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  1. I will be trying to come in and out more when I can —- lots been happening at my side and I agree like you I prefer here as I don’t have Facebook too. How are you??? Hope life is treating you kindly. I have had my thyroids removed last year so it’s been a year of recovering and a year of discovering how to manage it as sometimes when you have other treatment or others meds, it can affect ( at times) the effectiveness of your thyroid treatment too- but not doing so bad - al hamdulilah. Also have ave mashallah three new baby grandkids to our family - few weeks between each other; so either carrying one or the other or two even at times lol The latest recent event was last last week, been trying to sort out my weak teeth so took the plunge finally ( couldn’t doing it till my endocrinologist gave me the go ahead; finally did full upper jaw Implants last week; had 16-18 stitches ( to be removed in couple of days * arrghhh* ) lets just say it was definately an experience- just as well it was done all at once ( not single ones) otherwise I probably wouldn’t have done the next one lool, I wanted to run away half through it but prayed many prayers and put my trust in God. Had facial swelling, soreness and bruising- normal effects after such surgery, still recovering. Have temps in and permanent to be in few months time when bone has healed. Will see how it goes! well have to watch grandson for a while so see you soon ladies- hope you are all enjoying the wet weather these days - better than dust and allergies anyway, bye for now They want to do lower jaw now .... hmmmmm.....
  2. Lots of festivities going on through the UAE since 2 nd December; 2018 and for sure lots of practices in the weeks before- if you want to see the event watch either Abu Dhabi tv or Emirates Tv - live events! Even for the rest of the week I am sure the festivities will continue mashallah. I didn’t venture out except to nearby coop, as I don’t want to get stuck in traffic jams etc plus, flu is going around!! Hope you all have a nice time; me- been very busy, have mashallah new grandson recently, another two sons expecting new members too shortly mashallah . That’s quick news from my side for now, regards to all!
  3. There are many good dry cleaners out there ; just look and if you see any long dresses hanging inside then it means women are sending there dresses there. Make sure you ask for either steaming if bead work on dress or dry cleaning .
  4. It is still in Mina as I saw recently. But if you go to Mushrif mall, they have a complete floor area dedicated to several butchers, several very good vegetable stalls and fish etc.. It is becoming very popular.
  5. Okay, came by an article today in regards to progressive lens ( glasses) as an optician recommended them. I think they are ( multifocal) but known as Progressive if I am right. Unlike bifocal etc.. they allow you to look far, look near and so forth without changing glasses each time for near and far. Hope this help anyway.
  6. From where are you coming? It should be sufficient time, you need to give a few days for electricity connection to be on ( if a villa) depends though, some already are connected. Make sure all your paper work is in order such as IDs, valid visa and the like etc.. Bring a file of dozens of copies of passport copies etc . as everywhere you go in regards to official work, these are usually required. The number 1 thing, just make sure you rent from a reputable agent, ask for IDs, etc. and even inquire about them before finalizing any work or even giving money.
  7. Is that bifocal ? and lens in eye glasses as not heard about them in contact lens.
  8. Lots of sales going on today and probably throughout summer - time is to buy now. Also, fireworks display throughout all uae cities and usually around 8-9 pm daily throughout Eid, usually main landmark areas in each city. Lots of events and activities too, check out the malls and also watch the local dances within the malls. Have fun, and enjoy! Might go shopping myself today--maybe. We did out usual greetings and family gathering this morning. Some went out, some dare not venture out as usually busy during Eid, and I changed back to regular clothes so I could cook lunch. I made a machbous lamb, with daqous and battered cauliflower. Better than outside food anyway for my family. That's my news so far.. have a nice day all and take care !
