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  1. I have actually never used it but was thinking to start once daughter goes to USA , So, looks like I won't get the chance! I have been reading news articles about What's App having the same now but not sure if it's coming or going as well!
  2. @smiffy, thank you :) not sure what it is but will find out soon but perhaps could tell you face to face what it might be but not something to write lol Yes, it is a wonderful gift ! have yet to save stuff such as documents on old one before putting up new one. Might start tonight on that hopefully!
  3. Today is the second day of Eid. On the last night of fast, the Eid announcement came pretty quickly. We each inform the other that the morrow is Eid so everyone informs everyone else who may be waiting to hear the news but haven't yet. Everyone then starts preparing their clothes for the next day and some go out to buy fresh, warm halwa, baklava a pastry filled with crushed pistachios and covered in a sweet syrup and other similar delicacies to lay out on coffee table next morning. Dear eldest son mashallah called me as he was out and asked if I would be staying awake late, I said yes, as had things to finish before going to bed. Later, he entered my room with a huge box and said " this is for you, mom" and kiss me and I hugged him a warm hug , kissed him and said a huge thank you! Oh! You want to know what it is right?? Lol hmmmm.... guess.... guess.... a new all-in-one desktop computer!!!! Yayyy! I knew he was going to buy me one but didn't expect it that moment! I later do medkhan- incense burner for the house and make a list of breakfast items for the morning such as balaliyet ( a rice vermicelli) dish which is served with an omelette on top but there are other ways of making it too, khameer bread ( a traditional pocket bread for breakfast) and Lubiya ( black eye peas) which is very popular also here. Then cereal a must for anyone who needs it. The light foods we made for the last day of Ramadhan, were kept on the table and sometimes since there was no Suhoor, everyone would by morning of Eid be feeling hungry. On First day of Eid, I wake up at 5 am-perhaps earlier to prepare everything, I usually make two medkhans one for the house and one for the Eid clothes-each have different incenses to use. By this time it is time to wake everyone up to prepare for salat ul Eid. Now, while I am waiting for them I too wear my Eid clothes. Some women will go to the mosques for Eid prayers and take the medkhan with them to perfume the mosque too. TV is already on to see when Eid prayers start on TV. Once they arrive, we greet each other for Eid with hugs and kisses and have tea, hubby will go straight back out to go for for Salam. The breakfast is soon after, served with warm pots of milky tea and coffee (qahwa). One by one as other family members of the ladies wake with their kids, they get ready. The kids will come up in their new clothes for Eid greetings and eidiya, we all each give them, the girls will carry a little bag and the boys put it in their pockets. Whatever money they get can go to their savings or just to buy a toy with a second day Eid trip to Toys R Us or wherever their parents plan to take them. From now, phones will start ringing off and on for everyone, either friends, family or relatives callings to greet a Eid and vice versa. It is important to call relatives first, and really an etiquette must if you know you might not see them especially during Eid. This can go on all day and even next during the Days of Eid. Later, when hubby arrived, we all sat and had breakfast too. Then everyone gathered and kids came up to get their eidya from their grandfather. He loves to joke with them and trick them by using colours of currency, for example : " Do you want the red one or the blue note? ( let's just say red Dh 100/ and blue 200) ...or do you want one fifty or six 5s dh notes?" And of course kids are attracted to the colour RED and QUANTITY, so thus, the youngest one ignores his fathers nudges and take the red lol but of course, hubby does it for a laugh only and gives him the more one ! Now... my granddaughter used to fall for the same trick, so shopper son took her aside one time and gave her a crash course in understanding which one is really more for real lol, now.....since that time she knows what to pick lol Everything was going fine al hamdulilah until I started not feeling well , early afternoon, and having pain and feeling hot, so ended up going to emergency for treatment and now have an appointment for Wednesday to be checked by specialist. By dusk I started feeling hot ( not fever) like from inflammation kind so took a panadol which helped. And when I went to bed I slept as was very tired. After taking medication from doctor I felt a little better. Two days earlier son wanted me to go to Sharjah to visit family there and also see daughter and grandkids before she travelled but it meant coming back same day--by morning ( today, second day of Eid) and taking medicine I felt okay to go and so went. Al hamdulilah. We greeted everyone there and pick up sons wife and granddaughter to bring back here as she spent last days of Ramadhan at her parents house. We all greeted each other and stayed a short time with them all and dear daughter and grand children. We distributed Eidiyas for everyone, and soon we left- as they were going out too and had plans for the day. Grandkids cried when I left so that was difficult but they were ok after I think. We had to go as we had the journey back. The journey is tiring and I was sleepy so when we did arrived home, no wonder I slept a little. In the afternoon had to do some cleaning and now just resting. So, that's it do far ladies :) :) have a wonderful holiday - time for prayer now!! Regards from me!
