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  1. Well, ladies I am sure glad I did the majority of my Ramadhan shopping earlier. I do this for two several reasons. To avoid the crowds and long lines at checkout counters, to avoid the temptation to over spend in bulk buying too and to have everything all ready before Ramadhan starts so I can just concentrate on other stuff around the house and relax before it does begin. The Stores: You may well have already noticed the stores are have been packed from last week, all day continuing after dusk even, and some shoppers are shopping at earlier times even. I went to Arwani a couple of weeks back to buy table cloths and other soft furnishings before they vanish. I bought some but realized I need another one, so went back yesterday and the place was already packed mashallah, I just went in to buy what I needed but while waiting for some other ladies to move away from the area I wanted to reach, I looked around to see what they had. I saw some ladies looking for baking stuff and they found it -I guess she knew the place pretty well and was a regular as she opened up a bottom area on below lower shelf to reveal 'hidden' tray like items lol. I just grabbed what I wanted, and bought some vacuum pot covers for the sprout ( to protect from flies) -I was looking for them for a long while, then I bought a key ring that attracted my eyes as it was a traditional Emirati one, so that was the unexpected buy of the day lol. Shopping Stores: Supermarkets and Hypermarkets all have a massive Ramadhan offer going on ( around 50%) , really good this year, and the stores are all dressed up in the Ramadhan theme. Many people like to leave their shopping until the last few days before Ramadhan as the atmosphere is like a large family gathering, and it makes everyone enjoy the atmosphere more. Definitely, no surprise to see shopping carts left behind -since not many people have the patience to wait through the long shopping queues when the time comes to pay. Not nice though as items such as meat, milk etc should be paid for really. Since I went to Arwani, I decided to go to the coop next door to go to the butchers there. I have to go every now and then to the butchers and also to buy perishables like dairy products. When I went in, shopping carts were packed mashallah, and the lines were long, so I was out of there soon enough lol . I went to the one near the house instead. Today: Today, son and his wife took me out shopping so I always look forward to going out with family members when they are not too busy. We went to this store... and yes, it was so packed but since this store was in Bani Yas, I wanted to go as they had some pretty good stuff there. I still had a couple of items on my list I hadn't found and gave up on to be honest. I found it there - a beautiful vase in specific colour. and just a couple of food items I needed for a recipe. They also serve hot Manakish there so we bought some to eat in car :). I also found, date syrup I wanted and Burghal ( cracked wheat for taboulah salad) or for cooking. I wasn't tempted to buy extra Ramadhan items as just bought enough earlier, plus, over the years I have learnt to know the difference between a good offer and a tricky one. But... I did have the buy of the day temptation lol, I saw this beautiful ''HOME" sign in white and floral- really pretty, and I had looked out for this at Home Center but never found any. So, this was a good find and good buy! Of course, you guessed it, lines were long at the line and one annoying man didn't want to go to express counter but trying to tell the lady at cashier to rush so he could pay!! The other annoying thing my daughter-in -law faced, was a woman who had her cart full but then at the end realise she couldn't pay for it as she forgot her money so people were kept waiting until her relative came along. That's what I have been up too ladies, also, few more pack of sambosas to make, and freeze then that should be it. Time is going fast Mashallah Ladies! Have a nice evening. sorry this was long ladies !
  2. Does anyone know where they disappeared to? I wanted to shop there the other day but didn't find it!
  3. Try out the bakeries, they often have the services available if you call ahead of time.
  4. You could go to visit the complex or compound, I visited a fried there years by and there were various sizes of villas, some with pools. You could see if they have a office there. Always check the reputation of the any agent and check out if they are official not bogus. You can always have your contract checked before signing and losing money by checking it out at the municipality.
  5. I think take him first to a general doctor/family doctor as they can give you a referral for a specialist. Hope everything turns out okay.
  6. Have you had a look at the Raha International School too, it's very close there.
  7. You might like to try others too like Al Nahda, al Bashair in Mussafah or even The American International School near Mushrif. I have heard of the Emirates School it in in MBZ city, but not sure of their curriculum etc. it might be a good idea just to look at each and see but be sure in which language is the final exams as once they get to final year, everything is in arabic including maths.
  8. Have you checked in the specialized food aisles where you find organic food stuff, if you have, it may just not be in stock right now.
  9. Here is a pic of the 'haq al leila' packets for the kids we made, had daughter in law print out the labels for me:
  10. Today ladies it's Haq Al Leila when we hand out bags of sweets ( or rice) as originally it was to house- and some still do that today. This is to celebrate the coming of Ramadhan and signifies too that Ramadhan is almost here, just estimated 14 days left ladies! I thought there were more days left so lost those other days somewhere lol and trying to catch up! This morning I bought treats etc. to make the candy bags, avoiding hard sweets and nuts. just put crisps or ( chips ) , wafers, biscuits, soft candy, and the like. Just have to do the labels when I get off here and then send them out before dusk. Will tell you more about it after! Time to go ladies :)
  11. I could have made a fuss but couldn't be bothered, just wanted to get out and finish rest of stuff I had to do. There were a lot of other people around at the time, so I won't be surprised if something was said to him. But then again won't be surprised too if NOTHING was said to him haha. During the past few days went to Carrefour and Mushrif Coop to see what they had on display Ramadhan wise. Looks like everyone is preparing their stores pretty well and there are some great offers too. I am a bit wary of new brands though so try to stick to my regular ones . I found it more relaxing at the Mushrif Coop though, family friendly sized store with almost everything. It is in a small shopping center so there are some other shops around and the like and a Starbucks that has just opened too there. I bought all the dessert stuff there, yeast packets, baking powder, packets of soups of which I add veggies or meat too. It a good place to shop and baby stroller friendly for those with young ones, just go straight in and out. I like a place where you can almost buy everything, this store has a butchers, roastery for qahwa (coffee), they have saffron, a bakery section- thus, quite a good store. The coop near my house is very good too but finding the place getting hotter to shop in as they don't really have a cool place, and I dislike those steps too but I do go there for lots of stuff even lamb since it is closer to home. Any, store near home is always a blessing so thus, thankful for that.
  12. I decided to go to see what Ikea has new and to check out several items I am am thinking to buy. It also happens that today they have a big sale going on so there were loads and loads of people (and screaming kids I might add lol) shopping there today and buying new stuff for their homes, many had larger items and many obviously buying for Ramadhan such as lanterns and new kitchen ware. i had a few items on my list such as a couple of skillets and and file boxes which were on sale too. I had a good buy on a white vase/jug which is really nice-so bought it! They had sales on chair seat cushions, table lamps, stuff animals for kids, some furniture items like bookcases, some dining chairs I was looking at some of their cotton table cloths and cushion covers, they had a lot of beautiful stuff on display. I wasn't impress with one of their service helpers today as one of them was going to take my stuff to car park for me since I can't push or carry with my left arm too well, one other service guy came behind him and told him to leave my trolley to go to another guy who had apparently much more stuff than me. Thought it was rude anyway. So, if you have shopping to do ladies you might want to make a trip to Ikea.
  13. Now you know what I mean that it is difficult not to come out with a book or books lol! Last year bought two volumes of books written by both Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid and by Sheikh Maktoum and plus some great local and international cook books-all great buys!! Still have some to read even!! It gets so tiring to walk inside and I really thing they should add some benches in between the stalls so mothers can rest and anyone else who has sore feet or backs even! I hope you enjoy the books you bought: )
  14. Thank you : ) with family Ramadhan is always extra special : )
  15. @clessani1 I know this question wasn't meant for me so hope you don't mind me answering. I think it is the water too as when I travel abroad I find my hair is healthier in that it's shiny, starts growing and hair stops falling out.