too. Also, check where they sell Italian Furniture, like Royal Furniture, Heritage Furniture in Carrefour Airport Road have a store completely for tassel items and fine furnishings, Medinat Zayed Souq have fine furnishing stores with tassels items like cushions and beaded or sequined table top covers. there are many places tucked away inside Abu Dhabi.
  4. Tablet screen fix

    Okay , found out the place for you :) Apple Store in Yas Mall.
  5. Tablet screen fix

    Have you tried the stores in Medinat Zayed Center? My son fixed his a couple of times but is abroad right now, I will ask him when he calls me and let you know.
  6. Quiz on the UAE ( fun time)

    Ohh I was looking for you, I was like now, where is Lammas, she will be do this lol! Glad you did :) Hoping the newbies are not shy about trying and sharing their answers, it all in good fun really :) Lammas, hope you and family had a nice Eid there. usually we get a great description from you about all the Eid activities on the Corniche so we are missing that! I will try to put up more quizzes when I can. You take care and regards to the family :)
  7. Quiz on the UAE ( fun time)

    Going to put up the answer but ( momof3 has them up ), and big thank you to momof3 for sharing her answers- all her answers are correct, the last answer I was looking for was 'souq' ( souq..market/shop..dakkan).. but very well done to you :) :) If anyone would like any more quizzes just let me know, it may pertain to language or anything else. Thank you.
  8. Too much change!

    Put it in one or two hundreds bunches in Ziplocs bags, and take it to several shops, they really do appreciate the change.
  9. Sewer smell

    momof3, I haven't really notice anything lol but probably will be sniffing now when I go out just to see...it may well be coming from all the work on the opposite side of you in Maqtaa, there is a huge project going on there and all the ground soil is lifted. It could easily reach there as so close. having said that, it also could be a fertilizer smell from one of your neighbors house?? perhaps, as when it is first put down it lingers for a few days.
  10. Summer holidays

    Welcome back momof3! I think everyone will be returning now as school starts school here. When I visit anywhere too, it is always good to get back to your own bed!
  11. Just a quick note here to wish everyone a very happy EID MUBARAK, hope you have all had a nice start to Eid. I have a lot on my mind so my Eid is pretty quiet-let you know more later but apart from that Al hamdililah, all is okay by God's Good Grace.
  12. Quiz on the UAE ( fun time)

    Just wondering if anyone tried this test and if they did are they willing to share their answers here for anyone to see ? As not sure when to put the answers for everyone.
  13. Quiz on the UAE ( fun time)

    Time for a little break.. another fun UAE quiz...let's test how much you know.. it is simple enough, if you want it easier/ more difficult let me know so next time I will take it into consideration. I could give options for answers but I won't as it will make it too easy. Write your answers in 1.2.3.... (list) order and I will let you know answers at the end after a few days. 1, Name the capital of the UAE. 2. When is UAE National Day? 3. How many Eids are there in a year ? Name them. 4. The first Eid comes after............?, and the second Eid comes after......? ( two answers) 5. How many 'states' make up the UAE and what is the popular name for 'state' we use locally? ( two answers) 6. What is the local currency? 7. Who is the President of the UAE? 8. What is the local name for 'school' ( and region in general)? 9. What do you call bread locally? 10. If you are going to the market.. you are going to the (.............). <<<<[put in the missing local word for market here]
  14. Eid Al AdHa 2017

    As far as I know Friday ( 1st of September) will be the first day of Eid al Al Adha, thus Thursday will be Day of Arafah. The Day of Arafah, is officially a holiday so holiday starts from that day. If you want to know more about it, you can watch it on TV as is annually broadcast live from Makkah ( Mecca) on most stations. It is a very significant time of devotion and prayers, and the Day of Arafah usually falls on the 9 th day of Dhu al Hijjah ( Islamic calendar year). Muslims spend their days in prayer and devotion on Mount Arafat for most of the day. many Muslims will be fasting this day too. The next day is the celebration of the completion of Hajj, Eid Al Adha. During these days those who haven't gone to Hajj, will be busy preparing for Eid, buying new clothes etc,, putting on henna, and preparing special meals and delicacies ready for family and visitors etc..
  15. Hotels that allows dogs

    Al Hamra Plaza on al Najda Street, there are several I have heard that allow pets, usually the smaller hotels but not sure of their ratings though.