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    Schools and fees are pretty high here, not forgetting bus fees if required. Only you should first decide on an area in which you will live then find out about the schools within that area, there are many online school websites to gather all the info once you have decided. Bring files for each child and yourselves with documentation such as : For the kids: At least 8 passports photos for each person Certificate of last school year and copies Vaccination cards and copies For yourselves: Passport photos ( 8) Passport copies ( 8 ) Vaccination cards and copies Educational & Work experiences Resume or portfolios even letters of recommendations and the like, never know.( keep one file with just copies to hand in, never leave originals-show them and take them back so they don't get lost) Marriage certificate or the like for tenancy office ( copy to hand in) Passport copies ( 8) NOTE: Anywhere, you go to schools, work, health insurance, telecommunications, banks, tenancy office, they always wants copies of passports etc.. Keep files of them on hand. It will save you lots of troubles having to run around in the heat to get them done but if you ever have too, photo shops are easy to find. To copy papers, look for the simple stationary stores.. most of them have copiers.
  2. Annoying Supermarket Things......

    Oh yeah, forgot about the bag knots, not just that they are difficult to open too.. that is one that really annoys my hubby lol
  3. Annoying Supermarket Things......

    I went to one supermarket I used to go too a lot, not in this area , but another but there are many annoying things in supermarkets I am finding and really not liking these days... just wondering if others have noticed the same...? Stores themselves.... 1. I always notice the prices of items on the racks are never the same as bar codes as the actual product.. thus, we never know what the price is suppose to be, just guess... I did actually complain about this to one of the stockists ( I assume) writing list of items down, and said what is the price.. he couldn't answer, and I pointed out the bar codes to him and ask why they were different from rack barcode... now get this....the barcode ON THE RACK is the local price, and the barcode on the packet, is from country of original... sooooo, I asked, do they charge us according to outside currency? as we take product to the counter not the rack. Plus, there are no stated prices whatso ever. Hmmm... I never bought any unless clearly stated. 2. I wanted to buy a product wayyyy up high on a shelf ( they use to be down on the floor area) so customers could look and help themselves, now I stopped buying from there as never can find anyone to help.. customers are forever looking for assistants especially in this heavy items area... and when you are just looking for anyone to assist you, you find the whole group chatting in a corner. 3. Going to the counter and realizing there is no barcode on a product so the very intention of you going shopping to buy something...ends up in you not getting the product. 4. Finding products with expiry dates on them-this goes for those top supermarkets you thought the best. 5. Not being able to find a shopping trolley when you need it.. 6. Broken steps and holes in ground outside the premises.. hazard to people. 7. Customers at check out don't need 3-4 people filling their shopping bags, one is enough if anyone has to do it. Customers themselves.... 1. Leaving toddlers to run into with shopping carts and bumping into people ( women who may be pregnant, who have babies with them etc..) 2. Finding opened candy bars, and the like.. 3. People buying perishables, changing their mind and leaving it just anywhere....unacceptable, as it is very likely they will be returned to the shelves resulting in someone else getting sick -from a product that may have been left out for ages ( out of fridge). 4. Now this was a couple of days back... I went to buy cheese in another supermarket and found frozen fish left on top of it!! The person who did that should really pay for the fish and all the cheese underneath it! Sooo lazy, to even return it to its proper place and very disrespectful even. I am sure there are more.... you ladies may add to the list lol ( please note, I didn't name any stores) but always keep your eye open when shopping.
  4. New to Abu Dhabi - seeking advice of a few things

    Good for you!! truly if you can do that even for the first year, there is nothing more precious than taking and bring your own child from school. Where ever you go, always keep your eye on your kids, keep them close at all times or only with people you can trust fully. Welcome to the UAE, enjoy, and any other questions just ask away on here :)
  5. Soo who's spring cleaning during holiday time??

    My daughter in law is presently redoing her room, she has repainted it, and is now putting in new carpets and curtains today. Thus, because I have to be supervising everything with them most of the time , it took my friend time away :( I had to fix the third ac ( living room now) in a row now *sigh* , had water pipe fixed yesterday and , also had to have a wall switch that had burnt out redone... never ending maintenance stuff!! Have one curtain to fix, and put in New tv cabinet in one room, The rest is regular routine of changing soft furnishing before Eid which is expected last day of this month or beginning of September. tired to be honest and the re cleaning of the paint people's foot prints is soooo annoying.
  6. Besides me that is... lol. Well since everyone is busy with one thing or another or even away, I have been very, very busy to be honest. last week it was getting through all my appointments, even dentist... sure glad that is out of the way for now!! Wonder why dentist always find something else whenever you go...hmmmm??? Anyway, during that time, I bought all the gifts that I had to buy for the next two months...( I have a calendar for that). Next, down the line before end of month is to prepare 'ediya' packets inshallah for family members. For three days, I fixed and had all ACs cleaned.. the hot weather is really impacting their efficiency. Now today, started to clean out store room outside and chuck out old stuff not needed. I started this before my arm broke a while back, and now back to work on it. Sooo, glad too. It will take a couple of days sorting and rearranging though. When everyone is around, I just can't get it done with having to stop for one thing or another. Next on the list, are reorganizing file cabinets.. doing all this during my appointments, so when I am done temporarily with those, I will relax with a couple of friends over!! With all that work done and at the back of my mind :) I also have a cabinet I need to get refurbished..I have a great idea for that tooI Soo, what have you ladies been doing ??? do share
  7. New to Abu Dhabi - seeking advice of a few things