  4. Thank you tri-geek for your kind words : ) Thank you ladies and a wonderful Eid Mubarak to you all :) have a Eid post to get too yet but been so busy as will be explained in the post .
  5. @Smiffy thank you very much :) Eid Mubarak : )
  6. Well always on this day, we wonder if Ramadhan will complete 30 days or not. We sat at Suhoor time wondering about this and talked how it can be confusing when you don't know how to plan properly for the holiday. We eat our normal fatoor of cereal, rice & yogurt and small snacks, for me it's either cereal or toast and tea, Mashalllah, we love our tea so most of us have that. Hubby went to do some errands in the morning so I couldn't get out today, usually I go to buy halwa and small baklava platter in preparation for Eid. Also, we get extra change for Eid. Today, DIL said she would get the halwa etc. so that's fine with me, saves me the trip. Plus, when it is this close to Eid everyone will be buying Eid sweets etc.. it will be very busy at the stores, in the streets and on the roads especially -which will be packed! With that in mind everyone should drive carefully today and not rush, many indeed will probably stay at home just because of the roads being busy today and even more so in the evening. Hubby with boys went out for fatoor today but they didn't enjoy it that much as it was just far too crowded and thus service at this other restaurant they went too was not so good. So, that turned out disappointing for them and I was disappointed for them as it was supposed to have been a nice fatoor out. I had fatoor on my own and then went to pray. Soon after DIL had visitors and we sat with them a short time and talked about Eid and henna, DIL couldn't get hers done as the salons were just too packed but her sister managed to do her henna as she went a day earlier. Just after hubby and boys arrived, we heard officially that tomorrow will be the first day of Eid al Fitr. So , I leave this post now and post on the first day of Eid inshallah as now I have to plan for first day- we don't get up for Suhoor now but we do wake up very early to prepare for Eid prayers. take care! Eid mubarak!!
  7. I have heard it is highly expensive and in the end so much as to be done paperwise. I heard you have to original papers of car specs etc and those specs have to reach USA standards specs too. On top of that there is other paper work and fees too. Maybe, someone who has recently gone through the experience can help you more. I hope you find the info you need.
  8. These past two days have been very busy, everyone cooking, cleaning their rooms ready for Eid, piles of laundry lol -don't know where that came from but sure glad it's not mine! Some bring clean laundry, some shopping for Eid clothes - each of them do this at different times to suit their schedules, so it has been a busy house lol. I cleaned out a part of the dresser area as I have some gift wrapping paper and bags etc. in that place so it just needed a good tidy up. Also, it is the time for hair trims or hair cuts so all the kids are taken too, then they come to me to tell me they had their hair done at the hairdressers., once all the kids have had their hair done etc. the adults concentrate on themselves. Normally, I make new dresses but really don't need any as I have a new dress I didn't wear last time as was stuck in kitchen cooking ' ish wa lamb' ( rice and lamb) so didn't wear it that time. I did make make new abayas and I was very fortunate to find the store people very polite and in a good mood -which is unusual especially during this hectic time of year when there are a lot of demands, and lots of sewing-but then again if I find a store that is not professional in their way, I am straight out of the door! So, I was very happy to have just the standard abayas ( normally without any fancy beading or decorative elements) and they were done nicely too. I already bought my shoes earlier, when I find a comfortable pair I like I don't wait for a Eid to be close, I buy them before Ramadhan. Usually, I buy for the two Eids at one time so in a couple of months or so from now, I am already, ready inshallah. Hubby came home yesterday from the farm, carrying his conduras and brought us some fresh half-ripe dates from the farm-the season is at the beginning for ripen dates. We enjoyed them for fatoor. If you ever buy fresh dates, remember you should not wash them and put them on plate as the water will hasten them to perish. You need a finger bowl of water and just dip one in each time you have one, this is the tradition. When I am typing I like to bold print or highlight some words or sentences respectively but I can't do that as my desk top is still down, thus, using iPad and hen pecking !! I prefer to have that option as makes for easier reading- well , I hope anyway lol i went to the clinic today to get some new info regarding upcoming surgery I am suppose to have -but not really looking forward too at all -sigh' al hamdulilah, though that I am at least finding out new options of where to go. For fatoor, we had a chicken soup with rice, a little harees which son brought, and fattoush. The time went pretty fast, and indeed it is only when we sit at the table those last couple of minutes that it seems to feel so slow lol I was a little thirsty today, no surprise since the weather is scorching hot!!! I felt like a Sambosa when I stood in the sun today ....being cooked!!! Lol The best part of the day for me is when you finally can sit to relax and eat little snacks and drink qahwa. I don't have a big meal, indeed I miss out the main meal and just have the shurba as I hate having full stomach when I pray. This is one of the best changes I have made during the years of fasting and it is far better. Well, ladies have a nice day! Next day may be the final day or Ramadhan but not sure yet until we hear news on tv, will post that later in evening. Either way, if any days left there will be not more than 1 day. Bye for now*
  9. Ok another game the one I was thinking of is the Carrom board game and they use Carrom powder for it also found at a Sun & Sand at the mall or any sports shop---but now wondering if you want it for a board game ?? Lol sorry, some use baby powder but not a good idea if you have allergies so that's is what I found out. Hope this helps.
  10. So tiring looking for something isn't it?? Sorry, you didn't find it. The only other places could be the small sports shops in Medinat Zayed Souq or Mina outdoor Souq, you could also try where the old Souq used to be, Some people actually use baby powder for the game!!
  11. The Suhoor: I stayed awake until dawn yesterday but I had napped a little in the afternoon, sometimes I don't need much sleep and sometimes I can be very tired-depending. I woke everyone up for Suhoor, and my granddaughter likes to surprise me that she has arrived for Suhoor lol. Her uncle, shopper son, Mashallah is good at reacting mashallah- so gave her his usual double look, look and acted surprised and asked her what she was doing here - he always makes her laugh! Other sons gather around the table, one by one each, taking what they want and other sleepy son just looked into his cereal . They know having Suhoor at this time (3 am) , helps them through the fast, some people like to eat earlier but find themselves hungry or thirsty next day, so Suhoor is a very important habit to get into if you are fasting. When everyone had finished, granddaughter stayed out with me a few more minutes before going to her room. Later in the morning..... I was going to go out but changed my mind! Quite frankly, I just couldn't be bothered lol but I did have our dry cleaning bedsheets delivered and I did some work around the house. Hubby called......he wanted me to look for some new gutras he had bought for Eid and had wanted to take them to laundry first to be pressed, I didn't find them in the place he said he put them, but did find some papers he asked about and had lost!! In the Afternoon, dear son asked me if I wanted him to take me to put henna at salon, but not sure if I will or not. Normally, I would but maybe not this time. I have started preparing "ediya" Eid packets for family and relatives-these are a little money for spending on toys or whatever they wish. These are usually given on Eid days. Kids will come in their new clothes, shoes and girls carrying little bags for the ediyas they collect from family members, they greet everyone a happy Eid or "Eid Mubarak!" Then they receive the gifts of cash. Then I made a list of gifts I might want to buy if visiting anyone outside Abu Dhabi. The Fatoor: Shopper son took his wife and baby to other grandmothers for a few days and we will pick her up on second day of Eid then come back here. We made white rice and lamb. Then our usual fattoush salad. DIL made extra snacks too. Our favorite though is the shurba! We never started without breaking our fast first with dates and water then after that we go on to the light vegetable shurba . Only after prayer do we have the main meal. We just chatted a little afterwards with qahwa but not much time between the Maghrib prayer and is'sha prayer so have to do incense burner for hubby and boys' clothes before they head out. Then, I go to pray in my room and read too. After we sit and talk or each one has stuff to do. well, that was that day, ladies!
