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  1. Etisalat Roaming deposit question

    They credited our invoice accordingly
  2. Power of Attorney

    Does anybody can help who to approach to get notarisation of a general power of attorney for somebody back home? Many thanks
  3. Maid / Nanny visa fee in Abu Dhabi

    We just went through this process in December last year and with all the cost, visa application, DAMAN, typing etc, we paid just above AED 10,000. We can send you a cost breakdown via your private email
  4. Video editing

    Send you PM last week. many thanks
  5. Video editing

    Dears, we need your guidance and help in finding an institution to teach us how to do video editing and making a movie. We used to do this in Windows Moviemaker, but this is not what we are looking for. Somebody recommended Adobe Premier Pro CC, but that's so complicated that we need somebody to teach us the basics.
  6. Teaching Assistants in Abu Dhabi HELP!!!

  7. Teaching Assistants in Abu Dhabi HELP!!!

    Al Yasmina is currently advertising on this forum
  8. Nurseries In Muhammed Bin Zayed City

    Anybody know if there are vacancies for a teaching assistant who has 4 years experience?
  9. Good Endocrinologist in Abu Dhabi

    Jip, plenty of parking spaces available
  10. Good Endocrinologist in Abu Dhabi

    You might wish to contact Dr. Prof Thomas Kunt at the Healthplus Clinic
  11. Anyone else reeling from the shock of Brexit?

    Hey Europe, you look so good. You lost some pounds?
  12. Will send you private message.
  13. Satellite Dish repair

    We make use of Hussein 052 970 0357. He is an all rounder from hanging curtains to installation of satellite dishes. He did all when we moved to a new villa in KCA. By the way, its easier and cheaper to replace a dish than to fix it. You might need to have a new LNB as well.
  14. We know of a Filipina (female) driver who is about to be retrenched, as the nursery will be closing down she worked for