  9. ~*~*~*~*~*Wishing everyone a very Happy Eid and I pray it is one filled with blessings and peace~*~*~*~* Have a nice Eid everyone and very best wishes from me from my home and my family here
  10. Just taking a few minutes typing this while I am waiting for a call from a friend...otherwise, I will be way too busy after... right now just finishing normal house routine of cleaning etc.. bedrooms and house in general. Since hubby has a lot of people coming tomorrow for fatoor, preparation does take a while. First of all, hubby bought a new rug for outside mijlis, so yesterday evening and this morning was spent putting that inside and rearranging this morning it all this morning. I always double check everything is clean and everything is ready but I will do this one final time tomorrow morning when I place all the dining ware inside. Before saying more about that though... for Fatoor yesterday we had fresh lamb which hubby brought with him, so I made a Bedouin type soup.. it took a while to prepare had I had to chop it also. I took n hour longer than morning to finish cooking yesterday anyway. It was indeed, a tiring day...but everyone enjoyed it , thank God, so that was the main thing......then later we did the carpet after Taraweeh prayers-usually the time I try to relax but it wasn't to be for yet a little more time. Oh, the night before I promise to teach my grandkids a new game after Taraweeh, they liked it so much they followed me to play with them again yesterday while I was rushing around in a mad rush lol, so I said I would ( always taking a few minutes can be done for kids when they want), however, yesterday, their parents took them out so they didn't get to play it yesterday... I have this feeling though, they will be after me today lol. Kids mashallah, don't forget when you tell them something hehe* They did however, turn my two work space areas in my room into two offices for themselves and each ordering the other to do some paper work..It kept them happy for a while, then I had to tidy it all up afterwards. It was funny listening to them talk to each other ( one used a cassette for a phone, the other use a long slim container..) Then writing down notes for each other. Before I kept looking for my pens as they always went missing, now, I bought a couple of those that stick to the desk with a wire attachments... so I can always find them now lol. This Morning, I made a list of things I have to buy ( tomorrow morning since I have my appt. then), a list of things to do, always, always have a diary with tick off boxes of what I have to buy, do, and have done ! It keeps me organized . today, I normally ( day before visitors come) take out all the best China and cutlery etc.. wash and prepare them, etc. and trays, teapots, glass ware, and the like. That way , if anything needs buying, I know a day before at least. Tomorrow Morning Inshallah, I will prepare the layouts for dining ware in both Mijlis-one will have the tea and desserts, that way we can clean the other meanwhile where main meal was served. Morning also means preparing all the desserts, dough for lugaimat ( probably take a couple of hours cooking them). I will also make the shourba and tamar ( tamar paste) delicacies and sambosas… hubby said his guests liked the fruit basket I made last time, so wondering if that is an indication of him wanting me to make it again..hmmm.. As soon as I am off here, I will finish some work, I have to make toothpicks flags for the sambosas so guests will know what's what at least. Still dreading the clearing up though afterwards sigh* …. So, that is what is happening so far ladies..... will let you know how the rest goes, as I go along !
  11. Mashallah, this Ramadhan is going fast.. probably, because I am busy most of the day preparing, running errands and cooking. It has been a very busy time truly. I have made several dishes this week such as Mashsi ( stuffed veggies with rice), stews, briyanis, and today was Machbous lamb. A recipe where lamb is cooked and then rice cooked in its broth. WE had this with a homemade tomato salsa. Our neighbor sent us some Mint tea in a fancy teapot set.. that's a first but it was really nice to see that. They sent that along with some bread I haven't seen before either-obviously homemade. Today they also sent what look likes pancakes with honey but are not pancakes but one of their traditional dishes. I sent them some of our lamb and rice with potato scallops. Yesterday, was busy until late night, as we have two ac downs, so one cleaned and fixed yesterday and the other I will leave until after Eid as quite frankly, I needed the rest and just wasn't up to waiting around and cleaning up after they had left. I have somewhat major work to get done after Eid-whenever , I find a good time. The electricity went off yet again in outside Mijlis so no idea what is the problem there but obviously something they haven't yet discovered. Hubby told me today, he has invited his friends over for next week, soooo.... looks like lots of work there too. Preparation of Mijlis, checking all the dining ware etc.. and of course the food preparation etc.. Hubby can be fussy to be honest...and I am thinking perhaps I should be thankful that the electricity in Mijlis isn't working right now... lol . Well, hubby likes to have break of iftar in one room, then main meal in dining room, then tea and fruit in the other Mijlis.. see what I mean hehe* He usually gets what he wants- but the running around with trays and clearing up later is tremendous as three rooms to clear and clean... now you can understand why I said, maybe its good the other mijlis lights are out lool. Maybe, I should take the light bulbs out of other mijlis looool! I like to be very organized but what I really dislike is when those trying to help me, scatter plates etc.. all over the kitchen in random places both inside and outside. Even worst is not emptying the small bits of residue food from plates before chucking into sink. That I really dislike. It adds so much work for me to sort out. You have the idea! My routine is to place several large bowls on the counter, and in one would go the utensils, in another the glasses and teacups etc, and in another plates and so forth. That way nothing is broken , no utensils or fine dining cutlery is lost in carelessness. I end up each time doing double work, organizing it into that way in order to be washed easily and not everything a pile in the sink all mixed up. All larger trays and pans go to the outside sink -well, suppose to, ( we have a large lower sink and higher sink outside for those large pans etc.. The sinks are perfect too for washing small rugs and the like. I think I have to come up with a strategy to make sure everyone do it properly. I have an idea . lets see how it goes... if it goes ..hmmm Since it is weekend, everyone might still be awake.. that is what I like when weekends come, it easier to 'wake' them lol. There is 6-7 days left only.. and the time is flying by to be honest. These nights are the most important of Ramadhan as it enters the last ten days. Night prayers will start with prayers until before early morning. A very highly devotional time for Muslims in Ramadhan. You may hear the night prayers being performed at night. These are not the Taraweeh prayers, these are extra prayers after midnight. Everyone will be shopping too for Eid, taking their kids and buying new clothes etc.. ready for Eid and even planning Eid events etcs. I haven't planned anything to be honest yet … just no time really. Well everyone, have a great evening and take care!! That is it from me for today!
