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  1. Evening dress - looking for recommandations

    Debenhams in Yas Mall have quite a selection in up to a size 22. You could try Evans in Yas Mall but they didn't have much of a selection when I was looking last weekend - also Yours in Mushrif Mall have a few sparkly evening type dresses (and will be much cheaper than Debenhams or Evans).
  2. Cushions?

    We got really nice plain cushions from BHS in AD Mall. I'm not sure what their selection is like now given they have gone bankrupt in the UK. Also H&M next door had some nice cushions and throws. ETA - I completely misread your post!! You want the fancy ones! Sorry can't help you with that lol
  3. Best Compounds in Abu Dhabi - June 2017

    Hi Laboudi In my experience over the almost 10+ years of being here the rooms, especially bedrooms, in the villas and apartments I have lived in here are much bigger than I would have been used to in London! The master bedroom in my apartment now has enough space for two sofas, a super king size bed, bed side tables, dressing table and many sets of drawers, plus an ensuite and separate dressing room and there is still a lot unused space - my bedroom in my flat in London has barely enough space to walk around the double bed!! But its all relative right - depends on what you are used to! Good luck with your move!
  4. Medical for visa + Accutane

    I don't think the visa medical checks cholesterol as you would need to be fasting for an accurate cholesterol result and you are not required to fast before the visa medical (as far as I am aware).
  5. Best way to send card back to uk

    I would just use moonpig or funkypigeon - that way you just pay UK postage. They have a wide selection that can be personalised as appropriate.
  6. Long Standing Member Desert Dream

    Hope you feel better soon and are back typing away soon DD!
  7. Needing contact number please

    The number I have for him is 050 613 2898 but I've not used him in about 3 years so not sure if the number is still correct!
  8. Where can I buy a UK single sized mattress from?

    Homes R Us have a Silent Night concession. They make mattresses to order so they might be worth a try.
  9. Cleaner/maid recommendations

    I've been using maids.ae for the past few years and have no complaints. I find them to be very responsive and they have an instant chat feature on their website which is fab.
  10. Affordable hairdresser?????

    Tara Rose Salon in Khalifa City have a blonde hair specialist. Their prices are competitive too!
  11. WeightWatchers - new program

    Hi - As far as I am aware, there aren't any WW classes here. You can find some WW branded products at most supermarkets but it tends to be cookies, cook-in sauces and sometimes yoghurts and deserts. I've not seen any WW bread or English muffins here. From memory the WW website has active message boards and chatrooms so you could get support there. Good luck.
  12. International Driving Licence

    We just did this. It cost AED 150 and we got it from the vehicle registration place next to Mushrif Mall. It was very easy and straightforward.
  13. Sending greeting cards from Abu Dhabi to UAE

    I use my UAE debit card for moonpig and funkypigeon.
  14. Fitbit, Polar & Co - any good?

    There is an IPhone app called Breeze which I used to use before I got my fitbit Alta (which I love). The problem with tracking on just the iPhone is that I don't always carry it on me. Its usually in my bag or on my desk or at home ....
  15. Should I stay in the hot summer here

    As I work full time - I don't have the option of leaving for the summer - so I'm used to being here - I actually quite like it - much less traffic and people generally!