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  1. It's a pleasant rainy day!

  2. the phrase 'ankle biters' in regards to toddlers :s

  3. Busy weekend ahead !Not that it hasn't been busy enough :o

  4. Dust has not been good for my asthma! Have my voice back a little now though!

  5. Have a bad sore throat, loss voice so off to doctors today :o

  6. Off to Sharjah in a few minutes..TY all for your support :) TC

  7. Just be organized as it helps when running house away from home a few days too!

  8. Feeling so thankful for my dentist!

    1. TheGoodeLife


      Glad you made it through! Feeling ok?

    2. DesertDream


      not so bad thank you, just pain from work now and bad headache but at least the work has been done now, far cry from before :) Thank you!

    3. Jennyr_au


      bave girl.....i so hate dentists..

  9. Have dentist today-surgery on a nerve arghhh -Just want it over and done with!

    1. chriso767


      Hope it went well DD and you are not in too much pain

    2. DesertDream


      Guess what Chriso? I have had this nerve issue problem ( one side of gums) for several months, several dentists even with anesthetics couldn't ease the pain I had, today, God bless this dentist truely , he solved everything, was very caring and understand fully what I was going through, and was very gentle, I got through it and he saved the tooth too. I will never forget this and Thank you God!

  10. I have a new first grandson , my first grand daughter is enjoying being 'big' sister hehe So adorable they are ♥!

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    2. Jennyr_au


      If they ever want to share a baby hug..... So would love one.!!! Love babies but at this old age love to hand them back hehe

    3. DesertDream


      Thank you Sierra , Jenny_au :) Like me Jenny, hand them back again haha! I carry them when they are small but not as they get older with my back problem, gets too painful.

  11. Hi there,

    Sometimes when they ix rooms it includes others as well so you probably should take a look first. The number for the 6 room house:


    other numbers for villas on Street 15:



    There are more villas in the areas too.

    Good luck


  12. Hi dear, go to Ghanim estate agents at the pink shops in Khalifa A, tell them your budget and he will have someone show you some houses. DD xx

  13. Get those essays done dear, so you can relax--treat yourself afterwards.

  14. It's very far out for me, we can arrange something after the Eid as I will be going to Dubai today. Do you know where Mangrove Village Spinneys is?

  15. Hannah, a friend is now urgently looking for a 5 bedroom house which MUST have a room at the back or front for driver. Please can you tell me if this is still available and if it has a driver's room. Thank you .Please reply as soon as you can.

  16. P.S My hubby said he will deal with the publishing for me, I think there are several local publishers in Abu Dhabi and Dubai. However, I think there are other procedures too but not sure exactly what they are, when I find out I will let you know. Right now though, I just concentrating on getting it done. I take a note book everywhere with me and as soon as an idea comes up, it's down on paper.

  17. Hi Luckymama, just saw your post, thank you. I am not sure if I am posting a reply in the right place as this would be my first time. No, I don't have a publisher yet. I am already on Chapter 9 and I have a very talented son who I hope will do all the illustrations for me or a friend's daughter who draws for a mag already. I am also preparing a recipe book.

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