  12. lol I know they will be indeed, okayyy… look iout for them soon hehe
  13. There was this documentary lecture shredding more light on blackholes , didn't see title so not sure which documentary but I started watching it and learnt far more about them in regards to the shape, the depth of darkness of them, the ways they act etc, and what different scientists think about them. It was just very clearly explain and I absorb it easily so thus, very interesting indeed.
  14. Mashallah, Ramadhan is passing by and it is already 18 th Ramadhan today, more than half way through. I haven't been able to get online with having an extra load of work to do this year, but when I can , I will be here tapping away. I am still finding time even to get to the exhibition,,, wondering if anyone on here has manage to go yet? The past couple of days were busy especially with having appts , then running errands like laundry and shopping etc. then back home to prepare and cook.. it has been non stop. Yesterday, I made Ish wa Lamb ( Rice and lamb) dish for everyone. One of my family's favourite. It takes a lot of work but it is worthwhile. My neighbor made us some mini pizzas and I made also a macaroni dish and Lugaimat to send. Other different things I have made during the past few days have been mini meatball sandwiches, meat pasties, and cheese fatayers. We were a bit late for suhoor yesterday......not too late but late owing to changing gas cylinder grrr. Most importantly, I wasn't late for my medicines which I manage to take on time. There is presently going around, tonsillitis -normal thing to see when the weather starts becoming hot and indeed, in the last three days it has been really hot!! mashallah. No surprise, as June and July especially are the most hottest months of the year.. in Ramadhan though , you feel some breeze off and on but I think soon as Ramadhan is over, the heat will be felt even more fiercely. Then everyone will run away for holidays abroad lol That is also the time when the best summer sales are to be found throughout the UAE.. really very good sale prices too. Today, I will be making a chicken soup with white rice.. with Salad. Just a few sides not too much, enough for everyone and lugaimat with dibbs ( date syrups). Grandson Mashallah, made an appearance for suhoor today and was laughing at me as he knew it was an unusual time for him to be awake.. he had slept in the afternoon longer than expected so not sure how he did for school today hmmm.. ( Oh, Want to use emoticon but if you use them, you can't post your entry.. discovered that when a error message kept coming up about some sign, so discovered it was the emoticons... ) I like the emoticons too. Well, ladies, take good care, have a call to make now. On another note: Not sure if anyone else has observed this but inside Abu Dhabi or anywhere in the UAE for that matter you might get a good laugh at some shop names. I have now started a list just to see how many are amusing....the best I have seen .. well leave that one right now lol lets say...…. but two other really interesting ones are for car renting... Ghost rent a car and Phantom Rent a Car which are next to each other... must be related hahahah! Suppose you can't forget those names right?
  15. 12th Ramadhan: This day I made a really nice fish known as hamour, it is a very delicate fish and needs gentle handling in preparation and care in cutting , especially so if very fresh as this fish was. I made Machbous which is what hubby and sons wanted. And, thank God it turned out okay too. it was very white, succulent and tasty. I made some daqous ( a hot, fairly spicy tomato salsa). The hardest thing in preparing this dish is just being careful with the fish! I also made fattoush salad. I made jelly desserts, like strawberry and lime.. very light on the stomach and tasty too. Yesterday. I made a chicken stew, salad and since we had a lot of pots, I returned these, so lots of cooking yesterday. Everyday lots of cooking actually! 13th Ramadhan: Yesterday, I made a chicken stew, salad and since we had a lot of pots from friends and neighbours ( alHamdulilah) in one day,, I returned these, so lots of cooking yesterday. Everyday lots of cooking actually! The suhoor yesterday was a bit messed up for me, as I normally wake up to take thyroid meds at 2 am ( anyone wants to know more about that experience , surgery etc.. just let me know-but don't worry whatever, its ok ) but it was already 3:20 am so had to wake just a few minutes before Fajr ( sart of fast) to eat.. it was just one piece of pastry as no time was left. So, that was disappointing since I was hungry. No surprise I fell into deep sleep though, as I had hospital appt, went to get groceries, came back made the dough, it was just a non stop day..Thank God though for each day, always! On another note: I heard the Annual Ramadhan & Eid Festival is open at the Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Hall, I used to go yearly, but past couple of years it hasn't happened with other things going on, but this year, I truly want to go. If you are new here, it is a must go to event really. there is a small entrance fee and parking fee but it is a great event to go to and there are usually activity corners for the kids too. It is a large hall way for several countries, each selling whatever it is they are there to sell, like fabulous kitchen ware, rug, antique furniture, clothes, handbags and accessories, leather goods that you can have names engraved on, including key rings etc. etc.., jewelry, handbags, accessories, kids clothing, food stalls , bedding, home furnishings and the list goes on and on... well ladies, have to go, time is creeping upon me and have much to do...take care!! Something new learnt today: All about blackholes ( universe)..very interesting indeed!
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