  12. Our Suhoor yesterday was the regular Suhoor as usual but boys wanted rice so that was served with some stew and yogurt. Later in the early afternoon, things started getting hectic at home and DILs decided to invite their friends for fatoor that day and usually when that happens so much goes on of which I will not go into details about. Yesterday, one of my son's and his wife invited me out to Suhoor since I had an appointment a little after 6 pm to pick up new eye lens and glasses. Just as I doubt I would have been able to handle for several hours what was happening at home, We went to Foodlands restaurant and as we got closer, the family atmosphere of Ramadhan could be seen even in the parking area. Parking wasn't easy as the place was packed-but son dropped me and other DIL and baby off at main entrance while he parked. The hospitality at Foodlands was very nice and felt it was wonderful that several waiters guide you along as you walk to your private dining area. I have been to several restaurants with family, and still I think Foodlands is the best. The atmosphere is nice, service is best of most and food is prompt and always hot. I love muttabel, a favorite of mine, and I have tried it at several restaurants but theirs is delicious. That is the first thing I ordered with butter nan bread and a chicken escallope since I can't eat spicy food and indeed these are all about authentic Indian dishes such as biriyani, and curries which my son and DIL ordered along with puri bread. When we first sat they asked if we wanted to help ourselves from the buffet or order from menu-we chose the menu. We heard the Azan so broke our fast with dates and water already served and while waiting for the food( which didn't take long) I prayed in the space they had in the area. I was impressed that the food didn't take long, the food was very hot and delicious, Mashallah. My dear toddler granddaughter sat in the high chair communicating with another toddler by shouting out (to each other ) lol so funny! They couldn't see each other just one replying to the other when one of them stopped! it was a great place to dine and for a few moments forgot what was happening to the house!!! After, we had finished the Waiter kindly brought us three dishes of UMM ALI on the house!!! Yesss! Thank you so much lol ohhhh! It was hot and so delicious and we so enjoyed it!! Now usually we buy one to share so getting a dish each was a great Ramadhan treat-DIL sat back on her chair and said " I can't move now, I am full" lol al hamdulilah! So, very kind gesture from the waiter at Foodlands there!! Of course, this restaurant is still at the top of my list!! The umm Ali will probably keep it there now hehe* Now it's time to return home, it takes a while to get home as restaurant is inside Abu Dhabi. ahhhh! When we arrived home- I knew it!! the whole entance and main living area space all the way to the stairs was full of toys scattered everywhere that we had to move them to walk. unsupervised kids ( their nannies were too busy chatting) were were running up and down the stairs ( not safe if not being watched) there were supposed to be watched ...and there was pen marks on the wall :( . I could heard the people as I walked past to go upstairs. Dear son and DIL were annoyed later on in the evening as their baby and themselves were trying to sleep and kids were still up and down stairs screaming at 1: 30 am as I heard. I was in my room around 11 pm. Today: 25th Ramadhan The Suhoor time: I woke up everyone but think a couple were still awake after having guests over. I had a cup of tea and a slice of toast with cereal, other sons had some sambosas, pasties left from fatoor and rice with yogurt-a favourite for them. After, Suhoor I read a little while waiting for the dawn prayers. I was sleepy but was able to keep awake. Later in the morning did some housework, bedrooms, then checked if there was any other aftermath residue from yesterday's visitors. I was happy DIL had her friends over so thus try to overlook things that happen by keeping quiet-however, it difficult for others who want to sleep and have to wake up early next day (schedule is early) for work. I am a worrier too so get concerned when nannies of visitors are left to "watch" the kids when it doesn't happen. Thus, glad I was out! For the fatoor we made lamb stew and rice with our regular sambosas and pasties etc. and lugaimat . Today we sent sambosas to our Neighbour. Al hamdulilah the month is kind and is going pretty fast with only 4-5 days to go, mashallah. I did henna for my hair ready for Eid as it takes a while to do, so I spent the afternoon doing that and read whenever I can. I drank the shurba which is for me my main with a Samoon bread and with sides that is enough, al hamdulilah. We all like shurba as it is so light on the stomach and tasty, only a few minutes after Maghrib prayers do we serve main. There is no other meal after that except the Suhoor as we have to snacks too each in between or even fresh fruit or fruit jelly. Well, ladies, that was the past two days of Ramadhan : ) : ) it has been a change this year with having sons take me out a couple of times - it's been a rough couple of years and we have been through some ( and stilll) very difficult times, so I forever count my blessings for those outings out just to forget worries for a short time...and say alhamdulilah for any blessing.
  13. That's unusual, I saw it recently with the backgammon board games, perhaps if you mentions the game board and say "powder for game board" sometimes it just a language issue with them. Try anywhere the sell the game board if you can. I saw it once too in Spinneys near soap powder area even , I was surprise to see it there but I have seen it around,
  14. That's aWani sorry- typo
  15. Also, at Amani next to coop in Muroor and at Mina Port Souq.