    Welcome to Abu Dhabi! You may for sure find it scorching hot right now but it will eventually cool a bit by October God Willing - inshallah. 1. Family Doctor: Find the Nearest SEHA Family Health Clinic near your area, if non there then Khalifa A would be the nearest one for you and family. In the event of any emergencies, you need to know the location of the major hospitals such as Mafraq Hospital and Sheikh Khalifa Hospital which is in Abu Dhabi. 2. Health cards: Your work place or your husbands work place, should provide you with medical insurance cards for you and all family members if they are sponsoring you. You can use these. 3. School Transportation: All schools provide bus services so inquire about this at the school. There are bus fees. 4. Po boxes: Go to main post office in Medinat Zayed, ask for nearest po box stand in your area. They will assist you with one. You have to fill in a simple form and pay a yearly fee which is not too much. That's is all the info I can provide , I don't live in your area so can't reply in regards to specific school etc. best of luck!
  8. Beekeeper

    True, if left alone they don't become aggressive , we have two one on each of the bedroom windows, we leave them alone and they are highly likely attracted to the flowers in our garden, however.,years back in another home , we had them hanging over the outside kitchen door and bees were often flying too low. At first, hubby tried to do what his friend with bee hives taught him --- bad idea! Lol he went to roof of kitchen after walking along the wall, with a big bowl and a stick. The idea was to knock the hive into the bowl but I knew it wouldn't work and advised him against it.... but nooooo, so he knocked it and a cluster of bees surrounded him and of course he ran as fast as he could to get down and he suffered fierce bites from them. We took him for a check up but after that incident he learnt about smoking them to calm them etc. but we always had someone in to safely remove them when necessary .
  9. Kitchen glass splashbacks?

    I absolutely love the colour of a blue glass kitchen backsplash or even green, I think if I remember rightly hubby did a red glass kitchen backsplash in other house next to us. It looks stunning! Sorry, I should have added if I get more info about it when I see hubby I will let you know.
  10. Beekeeper

    There is a place called Bee Kingdom I think if I remember rightly, in Khalidiya - they have been around for years. They sell genuine honey and royal honey but they are expert bee keepers too.
  11. Fantastic Scottish Vacation Spot

    All I call say is, I am hungry now!!! lol Scotland is definately a beautiful place as my sister goes there quite often for a holiday! Looks beautiful !
  12. For years now there have been lots of beautification projects in the capital and elsewhere, but I like to observe what's going on in the areas close to me and when I venture downtown Abu Dhabi with my sons and their wives. Since I don't go too much inside Abu Dhabi, now when I go I feel I have lost time lol and see some really very beautiful and still ongoing projects. I have been to Maryah Island, Impressed! Lots going on there. I went to the Cleveland Hospital and since me and hubby were searching for the hospital (we actually past it twice lol -just went in circles) as print on hospital wasn't exactly standing out..then again our eye sight isn't what it use to be lol , thus, why we really got to see a little more of the island. I can see it developing into a major city in its own, probably lots of job potential popping up there too, especially as many buildings are developed, many still being built and thus, the whole place requiring all kinds of businesses.. I enjoyed the trip, except that the purpose of the trip to get an appointment was unsuccessful! I know you have all probably been through that long and recently new tunnel that cuts minutes to get to Mina area now. Now , don't get me wrong it is a very nice tunnel but I am soooo happpyyy when I see light at the end lol. Anyone else feel the same?? ( Probably just me though!) I have been through it many times but still like it once exited from it. When I was in Khalifa A, I observed the new developed, new stores, new roads etc. being done, and still very much on going few years later and the whole area and BTB area is all being done. Now, I notice the Khor BTB being developed into what is looking like a real nice area.. looks like a corniche being paved there and railing- the orange gating was down so I saw that. :) It all looks very interesting anyway big thanks to the authorities and those who work on the sites to make the city beautiful. New stores open up here and there, Just Burger in the neighbourhood too! Including kitchen Burger of which are both very famous. My hubby said he never wants to see another burger again lol as too many are cropping up here and there now. This week I have been cooking a lot , lunch and supper so just as well but now and then other family members will bring something from outside. I am a bit wary of food from outside at times especially since it is very hot now too. Well some news about Abu Dhabi :) Have a nice day everyone!
  13. Summer holidays

    So true lol remember when we went to London few years back, one day it was so hot, the next morning it was pouring, hubby loves the rain!
  14. Lung surgeon

    Sorry, I didn't see this earlier. I have been researching some hospitals too, all I know is so far Cleveland doesn't seem to reply , when you go in person they say email them and when you email them they don't reply and you wait .... still waiting for an answer way until after Ramadhan, when I finally did get through, I at least opened a file over phone, but still waiting to know if I have an appointment or not. In regards to asking about other hospitals, both Sheikh Khalifa and al Mafraq hospitals were highly recommended, so that is all I can share really. You can make an appointment with the internal clinic where a chest doctor will see you and from there, things will get going. sincerely, hope you get it all sorted out, please let us know how things go. Take care!!
  15. Birds in the Neighbourhood

    Yeah, spoke too soon myself, I was cleaning windows, and one bird did the same just as I had finished cleaning it !! Latest news the birds.... they now fly from over the opposite side of the same house to other windows lol!! Clever birds!