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  1. Happy Birthday susan76!

  2. Happy Birthday susan76!

  3. Happy Birthday susan76!

  4. Baby girls clothing, from 0-18 months available, baby shoes, girls 4-6 year old Jackets Large selection of Women's Clothing From size 12-16 JEANS, TOPS, BLOUSES , DRESSES, SHAWLS MUST GO !!! Khalifa City A 0552007899 call to come and have a look
  5. Full Time Housemaid Needed

    i think your phone number is wrong , as trying to call you and the line just cuts out does not ring
  6. Live In Maid Wanted To Start Early Julu

    there I know of a Nanylmaid who is looking for a job 050529761837 sheila perfect english philipina
  7. Exam Survey For Dd Pls Help

    This is ( DD ) well, at school we got given the task as our end of year assesment to formulate and send out a survey attracting people so i can analyse the data and work out based on the data each persons dream holiday. How it links to exams This is our end of year assesment and i needed to attract as many people as possible and put it out there so i can see from a general point of view what holiday people wish to go on
  8. Exam Survey For Dd Pls Help

    please fill out the following survey its for DD Exams ASAP http://www.facebook.com/l.php?u=https%3A%2F%2Fdocs.google.com%2Fspreadsheet%2Fviewform%3Fformkey%3DdGpVd2dYWXBUZ2Y2YUtKSW9LbmowOWc6MQ&h=3AQHIIGwk thx
  9. Thankyou Guys !! i have tried both babyshop and toys r s and both dont have them now its for my sister in law , will give the Agent a go thx
  10. Ironing Service Near Al Muneera

    i use the dry cleaner in the pink shops MEGA LAUNDRY i like them they wash and iron for 4 dhs iron 2 Dhs all my husbands shirts ! Good luck
  11. Table Top Sale

    Hi Woode if you have any toys that you could give away would be great as i am collecting for a few families, who are in need , musical ones, not soft toys would be great thx
  12. Does anyone have any idea where i could buy Dr Brown bottles ?
  13. A D W 5Th Anniversary Lunch - May 21St - Save The Date!

    I look forward to it , 8 years in AD still counting
  14. A D W 5Th Anniversary Lunch - May 21St - Save The Date!

    Hi LM40's yes why not i will deffinetly join you guys ! thanks for the offer
  15. A D W 5Th Anniversary Lunch - May 21St - Save The Date!

    It was Good to see you TG you looked great and you were glowing ;-) well done on the anniverary, well deserved, great turn out, as i saw you all from the balcony , so many new faces, hope you all had a great time, ill defff join you for a cofee morning, i get too scared when so many new faces i dont know. :sob: :sob: